From Wall Street to the house of dictators. Hate and Ignorance. Part three.


From Wall Street to the house of dictators. Hate and Ignorance. Part three.
by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

From Wall Street to the house of dictators. Hate and Ignorance. Part three. Sorrowfully most people in the Middle Eastern countries have sexual problems. To ignore sex, cannot fix the problem over there. This complex about sex made some people made and angry. So now a clergy person had come and told them, if you do that you get a very beautiful hurries? It is clear that he follow him. He will then brain washed and sends as suicide bomber between innocent people. He believes that he will go to the paradise.  It is funny that they do not cave about the billions of dollars that their leaders robe, but about a woman who shakes hand with a man. Thousand of boys who have no place to live and live on the streets, is not important for them.

A lot of poor boy that are used as a sex objects by rich people is not important for him, many young girls and boys who are killed and or burn themselves, because of problems is not important for him. To have not electrics, streets, food, school, and hospital and even to have no work is not so important for him as to see a woman is shaking hand with a man. These types of Moslem who cannot even read and understand their holly book Quran are the good device to be used by people like Molla Omar of Ben Laden type. Because of a lot of complex they have, they hate other people and they are blind to see the facts, that they are used like robots.  The pain that the people of Wall Street have maybe is a little bit different than the pain the Arabs or Middle Eastern people have. But both of them have some how contact with each other. Both knew that some rich people misused them and also they continue to misuse them. Maybe the people on the street here in the USA do not have the same complex about sex and about the life. They can buy and have a nice life, if they work? But if they work, if they do not have work, what ever they bought on installment will be taken away from them.  The bank and insurance companies gather a lot of money from them. 

 Maybe they paid the real price of what ever they have, but by law those materials is not their, belong to the banks. You buy a house for 150,000 dollars and you pay 70,000 dollars cash. After 15 years that you paid to the bank, we say about 150,000 to the bank, insurance companies and taxes, still you owe then bank we say another 150,000 dollars. The house costs now just 100,000 Dollars. You lost your job and cannot pay, the newspapers say there is modification, but you have to hire attorney for that, and pay him and after a while you cannot get the house modify? The bank will sell the house to the third person for 75,000 and you are on the street. That is here. The bank does not cooperate with you. You work for 30 years and all your money have gone.

You have no pennies any more. And they call it just. The people are here tired of working and bank takes their money as interest. There is no inflation, why the interest should be so high.  In the Middle East is opposite. You must have your money cash to buy something. If,  you have something that is yours. If you lose your job, you do not lose your house and other belonging. You do not have a lot of materials, but what ever you have will be not taken from you. The life is simpler, you do not pay insurance, so if your house needs repair, you know that you have to pay. Here you pay insurance and if your house is damaged, you pay again. You pay the insurance company and the damages. You pay two times.  You have here tons of papers from the insurance company, but if you need them, they cancel your policy. You have insurance for good time and you just pay without any service. The people on the Wall Street are tired are being misused. In Middle East the inflation is high, so the banks do not give any loan, but here they give loan. They call you ten times a day, come and get loan. You get the loan; spend for improvement of your house. So the taxes go up, because the house is better and more expensive.

 You pay also more tax, but in the time the price comes down, the government does not pay you back what they got before. After 30 years work, you paid over 700,000 dollars to the bank, taxes and insurance companies. Now you are retired and you are over 60 and have no pennies in the bank. Your capital is negative. The house that you could keep is less than you owe the banks. The credit cards will their money with high interest. The price came down and you lose the house, but they want money. The bank and insurance companies took all your money in the time, you make good money, but now you do not make good money and they ignore you.  But the problem in the Middle East is a little bit different. You are pumped with a lot of hate and prejudice. Religion command people and the people obey it without even knowing it.  Most Moslems even did not read Quran, but they think they are very good Moslems. They listen to the clergies without asking their logical questions. 

As I said before the sex is a very huge motivation of the Middle Eastern people or young men and women. They try to control their sexual desires. Young men who have no possibilities to have a healthy sexual contacts combined with love as it is in the West, can have only sort of girl friends for speaking and accompanying, or going to dance with each other. They wear a sort of hard underwear, which does not allow any movement to their penis. Because they think, if their penis grows and the girls see that, it is impolite. That means they have sexual desire about the girl. They can control their penis in the day time, but in the night, as they sleep, the penis is free to act, it gets big and let the sperm out, with dream or even without night dreams. Many boys or young men who are invited to the family and they should sleep the night there, are worried to sleep, because they afraid if they sleep, their pennies will be large and let the sperm out, and they make the bed and blanket dirty and they will shy. I remember that one of my friends told me, he loved the German girls, as he was in Germany like his own sisters, and one girl noticed that, he just kissed her friendly and not sexually. As the girl asked him, why he does not kiss her better, he explained that he did not learn the sexual kisses. So the girl was surprised why his penis is not large and hard. She told him, that sex is not bad, but normal. He does not need to love her as a sister; he can love her as girl friend.  But other boys or young men, they want just sex.

They do not care about love combined with sex, they learned to separate love which belong to their family and good close friends, but sex which is for free girls in Europe. They are the ones who sleep with a lot of girls in the West and because they are rich, they have also success in trapping the girls and as I wrote before the other boys and young men should pay their bills. In the Islam or Middle Eastern culture, girls who sleep with a man without marriage certificate is a cheap girl. She can sleep with other men also easily. So they do not respect that type of girls. But all Middle Eastern young people are not the same. There are different cultures also among them; I tried to point some of them.  The Bahais are closer to the Christian thinking, Bahai is a combination of Islam as a Mystical way and Modern Christianity. They have a lot of modern law and regulation. The men and women are equal and the same. Man cannot marry more than one wife. The education especially for the girls is very important, as the girls will be mother and an uneducated mother will bring ignorance children to the world, as she is the first teacher also her education is even more important than the body. If a family can only send one child to the college, they should send the girl to the college.

Or the different between poor and rich should be regulated and the workers should have benefit in the workshop or company they work in. All religions are the same and the people should not fight with each other because of different religions. The world should have the highest court, which should take care of humanities. Something like the United Nation, but Bahai prophet told about this maybe fifty years before the United Nation establishment. I think the Bahai religion is over 130 years old, and a lot of their law came now to operation. Unity of mankind and or all people are the same and we should select an international language. If the religions bring disunity and hate, having no religion at all is the best way. Or religion should be the same as science, if the religion is against science; it is not a true religion. The people should not look with sexual desire to the women, if the best, and the most beautiful women with the wedding close is sitting next to you, you have to have to look at her like your own sister.

You should not cheat and take other people belonging, even if you need it badly. But sorrowfully all Bahais do not act to those nice law, some of them are like their Moslems I mean bad Moslems and they do the same things.  They misuse the good name of Bahai and the trust and do also bad action. Like cheating and misusing the trust of other people. I wonder in the time that they are so much under the pressure and they are so bad, what they can do if they have the same power as their Moslems counterparts.  They do the same bad thing and even their administration is also indifferent like the Moslem administration. The love is died and the people are sorrowfully indifferent or cruel. Even if their teaching of their religions is different, and it shows a different good way, they ignore them and go after their own benefits.   As you see the same problem is existed in the world. And the bad people are misusing the other people. It is the same system like in the past that they have slaves. Now the Middle Class and poor class is the slave of the super rich and rich people. They have to work hard, but they do not get good or fair benefits from the society.

For this reason we have so many terrorists and so many people who want to protest.  But generally the system of the world which wants to sell their drug and weapons needs the people like Ben Laden for marketing the war. The hate between different religions, races and nationalities is maybe a desire of the business people who control the world? The people in the East think for example that Americans are rich, because they drive new cars and they can buy houses. In the time they are here, they think the people are very lucky and rich. They do not know that the car and houses belong to the banks and if they cannot pay, they will be on the street. It is nice that young people can buy everything by installment if they have work and they can enjoy the life as they are young. That is positive, but what can they do if they lose their job. In this time they are much more in miserable situation than their counterpart in the East.  I hope one day, the greedy people in the West and in the East who robe people and destroy the life of the Middle Class, be fair and stop the greed. Or the law should support the Middle Class and Poor Class people for their attack.

The bank with inflation and deflation destroy the small capital of middle class and poor class. And they destroy their life, because of bad credit, they cannot work. They have bad credit, because the price of what they bought is 50 or 60 % lower. The banks want the same money. How can they pay? They destroy the credit of the people so they cannot work, they want their money back, but they do not let the man work? Is it not cruel?  The whole system in the whole world is corrupted. In West with legal donations, in the East with bribes the rich or super rich people corrupt the system? What are the differences? We the middle class and poor class are their victims. The dictators living in golden places and have billions of dollars, and the people are hungry and have no work, the banks in the West destroy the people life, and make them homeless, that is the connection between what happens to the East and West. The Moslems hate Bahais, some of them and also some of Bahai hate the Moslems. The Sunni , some of them hate Shia and some of West hate Eastern people and Some of Eastern people hate the West and so on… and that is the plan the evil people prepared for us, instead Love and Unity   Hate and Disunity. O people of the world, all of you are the flowers of one tree and do not look to each other as strangers, you all are the leaves of one tree. 


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