The hate between Bahais and… Part two


The hate between Bahais and…  Part two
by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

From Wall Street to the dictators’ places, the hate between Bahais and…  Part two


I cannot understand this point that sex here on the Earth is so bad and so dirty and immoral, but the same sex is in paradise, nice and good. They say each intercourse take a time of years and the hurries are very tall and they stay after each intercourse virgin. A good Moslem man can have a lot of them.

I am trying to clear the situation which brings hate and disunity and many innocent people are killed just for nothing. These boys with a lot of sexual complexes and that they make sex with themselves or with animals or another boy and after that they got very upset and nervous because they think they did a bad action and sin. So these young simple people with a lot of sexual problems are ready to be killed to go to paradise and got some of the hurries. Normal sexual contact is very difficult and very expensive for the poor and or middle class young men. You have to have a house or an apartment, have good income and good job with a university degree to be able to marry in the city, or international city like Tehran. Who can have all of these? A man with 19 can be graduate from high school, he should learn at least four years to get his BA or BS, after that he should go to the military service which is another two years. So he is 25 years old. Now he had to work few years until he is able to have an apartment or can rent, and some money to spend for the wedding party. Generally the girls will have good money before she will say to the man. He should bring a lot of gold and other gifts. He is about 35 years old. The girl is generally younger, between 19 and 25.


Even as he had no women in his life, if he did not wanted to have contact with prostitutes, he does not even how he could continue the sexual life with his own wife. The girls also have the same problems. Many my girl students said to me, that they are married and they do not want sex or sexual intercourse. They told me, they asked their husband to love them without sex. As the whole time, the family told the girls the sex is dirty and bad, you should cover yourself and do not speak about sex, now even they are married, afraid of sex and do not like it.


They do not cooperate in the sexual life, and the man should have a lot of experience to go inside them. They close themselves and they discourage the man of being in them. They did not learn to enjoy also the intercourse and or sex with love. For them, they marry, because they want to be married and not old girl, or they want children or they are seeking for a support in their life. They are generally very cold and not cooperative. I bring later example to show how difficult is for the man that after 35 years cannot have a nice lover.  Them women want gold, luxury life, and with other word a total servant. The family of the women generally is not very nice to the new member of the family.


 And they just tolerate him. That is a normal example of a middle class young man who can marry. The rich people are different. The family brings nice young poor maid to give service to their unmarried sons. A girl for the two three sons or sometimes they bring more young maid. I remember that some of them promise to the poor girl that later the boy will marry them. If they are religious they make a short term marriage between the poor girls and their sons. So they have good experience in the sexual activities. They can also marry much younger, because they have house, car and money. What they need may be only finish the school or college. In the school also the rich boys or girls are better, as their parent can hire for them private teacher and they got always better squares. Now maybe you can understand why many young people are full of hate. They cannot go so easily to the college, because they did not have the same possibilities as rich students to get private teacher at home? In the Middle Eastern school system, especially the government ones, there is no good teacher in all subjects. For literature there is always a teacher there. And generally literature can be also studied easier without teacher.


We do not have teacher in high school for math and foreign language for almost four years form the six year high school. You can imagine how weak we were in those subjects. Now we have to go to the extra classes to learn for passing the entry exams of the college. All these sexual hormones disturb the young people of learning. They should kill the desire of sex in themselves or use it in other not normal way. The love between the sister and brother is not very healthy at least with the West standard. They are too connected with each other and their life is so combined with each other. You can imagine if a girl came here, and see the freedom here she will not love her brother like in the past, because the brothers in the Middle Eastern countries control the females. Sex is bad over there. There are a lot of sexual courses and if two people do not like each other and fight, there are a lot of sexual curses about the sexual organ. They say bad word about of the mother, wife, sister and even daughter vagina and other sexual organ as the anus. For example is a father in the West is swimming in their swimming pool with his daughters or his friends, for those people are a bad action and he should be killed. In the time that some men and women are swimming with each other, it is bad, because, the daughter swim without Hejab or the head and body cover?  As you can see, the system of their thinking is completely different. They get even angry or upset, when they see a man and a woman shaking hands?


Some of them are really believe this and some of them want to do the same and because they cannot do those actions like swimming with the girls in the swimming pool, they hate them who do? In the training here the Americans are said, do not kiss your wife or girl friend in the public in the Middle Eastern countries.  The rich boys and girls, in the time they came to West, they have all possibilities and they can live here comfortable and enjoy even the sexual freedom. They hide what ever they did here and show themselves as a boy or girl who is not touched and is virgin.   But again the poor and middle class people should pay the bill. They will be hated by local people and they do not get a friendly answer, the people do not rent them even rooms, because they think they will take the virginity of their girls. I remember in the time that I was student in Germany; the German did not want to rent us room, because they said you will take our girls to your room and take her virginities. With other words, the rich enjoyed that actions and we have to pay the bills for them.  That unjust brings hate against other people. The rich or super rich have everything and enjoy the life and the middle class or poor have just the problems and have hardship.  I will continue in the part three about the Wall Street and the Dictators’ places. 


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