US "Trained Mojahedin in Nevada"

Seymour Hersh on U.S. Aid to Iranian Group Tied to Scientist Killings Journalist Seymour Hersh has revealed that the Bush administration secretly trained an Iranian opposition group on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorists. Hersh reports the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command trained operatives from Mujahideen-e-Khalq, or MEK, at a secret site in Nevada beginning in 2005. According to Hersh, MEK members were trained in intercepting communications, cryptography, weaponry and small unit tactics at the Nevada site up until President Obama took office >>>


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The best use of our time now is to work together to

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

elevate iranians collective conscience. //

So iranian Leaders are not used to betray their own patriots in the future.


lool at Iraj Khan

by masoudA on

Everytime the left and hezis are short on logic....they bring out issues such as.....Hirsh is well respected journalist...etc.  

Buddy- it is of ZERO relevance if Hirsh is or is not a great and respected journalist - he is wrong and misguided on this one.  But for your personal benefit - Hirsh is anti-American.  Whether his always pointy articles is in supppot or funded by the Russians, the Euro Royals, or even the Arabs remains to be seen - but one thing is for sure...he is anti Uncl Sam.  He is the type who will cause another McCarthism in America very soon.


Breaking News from Iraj khan News (LOL)

by anglophile on

"The remaining monarchies in the world are being overthrown by the people left and right"


Iraj khan news agency: monarchies all over the world are in turmoil - they are falling like dominos:  Britain!, Japan!, Spain!, Sweden!, Norway!, Denmark!, Holland!, Belgium!, Malaysia, Brunei!, Thailand! are being torn apart by their people.


Watch this space for more breaking news.


Here is Iraj khan signing off!! 

Darius Kadivar

Who Mentioned 'Democracy' ? It has nothing to do with patriotism

by Darius Kadivar on

Who Mentioned 'Democracy ? ... ;0) 


Bob Hope on Zombies and Democrats


Democracy is an aspiration whether or not it's a legitimate one  is another debate  ...


Mini lecture on the political philosophy of Edmund Burke (1729-1797)



Patriotism is a Duty !


Words For Eternity ...


It has nothing to do with your comfort zone ... 



Bill Maher: Patriotic Monologue







iraj khan

Wrong Again!

by iraj khan on

Re: "Monarchist partriotism: Iran comes before the rest"

Not so,

The remaining monarchies in the world are being overthrown by the people left and right

for being dictatorial, corrupted, foregin puppets, ineffective, repressive and blood thirsty.

Case in point: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.

How else just one individual could run a large country but by torturing, imprisonment and killing of the opposition, case in point Shah and his family, taking billions of Iranian peoples' money and running out of country, what a brave bunch!  

Darius Kadivar

anglophile Jan Please do ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on



Particularly the last category who offer the most GENUINE and AUTHENTIC definition :


KING OF KINGS: Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi's Tribute to Iran's Past Kings and People (Nowruz 1977) 


Even in Republican France 

Didier Barbelivien Vive le Roi





If I may chip in?

by anglophile on

Darius Jaan, Patriotism in a land of kings is defined by those who speak of it:
  • Tudehi's patriotism: USSR's interests come before Iran's
  • Islamic patriotism: Islam's interests come before Iran's
  • MEK patriotism: Masoud and Maryam interests come before Iran's
  • Jebhe Melli patriotism: Mossadegh's and his worshippers' interests come before Iran's
  • Republican patriotism: Party's interests come before Iran's 
  • Monarchist partriotism: Iran comes before the rest

Darius Kadivar

First define what you mean by "patriotism" in a land of Kings

by Darius Kadivar on

Alexander The Great - Only A King May Slay A King Video (Alexander ( Richard Burton) punishes the Persian Satraps who assassinated their King Darius III Codoman) 


And I will tell you what I think is « Treason » ...


Robin Hood Feast Scene


For I'm afraid after 33 years of deceit, lies and treachery which even led you folks to change our Historical National Flag and replace it with an Arab Sickle You Jomhurykhahs are the last qualified to lecture in this avenue ...  


TREASON IS A MATTER OF DATES: Constitutionalist Response to a Jomhurykhah Query


COMPLAINING JOMHURYKHAH: What Have the Pahlavis EVER Done For Us ? ;0) 


Banisadr On Risks and Conditions Of Seeing Reza Pahlavi Restored



Something is really puzzling to me

by Kooshan on

Why do we have so many traitors. Is this land we call it Iran can only produce either traitors or dictators? I mean if we look at the history of Iran, it is full of corrupt dictators or traitors going all the way back to olden days! 


Looks like the power of hatred is so high in Iranians that we even don't mind if it incinerate ourselves! 

 And then when some good people cone on-board, we brutally kill them or exile them! 


What is wrong with us?


in the words of Jack Nicholson:

Gentlemen, Can't we just get along!?! 

long live Iran

MEK collaborated with CIA & Mosad & Saddam vs Iranian

by long live Iran on

Darius Kadivar

Well it's precisely because he is a 'Jewish American' that ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on


In principle if the United

by Simorgh5555 on

In principle if the United States is adopting the correct approach by training a liberation army to fight the IR. 

However, the USA should remove the banner of the MEK and Rajavi and strart a new secular Iranian liberation army.

The IR needs to be destroyed by hook or by crook.  

iraj khan

Technique # 1 from the handbook: "shoot the piano player"

by iraj khan on

So the reactionary rightwing, Ya Israel-Ya Reza Pahlavi-Ya Rajavi could repeat their same old boring nonsense on IC.

First of all, Seymour Hersh is a respected Jewish American journalist who has won many awards for the integrity of his reporting:

Seymour (Sy) Myron Hersh (born April 8, 1937) is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist and author based in Washington, D.C. He is a regular contributor to The New Yorker magazine on military and security matters. He has also won two National Magazine Awards and is a "five-time Polk winner and recipient of the 2004 George Orwell Award."[5]

He first gained worldwide recognition in 1969 for exposing the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War, for which he received the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. His 2004 reports on the US military's mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison gained much attention.


Anonymous Observer

And the IR trains, funds and arms the Lebanese Hezbollah

by Anonymous Observer on

which is an anti-U.S. terrorist group and which blew up the Marine barracks in Beirut, and was behind the hijacking of American airliners and taking Americans hostage and killing American UN officers in Lebanon. 

The IR also trains, funds and arms anti-American groups in Iraq, which have been involved in untold number of attacks against American soldiers resulting in the death of  many American service men and women.

The IR was also probably involved in giving safe passage and refuge to Al-Qaeda operatives prior and post 9/11.

Therefore: So what?  Even if this story is true, here's the answer: payback is a bitch.  You people are barking up the wrong tree with your usual revolutionary, knee jerk anti-Americanism.  You should hold your own lovely mullah government responsible for creating an environment where everyone in the world has become our enemy. And no, it's not because we are such great people and everyone wants to enslave us and steal our women.  It's because we are a nation of **holes that picks on everyone--and everyone, in return, picks on us.  

In sum: stop shouting "marg bar amrika" and stop supporting terrorism against the U.S. and others, and the U.S. will leave you alone.   

PS- if you want the mullahs gone, you should also stop being their willing, or unwilling, propaganda agents by vomitting up their BS about the MEK day in and day out.  You should also cut down on your chelo kabab trips to Iran where you take hard currency there and buy real estate and keep the IR's mafia economy afloat. 

Darius Kadivar

Maybe Seymour Hersh & Amy Goodman should also investigate

by Darius Kadivar on

The Russians involvement with the Syrian Security Forces and their arms sales  ...

BBC News - Russian arms shipments bolster Syria's embattled Assad



Or the Chinese helping Iran with Internet Censorship:



Special Report: Chinese firm helps Iran spy on citizens | Reuters




Why isn't that never denounced by all these Liberal 'Moralists' on Capitol Hill ?


On whose side are you folks anyway ? America's Interests ( which are not necessary that of the Iranian People) or on that of America's enemies ?


As an Iranian I have absolutely no sympathy for the MKO :


MKO  LOBBY: Former US senators seek to lift MKO off Terrorist List

and as a Monarchist even less ...

TREASON IS A MATTER OF DATES: Constitutionalist Response to a Jomhurykhah Query

But That Seymour Hersh or Amy Goodman wish to embrace this vague and actually inexistent concept of "Global Citizenship" in the name of American Interests or that of the ordinary American is laughable at best.

 I can understand that eversince the Watergate scandals the likes of Goodman and Seymour Hersh are Always in search of a sensational story which could outshine the Iran Contra Revelations but quite frankly Where were you folks when the Libyans were calling for help to deaf ears ?


NIAC’s Hamid Dabashi Denounces Hypocrisy of Foreign Intervention in Libya


And where are you NOW when the Syrians are demanding the same ? 


NO KENNEDY: French Star Blasts Obama for Inaction on Syria



MORAL DILEMMA? Obama & Cameron suggest “peaceful” transition in Syria instead of revolution



The Russians or Chinese who are dominating the International Relations by pulling the strings at the Security Council don't have such scruples when they wish to defend their own long term interests.


Putin massacred the Chechens to general indifference now is even Re elected:


PUTIN ON THE RITZ: Putin Replaces 'Buddy' Medvedev as new 'elected tzar'


Why are you folks less concerned about the Lack of Democratic Deficit in China or the USSR or in the Arab World but so shocked by seeing Iran the ultimate medieval state cornered ? 


If america needs to worry about anyone it's of the Enemy Within ... 


PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ: Why I won't Sign a Petition or Demonstrate Against Bad Bad Israel ...


Namely all these Liberal Media networks who in the name of "Global Citizenship" are actually ready to help America's worst enemies earn some form of respectability. 


So Why should the american Public be disturbed by the hypothesis of training an Opposition group who wishes to topple American's Number One Enemy ?


If I were merely an American Citizen I would actually think it is a good idea and a good investment for America's Interests in the same way a Russian or Chinese would see supporting Assad in the interests of their own Country/Government.


You Folks better wake up and realize that America is truly losing it's credibility on the Global Scale.

You refuse to side with your Allies and then expect to be taken seriously ?


Look at how you screwed up Mobarak in Egypt or Karzai in Afghanistan ...


AUTHENTIC FRONTIER GIBBERISH: Egypt's Rebuffs Washington's Speed Up Calls ;0)


And expect to be trusted in return ? ...



Much of it thanks to your former Left Wing collegues:


PAX AMERICANA: Hitchens VS Kondracke on Reality or Fantasy of American "Imperialism" (1991)


Who understood a little Late how wrong they were in the first place :

Hitchens flips off Maher's morons


But do send my regards to your future Nobel Peace Prize Laureates ...


FART ALERT: Nobel Peace Prize Committee Struggles to Choose 2011 Laureate

It's always extremely Convenient and comfortable to claim that one is on the Side of 'Good' or what is perceived as "Good" ...

The problem with much of you Left Wing Liberals is that you always got it wrong when it came to identifying what was Bad for Your Country ...



Jane Fonda's Hanoi Jane      


As much as the Left and Democrats have often been right and pertinent when it comes to domestic politics and I share their views when it comes to denouncing neo cons or the American Tea Party Mentality, however they have ALWAYS GOT IT WRONG when it comes to international Politics.


THE WEST & THE REST: Niall Ferguson on «Colbert Report» warns of America’s decline


Az Carter Gerefteh Ta Obama ...


 Niall Ferguson Blasts Barack Obama For Failed Egypt Foreign Policy  


This is also true for the Left in France where I live. It's not just an American shortcoming.


Maybe you Folks should play RISK More often and you will understand what international Politics truly is all about ...


1980s Risk Game Commercial



At best It could help you gain some credibility when it comes to advising what to do best in America's Interests.


If you Truly ARE Americans that is ... 

JFK- Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You










"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke


Perhaps one day we will witness justice…

by Bavafa on

When the likes of Khamenie, RajaviS, Natanyahoo and GWB/Cheney are brought up to the ICC and are faced to account for their crimes against humanity.

And what is really incredible is the mindset that the opponent of an evil regime (read IRI) must be absolutely pure and fault free (read USA, Israel and MEK).

  The fact remains that MEK is the single most hated/despised group by Iranians and US/Israel using these as mercenaries will only result in more distrust of Iranians towards USA and Israel and by that notion, circling their wagon to fight back. 

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Tug of war!

by Arj on

Unfortunately, the often unnoticed truth is that these folks (MEK/PMOI) are the victims here. Indeed, they are being held hostage in a tug of war between a brutal, fundamentalist regime -- that has offered them nothing but death and violence from the get-go -- on the one hand, and war profiteers connected to the military industrial complex in the U.S. system, who want to use them as cannon-fodder, on the other!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

هیچ کدوم نمیدونیم این مقاله واقعا صحت داره یا نه. اما فکر میکنین احتمالش ضعیفه؟ من که فکر نمیکنم.


masoudA the mek was started/funded by UK

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The problem is the USA then after 1974 switched sides and as world leader pursued colonialistic policy for Iran alog with the rest.  The so called good years, were because of the late shah, who mostly struggled against all sides opposing the changes he was causing by helping develop iran in opposition to western plans.



Gross exaggeration & insinuation by Hersh on 1 point

by maghshoosh on

Around min 38:56 of the video, Hersh states, "And I learned—I was told at the time that Israel was behind that intelligence, that it really didn’t come from the MEK
themselves. Israel, as you know—there are what, something like a
million-and-a-half Iranian Jews, many of whom fled the country when the
Shah fell. And Israel still has a pretty good net of—intelligence net
inside Iran, so it wasn’t illogical."

His estimate of world-wide Persian Jewish population is off by at least a factor of 5.  The Wikipedia estimates it as "Today, there are an estimated 300,000–350,000 Jews of full or partial Persian ancestry living predominantly in Israel, with significant communities in the United States and Iran."  Many of those of "partial ancestry" are a couple of generations removed from their Persian heritage and mostly likely not very familiar with it.

Hersh throws around his overestimate of the Persian Jewish population, in an attempt to insinuate their complicity in spying against Iran for Israel, while providing no evidence to that effect.  The most recent such allegation by Iran, going back around a decade, was the case of the "Shiraz 13," which was mostly viewed as a farce, as reported at this site.  I'd never heard anyone before suggesting Persian Jews as an intelligence source for Israel, esp. since their influence or presence, like that of other religious minorities in Iran, inside the Iranian governement, except for a parliament member, is essentially nil.


Incredible!!!! woooow

by masoudA on

It’s amazing to see all it takes to keep IR afloat and Iran miserable!! The famous anti-American Seymour Hirsh publishes yet another anti-USA article in support of his handlers in Europe, and in keeping the Anglo-Russian anti human and anti Iran alliance happy – then a dubious character named Mohammad Alireza (sounds more like an Iraqi name) posts the Hirsh article on IC straight from Iran!!!  This whole thing reminds me of the Mullah Nasredin story when the thief was running yelling Ay Dozd, Ay Dozd….. the Anglo-Russian alliance keeps pointing to USA and Israel yelling Ay Dozd Ay Dozd…….They are rubbing us blind while making sure we blame USA, Israel,…….The only decent time we had in Iran in the last 300 years have been the 30+ years between WW2 and 1978 - and mainly because of the American presence in Iran.....we then went back to the miseries of the anglo-russian entente in 1978.....and they keep feeding us BS on how our biggest enemy is USA!!!


Meanwhile,Has it occurred to any of you if the killed scientists were trying to immigrate out of Iran – just like millions of others….knew too much and were killed by IR?   If that is not one of the scenarios you are contemplating, then you best leave politics alone…..but if it is – then Mr. Hirsh is clearing IR of these crimes and people like Mr. Mohammad Alireza are disseminating the propaganda from Tehran.    Dear Amirparviz,I have no doubt under Bush, USA absorbed and trained some ex MKO members, but I also have ZERO doubt, MKO the organization was created and is still financed by the colonialists in Northern Europe. 


US "Trained Mojahedin in Nevada"

by jmyt17 on

 Not a fan of IRI, BUT!!!!!!!!!

US telling us truth???

After what you  done to this nation?

Keep barking USA USA USA.


Esfand Aashena

This is probably BS. Seymour Hersch is losing it.

by Esfand Aashena on

He has had one or two credible reports but his past few reports have been hogwash.  Sort of like Sarah Palin gasping for air! 

Everything is sacred

Arash Kamangir

MEK will remain unpopular

by Arash Kamangir on

MEK can change face overnight however most iranians know this cult and its weird leaders and will never trust them.

long live Iran

He says they are very eager to kill.....which kind of people are

by long live Iran on


This is not new. MEK served Sadam as well. Look at the evidances. These are not photoshop! They are serving Mosad as well!  




Congratulations to brainwashed MEK members for training to kill their own countrymen! 

Long Live IRAN for EVER. 


Why does US support for Mek, while saying it cares for

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

democracy not surprise me?

Look at what happened when the USA wanted to promote human rights, they brought khomeini with their allies.  When people are not skeptical regarding the USA that is what surprises me these days.  Who is the USA to talk, representing a country where democracy is not found.  I am always surprised people believed in the USA's smear campaign against the late shah, savak and his governments human rights record, considering the guy did peace treaties with all his neighbours and unlike the USA did not commit grave crimes against the people of neighbouring countries.  The so-called opposition the MeK and others who insist on creating smear campaigns against Savak are not surprising, it says everything one really needs to know about them. 

Reminds me of machiavelli teaching that coming to power based on lies and deceit will not work for the prince because he has to consider his countries future and his sons future reign, but may work if used by his enemies as they are just focussed on the aim of usurping power.     

maziar 58

B S @

by maziar 58 on

its BEST.

none of these photo shop- broad casting has any credibility.

mojave army camp were part of drills where were just brought many Iraqis ,Afghans and Iranians for $ 25.00 per Hr and more cash benefits to work with US soldiers to pretend as being in Iraq or Afghanistan.
P.s     Look @ titan L3 web site to substantiate the claims.


Mohammad Ala

Ex-Iranians go ahead . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

It was worth watching... "our men" in Nevada?  how about Arizona?! LOL. Democracy now?!?  with these men/women (ex-Iranians) Iran will not experience democracy soon.



by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

One group are trying to overthrow the current regime and bring to power new extremists (THE BAD GUYS) AND Another group Supported by Hershs work (THE GOOD GUYS) Wish to keep the current extremists in power.  With friends like this, Iran needs no enemies.