Fearless Iranians From Hell

Fearless Iranians From Hell
by hirre

When listening to music on a music service called Spotify I stumbled upon a rock band with punk influences called Fearless Iranians From Hell. During the 80's a genre was developed called that was called trash (sort of a hybrid rock/punk). Also during the same era ayatollah Khomeini directed fatwas against rock music which let to the fact that the IR and the ayatollahs became the target for some of these music groups. The famous group The Clash even produced one hit song in protest of Khomeinis decision:

Fearless Iranians From Hell:


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by Bavafa on

While I am not into Rock/punk music, I applaud their move by a “protest song” to the religious Fetwa by anyone to restrict one’s choice of music or way of life.

 As far as I am concerned, religion in general and religious fetwas are there to control one’s mind

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory