Click and fix Persian Gulf name in google translate

by Abarmard

حال گوگل را بگیریم

در اقدامی عجیب ، مترجم گوگل کلمه "خلیج فارس" را صرفا خلیج ترجمه می کند!!! همه به آدرس زیر رفته
سپس روی لینک

Contribute a better translation

کلیک کنید و در آن کلمه صحیح یعنی
Persian Gulf

را وارد نمایید
به همه بگویید تا حال گوگل را بگیریم!!!


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: The bigot Arabs

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


the funny thing is that Arabs are incredibly racist. But if someone ever questions them they start yelling racism. They destroyed the Egyptian and Assyrian cultures; tried to destroy Persian. They banned languages other than Arabic.

The burned our books. Wrecked our religion. Stole our treasures. Ethnically cleansed Bahrain of Iranians. Nevertheless they are the first to pretend to be victims of racism. What a bunch of made up garbage. Nasser was the worst of the crowd.


The bigot Arabs

by Iraniandudeee on

what more can I say about this facist tazis that isn't already known by people around the world.



"You should not be afraid of the ideology but of the determination and will of the men behind it"


"A drowning man is not troubled by rain" Persian Proverb

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


solution is for Iran and us to pay them back. How bout the Persian Pennynsyla; Persian Sea; Persian Horses; The Persian Nights and so on. Nothing is stopping us from changing every frigging name from "Arabian" to "Persian". It won't be long before they fall to gooz goooz; and backtrack. The best defense is a good offense and we need one. F*** google and the jackasses who run it. IRI closed down the Egyptian booth in book fair in Iran because they mislabeled Persian Gulf.

This whole thing started by the failed Egyptian dictator Naser. The moron who managed to lose the Sinai desert to Israel. Yes the same idiot who did not even have a border on Persian Gulf misnamed it. Then proceeded to prove his incompetence in getting kicked by Israel!


This is on purpose

by Abarmard on

I put a question in Google forum about this issue and it has been deleted. This mistake is designed and they are censuring people who are requesting this issue to be addressed.

Google is a dangerous company. Not a ethically responsible company.


با درود فراوان به هم میهنان عزیز به خصوص ابرمرد عزیز


از تلاشهای شما دلیر مردان پارسی‌ که برای بقای نام همیشه جاودان و
حیاتی خلیج فارس (پارس) از هیچ گونه اقدامی دریغ ندارید بسیار ممنون و
سپاس گذارم. من هم مانند شما وظیفه میهنی خود را انجام دادم که به یاری
ایزد منان مورد پذیرش قرار گیرد. به امید روزی که خلیج فارس (پارس) عاری
از وجود عربده کشان و دشمنان قداره کش و چارسوق بند بین‌المللی شود. بدرود


Thanks, I also sent a copy to NIAC

by Abarmard on

If NIAC gets involved, we become stronger.


Avamer Ejra shod

by capt_ayhab on

Thanks Abarmard jan, Done and I also distributed to all my mailing list


Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Thank you Abarmard.

Google is run by a bunch of Iran haters.

Jolly Me

Abar Mard Aziz

by Jolly Me on






by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Also do this

translate from english to Persian

Google --> گهگل

No Fear


by No Fear on

Thank you for bringing this up, abarmard.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

I tried translating from Persian khaleej Fars to some other languages and back again to Persian. So far Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew translate correctly back to the english "Persian Gulf." French, Greek and Danish translated incorrectly back into "Gulf."       ......................................................   Indonesian, Chinese and Serbian translate back to: عوعو کردن




در کار و گامی شگفت انگيز بلاگر ارجمند



در کار و گامی شگفت بلاگر ارجمند


کار و انجام را به اقدام  برگردان و ويچارد ميکند
شگفت را به عجيب ويچارد ميکند
ويچارگر را به مترجم ويچارد ميکند
واژه را به کلمه ويچارد ميکند
شاخاو را به خليج برگردان ميکند
پارس را به فارس ويچارد ميکند
تنها و ويژگانه را به صِرفاً ويچار ميکند
درست را به صحيح برگردان ميکند
درای را به وارد ويچارد ميکند

در کاری شگفت, برگردان گوگل واژۀ "شاخاب پارس" را تنها شاخاو ويچارد ميکند!!! همه به ادرس زير رفته سپس روی پيوند کليک کنيد و در ان واژۀ درست و بايسته به چمه پارس را دراييم . به همه بگوييد تا چُرت گوگل بپره.

من اينکار را انجام دادم و رای خود بر ان فراخوان افزودم

سپاس از بلاگر و ديگر دوستان


Mardom Mazloom

جمع آوری امضا برای تبدیل ٌخلیجٌ به ٌخلیج فارسٌ در بخش ترجمه گوگل

Mardom Mazloom

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on




by Iraniandudeee on

it's says Parsian instead of Persian, lol.



"You should not be afraid of the ideology but of the determination and will of the men behind it"


"A drowning man is not troubled by rain" Persian Proverb


done and thank you

by Bavafa on


Mardom Mazloom

double post

by Mardom Mazloom on


Mardom Mazloom

Done! Thank you

by Mardom Mazloom on

But after n corrections, the translator still outputs "Gulf" instead. There are some phrase-based dictionary, between different pairs of phrases from two languages, which is updated periodically taking into account human translations entered by contributors. If after one month the translation of "Persian Gulf" is still "Gulf", it means that Google deliberately doesn't take into account this correction and we should all send them an email.
I think haleshoon injoor bishar guerefteh misheh!



by fozolie on


Mr. Fozolie

Red Wine

حال گوگل را بگیریم

Red Wine

Is done .