Are Iranian Women Amongst the most Disloyal, Self Centered Women in the World?


by Arjang011

Today, I saw another Iranian couple in Starbucks where the wife was treating the husband as if he is dirt, and amazingly enough the man was still treating her with respect.  That was the straw that broke camel’s  back; it’s been a while that I have been wanting to post my opinions on Iranian women, but something keeps coming up that leaves this task undone.  Today, I decided that this is it, no matter how little time I have, and how painful the whole thing is to me, I am going to start a blog in this respect.  I have been living in US for a couple of decades now, and in the last few years, I have become interested and have been studying the behavior of Iranian women here in US.

The couple I described above are not an isolated example of distasteful behavior of Iranian women; in fact, based on my last few years of my study of their behavior, I find Iranian women to be the most disloyal, the most treacherous, the most self centered, and at the same time the laziest women around.  I have so many stories of their disgusting behavior that I wouldn’t know which story to post here.  I’ll start by the story of their behavior in bars.

The bar story
A few months ago I had gone to visit an Iranian friend and he made me to go this bar.  I am not really that much into bars, but since he insisted, I went along with it.  My friend was a regular and soon we were surrounded by a few of his friends, both Iranian and non-Iranian.  There were 5 Iranian girls all in miniskirts, low cuts, and made up, that I was told were regulars.  Soon the non-Iranian friends started telling us about this and that Iranian girl going home with 2 or even 3 guys when the other Iranians were not around; and then started teasing my Iranian friends as to how come these Iranian girls are so easy with such low class men, but they hardly even hug the Iranian men there.  Let me tell you about these Iranian men there; they were all successful, clean, sharp guys; my friend being regular has more than enough of his share of being hugged and kissed by gorgeous high class non-Iranian girls there.

To me it was so upsetting that these non-Iranians were talking about Iranian women as if they are trash.  When we went back home, my friend told me that everyone knows that all those Iranian girls except one sleep around with any trash they can.   The kind of men that these girls seemed to be comfortable with, just about made me sick.  If they were interested in men who were better looking, more successful, cleaner, more intelligent than my friends in that bar, I would not have had any problem; but these girls were socializing with the kind who at best were construction workers, and grease monkeys.

The Marriage Story
In University, I had this Iranian friend who was extremely nationalist and studied electrical engineering with me.  In the last years of his Master, I noticed that he keeps approaching 3 different Iranian girls who were studying there as well; and I saw him being rejected when he approached any of those girls.  I am the type that won’t waste my time on a particular girl; I mean if a girl is not interested in me, she is history as far as I am concerned. So, I asked my friend how come he keeps insisting on going out with Iranian girls while there are plenty of girls around who would go out with him in a second.  He told me that he doesn’t want to waste his time on non-Iranian women, and on top of that he is marriage minded and prefers Iranian women so that if there is a chance they can get married.  A girl friend of mine who knew one of the Iranian girls said that she has told him that she is after rich men and preferably non-Iranian rich men.

In any case, these women rejected my friend so harshly that I almost severed my friendship with him since he kept insisting and I couldn’t take the fact that these bitches were humiliating him so much.

In any case, to make the story short, my friend now has a very successful company, and married to this Hungarian goddess who is so perfect that whenever I go to visit them, I keep looking down to make sure that I don’t even have a thought about his wife.  This has prompted her to ask my friend as to why I keep looking down when I talk to her.   As to those Iranian girls who rejected him, we still see and hear about two of those girls.  One of them is married to a black guy, and the other is married to an Arab man.  One lives in government housing and I won’t be surprised if I hear her to have become a prostitute.  The other one works two jobs to support her husband and kids, and although her husband can’t work, but can beat her up almost nightly; I don’t see her often, but most of the time that I see her she is wearing sunglasses to cover the black eye that her husband has given her.

Now, if these two women really were after rich, non-Iranian men, then what happened? This is a pattern that I see with many Iranian women. They play so hard to get with Iranian men; they ask for Mercedes and diamond ring before letting an Iranian guy even touch them; but just like those Iranian girls in the bar, they don’t have any problem sleeping with low class men who have no job, no education, and have no idea what soap is.  The next thing they know, no Iranian men would touch them, and they submit to marry those sweaty and smelly men they have been sleeping with.

Comparing Iranian Women with Other Women Specially Women from Middle East
I have this Arab friend who has in a few occasions have seen me here and there and practically forces me to go to his house for lunch or dinner without even calling his wife first.  I feel bad about this since you don’t know what status his house might be in or if his wife has made any food.  However, each time his wife opens the door, she is totally composed, dressed like hell, and waiting for his husband to come home.  A delicious Lunch or dinner, whichever is the case, ready in minutes of her husband getting home.  On top of that as soon as she finds out her husband has brought someone home, she finds an opportunity to go and change into pants.  Basically, she had prettied herself for her husband and as soon as she finds out her husband is not alone, she makes sure she is a lot less pretty.

Now, compare that to an Iranian woman.  If she is fat and ugly, then forget about it; she won’t care either way.  The lunch or dinner is probably not ready unless it is something sloppy.  If the Iranian wife is attractive, you can make sure that whatever she is wearing, she finds the opportunity to go and change into something far more revealing, far far shorter, and far far more low cut; she definitely adds more make up as well.

On the other side, you look at other women such as Far East women or as American call them, Asian women.  Despite the stereotype about Asian men that is around and we all have heard of it, you see Asian women mostly dating and marrying Asian men.  Yes, there are and there will always be some percentage that will date and marry others, but 9 out of 10 Asian women is dating and marrying Asian men.

What I’m trying to say is that almost any woman from any race or nation that you take is more loyal to her own kind and does far more than Iranian women to please her husband. I have this Iranian friend who is married to this Asian woman.  I don’t want to judge him, but he is not exactly successful or smart, and does not make much money; I look at his life and think what if he was married to an Iranian women?  And I can easily see that if he was married to an Iranian woman, he would have been divorced long long long ago.

Iranian women are just so disloyal, self centered, and objectionable, that they ruin the marriage in an instance if they are in even little discomfort. And please don’t come back and say that you know of Iranian women who are putting up with real bad husbands, and etc. etc.  There are always a percentage of women of any race or nation who are victim.  I am talking about how the majority of women behave.  Incidentally, the same Iranian women who get divorced from their Iranian husband in instance, will put up with non-Iranian husbands far far longer.

I have more stories for you that I will add in my future blogs, but for now, I think I have made my points about Iranian women.  Believe me this is painful for me to say and write.  I have always been on the belief that you must treat your own far better than you treat others.  Just like my friend who was just after Iranian women, there was a day that I only wanted to be around Iranian women.  I also believed, in the past, that we Iranians must marry each other to keep our race more pure.  So, this is no fun for me to write. But now, I have so completely lost any interest in Iranian women that I don’t even talk to them.  Whenever Iranian women approach me in places such as Starbucks, I reject them with extreme prejudice. Even when they are in distress, I don’t try to help them.   But the more that I treat them that way, the more that Iranian women try to talk to me.  I was in the library a few days ago, and there was this Iranian girl talking Farsi on her cell phone.  We were on different isles. I had to turn into her isle, but tried to move in a way that I don’t have to run into her, and she kept moving in a parallel path just hoping to run into me.  There have been many instances like this; the more that I reject these fools, the more they try to talk to me.   But I’m definitely done with them.  Want to have nothing to do with them, and refuse to even talk to them, let alone date them, or god forbid marry them.

Now, the main reason that I have posted this blog is not to describe my feelings towards Iranian women, but to open the eyes of Iranian men.  I see so many Iranian men who are still so respectful to Iranian women and tolerate such behavior.  I woke up long ago and have not dated or tried to date an Iranian girl for a long time; I wouldn’t even want to touch them.  Contrary to the view that Iranian women have been the victims in the Iranian society, it is in most cases the men who are the victim.  I am not talking about the government of Iran.  By the way, I have no love for any religion or the current Iranian regime; and I am highly educated and very open minded.  So, my opinions are not opinions of some right wing religious nutcase.

My final message is really to my Iranian brothers outside Iran; those in Iran are mostly stuck with Iranian women, whether they want it or not.  However, those of us outside Iran have other possibilities and do not have to put up with the objectionable behavior of Iranian women.  Just forget about them, and work on improving yourself.  I’ll briefly tell you what I did, and suggest you do the same.

For a few years, I tried to have as little socialization or need of women in general, but especially Iranian women.  I kept working on improving my job, my knowledge, my experience.  Now, I am one of the best engineers around; now women come to me, and that includes Iranian women.  Now, I am so confident, experienced, disciplined that I can easily do without women; but as usual the more that I don’t need and ignore them, the more they come on to me.  Now the hunter has become the prize that women want.  But one thing that I make sure is that I filter out Iranian women the same way that you filter out trash.  When Iranian women should have been a comfort to me, they were a pain.  Now that I am successful and so desirable, I would not waste myself and my time with any Iranian woman.

I will be very interested in any comment from my Iranian brothers to criticize me, or more importantly, how they feel about t this issue.  If Iranian women do comment, I will read it, but I couldn’t care less about what Iranian women have to say.


Dee M

A Successful and Desirable....Snob!

by Dee M on

Ok ...(So i forced myself to read to the end of this article) Believe me your not remotely attractive or desirable (and I question successful) you are a bitter judgmentle raciest SNOB!!

Surely you dont expect any hot blooded guy on planet earth to agree with you??

Clearly, you are in alot of pain. I feel sorry for you.

Dee M

Hater hater...

by Dee M on

While less than beautifully said your honesty and insight interested me much more than this silly article which I have not even bothered to finish. You have really "Nailed the issue" and I was so impressed with your depth.  Now the day your able to put your name to such an intelligent and brave article, is the day you will find your iranian princess. 

I have many beautiful iranian female friends who tell me that dating Iranian guys is boreing and hard work. What they want is RAW HONESTY not role playing!  I am not even iranian but I truely love the Iranian culture and people so I hope to have done my bit, by playing cupid here today! Perhaps I was iranian in a past life I often feel this - when im eating sabsi (LOL).  Kodafus!


I married an Iranian in

by Sanaziii (not verified) on

I married an Iranian in college and I think he is the most gorgeous , I had options of marrying a white guy but I just didn't find blue or green eyes very attractive, there is something especial in those dark eyes. That's just me, please do not generalize, some of us actually like to marry within our own culture. I like speaking Farsi in the house with my husband, I like the fact that he can cook Persian, and more than everything, I like the fact that I married for love. Trust me, if I had found green or blue eyes specially attractive to my taste or if I had liked any kind of variety, I couldn't care less what everybody else said, especially what a loser like Arjang had said. However, I think he is sexist more than anything else. My word of advice to everybody: don't give a heck to what anyone says about Iranians, blacks, hispanics, etc. Do not generalzie and marry for love and chemistry. Peace.


women or men?!

by hope-Anonymous (not verified) on

I have been living in CA in the last 11 years and so far what I have seen was completely the opposite way!!
Iranian women have weaknesses and that is the cultural issue..many of them are into gossip and jealousy like many
other female of other rationalities.. no offense..but most of them "specially house wife" think they should have
whatever their friends and neighborhood have..most of them care about outfit more than their body and their knowledge/education....
many of them do not know how to improve their life style..and they are all because they are weak.. and that is
inherited to them from their mothers... they do not treat and raise their children equally .. they give more freedom and rights
to their sons than their daughters.. main reason Iranian men are so rebel and feel that have the right to do whatever they want.....

Again, not all Iranaian women are the same.

But I unfortunately i can not tell Iranian men are better creatures..I have seen sooooooooo many Iranian men among copules
we used get together, infidel, dishonest, lier, self-centered, not romantic at all, lazy .. cant not keep up with new values "the good ones"
close-minded, they do not even know how to treat their wives with care and love and respect... pervert.. so many of them sleep with minors!!!
and wanted to be respected and accepted.....!!! there are so many issues with Iranian men way more than Iranian women...

but again not all Iranian men are the same...


in any case, I have this one DBK friend, etc.....

by hater hater. (not verified) on


Firstly, your writing is horrible. How about a courtesy spell check? I seem so versed in the art of social etiquette [aka, prescriptive judgment], did you snooze through your on-line etiquette seminar?

Where do I even begin with you buddy? Do you even realize you need help, because if you don't, there is nothing anyone can do.

Your thinking is that of a hormone crazed 17 year old (I know you're older than that).

If there is anything noteworthy about this rant you call an "article" it is the implied understanding that we (Iranian guys n girls) bring out the worst in each other.

I think that assertion is true, but also believe you are not the person to be able to wrap your head around it tight enough to be able to write a coherent article about it.

our projections/expectations of each other, which seem to be a standard feature on all of us are partially to blame:
When an Iranian guy meets an Iranian girl, it's somehow implied that he has to be nice, sweet, polite, pick up the check and keep his hands to himself, and she has to act like she does not like, or even know (depending on how much of a backward ass-hole the guy is) cock. Baba!! Dokhtara ham del daran!

Judgement is also to blame. Read "Man Jendeh Nistam" if you already haven't. How do you expect anyone, let alone a reputation fearing Iranian girl, to suck n swallow, if she knows, beyond any doubt, that you will wake up in the morning and think she's a filthy whore!

It's ok though, cuz sucking and swallowing, just like an open mind, is not for everyone. You sound like a "Jeesh, Boos, Missionary, Lala" type of sensibility anyways....

as I wrap things up with your engineer friend's story, I'd like you to try and imagine how much cock women (even the not so pretty upon first, second & third glance ones) get tossed, thrown, chucked, and otherwise offered, to them daily?

So, even from a strictly statistical point of view, even the sluttiest of bitches (and I'm only using those words to stoop to your level) end up rejecting more dick than they accept.

All I'm trying to say is "don't be haitin on the sistahs, cuz they's doin what theyz gots-ta do."

Your engineer friend has managed to pull himself up by the "heels of his na'lein" and found, met, purchased, or otherwise obtained an eastern European "trophy" wife. do you want that for yourself? ( probably do. get yourself a HUGE piggy bank.) The three Iranian girls who repeatedly rejected him probably smelled, or otherwise identified, that sensibility from miles away. Then fled, albeit to the arms of an unemployed Arab with a heavy hand. But smart and beautiful women making horrible relationship decisions should be a topic of a rant in and of itself. From this situation, try to extract learning, and focus on why they fled, rather than where they fled to.

Arji jon. Chi begam behet baradar, ke naagoftanam beh! Do you even see how you talk about women? Would you talk about any of your guy friends, educated and refined no doubt, as a piece of meat that needs to "cover" himself properly? A body void of thought, opinion and originality?

When you walk towards a girl, and you're walking like you could be walking towards any girl...she sees that in the way you stride.

--If your intentions are purely shallow, you must work very very hard at hiding them --

When you look down when you're talking to a girl, she knows it's because all you can think of is putting little arjang in her special spot. and will likely be offended by it.

Dokhis are people too man! and though that seems obvious, I think you really need to spend some time realizing what that means to you.

Sure, I've had more than my fair share of undesirable experiances with Iranian women, and have almost completely given up on Iranian women for dating purposes. we DO bring out the worst in eachother, but the blame is hardly one way.

"Soozan" yourself a little, befor you "javaal-dooz" others. It's good for learning.


Iranian women

by Shahram Sajjadi (not verified) on

It is an interesting article indeed but I think generalizing is not an elegent approach and surely not "evidence based". We, as Iranians and as Iranians abroad too, have been undergoing some tremendous difficulties during the passed decades and to difficulties, people regardelss of their nature and roots, react in one way or the other. This article avoids any statistical analysis. It is charming to hear about individual experiences, but drawing conclusions without enough evidence is simply not reliable.


All the iranian girls in my

by Niksa (not verified) on

All the iranian girls in my school went on to study highly academic subjects such as medicine and dentistry, they are intelligent and also very beautiful- and honestly, would never consider dating someone who has clearly too much time on his hands to write such a ridiculously daft article!



by Anonymous654 (not verified) on

This article is very subjective, and not at all objective.


we are in total disagreement here

by mazfaz on

mate I'm a man as just like you, but I don't believe what you saying is right. Ostensibly, I think you are trying to establish you argument here that ALL Iranian women are self-centred and etc. However my argument is as following:

  1. Some Iranian women, just like some Iranian men are self-centred and objectionable.
  2. However, most Iranian women are educated, intelligent and caring. When you were young your mom always made you food and cleaned the house. But do you see anyone in the West that cleans the house and prepare the food under all circumstances. NO!
  3. I think instead of identifying the realy problem you are using Iranian women as scapegoats. Is the problem the patriarchal society in Iran? or is it the education women recieve in schools? or is it the general problem with some bits of our social behavious?




thats not the rule but i've

by das (not verified) on

thats not the rule but i've also heard similar stories as well.
i was wondeing if authors's mom and if he has a sister, whether they were the same way.


Hey Arjan!

by Miny (not verified) on

Why worry find somebody nice for you....and stop thinking about things that trouble your mind for whatever reason....worlds moving somewhere at a fast pace and nobody knows where and and like everybody iranian women too...why blame only them...doing somethings makes people from conservative and certain kind of backgrounds feel liberated and great...while they live their illusions or experiences or whatever you should not be the one who worries...

i tell you you sound soo helpless in the amused me...but again dont trouble yourself so much...its not worth it....

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I am so happy this topic is growing like fungus

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Arjang tried to organize a mass divorce against all the sexy iranian ladies and the men defended the women and now he is pissed off. Hah ha hahahaha. 


Hallucination ??!!

by shiva (not verified) on

"I was in the library a few days ago, and there was this Iranian girl talking Farsi on her cell phone. We were on different isles. I had to turn into her isle, but tried to move in a way that I don’t have to run into her, and she kept moving in a parallel path just hoping to run into me".
I can see that you suffer from Hallucination too!!!...
in this case your heeling process could be much longer and take up forever...
grab some book from the "self help" section at Borders if you know where that is?
*Hint: don't look it up under BARS and COFFEE SHOPS


I am an Iranian woman and a psychologist

by Hermine (not verified) on

If we begin to examine the forces that drive this individual to hate Iranian women, we find that much of his abusive behavior is a cover-up for his tremendous anxiety about Iranian women. He is caught in the conflict between his need for Iranian woman’s love and his deep-seated fear of her. This man needs, as we all do, to feel safe. As adults we fulfill these yearnings through physical intimacy, emotional sharing and parenting. But this individual finds these yearnings terribly frightening. His normal needs to be close to a woman are mixed with fears that she can annihilate him emotionally. He harbors a hidden belief that if he loves an iranian woman, she will then have the power to hurt him, to engulf him and to abandon him. Once he has invested her with these awesome and mythical powers, she becomes a fearful figure for him."

This individual has conflicting emotions of yearning and fear result in behaviours of hostility, aggression, contempt and cruelty. His early childhood plays a role in contributing to this mysoginistic behaviour. In an ideal situation, mothers nurture and is a boy’s primary source of comfort, while fathers help pull the boy away from mother so that he does not become overly dependent on her. If you look closely at the childhood of a typical iranian man, the father was probably either too frightened or passive to pull the boy from the mother, and consequently, the boy had no option but to make his mother the center of his universe Without realizing it, in adult life he transfers this dependency, as well as conflicts and fears that go with it, onto the woman in his life. The woman hater saw his mother as having the power to frustrate him, to withhold love from him, to smother him, to make him feel weak, or to make insatiable demands on him"—and as an adult he views Iranian women as having these same powers as his Iranian mother.
I am here to recommend to you as a professional to please seek help you anger it is not healthy for your physical as well as your emotional health.


You crack me up!

by Iranian woman (not verified) on

This is the most pathetic and poorly written article I have ever read. Get a life!


Your article is so retarded

by Shiva (not verified) on

Your article is so retarded and you are the most bitter, narrow minded person I could ever imagine exist.
I'm sooooooo sorry for the years you worked on your "whatever" degree you worked on, and for the air you wasting to breath.
I'm guessing you have NO friends and you should be the same guy in your examples throughout your sick article who got rejected over and over again. I know that rejection is bitter and painful.
I wonder how you raised up and what a ruined up bringing you coming from. I'm flattered that someone like you is OVER Iranian girls, so at least we know that we don't have to deal with a sick minded, tunnel visioned person like you. I wonder if you ever read one book or heard of T.V, however if you have; you probably knew that generalized theories have 0 value in any sociology/scientific matter.
You know what? My advice to you is "WRITE UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD" They say "writing is a good way to get the anger out"
WRITE BROTHER................
Hope for the best ......Hope it helps you heel .....


What a topic!!!

by abcdefg (not verified) on

This is truly amazing! It's refreshing to see that it didn't turn into a random IRI bashing session! Though I noticed Even Q, of all people, rendered her diplomacy and eloquence in response to this essay.

Dear Author, Your anger is not going to sooth your pain over the long haul. People ultimately become a product of their enviornment. Take it all with a grain of salt and search for the higher truth. This is no something you want to wear on your sleeves.

If you're lucky, your Iranian brothers and sisters will search for the fundemental gensis behind your pain. Something that for now your adopted American brothers and sisters appear better suited to comprehend. But life is not always fair, so if you don't get to experience it's gentle smile, accept the harsh realities of the storm, until it's your turn comes. Hope you'll become totally self sufficient in healing your wound.


Female Bashing Show on Persian TV - Porchooneh

by Porchooneh1 (not verified) on


to Arjang and his various aliases

by J Tangestani (not verified) on

You are in fact the most shallow, selfish and greedy Iranian brother I have come accross in a long time. That is saying alot because I live in Westwood.

I'm glad you are getting your ass handed to you in this blog. It is just a taste of what you will get in person if you ever insult any Iranian woman in my presence or in presnece of any real Iranian man. That's a promise my friend.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Now my turn.........

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I know of an Iranian couple. Yes, they were both born and raised in Iran but met outside of Iran.

He was almost penniless when she met him. Her parents were not too crazy about their relationship and even worst about her marrying him.

She convinced her parents to let her marry him. So, they married by the court (no wedding), simple wedding band for each and signed that instead of a monetary Mehreyeh, she wanted equality within the marriage.

Now, they have been married for about three years. They are slowly but surely building their future together.

They don't give a rats a** what anyone else thinks. Only what they think matters to them. As it should be.




by Anonymous2323 (not verified) on

To Nooshi khanom:

All Iranian women say this:"the girls you dated were the bad ones, we are the good ones,those are the ones that make our names bad."
Hello, excuse me how many bad girls do we have then?

Nooshi joon, are you married? if so how much was your mehreyh?wedding?rignt? AND WHO PAID :-)
if you are not married, what is your take on Mehreyeh,Wedding? who should pay? how much a ring cost?
Come on don't be a common lier or an indifferent person who just wants to say something about herself to feel good,to feel she exists.You are a classy Iranian women,right? if you respect yourself answer some of these questions, be truthful,ok?



by Anonymous2323 (not verified) on

To all Iranian men:
As you have read some of my posting you have notices not even ONE single Iranian Women dares to go near the questions I posted or comment anything at all about their take or even opinion about:Hefty Mehrey,Wedding,ring,...
Why?because they know this is the hot topic this is were all the worms are!
I will tell you why? for them to be married and knock you down,such a huge investment is the only way to keep you around before you realize you can do better and you can get better!
OMG, Iranian women have such a complex about getting married that now a days they keep posting their marriage pics all over internet (look I am happy and successfully,how about you?): facebook and other websites.
That's why when you start dating a Iranian girl from day one they put such a pressure on you; that you have to marry her with in 1 to 2 months, because anything beyond that you'll figure out their true nature and goals: basically seat home and do nothing.
Come on you Iranian women, do I have to insult you in order to get a response back from you?
Why Meyrey, hefty wedding,and ring? why?
What do you bring to table? come on now, don't hide...
dAleh moshi bazi mikonid bAdjensaha :-)
Don't you feel the negative energies when you are around a bad person who has bad intentions. Every time I am around Iranian girls I feel such evil energy. Love and Hate are one of those things that human beings can feel it from their surrendings by intuitions, energy, looks, intentions, ....

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on

Mr. Fatollah,

Aghdas is a beautiful name.  My aunt's name.

I can't swim and you can't fly - so safely you shall remain deep and I will enjoy superficiality.

I think is the best website for Iranians, and you don't.  That serves as the second chasm that shall keep us apart.

Thanks for the compliments and enlightenment.  It always thrills me to find the scholarly sorts on the 'Strait' of' - LOL.


Shallowness & superficiality !!!

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Nothing wrong with the name Fatollah as you seem to abhor! Otherwise, I'm known as Nahang among friends and foes!

Flying High, Horizontal, Vertical, Strait or Solo is not among my hobbies!

The is sure hell not the place for me to look for my future wife named Aghdas, you can be sure of that!

Try deeper waters



by LOVED IT! (not verified) on

I Just wanna Say AWSOME!!!!!!

You took the words out of my mouth. This is something that I've thought about in many years. I'm 24 years old, born and raised outside of Iran and Where I live this is so typicall. In some ways it's a bit of a shame that they are like this but all I can say is That It's all their Fault. From iranian girls to Iranian women.

Keep posting Loved It, you just read my mind

Cheers Mate

Flying Solo

What a winner

by Flying Solo on

Mr. Fatollah,

Alas I have not been blessed with your acumen otherwise my name would be the 'The Victory of God" or is it "Oveweight god".  Sadly my life is so dull that I have had to resort to viewing - yes - for 14 years.  What can I say, I am a loser.

Still, such a compliment to have someone of your caliber follow my posts. Makes me feel really special.

Did that lob hurt you? I am sorry. Vertically challenged or mentally intrigued - go fish.



Are Iranian Women Amongst the most Disloyal, Self Centered Women

by forouz on

what i just read written by this arjang011 character about 'IRANIAN WOMEN BEING DISLOYAL, SELF CENTERED ...' shocked me beyond discription. it is utterly disappointing to know that a man i don't necessarily care where he is from or what your experiences include can be so narrow minded as to group all iranian women in the same category and to generalize and to make concrete statements so casually. good lord i wonder where all this venomous, disrespectful, judgmental point of view really comes from? life is short. trying to concentrate on the positives than beating an already dead horse to death, believe me you, will go a much longer way.   


I See Your Pain

by Sheida (not verified) on

Dear Arjang,

My heart goes to you for the pain you're going through. My background in psychotherapy allows me to see your need for a few sessions in therapy. A successful therapy will enable you to see the world without a sexist/racist glasses but more with an empathetic heart. I am sure you're well-read person, but also reading some sociology or social anthropology books with regards to immigrants issues as such with oppressive upbringing and politics might be helpful to see how similar we all are. Good luck with you on your search of your soulmate.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

H*ll No!

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

It is not right to be cruel to women. I don't care how many degrees and money a man has.

 RE:I knew this Iranian Guy


I knew this Iranian Guy

by Jamshid Niavarani IV (not verified) on

I knew this Iranian Guy who had 4 Iranian Wives.

They all slept in one King Size bed.

The Iranian Guy was an established Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills.

The Iranian Guy was a US Citizen.

One wife was registered as his legal wife.

The other 3 women were registered as his legal dependants.

This Iranian Guy was a Shia Muslim.

The Iranian Guy prayed 5 times a day.

By the way, the Iranian Guy also beat every single one of his wives 5 times a day in order to keep them in line.

The Iranian Guy was basicly, taming a bunch of Shrews, like the Shakespear play.

I am not that Iranian guy but, God bless him and God Bless America.