THE WEST & THE REST: Niall Ferguson on «Colbert Report» warns of America’s decline


THE WEST & THE REST: Niall Ferguson on «Colbert Report» warns of America’s decline
by Darius Kadivar

Niall Ferguson explains that the U.S. economy has been the biggest in the world since 1872, but will be overtaken by China in 2016. Ferguson draws parallels between America’s decline and that of the British Empire’s gradual at the turn of the 20th Century (1890–1914) and particularly after WWI (Watch Interview Here)

Another interview with Colbert : Niall Ferguson explains how money isa relationship between a creditor and a debtor ( Watch Here)

Niall Ferguson Predicts 9 / 11 Terror 5 months before the actual tragedy ( Canadian TV) :

Niall Ferguson challenges the theory that the economy drives electoral votes and political power. His latest book is "The Cash Nexus". He predicts 9/ 11 five months before the actual tragedy (Original show was May 2001)

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Obama says US will boost Australia military ties

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US boosts Australia military ties (bbc)    

The US was "stepping up its commitment to the entire Asia-Pacific," he said. The US sees Australia as a counter to China's growing influence, which Mr Obama urged to act "responsibly".

"We welcome a rising, peaceful China," Mr Obama said at a joint news conference with Mrs Gillard.

"The main message that I've said, not only publicly but also privately to China, is that with their rise comes increased responsibility.

"It is important for them to play by the rules of the road." 


Chuck Noris interviewing Frguson?! :-)

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