FRUSTRATED MONARCHIST: Khosro Fravahar Slams Lack of Transparency of "Shorayeh Melli"


FRUSTRATED MONARCHIST: Khosro Fravahar Slams Lack of Transparency of "Shorayeh Melli"
by Darius Kadivar

Having signed the "Farakhaneh Melli" Khosro Fravahar ( a constitutional monarchist from Austria) regrets not having been invited to any of the meetings and criticizes lack of transparency of the "Komiteh Movaghat Shorayeh Melli" (National Transitional Council Committee) as well as some of it's members. He insists that he wholeheartingly supports the Crown Prince's initiative but questions the credentials of some of it's members notably Azeri Lohrsabeh Zeinali ( Spelling ?)     

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed by Khosrow Fravahar as well as critics towards the people mentioned are those of Khosrow Fravahar’s alone and don’t necessarily reflect my views.

Khosro Fravahar Criticizes Lack of Transparency of National Council:

(NOTE: Go to 43 Min to hear his critics)



Crown Prince Reza On Andisheh TV



Crown Prince Reza’s Latest interview on Andisheh TV:




Lohrsabeh Zeinali 



Lohrsabeh Zeinali Responsible of the Azerbaijan Branch of the National Council:




YARAN: Debate on National Council

Reza Taghizadeh, Khorsro Fravahar and Nazilla Golestan 





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On prend les même et on

by Shemirani on

On prend les même et on recommence ?!!! Les membres de ce Comité ne doivent-ils pas montrer pattes blanches d'abord ? qui à besoin d'une equipe de bras cassés pour la plupart meconnus ou carrement inconnus au bataillon ? Se presenter aux citoyens en toute transparance pour gagner leurs confiance n'est-il pas la moindre des choses à faire ?! c'est abèrrant et affligeant de voir ça après 34 ans d'exile !

if Iran had not experienced the descent into hell 79,  K.Fravahar would known a very different destiny (like all of us) but  he could be a Amir Aslan Afshar of his generation ! I am deeply convinced of his qualities and honesty and loyalty ! i can't understand why this  members are not embrassing such a great iranian among themselves !! why trying to avoid or ignore him ? If this council belongs to all of us , we should have every kind of people gathered for the same aim !  

I thought of signing the farakhan for few weeks, i hesitated much (j'ai posé le pour et le contre) and i decided that being agree with the 12 articles is not enough for me, i also must trust the council's members before giving  my " approval" I will not sign  the Farakhan until i can trust at least one member in the council to defend my ideas and believes !

The day Khosro Fravahar is part of it, I can start to trust the council ! 

And Trust issue should be taken very seriously ...