UNITED ARTISTS : Manoocher Vossough and Googoosh Re-United in London For The First Time in 30 Years


UNITED ARTISTS : Manoocher Vossough and Googoosh Re-United in London For The First Time in 30 Years
by Darius Kadivar

Pahlavi Era Film Star Manoocher Vossough and Pop Diva Googoosh in London Re United Again For the first time in 30 Years. This reunion took place during Googoosh's recent sell-out London shows at Wembley Arena in March 2010. 

Manoocher Vossough Up Close and Personal Portrait on Bebin TV: 

Manoocher Vossough started his movie career when he was 22 years old, in the mid 60s. Between then and 1979, he starred in over 90 movies, including Kako, Tak-khal, Ba Ham Vali Tanha, Derakhtha Istade Mimirand, and Charkhe Bazigar. This was at a time when the Iranian film industry was at it's pioneering years. Manoocher Vossough starred with many of the leading female actresses of the era, including 11 films with Foroozan and 9 films with Poori Banaie. He starred in 2 films with Googoosh; one of those was called Asseman Bi Setareh in 1970 (pictured above). Manoocher Vossough, like many of his colleagues, was banned from ever appearing in front of a camera again by the  Islamic government of Iran in 1979, forcing him into very early retirement, at the age of 35. 

Googoosh Flashback-Bebin TV:

PAHLAVI GENERATION: Some of the most memorable hits composed and produced by Varojan for Dariush, Ebi, Googoosh-Bebin TV:

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by minadadvar on

Thanks.  I will try both.

Darius Kadivar

Mina Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

No I don't know Nazanin Jahanbani but maybe you may be able to find her whereabouts through facebook or through the Pahlavi Alumni if it exists somewhere.

Glad you enjoyed this post.

Warm Regards,



DK Jan

by minadadvar on

I really enjoyed your post.  Googosh is such a talent.

On a more personal note:  Do you know Nazanin Jahanbani?  Her father was General Jahanbani, whom I believe was executed after the revolution.  We were friends/classmates in Shiraz/Pahlavi University High School.  I know she was raised in France.

If you have any information about her and are comfortable sharing it with me please e-mail me. Thanks.



by Mahnaz55 on

Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaay che akshaye ziba va porr az maanie. Yade oon roozha bekheir.

Nice to see two of our dear artists together like this. Khobe ke ghadre hamme horanmandamoon ro ta hastan bedoonim.