'Rasputin' and the 'very many great men with 'Teeny Weenies!'


'Rasputin' and the 'very many great men with 'Teeny Weenies!'
by Iqbal Latif

I am fed up with 'politics' and 'Theory of Relativity,' I thought to deal for a change from 'sublime to ridiculous. ' I thought it would be nice to talk about the 'Small Penis Contest In Denmark ' which according to Sex Experts is 'A Big Deal.'

The history of sex is my best read and most popular article. I am very grateful for all this attention.

It's the little things that matter. At least that's the case in a Denmark-based competition that is offering an iPhone to the man with the smallest penis. The contest is sponsored by erotica website Singlesex.dk, and site owner Morten Fabricius admits the idea is "weird and funny and almost too much.” “It’s a competition which is at the core of manhood, the most important thing for a man," he said, according to RawStory.com. "There are so many unhappy men out there, who think you have to have a giant penis, but it’s not normal to have a huge one.” Contestants are asked to send a photo to the website of their erect sex organ with measuring tape next to it. The man with the smallest penis will win an iPhone, as will another fellow who will be chosen by the site's female, er, members. Guys who come in second and third place will get an iPad.

Size of Penis has become synonymous with power and enormity of masculinity. Though size has nothing to do with it. Eyes light up like an owl when the topic of sex comes in yet no one really wants to talk about it. The subject remains hidden within our private self, the 'thought' trapped like a volcano oozing to burst. The need is to pamper 'inspiration' into tutoring and familiarity with nuances of sex as an essential study. Unwavering sex drains stresses according to recent studies; wherever sex is taken as a taboo, we find that society devoid of free spirit and thoughts. I believe Henry Kissinger strongly held view that power in men acts as an aphrodisiac on women. Size does not matter it is the quality.By Small Penis association standards, a man has been cursed if his part virile measures three or fewer inches in length and fewer than one and a half inches in circumference (breadth). Small Penis Effects are immense like psychological and sociological studies of penis size show that MwSP tend to be introverted, shy, socially withdrawn, and have low self-esteem. But honestly Men with Small Penise's should not worry too much.

Sex educator Jamye Waxman believes that it's good to get small penises out in the open."The average penis is 5.5 inches and all of the guys who are below average will see that they're not alone," she told The Huffington Post. "It's a good opportunity for guys to accept what they've got." Sam Phillips, a former Penthouse Pet who now hosts "The Single Life," a radio show on Sirius XM, believes the contest will not only benefit guys with cocktail-weenie-sized penises, but also women like her. "I personally prefer smaller penises," she told HuffPost. "I like the penis to hit my G-spot, not my cervix. These guys should be celebrated, not castrated."

Let's start with the Royalty first. Last Russian Tsars loved Rasputin, on a 0-10 scale one end of the scale at 10 is Rasputin's and the other end at 2 is Napoleon. Rasputin was very well endowed but was not an good-looking man by contemporary standards, he exhibited a eccentric attraction and personality that women found tempting. According to reports when Rasputin's murderers killed they also castrated him, but this is purely false.

The bureaucratic autopsy report claimed that his genitalia were left undamaged. Rumours persist that a maid discovered the severed organ at Rasputin’s murder site, she had custody of it until it was sold in the 1920s to Russian expatriates in Paris. The women worshiped the member as a productiveness allure, storing it inside a timber chest. Rasputin's daughter, Marie, demanded that the thing be returned to her. She maintained custody of the entity until her death in 1977.

Napoleon, the Little General, apparently the genius general of France's penis was sliced off and, like the rest of him, it was small. King Farouk of Egypt mistress novelist Barbara Skelton, who looked like Katharine Hepburn had an affair with him described Farouk as a good kisser, but a bad lover. After spanking her, Farouk would “lie on his back like a beached whale”, and, when she got on top of him, it was usually quickly over. “His penis was tiny, and he adored having it sucked,” she added, “He was the King. He expected service.”

In modern times Mick Jagger is reportedly not the only guy in Hollywood with a "tiny dodger." When Kutcher started dating Demi Moore, his ex, Brittany Murphy speculated, "To him, age doesn't matter, and to her, size doesn't matter." Could the suave and sexy James Bond be, God forbid, small? Maybe. Daniel Craig used penis doubles for his sex scenes in Casino Royale. Something to hide, Mr. Craig?

Brad Pitt BFF, George Clooney, once slapped a "Small Penis Onboard" sticker onto the side of Brad's car, but they both were probably just joking, right? Right?!?!? On his manhood, Farrell has said: "Let me tell you, it ain't nothing to f*cking write home about!" The paparazzi caught the English bloke changing into his swimsuit in France, and said of his junk: "He's no Tommy Lee, that's for sure." And this is why you should always strip down in private.

Shia LaBeouf He told Playboy the first time he slept with a girl, he put a pillow underneath her to help things go, uh, a little smoother. Didn't work. "I'm not extremely well-endowed, and clearly this wasn't the move," LaBeouf recalls.

Sex is the most delicate nonetheless perceptive mania of man. Forthright conversation on this subject is infrequent. The shortage of provisions may create a lot of anxiety, eco debates lead to far higher nervousness, yet the real pickle that raises 'a lot more' is hardly ever candidly discussed. The subject like these has to be treated guardedly. It has been hammered in our minds that any mention of sex has to be classified and delicate. An unwrapped, mentally clogged and constipated person is absurd. Such traditional self-imposed restrictions are mind boggling. Human sexual heritage and strategic is a classic chronicle, we should take pride in whosoever we are. Let's not frown at our size, predictability and triviality. Relax and Just do it!


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