1000 beehejabs

Women could challenge Islamic laws by removing their headscarves


1000 beehejabs
by hirre

The protests have shown that a lot of people are dissatisfied with the regime and want freedom. But what is freedom and is the current approach the correct way?

The green movement is by its definition a social movement against social injustices. The method chosen to show discontent is to gather people and yelling "we want freedom", "death to X", "down with dictatorship" and clashing with security forces. Although this method is pretty straightforward there might be alternative ways to tweak the demonstrations in order to gain more sympathy.

The tweak is to focus on factual matters, and this could be done in different ways. One way could be to organize a demonstration against women's hijab. A thousand women could remove their headscarves, with the support of thousands of men in a peaceful march. The chants could be "we don't want the hijab".

The focus is to challenge existing Islamic laws either by showing, or by chanting concrete issues. Also there needs to be more messages displayed in written form during the demonstrations. The issues could then be extended from social to economical and finally to political issues.

At the end people will create a more concrete unified message which they could define as freedom. Iranians must basically learn how to define this freedom during the demonstrations, a simple chant for "freedom" or "death to X" is not enough.

It is important to avoid violence at all costs, hate only creates more hate. Why not let the women without hijab carry a flower to the guards? People react differently if a specific behaviour is carried out by a very large group, in this case thousands of hijab-less women carrying flowers. After a while these types of concrete actions/messages will gather a larger support from the population. For example, compare how the lower working class reacts now with how they would react if e.g. job-related issues were chanted.

Iranians have to define their freedom step by step and make sure that the majority of the people follows the message. It is pointless to fight if you don't know, or won't share exactly what you want for you and others...


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Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

I am not agree with this part of your statement ,

"Feminist Ladies - many of you made a choice; you're now in exile. Go shopping; have parties; see your friends; do your drugs and drink your wine; but drop your fantasy of returning to Iran and importing the narcissistic attitudes you've refined in the West"

It seems that you have no idea  what is going on behind the doors in Iran ..... I can not find one single iranian girl in the west as wild as those in Iran......  the so called Islamic regime has done something to them that no western campaign could have ever done.  They have force fed them bunch of bull shits in the name of religion.  They have been harassed in the streets , jailed and sentenced to lashes....... now even if they come out naked as a protest I do not blame them .........  

Now cut the crap and stop bashing Iranian girls in the west or any where else ...  !!


The Hejab Spy: Ladies in Exile

by kemalmajor on

The headscarf (roosari) might be objected to on any number of grounds:

* I personally would not want to wear one - so I 'understand' the frustration people have with them. I personally don't like things on my head.

* The roosari also doesn't actually do many of the things it purports to -- a cloth on your head will not make you less slutty. On the other hand, as a part of the tenets of religious laws, it's unique to those rules - I am not going to try to undermine what people believe brings them closer to God. Faith is faith - it requires ... faith.


* Iranians sitting in exile shouldn't encourage young people in Iran to put themselves at risk only to try to fulfill their personal fantasy of being able to return to Iran. Impressionable young people in Iran are not expendable weapons for middle-aged socialite exiles from Tehran to exploit so they can get back at the regime or to try to return to Iran. Such manipulative *human rights* campaigns create enmity and more exiles (or worse). NOTICE TO IRANIAN FEMINISTS: You don't have a chance in hell of being able to return to Iran; you have all of the *freedoms* in the West you spend your lives whining about; and you have a better chance of opening a liquor store in LA with Shirin Ebadi and Shohreh Aghdashloo than eating sabzi polo in Tehran. Iran's problems & challenges are for Iranians -- "Iranians" are mostly those persons that live in Iran. Every one else is in some other sub-category.

* The other issue I have with the headscarf (roosari) is that it's clear that issues like this (though not exclusively this one) are being exploited by foreign intelligence agencies to create *human rights* talking points which then serve as fodder to further denigrate Iranian people (both in Iran and abroad) and for the purpose of acting as a pretext for a foreign invasion, or to take repressive measures against the Iranian people. The United States doesn't give a hoot about *human rights* - in its short 250 year history it has enslaved & segregated the Blacks; Killed off Native American tribes (Indians); Forced Chinese-Americans to build railroads as slave labor; Put Japanese-Americans into concentration camps; Killed 300 Iranians on a passenger flight without cause; and used the CIA to overthrow the Mossadegh government to UNDERMINE democracy in Iran so it can have free access to Iranian resources (oil, gas, and military basing rights). The U.S. is not the shinning beacon of human rights it pretends to be, nor does it have the best interests of Iran or Iranians at heart. So what I am trying to say is that when you take off the roosari in Iran in response to these types of campaigns, what you are likely doing is sending the message that, "I am exploitable by the U.S. as a person who is easily manipulated by psy-ops (military propaganda) and a potential traitor to Iran." These sorts of campaigns funded by exiles - are ridiculous and counter-productive.

Feminist Ladies - many of you made a choice; you're now in exile. Go shopping; have parties; see your friends; do your drugs and drink your wine; but drop your fantasy of returning to Iran and importing the narcissistic attitudes you've refined in the West. And bear in mind that not every Iranian in the Diaspora or in Iran agrees with your shady tactics.


نه عزیزم، به فارسی ما میگیم حجاب


not "hizab"! So where is this sweet accent from? Gaza or South lebanon? :)


I'm all for freedom in

by Kooshan on

I'm all for freedom in hizab. However, the society has to accept it but not the government to enforce it.


I'm sure you can not go bare to NY streets or Giants' game!?!