Islamic Republic's Representative invited at UK's Royal Wedding


Islamic Republic's Representative invited at UK's Royal Wedding
by Darius Kadivar

British media reported that North Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe and other countries were also invited to participate at the wedding of Prince William. Last year The Swedish royal family has invited the IRI Ambassador Rasoul Eslami and wife Mrs. Fatemeh Eslami to Princess Viktoria and Daniels wedding in Sweden.

BBC Persian Promotional Announcement on Royal Wedding Coverage :

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April 11 South Korean media quoted the British media reported that North Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe and other countries were also invited to participate in the 29th of this month at the wedding of Prince William.

Reported that the DPRK ambassador to Britain, Tsz San M (sound), the Iranian ambassador in Britain and the temporary agency and ambassador of Zimbabwe, have been invited to the wedding in the United Kingdom Prince guest list. According to the analysis, the British Government out of the country to establish formal diplomatic relations with courtesy, invited by the North Korean ambassador. North Korea and the United Kingdom in 2000 and formally established diplomatic relations. UK Government in July 2001 opened an embassy in the DPRK, the DPRK will in April 2003 an embassy in London.

Anglo British Relations

Shah of Iran and Soraya Arrive in UK for State Visit (1955):

Shah Criticizes Britain in an interview with British TV:



Farrokhzad Say's he is

Proud to be IRanian and a Monarchist




Farrokhzad's London Concert (1983):

Fereydoun Farrokhzad during a Concert in London Denounces Khomeiny's "Green Book" aka Tozihol Massael:

Farrokhzad Slams the British Iranian audience's Hypocrisy:

Faced by Critics Farrokhzad Becomes Bolder and Pays Tribute to Iran's Imperial Martyrs:

Part I:

Part II:

Farrokhzad's Tribute to Crown Prince Reza or Reza Shah Dovom Heir to the Peacock Throne of Iran:



Iran's Artists and Iran's Royals




Aref Sings Tribute to Shah and Shahbanou, Anoushiravan Rohani at the Piano:

Anoushirvan Rohani & Sepehr VATANE MAN 1977:

Googoosh Performs at Crown Prince Reza's 18th Birthday:

Googoosh Banouye Ma in Tribute to the Shahbanou:

Sattar Golbanou Live in Tribute the Shahbanou Farah:

Another Version for Mother's Day:

Sattar Explains why he supports a Restoration of the Monarchy (VOA Persian):






Imperial Iran's National Anthem:

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The Pahlavi Family have been regularly invited to Royal Weddings / Funerals /Baptisms by European Royals over the years including since their exile.

ROYAL CURTSY: Iran's Royal Family At Spain's Crown Prince's Wedding (2004)

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Satar is right, we were respected when shah was in power

by Siavash300 on

Yes, Iran progressed and modernized because of Pahlavi dynasty. Yes, Padeshah has been the symbol of our unity, integrity and strength of our nation. Islamic bastards destroyed our country for last 32 years. Everyone knows it. If some one is disagree with Satar, they are on payroll by Islamic monsters or they are ignorant.

Payandeh Iran