Would YOU Fight for America?


Would YOU Fight for America?
by Anonymous Observer

The writings below were inspired by this blog from Fesenjoon. 


The United States Oath of Allegiance (that’s the oath that all you naturalized U.S. citizens took to become citizens) states:

 "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the armed forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God."

I’m sure you all remember the day you took this oath.  For most non-Iranian people who become U.S. citizens, that day is a joyous, happy day.  For some—not all—Iranians, it’s a day where they can brag about their “zerangi” and prepare to file petitions to bring the rest of their family over to the U.S.  Nothing wrong with--except for the fact that now that you have put your John Hancock (or, if you prefer, Abdullah Islaminejad) on that form, you are legally obligated to do certain things.  One of those pesky little things is the obligation to bear arms on behalf of the U.S.  This means that in case there is a war and a draft, you will have to put down the chelo kabob dish, say goodbye to the summer vacation and cheap opium parties (and more chelo kabob) in Iran, get out of your leased Mercedes and mosey on to the nearest recruitment center and be shipped to whatever area of the world the U.S. government thinks is appropriate for you to be--and fight for your new country.  That’s right.  You’re now an American.  And it’s not “golabi” or “velesh kon baba, ki halesho dareh” type thing.  You’re in it for the long haul. 

Now let’s say that IR and its supporters’ wishful thinking actually comes true and the U.S. gets engaged in a war with Iran.  See, in a democratic system like the U.S., there is a debate process about this sort of thing.  But once the debate is over, and the decision is made to go to war, you can’t argue and “safsateh” about it any longer.  The time for debate is over.  Your representatives in the government have voted.  It’s time to put the gear on and suit up--and shut up.  What would you do if and when the time comes? Hide in Canada?  Are all of you all of a sudden going to become “conscientious objectors?”  Hey, Japanese Americans had to fight in WWII-some of them while their family members were interned in internment camps.  Sen. Daniel Inouye had to do it.  His parents were Japanese immigrants.  He volunteered at Pearl Harbor and then fought the Japanese and was heavily wounded, receiving the Medal of Honor. Many German Americans fought in WWII.   John Abizaid is Arab American.  He was Centcom’s commander during the war in Iraq. 

The scenario is one that actually happened in Iran as well.  During the Iran / Iraq war, we knew a family who was Iranian / Iraq.  The wife was Iraqi and her husband was Arab Iranian who also had relatives in Iraq.  Their son fought for Iran, knowing that most of his family was Iraqi.  There were many other examples like that. 

But let’s say that you’re too old to fight.  Or that you’re openly gay (hey, they haven’t repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” yet) or you have some kind of a medical issue that prevents you from becoming a soldier.  The other part of your oath says that you “will perform noncombatant service in the armed forces of the United States when required by the law; that [you] will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law …”  That could mean spying you know.  It could also mean translation service for U.S troops, making shells for tanks, etc.  How are you going to get out of those things?  Remember, no one has forced you to be a U.S. citizen.  I assume that you all had green cards before you become citizens, which didn’t place the obligations of citizenship on you.  Why did you take on this legal obligation?  So you could stay in Iran for more than six months and not have to worry about it?  So that you could bring your cousin here?  Too bad.  Whatever your reason was, that whole citizenship thing comes with a lot of baggage.  So, here’s what I propose to you fake U.S. citizens: give it up.  I mean your citizenship.  It’s not too late.  It can still be done.  In fact, I have taken the liberty of preparing the following form letter that you all could use: 

To:       U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

            U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service

            (insert your local office address)

Dear Sir / Madam, 

            My name is (Hassn Hossein / Fatemeh Soghra) Iranipour.  My alien number is (insert your immigration number).  I filed an application for citizenship on (date).  On (date) I appeared at your office and took the citizenship oath.  But now I realize that I no longer want to be a U.S. citizen.  This is because I am (insert one or more of the following as they apply to you: an America hater; an IR lover; a coward; I don’t consider the U.S. to be my country; I am a “cause head” and hating the U.S. is my main cause; I am a leftover Iranian Marxist; I love Hassan Nasrollah; I love Ayatollah Khamenei; I love Osama Bin Laden and believe that he is a freedom fighter).   I am also a liar because I did not tell you about any of this when I took my citizenship oath.  But never mind that.  In our culture we do these things.  We think we are clever.  But, where was I?  Oh, yes, can I get my green card back please?  Attached are my American passport and my certificate of citizenship.  I am returning it to you…and no, I have not reported it lost and gotten a new one.

PS- how log can I stay out of the country in Iran now that I only have a green card?  I have 4 pieces of land and six houses there that I need to rent / repair / sell.

Sincerely yours;

(Hassn Hossein / Fatemeh Soghra) Iranipour

See how easy that was?  Now, for once in your lives, print the letter and send it to your local immigration office.  Consider it a charity work for the new year, the charity being our honesty toward a nation that took you in and embraced you when your homeland was giving you the middle finger. 

Blog photo courtesy of Fesenjoon.  


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Anonymous Observer

Pop quiz time

by Anonymous Observer on

Can anyone tell me the significance of the names used in the blog (Hasssan Hossein and Fatemeh Soghra Iranipour)?  I bet you Fesenjoon can, being the talented writer that he is.  

Anonymous Observer

VPK - Get a grip dude

by Anonymous Observer on

I'm stating my opinion.  I am free to do so because of the sacrifices of men and women who toughed it out and fought for this country and didn't claim to be conscientious objectors.  :-)

And for the umpteenth time, I did try to enlist in the Navy in 2004.  I was rejected because of a genetic heart condition.  I told them I was fine.  I told them that I exercise and everything and that I live a perfectly normal life.  But they wouldn't go for it.  My doctor also wrote a letter saying the same things.  I even applied for a waiver, but I was declined.  They thought I was gonna have a heart attack if a bomb exploded near me or something.  I told you this not too long ago, and I even wrote it down below in a comment which appears to be deleted.

But why get personal?  I am free to think whatever I want of whoever I want.  This is why I love this country.

Plus, my family has had an illustrious history of service so far in the United States for the short period of time that we have been here.  My cousin is a U.S. Marine currently serving in Afghanistan.  Before that, he served a year in Iraq.  Another cousin of mine--a female--did 4 years active duty in the Marines.   All that should count for something, no?

And as far as donating to the veterans, my cousin will be home in January for a few days, and I'm planning on taking him out for a steak dinner, even though I'm a vegan.  His exact words were: "I want a steak, none of that rabbit food s**t that you eat."  I guess I'll have a salad.  He has promised me a "souvenir" from Afghanistan too.  Better be something good...like a Taliban's turban or something.  Otherwise, he'll have to have a vegetarian warp with me at Subway. :-)  

PS- I'm a liberal Democrat.  Have been so as long as I have known myself.  Have never voted Republican, and never watch Fox News.  No network news period.   

PSS-I am not twisting anyone's image.  I take an issue and exaggerate it conspicuously for impact.  It's a common writing style.  Don't take the world so seriously.   


The guy in the photo

by Hajminator on

has a stunning similarity with Sargord's avatar, E X C E P T, that the yellow guy speaks Farsi! So I'm wondering if Sargord has a bro as special as him but speaking Farsi? Does anyone know?


Only in Iran

by Fesenjoon on

ghaboolet daareem :-)


Fesenjoon Aziz

by Onlyiran on

My comment was actually a poor attempt at a joke.  I love the cartoon.  It's great!  And I agree with you.  One of these nut jobs is all it takes.  



by Fesenjoon on

Unfortunately, one is enough to do such a thing. That one fanatic, who will blow himself up to go to heaven next to his Imam. That's all that it takes. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Fesenjoon Jann

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Maybe I do not go to mosques. What you are saying is like going into the tiger's den then seeing tigers!! Well of course the fanatics hang out in mosques: where else do you expect to see them??

Hey I do not say there are no bad apples. Obviously there are: we have some Hizbollahi right on IC. But my point is that there are plenty of good ones. You chose to see the glass as half empty; I half full.

In fact it is more than half full I say about 19/20 full. Now Europe is another story. There seem to be more Iranian nuts out there. But in America most Iranians are good hard working sane people.



Only in Iran

by Fesenjoon on

Do u think our zowb-e velayat fanatics wouldnt do such a thing?

And contrary to VPK who has never seen any bad apples amongst Iranians, I have seen these fanatics walking around right here in the states. Just step into a mosque, youre bound to see these types.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Talking to SP is a waste of time. He does not know what he is talking about.

I said long ago that the attack on US embassy was a declaration of war. Now to be fair this is a part of a long and sorry history. Yes US territory was attacked. It was wrong. But what do we do now? 

I am all for handing over the hostage takers to The Hague for trial. But I also want Captain Will Rogers put on trial at the same time. Crime is crime no matter who does it. So put them all on trial. 

That hostage taking cost Iran 9 billion $.  Let us trade Masoumeh Ebtekar for some of that money. Let the Americans toss her in jail and the rest of hostage takers. 

Howerver we still have problems to solve.


Wow, the guy is blowing himself up in a shopping mall

by Onlyiran on

during the Christmas shopping days? That ain't right!!!! 




Sargord - Let's see if youu love America

by Simorgh5555 on

Thank you for confirming that neither your father or your Iranian grandmother were citizens of the USA. How then you can be called a "native" son of this country when it seems none of your family members wanted to bre remotely connected to this country is anyone's guess.

That's not what I want to argue about. You say that you love America and your allegience with America. Therefore, why have you avoided the following questions:

Do you un-reservedly condemn the siege of the US embassy (technicallyAmerican terriotry)  in 1979 and the taking of American hostages? 

If, 'Yes',  then

By the attack on the American embassy (US territory) is this not tantamount to a declaration of war? 

A simpel straightforward answer.'Yes' or 'No.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

"conscientious objector"

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

"conscientious objector" is--IMHO--a cop out and a coward's way out. Many people don't like to serve if there's a draft.  But they respect their fellow countrymen and women, suck it up and go do their duty. That's the only fair thing to do.

Consciousness objectors are a part of American history long before you got here. AO if you are such a Patriotic American why do you berate the Quakers? Why do you berate the fine Americans who chose to find ways other than killing.

Do you consider the point of the gun as the only solution? Coward my foot. It took Muhammad ali Clay a great deal of courage to stand and say NO. To refuse to fight in an unjust war and rather go to prison. To be stripped of his world title and sit in jail instead. So now you are the brave man and CLay is the coward: great! Read American history instead of watching Fox and maybe you learn something. How about Leis Hill the famous American pacifist:


Oh I forgot Ghandi he was a real wimp huh? 

Why don't you pick up a gun and go enlist? America does need you in Afghanistan. And it IS a JUST war unlike Iraq and Vietnam? It is easy to sit behind your PC and insult other people for their belief in peace. But you get no respect from me.

Hart o Purt is very easy when you know there is 0% chance of being sent. Sure sit back behind your PC and talk big. Then go watch the drones on TV. Such bravery is astounding.

One more thing: Have you donated to the American veterans? Have you lobbied the government to improve their health care. How about benefits for jobless veterans. People who got so badly hurt that they are unable to keep a job. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and do something good:


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are making it your business to portray a twisted image of Iranians. I really do not know who you hang out with. But if the about caricature is what your friends are like you need new ones. None of the Iranian-Americans I know are like that.

Almost all of them are opposed to Khamenei and IR. They are productive good people. Now you can keep harping on a few nut jobs who get on TV. But really how many Iranians do you know that fit your image?

Darius Kadivar

Well Fellows Seems The Royalist Witch Beat the IRI Bitche ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Time to Do Some Cleaning ...

Bedknobs & Broomsticks - Substitutiary Locomotion Battle


And Don't Hesitate to Call me Back for the Spring Cleaning in case you come across the Nazi Loving IRI Parasite again ...

Happy X Mas Everyone Especially to GENUINE Iranian Americans ;0) 

Hee Hee 



Darius Kadivar

So to Your Own Admission Can We Call You NSOB from Now On ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Nephew to a SOB ? LOOOOOOOOoooool

"The surviving veterans to this day refer to themselves as "The Sons of Bitche." " -Sargord Pirouz

Julie Andrews at her funniest in SOB

Show Us Your Boobies SPink Jaan We Can't Wait !!!



Darius Kadivar

SPink Jaan Suitable Name indeed for Your Pedigree ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Yul Brynner in Triple Cross - 1966 - The Interview


What You don't Know and which You won't believe me if I told you is that I know that Area VERY Well but that's another Story ...

But Maybe if you did your homework you would know that BItche is today a Training Ground for various French Regiments including

1er régiment du génie Under which I had the Honor of Serving from 1988 to 1989 : 

Cérémonie de dissolution du 1er régiment du Génie d'Illkirch 

So I am familiar with the Cold Winters and Hot Summers of Bitche which a Yellow Belly Like You couldn't even have a clue of nor would Live Up to his treacherous Pedigree's Physical endurance.

That is what made me smile when you first mentioned Strasbourg in your souveniers given that I was not only a Student their but also did my Military Duties in my youth.

Got the Pictures too but I am not an exhibitionist like you Yelow Belly otherwise I would be sharing it here long time ago.

Come to think of it I may if I find them in my old photo albums at some point to satisfy your Curiosity Yellow Belly

So SPink Jaan we Do have Something in common after all ... Except Treason !

Outfox the Fox


Hee Hee

Take care SOB !


Sargord Pirouz

lol w/Darius

by Sargord Pirouz on

This is actually humorous, Darius. After the war ended, General Patton awarded all surviving members of the 100th Inf. Div. with the Bronze Star (there're weren't that many left).

The surviving veterans to this day refer to themselves as "The Sons of Bitche."

Which I think is pretty funny, in a macho sort of way.

You? You apparently aren't even familiar with your own country's geography. No small wonder you people have lost so many wars! You might be the biggest losers in history of the modern era. Might? Of course you are. 

Darius Kadivar

SPink Jaan "Battle of Bitche" ? LOOOOOOooooooooooooooooL

by Darius Kadivar on



You Mean these girls are actually Your Half Cousins descendants to Your Great Uncle and Some Poor French Girl He must have raped while Liberating France ? :


NiqaBitch secoue Paris (Mi Pute - Mi Soumise remix) SD


 Some Hero Indeed !!! 




Darius Kadivar

Exclusive Footage on SPink Pedigree's "Heroism" in Strasbourg

by Darius Kadivar on

During WWII "Saving" France ...

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again

A Great Loss in the History of Double Agents ...

Stalag 17 Pt 12 

Roohash Shad !


Darius Kadivar

SPink Jaan Speaking of Funny Claims ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

You Mean it's OK for You to make Fun of the Pain of your own Fellow Compatriots whose Family Members lost their life for absolutely no crime other than being loyal to King and Country: 

BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )

But we should respect your claims of an unknown American great uncle's "heroism" whose full name( like your very own ) you refuse to share with us ?

What was he to die from during the Strasbourg Campaign ? ... A German Sausage he swallowed which chocked him to death ? ...

So That's what earned him the Purple Heart  ? ... 

I wonder what he would think of his clueless nephew supporting a Holocaust denying Fascist Islamic Regime today ?

Saving Private Ryan - "Earn This"


Take Care Yellow Belly ANONYMOUS Sargord !


Sargord Pirouz

Well, Parthian, as we

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, Parthian, as we Americans are fond of saying: good luck with that.

But I have to say your expressed beliefs are quite muddled. I might even say you come across as having a chip on your shoulder.

But then again, one of my cousins that is still a Tehrani used to feel the same way, and we never got along. To my lasting grudge, my Iranian dad ordered me away from kicking that kid's ass when I was 16 and living in north Tehran. He certainly deserved it.

13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

1-      Revolutions happen in the streets and are lead by local leaders that come from the heart of the people and can be seen, heard and felt, furthermore those that had the balls to stand up against ternary are in jail or being executed by the 100’s because there leaders inside and those wana be leaders outside don’t have any real balls.

2-      The time for monarchy and kings has come and gone nit only in Iran bur all over the world,

Sure the idea of the Roman Empire was all nice and fine but every empire comes to an end and you don’t see the Italians today wanting to restore grand but dead ideas, they evolved and moved on.


3-      Doing something for the country must be done from the inside, it’s much more complicated task and way beyond the means of blogging or going to pointless meetings that have been going on for over 30 years abroad by people that are living in a bubble of a personal dream , things don’t change by a group wanting the resurrect the parsi language going to meting saying “dorood bar shoma” and such fiction like that in northern California and certainly not by these funny finger pointing and name calling blogs on IC

4-      You want to see real change and real action, get on a plane and go to Iran and start mingling among the young generation, if any change it will be them that will make it, lead it, run it and preserve it.

But you seem to have figured it all out, I wish you the best of luck my friend, more power to you make change and serve, I’m sure millions will follow.


13th legion

by Parthianshot91 on

In a pure democracy, people like sargourd and any other islamist wannabe clown will take advantage of that system and turn it against you, hell, I'll probabely take advantage of that system and turn it against you too for my own nationalistic agenda's. Human beings are not fit for pure democracy, not yet atleast. Limited democracy and freedom is what we need, similare to that of the shah's and to that of turkey's, except this time we need to educate our populace and let them know what's good for them.


 Further more, you might not be able to accomplish much in your life for Iran and it's people (your words not mine), but I've dedicated my life to serving Iran, and I'm not just saying this out of emotions either man, I swear, I put Iran above everything and everyone whther family or whatever. Iran comes first for me. Everything and Everyone for Iran. I don't expect all Iranians to be like this, but maybe if they were, we would be done with this regime by now.




"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"

13th Legion

Majid Jaan

by 13th Legion on

Shab Yalda shoma ham be hayer o mobaraki basheh ;)

fazeh digeh, mipareh ;)


آبزرور جان.......



حالا حتماً باید شب یلدا لشگر کشی میکردی؟ بذار این مردم رزمنده از پشت مانیتور هاشون بلند بشن و برن یه هندونه خربزه ای با خانواده  بخورن و فردا دو باره بیان پادگان!

شب یلدای همگی خوش.

13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

Hours of yapping, insults and a bunch of B.S, what happened at the end?

Just wasted a bunch of energy and nothing but negative energy came of it, did the world change? No

Sargord has his own believes and so does every individual here, but at the end all this point less yapping and insults doesn’t change NOTHING, Iran will be Iran and so will America.

I have had my share of ideological arguments with Sargord, but the truth is in any type of a democracy everybody has a right to be, and free to speak and think what they want as long as they are not coursing any actual real harm to others.

Those who really fight or do something for freedom and change (whatever fraction they belong to) risk their life’s and put there balls on the line.

We are a bunch of online warriors, brave and cocky behind our key boards in the comfort and safety of our homes!!! Let’s not even compare ourselves with cousins and family that served this army or went to that war or are in person being tortured right now. Ya my great grandfather was a 4 star general and reza shah’s right hand man and they did many great things bla bla bla… but the truth is it has nothing to do with me, I am not even half the man he was!! So let’s cool off and all put our balls were our mouth is and stop the school boy cartooning and name calling.



What annoys me about some people

by Parthianshot91 on

You blame England for everything that has happened to Iran since 1979, yet you don't realize that America had a bigger part in the backing of khomanie and funding of the anti-shah groups. Plus, england's empire is finished, they're not going around screwing over other nations for their gain, they would like to, but they themselves are in dip-Shat with the radical muslim take-over of their country, it's America that's doing it now.


I really don't see the sympathy many people have towards the U.S. The media does a good job brainwashing people's views towards america, and this goes to people world-wide, even to many Iranians that actually think America cares about them.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


A friendly advice for the

by Arthimis on

A friendly advice for the big mouth ungrateful Iranian-Americans here!!!

You would be extremely naive if you think this site along all the other main Iranian sites are not being watched closely!!

So, watch out! Be grateful for living in a country that is giving you everything you have now compare to a country ruled by a criminal regime where they beat, imprison, torture and kill the defenseless citizens!

Peace out.


AO jan

by Aryana-Vaeja on

Let's not kid ourselves. Australia is a province of the American Empire. If there is war, Australia and Australians would follow Uncle Sam in short order. As an Australian citizen I would not fight against Iran for any American agenda. However if America wishes to aid from a distance a National Liberation struggle by Iranians to rid our motherland of these ahrimanic pests in order to restore the Farr/Xvarnah, then I would jump at the first opportunity to fight. No question.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9


I was thinking of enlisting in the reserves

by Parthianshot91 on

Not to serve for the nation really, but for the benefits. Free college, uni and everything. None cares about america, not even most Americans. We would rather go to partay's, buy the things that are "In" and have one night stands, this is the reality of the American youth, buddy.


I even saw this ghetto black dude knock out this Marine, no respect or loyalty what so ever, and I like it like that :P


This is to piss of Fesenjoon :)


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"