Are Iranian Women Amongst the most Disloyal, Self Centered Women in the World?


by Arjang011

Today, I saw another Iranian couple in Starbucks where the wife was treating the husband as if he is dirt, and amazingly enough the man was still treating her with respect.  That was the straw that broke camel’s  back; it’s been a while that I have been wanting to post my opinions on Iranian women, but something keeps coming up that leaves this task undone.  Today, I decided that this is it, no matter how little time I have, and how painful the whole thing is to me, I am going to start a blog in this respect.  I have been living in US for a couple of decades now, and in the last few years, I have become interested and have been studying the behavior of Iranian women here in US.

The couple I described above are not an isolated example of distasteful behavior of Iranian women; in fact, based on my last few years of my study of their behavior, I find Iranian women to be the most disloyal, the most treacherous, the most self centered, and at the same time the laziest women around.  I have so many stories of their disgusting behavior that I wouldn’t know which story to post here.  I’ll start by the story of their behavior in bars.

The bar story
A few months ago I had gone to visit an Iranian friend and he made me to go this bar.  I am not really that much into bars, but since he insisted, I went along with it.  My friend was a regular and soon we were surrounded by a few of his friends, both Iranian and non-Iranian.  There were 5 Iranian girls all in miniskirts, low cuts, and made up, that I was told were regulars.  Soon the non-Iranian friends started telling us about this and that Iranian girl going home with 2 or even 3 guys when the other Iranians were not around; and then started teasing my Iranian friends as to how come these Iranian girls are so easy with such low class men, but they hardly even hug the Iranian men there.  Let me tell you about these Iranian men there; they were all successful, clean, sharp guys; my friend being regular has more than enough of his share of being hugged and kissed by gorgeous high class non-Iranian girls there.

To me it was so upsetting that these non-Iranians were talking about Iranian women as if they are trash.  When we went back home, my friend told me that everyone knows that all those Iranian girls except one sleep around with any trash they can.   The kind of men that these girls seemed to be comfortable with, just about made me sick.  If they were interested in men who were better looking, more successful, cleaner, more intelligent than my friends in that bar, I would not have had any problem; but these girls were socializing with the kind who at best were construction workers, and grease monkeys.

The Marriage Story
In University, I had this Iranian friend who was extremely nationalist and studied electrical engineering with me.  In the last years of his Master, I noticed that he keeps approaching 3 different Iranian girls who were studying there as well; and I saw him being rejected when he approached any of those girls.  I am the type that won’t waste my time on a particular girl; I mean if a girl is not interested in me, she is history as far as I am concerned. So, I asked my friend how come he keeps insisting on going out with Iranian girls while there are plenty of girls around who would go out with him in a second.  He told me that he doesn’t want to waste his time on non-Iranian women, and on top of that he is marriage minded and prefers Iranian women so that if there is a chance they can get married.  A girl friend of mine who knew one of the Iranian girls said that she has told him that she is after rich men and preferably non-Iranian rich men.

In any case, these women rejected my friend so harshly that I almost severed my friendship with him since he kept insisting and I couldn’t take the fact that these bitches were humiliating him so much.

In any case, to make the story short, my friend now has a very successful company, and married to this Hungarian goddess who is so perfect that whenever I go to visit them, I keep looking down to make sure that I don’t even have a thought about his wife.  This has prompted her to ask my friend as to why I keep looking down when I talk to her.   As to those Iranian girls who rejected him, we still see and hear about two of those girls.  One of them is married to a black guy, and the other is married to an Arab man.  One lives in government housing and I won’t be surprised if I hear her to have become a prostitute.  The other one works two jobs to support her husband and kids, and although her husband can’t work, but can beat her up almost nightly; I don’t see her often, but most of the time that I see her she is wearing sunglasses to cover the black eye that her husband has given her.

Now, if these two women really were after rich, non-Iranian men, then what happened? This is a pattern that I see with many Iranian women. They play so hard to get with Iranian men; they ask for Mercedes and diamond ring before letting an Iranian guy even touch them; but just like those Iranian girls in the bar, they don’t have any problem sleeping with low class men who have no job, no education, and have no idea what soap is.  The next thing they know, no Iranian men would touch them, and they submit to marry those sweaty and smelly men they have been sleeping with.

Comparing Iranian Women with Other Women Specially Women from Middle East
I have this Arab friend who has in a few occasions have seen me here and there and practically forces me to go to his house for lunch or dinner without even calling his wife first.  I feel bad about this since you don’t know what status his house might be in or if his wife has made any food.  However, each time his wife opens the door, she is totally composed, dressed like hell, and waiting for his husband to come home.  A delicious Lunch or dinner, whichever is the case, ready in minutes of her husband getting home.  On top of that as soon as she finds out her husband has brought someone home, she finds an opportunity to go and change into pants.  Basically, she had prettied herself for her husband and as soon as she finds out her husband is not alone, she makes sure she is a lot less pretty.

Now, compare that to an Iranian woman.  If she is fat and ugly, then forget about it; she won’t care either way.  The lunch or dinner is probably not ready unless it is something sloppy.  If the Iranian wife is attractive, you can make sure that whatever she is wearing, she finds the opportunity to go and change into something far more revealing, far far shorter, and far far more low cut; she definitely adds more make up as well.

On the other side, you look at other women such as Far East women or as American call them, Asian women.  Despite the stereotype about Asian men that is around and we all have heard of it, you see Asian women mostly dating and marrying Asian men.  Yes, there are and there will always be some percentage that will date and marry others, but 9 out of 10 Asian women is dating and marrying Asian men.

What I’m trying to say is that almost any woman from any race or nation that you take is more loyal to her own kind and does far more than Iranian women to please her husband. I have this Iranian friend who is married to this Asian woman.  I don’t want to judge him, but he is not exactly successful or smart, and does not make much money; I look at his life and think what if he was married to an Iranian women?  And I can easily see that if he was married to an Iranian woman, he would have been divorced long long long ago.

Iranian women are just so disloyal, self centered, and objectionable, that they ruin the marriage in an instance if they are in even little discomfort. And please don’t come back and say that you know of Iranian women who are putting up with real bad husbands, and etc. etc.  There are always a percentage of women of any race or nation who are victim.  I am talking about how the majority of women behave.  Incidentally, the same Iranian women who get divorced from their Iranian husband in instance, will put up with non-Iranian husbands far far longer.

I have more stories for you that I will add in my future blogs, but for now, I think I have made my points about Iranian women.  Believe me this is painful for me to say and write.  I have always been on the belief that you must treat your own far better than you treat others.  Just like my friend who was just after Iranian women, there was a day that I only wanted to be around Iranian women.  I also believed, in the past, that we Iranians must marry each other to keep our race more pure.  So, this is no fun for me to write. But now, I have so completely lost any interest in Iranian women that I don’t even talk to them.  Whenever Iranian women approach me in places such as Starbucks, I reject them with extreme prejudice. Even when they are in distress, I don’t try to help them.   But the more that I treat them that way, the more that Iranian women try to talk to me.  I was in the library a few days ago, and there was this Iranian girl talking Farsi on her cell phone.  We were on different isles. I had to turn into her isle, but tried to move in a way that I don’t have to run into her, and she kept moving in a parallel path just hoping to run into me.  There have been many instances like this; the more that I reject these fools, the more they try to talk to me.   But I’m definitely done with them.  Want to have nothing to do with them, and refuse to even talk to them, let alone date them, or god forbid marry them.

Now, the main reason that I have posted this blog is not to describe my feelings towards Iranian women, but to open the eyes of Iranian men.  I see so many Iranian men who are still so respectful to Iranian women and tolerate such behavior.  I woke up long ago and have not dated or tried to date an Iranian girl for a long time; I wouldn’t even want to touch them.  Contrary to the view that Iranian women have been the victims in the Iranian society, it is in most cases the men who are the victim.  I am not talking about the government of Iran.  By the way, I have no love for any religion or the current Iranian regime; and I am highly educated and very open minded.  So, my opinions are not opinions of some right wing religious nutcase.

My final message is really to my Iranian brothers outside Iran; those in Iran are mostly stuck with Iranian women, whether they want it or not.  However, those of us outside Iran have other possibilities and do not have to put up with the objectionable behavior of Iranian women.  Just forget about them, and work on improving yourself.  I’ll briefly tell you what I did, and suggest you do the same.

For a few years, I tried to have as little socialization or need of women in general, but especially Iranian women.  I kept working on improving my job, my knowledge, my experience.  Now, I am one of the best engineers around; now women come to me, and that includes Iranian women.  Now, I am so confident, experienced, disciplined that I can easily do without women; but as usual the more that I don’t need and ignore them, the more they come on to me.  Now the hunter has become the prize that women want.  But one thing that I make sure is that I filter out Iranian women the same way that you filter out trash.  When Iranian women should have been a comfort to me, they were a pain.  Now that I am successful and so desirable, I would not waste myself and my time with any Iranian woman.

I will be very interested in any comment from my Iranian brothers to criticize me, or more importantly, how they feel about t this issue.  If Iranian women do comment, I will read it, but I couldn’t care less about what Iranian women have to say.




by Souri on

I missed the deleted comment to!! But, who care ?

The PMK, should be the abbreviation for Parthian Man Kind (?) or something like that. Always remember PMK and Parthian (maybe same person as this Arjang) are from same school.

PS: I loved Majid's reply about the picture, I was about to say the same thing to PMK, but thought it's not worth the headache.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

It was wrong to delete Arjang's/Buffalo Bill's comment

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

It was actually very important to what he's saying. Why don't you let him dig a deeper hole and bury himself I wonder?

Arjang - you are growing more and more angry. Please don't kill anyone. Your hatred for women is disturbing because it reminds me of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. You might know him. His mom was a prostitute. He hated women so much he became a serial killer. 

I wonder what will happen to you. I hope it ends at "I don't want anything to do with these women".

Violence towards women begins with attitudes such as yours. If you don't want an Iranian girlfriend or wife, FINE. You don't need to repeat it and be so abusive verbally toward us here on this site.

I hope you don't hurt anyone. I feel guilty about mocking you now. I'm worried about your character. I'm serious. Seek help if you need to. Women you are ignoring (you mentioned Starbucks and the Library as sites where you have been approached) - are LUCKY and FORTUNATE to miss the rage you obviously harbor toward us. Yekh. I'm scared now. 

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

no!  i didn't remember that... thanks!  you can tell by the language it's the same delusional... person.  i will NOT use the word "man" because this guy is anything BUT a man.

but i'm having a great time anyway.  this is the best thing since sliced bread.  but i missed the deleted comment.  :-(


I do better for you moderator; I'l move my blog to wordpress

by Arjang011 on

I'll move my blog to wordpress and other worthy blogs where they know something about the freedom of expression.  I'm done with you morons.

For a few hours, at least I breathed some life into your dead site and blog.  You should be thankful to that.  But I won't provide you that chance anymore.  WHOEVER WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE OF THIS SITE, SHOULD TAKE A LOOK AND SEE IF ONE SIDED CENSORSHIP IS WORTH LOSING PEOPLE WHO BRING YOUR SITE SOME LIFE.






Its never right to attribute one quality to an entire race

by sister rose (not verified) on

Mr. Arjang,

You write examples of a handful of Iranian women ( bad one's I might add) and then draw the conclusion that the roughly, say 4-5 million Iranian women in existance ALL are this same way? DO you know or have personally dated every single Iranian woman in the entire world? None of the Iranian women you write about are anything like the one's I know or would want to know and no intelligent argument can be made when one states that any one nationality, creed, race,sex or religion, is a certain way or posseses certain qualities, while I agree we might all share certain cultural similarities or interests.Because of 911, would you assume every muslim on the street has a proclivity to steal airplanes and ram them into buildings? There are good apples and bad apples everywhere. I'm quite sorry that you have had a bad experience so far, and reading your story made me very sad, because you couldn't be more wrong. Keep looking my brother, your story will surely have a happy ending one day. Best wishes and good luck.


Belly up PMK

by Majid on

I wish you had some guts to post your childhood picture too.

You know where the little gold fish end up when they mature? FLUSH! aldang: why did you have to up grade to starbucks to begin with? what was wrong with 7-11? you could have a free cup when your shift was over. I think Aapoo, your boss gave you that benefit at hiring.

Now, go and make another 200 Pesos and come back with more "Oghdeh"! 

I would not feed your egomaniac anymore, you're flushed as well.

Adios mucha  chos  

anonymous fish

dang it

by anonymous fish on

i missed the offensive comment.  can someone paraphrase it for me? 

javaneh jaana... don't insult those with mild learning disabilities by comparing his issues with theirs...lolol.  his is a serious MENTAL issue.  actually, i think this guy is more along the lines of haji who gets his rocks off by provoking people.  i mean, really.  do you think any man could survive in this day and age with that mentality? 

kaveh.  ok.  that's better.  :-)  i'm rather outspoken myself.  i know i know.  it's hard to believe.  and i've had to bite my tongue a time or two but i can picture the woman you're talking about.  i know it's a terrible thing to say but they always seem to be fat, redneck women. 



by Arjang011 on

May be you should read some of the comments made by these so called women.  How come you are not reading those?  Are you doing your job? 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

1 suggestion for Dr. Arjang

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Have this blog printed onto your t-shirt/versace suit. Next time you are standing in line in Starbucks, Iranian women will know not to waste their time and "approach" you as you claim they do in this blog. Obviously you are too smart and have figured us out. Maybe the sexy Russian women will approach u instead? 


Censorship has kicked in.

by Arjang011 on

Why are you deleting my comments?  There are plenty of other blogs that I can move to.  Yours is not the only one.  Do you feel that this is Iran and you should start another Evine prison?  Thanks god, there are always American blogs.

Moderator 1234

User Arjang011

by Moderator 1234 on

2nd Warning:  Please refrain from using foul language and addressing other commentators with vulgar terms. 


AF, how could you be confused about PMK....

by Souri on

Remember in JJ's blog : I don't like men ?

PKM said:


My mothers’ eye!

by PMK (not verified) on

Hello my brother. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really related to words.
So, here is what I have discovered about my journey.

My mothers’ eye!
I believe, many men look at the world from their mothers’ point of
view. Take a good look at all the “women pleaser” around us. The only
thing they have learned is to jump up and down for women. Look at all
the men around us who fought for women’s right, even more than women
do. Look at all the men around us, who act stupid.
When you look closely, you would see you and I . This behavior does not
come from our inner soul, it is learned behavior. We learned it from
our mother. We had to learn it in order to survive. But we art grown up
now, we don’t have to look at the world like a little boy

Where is my father?

Women love to dehumanizes men as either villain or stupid. Our
mothers are perfect example of this. Dehumanizing men took an
astronomical proportion when organized mothers ( feminist movement)
declared war on masculine energy. There is a relentless attack on us
with the objective of portraying us as tyrant. Perhaps, if they look at
the mirror, they would see who the real tyrant is. Somehow, I think
they don’t really need the mirror to face the truth. They already know.

But, how about me? I am neither stupid nor villain. Certainly, I am
not tyrant. How can I free myself from this? I need my father to teach
me how! Where is my father? Where is my father to show me how to be
strong ? Where is my father to show me the glory of being a men? I
couldn’t find him. Like you, I lost my father. You lost yours to higher
power and I lost mine to modern era work ethics.

Traditionally, the boys were hanging out in the farm with their
fathers. They learned how to connect to their masculine energy. But in
modem time, for one reason or another, we hang out with our mothers. We
never made a transformation from boyhood to men hood. We walk around
confused, numb sad, stupid. We keep thinking what happened.

We are glorified gender, We don’t have to apologies.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Arjang I'm worried!!!!!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Why are you revealing all the secrets of Iranian women? Oh my god. The whole scam is up. 

BTW most of those CEO are DOZD just like us Iranian women. That's why we get along so well :) Gold digger + Gold digger = GOOD ECONOMY.

Keep writing. I am enjoying your education of the men. 


Arjang, it's spelled "Gandhi" not "Gundi"

by Real Mohandes (not verified) on

I stand corrected. I don't think any ITT tech graduate would be that stupid.

Nothing you say can be verified. Since you never said where you went to school, I assume you are a High School drop out BS artist.



by capt_ayhab on

Thanks moderator for deleting his stupid remark. I was about to give him a piece of my mind.

Arjang, you are way out of line man, that is sick.


capt_ayhab [-YT]


hey guys

by javaneh29 on

This man is sick, as in unwell. He has some serious psychological disorder, don't take it so seriously. Ok he is offensive, he is sexist to say the least, he is ungalant to the extreme and perhaps the most serious mysogognist I have ever encountered. So glad I work in the UK and haven't had the pleasure of meeting him professionally.

There are many explanations for his extreme condition. He may have some kind of autism, or learning disorder, ADD but more likely he has what is commonly known as an 'Oedipus complex'. 

If your interested there is a very interesting article which goes into this kind of condition, in relation to men from the middle east. I wouldn't like to say this describes our poor friend typically, but it is never the less of interest.



As i have said in another post, I feel bad about adding this or even commenting as this guy is clearly unwell. However he has made a complete khar of himself publically and I therefore feel it is not so inappropriate to respond. However the relationship he had with his mother especially has clealry had it's effect on him.



This Arjang dude is first

by Sanaziii (not verified) on

This Arjang dude is first and foremost insulting his own mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc. Your mother should have never given birth to a scumbag like you. Such a waste.

All these insults that he is directing towards Iranian women are first and foremost going towards his own mother. After all, everything starts from the root. Oh , by the way, we have a lot of military friends and all the time, they see me, they ask if I have a Persian girlfriend that I can introduce them to. Those hot sexy military guys just love those beautiful curves, big eye lashes, and the rich Iranian Persian heritage that every Iranian girl is bestowed up. You don't need to tell me that you think Iranian girls are trashy and ugly, your word doesn't change the fact, people can see for themselves. You are just mad at your mom and that's why you are badmouthing all Iranian women in here. Call your mother, talk to her, it would be fine.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Maybe it read a bit chauvanistic, but it's not meant that way.

Guys (those with standards, anyway) all want to be able to take their wife/gf in public without being caused any sort of embarrassment, either by their appearance or their behavior.

Last week at Costco I saw this one poor guy who was being verbally ripped to shreds by his wife when he apparently brought the wrong item up to her to put in the cart. He was at least 6-3 and 250 lbs. Quiet as a church mouse. His wife? A loudmouth, covered in tattoos and giving everyone an idea of what she looks like when she goes for a mammogram, while hitting up every one of those little carts that give out know, the ones manned by those little old blue-haired ladies wearing hair nets.

She must have his 'nads in a jar filled with alcohol. Truly sad.



by capt_ayhab on

Marge, do not disrespect Borat plzzzzzzzzzz LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

I haven't had so much laughter in days, Thanks Arjang

capt_ayhab [-YT]

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Arjang - can we go on a date? You sound sexy hot

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You can take me to McDonalds or Roy Roger's for food. I weigh very little so you can save money by purchasing food for you and only giving me some crumbs from your hamburger bun. 

I think your words are wisdom - especially during these tough economic times. Men should know that we women - I am a woman - are here to take your money, your testicles and most of all YOUR SOUL. Yes. We will devour it then after we are done we will find a new set belonging to a new man.

That is how Iranian women become happy. Not love, not family, not laughter, not making love. No no no. Only when men like Arjang give us everything. We're coming for you Arjang! You think that you can avoid us, but we are wicked and have good ways to achieve our evil goal of ruining your life with our sloppy dinners and poisonous teas. Ahahahahahahahahahaha. Please blog more! I love your blogs. Khaly khandidam. You're special.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

i'm so disappointed.  i thought your comment was to our enlightened arjang and now i see you are referring to majid jaan.  i personally think that exposing himself via his childhood picture is a sign of his security in his manhood.  but what do i know?  i'm just a woman.

but wait... isn't that the whole point?  i rather think that most mature men DO care what an intelligent woman wants in a man. 

plus... he's cute as hell.  :-)

you and your alter ego are making it waaaay to easy to indentify yourselves... same childish language and grammar. 

$200 per hour?  you mean, that's what you pay your therapist... right? 

peace out.


Arjang, you really make $200/hour?

by Arjang011 on

Wow, Gundi leaving me messages.  You are Gundi, right?  They called him mohandes as well. What are you mohandes of? Mohandes of finding nightly men for  you sister and wife? By the way, the very fact you know the word barrista's  tells me you have at some point applied to be one.  Another fact, the barrista's in your village make well over $200/hour.  Didn't you know pinhead?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Arjang, are you Borat? You sound like a great catch. Maybe if I wasn't such a prostitute gold digger I would offer myself to you. Poor me :(


Arjang, you really make $200/hour?

by Real Mohandes (not verified) on

I didn't think they paid barrista's that much at Starbucks. Are you a store manager too, or do you just work opening and closing shifts?

I don't think your ITT-tech education can reach $1000 per hour. But on the Internet any trash can say anything without having to prove it.


Anony Fishie

by capt_ayhab on


thanks for the laughter, i needed it.


capt_ayhab [-YT]


Mother's boy

by PMK (not verified) on

You are an example of broken boy, who never reach out to adulthood. It is not coincident that you use your childhood picture with your posting. For brothers like you, everything boils down to be Mother’s nice boy. You are dying to please women .
God forbid if you upset them or use bad word.

Brothers like you are little boy in adult body. You have physical age and emotional age. Unfortunately they don’t match up. You haven’t braved to touch your inner soul, the masculine energy.

My brother peace with you

As always

We are glorified gender, we don’t have to apologies.


When ......

by capt_ayhab on

Arjang says[When I was a teenager, a few women left me hate messages, and I was so
upset.  Then a great friend of mine which everyone at school was jealous of because he dated the hottest girls in the school told me something I never forget....]

I bet you are referring to last year right? and your criteria for a person is that other people are jealous of him because he dates hot girls?

dude, your mentality has not matured at all since your teenage days[last year]. Get used to your loneliness pal, with your way of thinking, you will be snuggling with your pillow a lot. Or you might as well INVEST in a rubber doll, They might do as you tell them to.



capt_ayhab [-YT]


Thanks for speaking up

by Arjang011 on

Power to you my friend.  Feminist movement and in general any woman movement is strong only if there are men who contribute to it out of being religious wacko, or just plain old p**sy whiped.  Look at all the laws that these stupid legislators who are at least 90% men at all time have made.  They practically take everything from a man and give it to women. It's our fault for being weak and stupid that they even exist.  But no matter, so many men are waking up so fast.  I'm with you about one man at a time.  

anonymous fish

dad gum it Majid

by anonymous fish on

don't let this guy loose on  he needs to be kept behind bars like all the other animals.  we women are going to be vewwwwy angry with you if he gets loose.  ;-0

k.  you're right.  this is the best laugh i've had all day and it's only going to get better.  can't you just tell!!

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

ok.  i got it.  i missed it the first go around.  i thought this was a serious blogger.  now i see that it's a hallucinary fantasy of a demented (and i might add, a sexually deprived) man. 

honey chile... i'm as american as it gets and my iranian husband thinks i'm gorgeous.  (reminder to me to call the optometrist).

your grammar is, hmmm... less than perfect which contradicts the IQ statement.

Yeah, honey, when the pigs fly.  Keep looking into the sky, one of these days it is gonna happen and you'd see a pig flying."

everyone knows that it's "when pigs fly", not "when THE pigs fly".  you've outed yourself right there.  and it would be "... and you'll see..." not "you'D see". 

i don't have time to go back right now but give me a bit and i'll check out the rest.  you obviously are in dire need of some help.

kaveh.  glad you're back.  time to pick on YOU now.  :-)  you sound just a teeny bit chauvanistic yourself there.  come back and prove me wrong.