The hero of Islam, Imam Hossein


The hero of Islam, Imam Hossein
by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

This story has written by a boy of thirteen years old. You know that the believe in that time was very pure and the boy believed, because his parents and teachers believed. What he has written is was he has been taught. With other words his thinking and writing is a reflection of his environment and what ever he heard. In that his father speaks about Islam, the sixty years old man cried like a child and so he influences his children to believe in the same way.

The flag waver of Islam.

Did you think who brought Islam in such grade? In such a huge important position? A man who was in Arabia and he powered Islam with his blood and his power. His pure bloods help the root of Islam and powered it again. Islam was going to be destroyed by Omarians and Yazid the King of Islam and the fire of Islam was going to be out or weak, but his fighting against Unjust, released Islam and Islam is again nice and lightened.

The great son of Prophet Mohammad, the martyr of Karbella.

The sad and moving story of the Hossein the third Imam of Shia

He was killed of the tenth of Moharam the Arabic Lunar calendar with the sword of Shemr one of his relative with the command of Yazid the son of Maviyeh and with the religious command of the clergies of those days. Shooreh Ghazi, the highest Judge of the time. He was killed cruelly by the Shemr in the hot desert of Karbella. He believed in God and gave his life for his glory.

The person of these days thinking about this matter as it is not so important. In these days the lover of Hossein get very upset and mourning his death. They cry a lot, because they have right, and they know they lost a real champion of Islam. He was fighting for right and just and be killed in a terrible way by stupid people. He wanted to help the people and to glorify Islam. We know are upset as he like a ship of diamonds was destroyed by ignorant people. We are going after Hossein and we think he won in that fight. We are going after God’ commands that he was killed for them. They let themselves be killed in the hope that humanity go further and be better and nicer to each other.

Yazid was after money, sex and power. He did not care about the people; he wanted to rob people to have a nice life. He killed all people who wanted to have their rights. All nice people who wanted to work for humanity have been killed by him. As he was dictator, selfish and did not care about people. His father and he with trick were the King of Moslems and they were Caliphs, because they have cheated. He killed any one who was against him or even spoke against him or criticizes him or said one sentence or a word against him or did what ever the dictator did not like. He even started to kill the family of Mohammad, the children of His daughter, his beloved daughter. Mohammad brought for them glory and power and they misused this power against His own family. They were not a really believer of God or Mohammad, they just pretend to believe in Him and or Islam. They want money and power and they showed themselves as they are believers. They wanted to drink wines and have fun and every day have sex with a beautiful young virgin. Their harem was full of innocent girls who were taken from Moslem and non Moslem to serve their sexual needs.

One time a man asked his servant; are you willing to die for me and for my life. Or are you willing to die for God. He said, but I have wife and children, they will come to disaster if I die. My live has no value for you or God, but my family will come to a lot of trouble. The love of being father did not let him to die for him or the God. The greatness of Hossein is in this matter that he let his family be also killed with him. His young child is killed in front of him and he was seeing that his little children are killed by the enemies. His ladies were captured and were taken for a long trip in a very hard form. All people who were relative to him were killed in the time that he was present. They brought to the court of Yazid. We who are the lover of West culture admire the Jan dark the French girl who fights for the freedom of her country. But we should also study the words Ziynab uttered in front of Yazid. She started to speak in front of the army of Yazid and in front of his generals that the people shouted Ali is alive. As this powerful lady spoke so good and without any fear and sorrow. Her all family were killed and she speak like a goodness of intelligent and bloodiness. One of the officer sprang in front and hold her mouth and forced her be quite that time, but later she have spoken in one of the Yazid party, that even Yazid was quite and started to think. The speech of her was so nice and so powerful that Yazid command very fast to take off the dancers and music out of the party and was not so wild for a moment. What did she told him, that the wild man gets in that condition. After that the son of Hossein who was sick in the Karbella had spoken and Yazid was changed a little bit and asked them what can he do for them now.

The speech of Ziynab changed their situation and they have a little bit mercy. And may be started a spark of a new revolution in Islamic history. The Hossein tried by being killed to help the Islam and the people who really believer of that religion. And he told the people that they should believe in God and Unity and help all their brothers and sisters and not be after sex, money and illegal power. The God will come with His glory and with His angel and will guide the people in the way of Love and Unity. All great religion came from East and Middle Eastern countries. The school of love and unity was in the Middle Easter countries. Mystic and thinking about the life was started in the East. We read and listen that some Islamic Caliphs tried to make Islam like a wordy government without any spiritual meaning. They just misused the name of Islam and their mystic way to rob people money and girls. But Ali and Hossein with their love for people and Islam tried to bring the philosophy of spiritual of Islam back to it. The war of Ali and his killing is a part of good Islamic pages. Moaviyeh cheated Ali representative and Amr of Ass was a very mean and clever man and cheated the people who were supporting Ali. The representative of Ali was cheated by the representative of Moaviyeh. They told him, he should say that Ali should have resigned from his position and I will do the same for Moaviyeh. The representative of Ali did this, but the representative of Moaviyeh did the opposite. It was so that both of them should resigned Ali and Moaviyeh and than they should discuss who is better to be Calif. But the Amr o Ass did not do this, he told the people as you see the representative of Ali take off his position and I will give the position to the Moaviyeh. The representative of Ali took off his ring and said as I took off my ring from my finger, I take off the position of Ali also. And Amr o Ass told as he took off his ring as a symbol of resigning Ali and put in the ring in my finger as a symbol of giving the position of Caliph to Moaviyeh. And he also said bad words about Ali who killed a lot of people. That was happened in Damascus. The philosophy of Imam Hassan was the same; he did not want to fight again. But they killed and poisoned even Imam Hassan. In the time of Imam Hossein the knife was even cutting the bones. They did a lot of bad things. They drink and have fun and have sex with a lot of women. And took high taxes from the poor people but with these taxes they bought expensive food and drink and bring nice women form everywhere to be their sex slaves. Expensive clothes, huge palace were fairies tell. The poor people did not have even bread to eat. So got vote of people by the force of swords and or they force them to cheat. They did not count the vote of the people and when the people asked that they vote Hossein, they stated to kill the people. So Imam Hossein had no other choice. He had to fight with Moslems who are changing the right way of Moslems. He was destroying the history of Islam by killing and raping young men and women. And cheating and corruption was governing the Islamic countries. He had a nice expensive court with huge furniture and full of beautiful women who performed dancing and bringing wine and food to the people. So he should fight with the evils and try to save the religion. It was a necessity the fight of Karbella.

Imam know that his few army cannot fight against the powerful rich Yazid army and he knew he and his people will be killed, but he wanted to give a lesson to the people who have lost their hope for just and humanity. And the speech of his sister and the other men and women who were not killed help Islam again to be not completely be destroyed. So the lesson of Hossein was that the people should not be afraid and be indifferent if there is a cruel Caliph, if they be united; they can take of the despot down. If the people were clever and nice, we did not need to kill the Christ, his student Peter and other Christians in our bloody history. They have been killed in the hope that the people will find the right way. The way to humanity love and real paradise. The Islam which was a religion of science and humanity was played by them as a religion of sex, money and cheating. In Islam they told us, go after the science even if it is in China. Or the science and study is a must for all Moslem, the girls, boys and men or women. It is a must. They should study and be scientist. An for these three days and half the pure bodies of people killed in Karbella were under the hot sun shine of that deserted area. They were burning, because the Hossein had a golden goal. To save the humanity forms the cruelty of Yazid. The bodies were so in each other mixed that it was not easy to know who is who. The people are going one day be clever and will start a nice life for everybody in the whole world, a world with full of love and unity, without hate and disunity. The today European culture is the continuation of Islamic culture. Islam was in the Spain and the clergies learned a lot of good things from the school of Islam. And the churches got lighted again.

Islam brought a lot of new Ideas to the European philosophers and Islam and Iran helped the European cultures. Their books of Iranian or Persian scholar were translated into European languages and they have been guided to a new world. The wild Arabs got culture and were not so ignorant as before. Islam gives light to everywhere. The blood of Hossein let the Islam not be destroyed completely. The culture of Europe is based of Islamic and Iranian cultures; the people who studied in the universities of Middle Eastern countries brought the science and knowledge to Europe. And even now many scholar of Europe agree that Islam helped their knowledge and science a lot.


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Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

Humanity and love should replace...hate...

by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on

I wish the people could respect and love each other and they should not misuse religions as a matter for hate and disuntiy. Instead of fighting for a believe, it is not better to respect it?

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

Dear friends

by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on

As I told this story has been written about 55 years ago, in the time the people were more pure and the coruption was not so high. The young boy blieved as most people at that time believed so. He thouhgt that Imam Hossein was a hero fighting for Just and poor people who are suffering. As the King of Islam did not care of the people, I mean Yazid and or other Cliephs.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

It's a great story

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

But that's all it is. 

Farah Rusta

Islamic regime betrayed the legacy of Imam Hussain

by Farah Rusta on

The lessons that must have been learned from this epic tragedy were wasted on the very regime who claimed to uphold Hussain's principles. Never in the 1400 years history of Islam, has the creed of the Prophet and the faith he prophesized been more discredited, blasphemized and and misrepresented than in the thirty years that the anti-Islamic regime of Iran has established the first Islamic theocracy since the reign of the four khalifs. 

Here is how the singer Alireza Assar describes the betrayal of the epic of Karbala under the (anti) Islamic regime of Tehran: