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Iqbal Latif is a contributor on global issues. His primary interest is in treatment of 'minorities' in the Islamic world. He weaves a story in a manner that co-relates freedom of mind with prosperity of people. Freedom from orthodoxy and decadence is the goal of his writings. His slogan is Jean Jacques Rousseau quote 'Man is born free, and everywhere he is in shackles.' He thinks war on terror has led to 'containment of freedom to operate' for the terrorists to operate hence when there are no infidels to kill, they turn on each other no less bloodier.' Cogito ergo sum ''Je pense donc je suis" "I think, therefore I am"


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Ashraful Makhlookaat!!! Gods imperfect 'Prime Creation.' blogDec 04, 2012
Defining 'infinity' with our 'finite minds.' We live in-between two infinities!blogDec 03, 2012
Stop this strange 'scriptural Puritanism' of democratic Israel.blogDec 01, 2012
Hamas, Hezb and Iran are taking due note of 'Iron Dome' super success!blogNov 18, 2012
Yesterday it was the Bamiyan, today the Sphinx, Pyramids!blogNov 18, 2012
Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, "there is a connection between Hurricane Sandy & Global warming." However is there really one?blogNov 02, 2012
Iran Tribunal delivered its interim judgement: Islamic Republic of Iran committed crimes against humanity!!blogNov 01, 2012
'Rasputin' and the 'very many great men with 'Teeny Weenies!'blogOct 19, 2012
A future Laureate:Nima Arkani-Hamed must listen lecture October 26,Princeton, New Jersey.blogOct 15, 2012
Ike, well what can we do to optimise our brood brains? A question for me.blogOct 15, 2012
KISS: Keep it Simple Silly!!blogOct 13, 2012
Bullets in the head of Malala for pursuingblogOct 11, 2012
We have a lot of Khomeini's! But where are 'our' Newton's and Voltaire's?blogOct 10, 2012
All the President's MenblogOct 08, 2012
Congressman 'Paul Brown' you are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. Fc-king act like it.blogOct 07, 2012
90% Netanyahu Red Line - 101 for Dummies blogSep 28, 2012
Seizure of the Grand Mosque!blogSep 24, 2012
Obama intrinsic desire to make everyone happy makes no one happy! blogSep 23, 2012
Collective shameless tryst with the stone age of ignorance! Shitting on the fan!blogSep 21, 2012
Beyond politics: A memo on our 'Social Engineering.' blogSep 09, 2012
Inqilab -Islami that 'happily' devours its own children! blogAug 30, 2012
Saudis and Israelis both don't want Iran nuclear parity!blogAug 28, 2012
Why Israel and Iran should love each other? Lessons from history!blogAug 25, 2012
'God and Allah are one' when passion of humans are to be curtailed!blogAug 22, 2012
'Women Intellectual cleansing' - Mullahs scores an own goal and set a new low! blogAug 21, 2012
Pragmatism of Egypt -versus- Mediaevalism of Pakistani politicians!blogAug 08, 2012
Usain Bolt and Eric Moussambani: The story of the fastest and the slowest!blogAug 06, 2012
The kicking off the Games? "Some neck. Some chicken!"blogJul 28, 2012
O Sultan 'Assad!' Because I dare to approach your deaf walls, I was beaten with my shoes.blogJul 21, 2012
Biggest patent fraud! 'The Sumerians' is the 'Source Code' of all 'Religions''blogJul 20, 2012
"Let no one unversed in geometry enter here." Why I don't want to be a philosopher? blogJul 07, 2012
A fairy-tale of 'primates' two toys that shall destroy his Gods! blogJul 05, 2012
Will tomorrow CERN announcement will be a big 'discovery'?blogJul 03, 2012
Why the David-Against-Goliath story never goes out of a minds? Is Nadal loss biggest in tennis history?blogJun 29, 2012
Why Turks/Pakistanis/Malaysians are anti-American; and Saudis/Iranians are not?blogJun 26, 2012
'Mortality' is the story of death and living! blogJun 18, 2012
Two Down and One to Go - Prince Salman will be the last of Sudairi Seven!blogJun 18, 2012
'Universe' exists only for those who think and acclimatize! blogFeb 22, 2012
Who is going to nail ‘95 Theses’ on Alazhar or or Qum? blogFeb 10, 2012
Nothing really changes in the mindset of self destructing peopleblogFeb 08, 2012
Freedom and progress is born from the womb of 'science' not 'dogma'blogFeb 06, 2012
"Infidel vaccine and Polio Martyr'' - The Evil That Men DoblogJan 19, 2012
How valid is Muslim Brotherhood's vision of 'Mastership of World'?blogJan 13, 2012
Pornistan - A Brief History of Sex blogJan 12, 2012
Iranian regime's “doomsday option” is stupidity of highest order!blogJan 08, 2012
Can you have judgment if you have no faith?blogJan 07, 2012
Kim Jong-Un's North Korea - Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!blogDec 19, 2011
Akhoonds and Ikhwans please: Your 'heretics' are our 'heroes.' blogDec 16, 2011
Iranian contributions to civilization of man!blogDec 12, 2011
Some "Godly" and other "not-so-godly" thoughts…blogDec 11, 2011
Ashoura-The champions of self-flagellation!blogDec 07, 2011
Basij came across "most secret" British documentsblogDec 06, 2011
World grapples with mankind's last frontier of medievalism!blogDec 05, 2011
Rape victim: Story of Gulnaz and her pardonblogDec 02, 2011
Whitewash of a mini-genocide!blogNov 29, 2011
Wonders of the World: Ironically the legacy of despotic emperorsblogNov 28, 2011
Saif Gaddafi and Ali Baba - From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step.blogNov 25, 2011
Why Zuccotti Park protestors are missing the Joie de Vivre i.e. "joy of living." blogNov 19, 2011
No one really knows if 'Euro' is really 'in or out?'blogNov 17, 2011
Lessons from 'The School of Athens!' that Qom and Al-Azhar need to learnblogNov 14, 2011
One rotten apple destroys the whole basket!blogNov 03, 2011
TED in Baghdad! Hopefully Tehran, Cairo, Tripoli and Damascus nextblogNov 02, 2011
Stoning a person to death is not illegal. Using wrong stone is.blogOct 31, 2011
A 'defaced wealthy people' who revolted against Gaddafi's Paradise!blogOct 30, 2011
Was the Golden Age of Islam a reality or a Myth? blogOct 29, 2011
What is actually wrong?articleOct 24, 2011
Fareed Zakaria on Tehran and the novel 'Rooftops of Tehran'blogOct 22, 2011
The last moments of Gaddafi! Karma is a bitch.blogOct 20, 2011
"Power IS Knowledge" - The buck stops here!blogOct 20, 2011
Hamas 'Pyrrhic victors' will do well to read Pinkers "The Better Angels of Our Nature.''blogOct 13, 2011
'Be the first penguin' and 'get into the wheel burrow!' RIP Steve JobblogOct 06, 2011
Romans forced Christianity on EuropeblogOct 05, 2011
Complaint filed against Ahmadinejad over embezzlementnewsOct 04, 2011
The pied piper of the lost generation of Islam 'Al-Awlaki 'killed !blogSep 30, 2011
The pot and the kettleblogSep 28, 2011
Ahmadinejad comes to NY without his Djinns! blogSep 21, 2011
Reality of our 14 billion years old 'immaculate conception!' blogSep 19, 2011
'Democratic Islamic Republic is a biggest lie' - Democracy is democracy! blogSep 16, 2011
A revisit to my old pre-post 911 writings! Lessons from 'Baluchistan to Harvard.' blogSep 10, 2011
On the 'Purposelessness of Gold' and the 'Will of Allah!''blogSep 09, 2011
TRUE or FALSE: Will the US dollar collapse?blogSep 07, 2011
''Here is the truth- actual heroism receives no ovation!''blogSep 02, 2011
In between Saudi and Iran the new moon got lost!blogAug 30, 2011
We 'the 7 billion hypochondriacs' bunched together!!blogAug 28, 2011
Earthquakes are 'Boobquakes' - Hojjat ol-eslam Sediqi or God's revenge on people "who act kind of gay."- Reverend Pat RobertsonblogAug 23, 2011
Riots - The 'Weakest Link' snapped!blogAug 18, 2011
The Man with the Chocolate Robes! blogAug 14, 2011
Iran 300 'Socrates' who were 'Mofsed fel-Arz'! blogAug 12, 2011
US downgrade and S.&P. $2 trillion mistake!blogAug 07, 2011
Don't Do What We DidarticleAug 02, 2011
Cultish KhomeinismarticleJul 13, 2011