Parazit: Boobquake, Sajjadi

Boobquake Day and interview with VOA senior editor Ali Sajjadi

Part 1

Part 2, interview with Sajjadi begins at 06:37:

Part 3


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Thanks Arthimis

by benross on

The wolf inside comes handy at time! I'll keep it on a leash but you never know what other worm forms will show up round the corner!


Thank you benross,

by Arthimis on

and Thanks for the link as well... Love Fereydoon mooshiri's work, especially the "Gorg" (wolf) poem:



That's interesting. I

by benross on

That's interesting. I searched a bit, by curiosity, and noticed it is being used in both forms. But I tend to agree with Arthimis. It essentially means if you don't deal with your sorrow, it will expand. It seems that Fereydoon Moshiri has similar take on it (although nothing on the net is fool proof)



Azadeh Khanoom,

by Arthimis on

Thank you for your reply...

On ""Gar Nakoobi (Yaa Bekoobi) Shishe Gham bar sang, Haft (7) rangash
meeshavad Haftaad (70) rang" , I agree with you too! But later after looking at it even deeper (and confusing myself more LOL :-)), I 'm still undecided about its ultimate meaning at this moment!!!

I mean this is one of those very quintessential Persian proverbs/poems that has a double or multiple meanings depend on which context it was really used for!!!??? (Typical Persian smart a$$... LOL!)

Think about it! "Gar nakoobi" can also make sense!!!

If you don't smash the "sorrow" to the stone/rock (and instead KEEP IT INSIDE...), it could cause you 70 different more hurts, pains and problems instead of the original 7 colors one!! Don't you think? :-) Just a thought... I would still go with your version "Gar bekoobi" (the proper one I guess). :-)

Thank you,

Love and Peace

Azadeh Azad

For Arthimis

by Azadeh Azad on

Obviously it's "Gar bekoobi," because otherwise the saying wouldn't make sense. The guy made a mistake!


Darius Kadivar

Parazit Another Toff To Kolatoon ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


pictory: Documentary film on Kanoon Institute (1973)


PS: Just Kidding I love Your Program nevertheless ! Particularly Kambiz Hosseini and the creative Staff.



USA's extremism has a Name called NeoColonialDemocratists

by AlexInFlorida on

n 1979 87% of Iranians called themselves practicing muslims. 53% wanted an Islamic Government.

Propaganda as Hitler discovered can only win for a short time.  It can not be relied upon indefinetly. So what happened based on results.

In 2009 less than 15% say they are practicing muslims, mosque attendance is below 11%. Less than 10% want Islamic Government.

The real accomplishments of IRI are listed below.  Khomeini was Gods Angel. See why.

Accomplishment #1

Back in 1979 Islam was a respected idea in Iran.  After 31 years of Islam plus democracy, today both ISLAM and DOG SHIT are thought of in the exact same way by the majority of Iranians.

Accomplishment #2

Back in 1979, the old, out dated, unproven, highly ridiculed idea of democracy was highly respected in Iran among intellectuals. Today Iranians ask questions like, why is the word democracy not even mentioned one time in the constitution of the united states? Why are 95% of the democratic republics the most miserable inhumane places on earth to live? From the democratic republic of haiti to india.  Therefore Most people don't want to buy democratic ideal for their future government.  IRI was enough for them.

Accomplishment #3

Back in 1979, Iranians had Freedom. Today they live in a democratic style tyranny... not unlike 95% of all other western imposed democratic republics.  Iranians want Freedom back, the way the Shah had delivered it.  This would not be possible without experiencing Democracy first hand.

Accomplishment #4

Respect for Homosexuality.. okay Islamic republic didn't exactly get most Iranians to respect homosexuality as a good choice.  But it is true that homosexuality was disapproved of in the attitudes of Iranians before the revolution.  On a factual level most Iranians realize that at least homosexuality has done less harm to Iran and humanity than either Islam or democratic republics, so Today many Iranians can say homosexuality as a choice is deserving of a more respect than Islam or Democratic Republics... although they may not choose it for themselves.

Accomplishment #5

No one but Muslims praise Khomeini and therefore they are becoming fewer by the day. Khomeini was a National Gift. In 1979 most people were Liars and very dishonest in Iran, which resulted in not defending their way of life or the shah who was a hero based on how he helped all people.  Khomeini was like hitting bottom. Without him people would not have stopped to think... okay now we absolutely have to be truthful at least with ourselves and even honest with respect to others.  Otherwise we will stay with this asshole forever.

Accomplishment #6

Appreciating the Shah, any ungrateful asswipe would worship the shahs generosity and highly principalled approach in serving Iranians... ironically except the ungrateful asswipe Iranians themselves.  Today we truly appreciate him upon pausing and reflecting.

Accomplishment #7

Realizing we are good enough as we are as people and don't have to be any better than we already are.  We just need to use our gifts and not let them languish unused, like courage, passion, love, comapassion.  We are fine.  All we need to do is be ourselves and not follow lies like democracy, islam, judaism, christianity, evolution, socialism, or anythng that makes unkeepable promises to us,  Live In Peace and Free, its all that matters. 

IRI may stay for 100 more years.  But that is because of Global politics.

Every single US President since Carter has sided with the US Oil Cartels, The British and the Pro-Israeli Lobby of Jews, who purchase 100% of their oil from Iran (even though it is against the Islamic Constitution) and pay Iran in Gold, US Dollars, Technology to suppress Iranians, high tec weaponry and anything they need to stay in power.

Please Keep in mind all of these kind, warm hearted, civilized groups denied plastic bullets, tear gas, water cannons and riot protection gear to the Shahs Government, so the Shah had no honest choice left and was therefore coerced to leave.  That wasn't very Friendly. 

Nor was comparing the leadership of the Shah to Jesus in Heaven in an idealistic world,(and then implying he was no good) but then for 30 years praising the IRI and comparing them with Stalin in Hell (and then implying they are good for Iran).  The Radicals we face are NeoColonialDemocratists.

Using Democracy to colonialize resources and steal peoples peace and freedom.  Their radicals are the elite of nations as opposed to the losers which islamist focuses on.  Both Extremists use Ideals to lure their victims and the fruits they produce are nonexistant.

Please feel free to make use of it. 

And always remember, Peace, Freedom and Justice, do not require a democratic ideal to exist.  Infact the democratic ideal has never been proven to bring any of these in a stable way.

Darius Kadivar

Pas Du Tout ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


And Believe it Or Not Sooner or Later WE WILL !

Halah Sabre Kohn ...





monarchists want their VOA back


after years of VOA acting like a front for the monarchist group it was starting to get back into serious journalism business. VOA is getting attacked by monarchists and their republican supporters in congress because its not like foxnews.

having said that.. this Sajadi guy gives me a negative vibe. I wish they had editors as good as BBC persian.



by Arthimis on

I can understand his positin as a TRUE JOURNALIST in which he must not take any sides and reflect the news only, good or bad, and let the viewers/listeners decide and judge on their own. That is NOBEL as a true journalist.

However, after so many years of lie and injustice , Iranians have every right to doubt and NOT trust anyone , anymore! The fact that he comes from a very religious family and background can be alarming regardless of his claims here... I want to believe him, I really do, but personally can't! Religous tendencies amongst Iranians are very deeply rooted and almost impposible to deny!!!

Plus, who pays for this program? U.S. government, Right? That I don't trust them either... Islamic Republic , has been the single best business partner for the West and the East (Globally)... For the past 31 years, Iranians have been buying things on the world market up to 1000 times more than its original value due to having a ROUGE regime like Islamic Republic in charge!!! To whos benefit these Gazillions of dollars gone to? Iranian? eeeehhh, NOT

The whole world, including the U.S. and the U.K. and all their medias ie. VOA and BBC are just a little release valve to keep the pressure off the Iranians and keep them happy... (Del Khooshi Alaki...)



"Gar Nakoobi (Yaa Bekoobi)

by Arthimis on

"Gar Nakoobi (Yaa Bekoobi) Shishe Gham bar sang, Haft (7) rangash meeshavad Haftaad (70) rang"!!!

(At the end of the Parazite show /Part 3)

Can someone tell me , Which one is correct?

Thank you




Thanks Dariush Jaan

by masoudA on

It was great.   My big issue is who appointed Sajadi?  Is he yet another bi-product of lobbyists? 

Darius Kadivar

Sajjadi Ajab Rooyee Dareh VOA benefited from Democracy Fund

by Darius Kadivar on

You Fellows have been the Benificiary of the Famous or Rather Infamous Iran Democracy Fund which was supposed to help the Opposition in exile (which contrary to You is penniless and yet the existence of this very fund created under President Bill Clinton's administration in the mid 1990's and NOT that of George W. Bush's Presidency (nor the neo cons for that matter) contrary to public belief has been used as an argument by the Anti Pahlavists to regularly attack Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi - the Legitimate Heir to the Peacock Throne -by comparing him to a nobody like Iraq's Ahmad Chalabi ):

Source from YOUR Joon Joony Lobby:


Of the $75 million request for 2006, Congress provided $66 million. (3) The bulk of the funding was innocuous. The controversial part was the $20 million provided to MEPI for “democracy programs in Iran” under Denehy’s charge.

$36.1 million of the FY 2006 appropriation went to supplement the Iran programs at the BBG, the agency that handles Radio Farda and Voice of America Persian. Small portions of the fund were earmarked for educational and cultural exchanges as well as for “internet and other interactive programming.”

Recommended Reading:

US cuts funding to Iran opposition (BBC)

Darius Kadivar

SPink Maybe But at Least I Don't Wear a Pink Fouragere ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on





Sargord Pirouz

Poor Darius, so misguided,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Poor Darius, so misguided, so anachronistic, so condemned to live out an unfulfilled life based on what was once and will never be again. It's really sad, when you think about it.



Darius Kadivar

Fardin-"Ma Dareem Har Rooz Meemeereem" (1992)

by Darius Kadivar on

Unhappy by the treatment of actors and actress’ by the Islamic Republic after the revolution of 1979, Legendary Actor Fardin speaks bitterly in 1992 at Ali Tabesh's memorial service. Fardin was one of the guest speakers. When Fardin passed away in 2000, a crowd of over 20,000 mourners gathered to pay their respects :



Mr Ali Sajjadi's ignorant comments remind me that there is a law in all democratic and civilized countries for which he could well be fined or even jailed. In France it is called "Non Assistance à Personne en Danger" aka "Non helping a person or group when they are in physical danger".  When That Group applies to an entire nation as is the case of Iran where people are regularly being jailed ( including his fellow journalists) :

IRI Embassy Paris: Journalists Without Borders (RSF) demo for Freedom of Press (Video)

or beaten up and raped in sordid prisons like Kharizak with absolutely no right to see their parents or family:

THREE DECADES EARLIER: A Mother At Evin Doors (1980)

Then I would say that Mr. Ali Sajjadi attitude and indifference to the plight of his fellow compatriots is nothing short of Treason !

All the more that I bet he is not even born in America but simply acquired the nationality after application.

Who are we kidding here ?

Iranian Americans are hardly a Generation old. Unlike Italian Americans, Russian Americans, Greek Americans Most are either born in Iran or lived their for a long time and still have strong family and cultural ties with their home country. Even the most prominent of Iranian American TV Directors is deeply proud of his Persian Heritage and even of the "Art Medal" he got from the Shah of IRan for his contribution to the Media of Film and entertainment but also for being an Cultural Ambassador of Iran in America:

A LIFE IN PICTURES: Reza S. Badiyi The Last TV Tycoon

THE LAST TV TYCOON: Interview with Legendary director REZA BADIYI by Darius KADIVAR & Parisa DEFAIE


UNITED ARTISTS : Manoocher Vossough and Googoosh Re-United in London For The First Time in 30 Years

Very Much like another VOA Anchor who was a pioneer not only of VOA Persian but also on Iranian National TV:

NOSTALGIA: Khanoum Atefi, The Happy Prince, The Little Mermaid and Malek Khorshid 

Their children often speak persian or are culturally divided between East and West but still deeply concerned by the predicament of their fellow compatriots:

NEO CON WARMONGERS ? Tehrangeles Demo in Support of Iran's Greens

I bet this gentlemen who wishes to refuse other Iranian Americans or collegues (some of whom are or were proud to belong or support the Opposition Groups) to express themselves against the Regime of Tehran must be too difficult to digest :

PROUD TO BE IRANIAN AND A MONARCHIST: Fereydoun Farrokhzad Up Close and Personal (Mid 1980's) 

Sir Whether or Not YOU Like It, the Presence of Iranian Americans in the US is A Product of the Pahlavi Era:

NAMAK-NASHNAS NOT: Jamshid (Jimmy) Delshad Greets Shahbanou Farah

The Shah of Iran and President Kennedy:


and the Monarchy at large:

pictory: Mirza Gholikhan : Persian ambassador to Washington (1914)

And certainly Not due to the Islamic Republic except for it's disastrous policies that have turned Iran into an Arch Enemy of the United States which it never was prior to this wretched revolution which keeps giving us Iranian Americans a Bad name to this day:

HBO TV Drama: Mark Bowden’s "Guests of the Ayatollah" in Pre-Production

LIBERATION: New Movie about the Shah's last days (Trailer) 


Now This Fellow wants to give Lessons of Democracy and Objectivity to other Iranian Americans ?

If we were in the US as long as the above diasporas mentioned who have since lost touch with their roots after of over a century of presence and assimilation to our new host country that would be an entirely different matter.

But even then Italians, Greeks, spanish, mexicans british, Irish Americans all have no worries about their countries of origine givne that in most cases they are democratic today which is NOT AT ALL THE CASE for IRAN !

Even Cubans or Chinese are concerned about their original countries political situation.

I recalle American Tennis Player Chang who won Roland Garros back in 1989 and although born in the US and not even speaking Chinese was to dedicate his victory to the heroes of Place Tienanmen during the massacre that followed proving that even a Third Generation Chinese American felt it was his DUTY to express Solidarity with his fellow blood brothers and sisters back in China.

Michael Chang and The 1989 French Open and China's Place Tienanmen Tragedy :


So Truly Mr.Sajjadi You are a Shame to Our Community at Large if this is your stance !

I bet YOU are Behind the Eviction of the Likes of Mr. Ahmad Reza Baharloo who was greatly appreciated both by Iranian viewers back home and in Europe where he was even awarded as far as in Budapest Hungary:

WAALM Endorsement by Iranian Diaspora Artists and Media Journalists ( BBC, VOA, Radio Farda, Kayhan London) Worldwide

And other Fellow Journalists Awarded Here from a wide variety of media organizations often at odds with one another in terms of editorial policies and yet respecting one another mutually on professional grounds.

Sir I don't know if you realize your morally corrupt and hypocritical assessments ?

Iranians back home DO NOT HAVE YOUR LUXURY !

Something which even Foreign American journalists like Laura Secor, journalist with New Yorker, the New York Times, Rolling Stone acknowledges when she says that Iranians back home do wish to see America take a more firm stance towards the Iranian Regime and speak up in support for their fight for human rights and democracy.

Views from Iran

On a final note I wish they would take Your US passport away from you and send you where you belong: ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN !

Like That maybe YOU would Learn One or Two Things about how it feels to live in a country where there is a total lack of Democracy and Freedom of Speach and where YOUR FELLOW COLLEAGUES are Being Suppressed and imprisoned for merely trying to do their work ! 


IRI Embassy Paris: Journalists Without Borders (RSF) demo for Freedom of Press (Video)


DK an Iranian American BORN in the US and therefore according to my Constitutional Rights as an American Born Citizen is Even Elligible to Run for US Presidency by Right of Birth ( Which I doubt is Your Case Mr. Sajjadi ) If I wished too. Yet I Am First and Foremost an IRanian by Heart and Mind. I prefer to Run for Knighthood Instead ( Meeting Farah) for it's a question of LOYALTY a Word which I am afraid is inexistant in Your Vocabulary. LOL