For Mona

by Roozbeh_Gilani

I had no idea who Mona was, until I was out of Iran, in England , as a student in late 1980’s. I heard about her from a Baha'i classmate, whom I met only because I was offered to share a room with him at university dorms (or “halls of reseidence” as they call them over there). I was very reluctant to share a room with him once I learnt he was a Baha'i, but that is another story for another time perhaps.. Suffice to say, I only agreed to share the room with him because renting a room outside college dorms in Central London would have been a very expensive proposition, even during late 1980’s.

Well, I never became a Baha'i. In fact I became an athiest, but that's another story..... But my attitude towards baha'i folks changed forever.

For now, I’d just like to share this video clip Of Mona with you, which explains to some degree my later change of attitude towards our Baha'i compatriots.


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Thanks AO jan for the kind words about me..

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The rest of your comment is very right.

I'll be probably visiting this site less, as I am beginingg to practice for the next triathelon event due late spring, and things are getting much busier at work.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

RG the great!

by Anonymous Observer on

I was taking a sabbatical from IC when you posted this blog, and I've been meaning to thank you for posting it ever since I cam back on, but I keep forgetting.  Thanks man for this great piece of work and for the reminder of IR's atrocities and crimes against humanity.  

While everyone talks about the IR as being a terrorist regime (which it is), everyone always neglects to mention that Iranians have been the biggest victims of IR's terror.  

And in terms of the Baha'is, as you know I'm an atheist, and consider the all religions, be it Baha'i, Islam, Christianity or Judaism to be utter man made fairytales.  But I'm also a humanist and a firm believer in freedom of thought and freedom of religion. For those reasons, I believe that persecution, discrimination of any group of people based on their religious beliefs is a crime against humanity--but then again, the IR has been in the business of committing crimes against humanity for the past 33 years.  

Thanks again for the blog! 


Moemoor's questions.

by Shirzadegan on

 "what makes me a mamor of IRI? "

your repeatition of whatever mullahs claim makes you Maemoor of criminal Islamic gang who occupied Iran for last 33 years. For example, Mullahs claims Jews or Bahaii is Iran's enemy. Once that claim repeated by some one like, that person is maemoor of mullah's on this site. All we know mullahs are number one enemy of Iranian people. They fight with our culture and national holidays such as Norooz, charharshanbeh suri since they took power. They have hate against our rich history and try to substitute arabic calender for our great Persian civilalization. Everybody knows that. I am surprise you don't know it. So mullahs are number one Iran's enemy, not Bahaii or Jews.

Now, let's see why you repeat whatever mullah claims.

    you don't repeart their claim because you like mullah's body odor. We all know that mullahs are stink. They smell like a camel dirt.

   Or you don't repeat Mullah's claim becuse those monsters industrialized, progressed or modernized Iran. or because of mullahs Iran became so progressive or sofisticated.  We all know that they brought Iran misery, prostitution under the name of sigheh, drug addiction. .Unlike shah who brought "dignity" and "respect" for Iranians among International community,mullahs made Iranians look like a "Terrorist" among international community. The international community look at Iranians these days like a "gang" like homeless Palestinians.

   So what is the reason behind repeatition of mullahs claims?

 What common sense is telling us.? There is only one reason. it is finiancial reason.

   My father used to tell me : Ali is right, but the rice of Moeveeyeh is more delicious. (Haq ba ali ast, vali bereng e moeveyeh charb tareh). That is the only rational reason. Even the high school kid could figure it out. No need to be Einstein to know about this simple fact.

"I will cut my ties with Mullahs(what ties are they?) as soon as u start being a ' decent; iranian and not cooperating with Iran's enemy in haifa israel." Maemoor 

There is mistake in about statement. Correct version of above statement is as follow:

"I will cut my ties with Mullahs(what ties are they?) as soon as u start being a ' decent; iranian and not cooperating with Mullah's enemy in haifa israel."

I don't know if it is honest mistake or smart, deliberate mistake. Iran is different with mullah. Soon mullahs are going to get overthrown and will be sent to garbage of history, but Iran remains as strong as ever. Guess what country is helping Iranians to get rid of mullahs.?  Yes, your guess is right. That would be Israel. Israel is the most allien of Iranian people in this historical junction. Mullahs know it and that is the reason propaganda aggainst Israel is getting more and more these days.

    Once our king Koroush kabir help the jews over 2000 years ago. Now is it their turn to return the favor and support Iranian people against tyranny of Islamic thugs who tortured, imprisoned, raped and massacred our people for last 33 years. Iranians are those 3 million people who came on streets of Tehran in June 2009. Similar population came in other cities as well. They were brutally bashed, cracked down by mullahs. I am surprised you didn't watch their videos. They are still alive. They are not dead. They are waiting for an opportunity to come out and overthrown mullahs. I am one of those 3 million. I am trying to help you to join us.

       Take a side with your people, NOT with mullahs.   



by مآمور on

what makes me a mamor of IRI? a bahai that travells to haifa and receive financial help as well as other kind of help!! being a foreign mamor is much worse, i mean much worse, than being mamor for your country of birth!!!

I will cut my ties with Mullahs(what ties are they?) as soon as u start being a ' decent; iranian and not cooperating with Iran's enemy in haifa israel.


here is my firend who was in prison in Irag as a prisoner of the war!!

I wear an Omega watch


Mona, An angel indeed !

by Shemirani on

Thanks for sharing Mona's story, Its so sad and painful ! i heard about her before but seeing her beautiful smile is heartbreaking ! She was my compatriot as Neda Soltani was my compatriot, and It could be your daughter, your niece or anyone of us , murdered by Fanatical !!!

 Bahai's persecution is a Shame in Iran history maybe the biggest one and it's not over yet :( . I wonder how come an iranian can kill another iranian just because religious aspiration, doesn't make any sense ?!! How Barbarian we became , when this fanaticism will end ?!!!! Noone should be murdered because of his faith ( or opinion) ! It's so Outrageous !!!




A reminder for Maemoor

by Shirzadegan on

"I mnt sure what u mean by decent!! but I can also try to convert into bahaissim, if that makes u happier!!!" maemoor

Please DON'T play the card of Bahaii, jews with me. It won't fly dear. Decent means : Cutting your ties with Islamic Republic of Iran means NOT talking out of mullah's mouth and repeating here whatever they are propagating.


Now,  Let's make it straight. This is what you said on july 26,2012


 من خانم ستوده یا کاظمی به طورشخصی نمیشناسم  ولی یک بنده خدای هست که از درد زمانه مشاعیرش را از دست داده و گوشه نشین اتاق شده است!! از دوستان بچگی من هست! اجازه بدهید از او بگویم!! مثل ۲  خانم نام برده معروف

یست ولی انسان است، در رنج زندگی میکند

عرض کردم دوست دوران بچگی است و بله میتوان گفت مسبب زجر کشیدن او همین رژیم ایران و عده ای دیگر هستند!!

Where is the blog you supposed to write about this childhood friend who has been tortured by Islamic Regime?



Hoseleh dary Mamoor jan ... veleshoon kon

by MaryamJoon on

Ta 100 sal e dige hamin chert o pero ha ro migan.


I m afraid u misunderstood

by مآمور on

Tagaya is for the specific time and to conceal your religion, it has roots back in early years of Islam in the city of Mecca!!

I mnt sure what u mean by decent!! but I can also try to convert into bahaissim, if that makes u happier!!!

on the other hand, u must be right, I m having dementia here!!

what guy!!what prison!!


I wear an Omega watch


This is not lie, it is called "Taqiyya"

by Shirzadegan on

"I dont want to lie, there is nothing wrong with my health" Maemoor

It is not lie, it is called "Taqiyya" and it has been widely accepted and practiced by Shia Muslims, NOT sunni.

I am happy that you are trying hard to improve yourself to be a decent person. With help of people like you, I am sure, we will overthrown these Islamic monsters from Iran. Stinky ruling mullahs are like cancerous tumor that need to be removed from Iran. First comes first. After you disconnect your ties with those Islamic murders it will be the time for writing that blog that you promised to write about a guy who were tortured in Iran's prison and you know him. Looking forward to read about that poor man.  



And the persecution of our Baha'i compatriots is continuing

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Latest one:

Miss Noura Nabilzaadeh, a 23 year old Baha'i from the city of Mashahd was arrested while playing music to children at a local orphanage and sentenced to 5 years.


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Siavash jan

by مآمور on

I dont want to lie, there is nothing wrong with my health. I dont even have extra weights!

I was thinking more in line with telling mullahs off!! what about writing to them and tell them they, mullahs, should leave people alone and get hospitalized in a psycho ward to be checked out!!??

you, mullahs and for that matter anybody interested can take the paragraph above as a letter to ruling mullahs in Iran!!


I wear an Omega watch


The letter

by Shirzadegan on

First of all, please notice that I signed my name as Siavash, so you can refer to me by my first name, not user name which is fictious. Now, below is what you have to write to those monsters who occupied Iran for last 33 years and suck the blood of our nation.

       In the name of God, mercyful and most beneficial

My name is (your real name). I have been cyber agent of Islamic republic for last (whatever the begining of the enrollment is).  Recently, I am experiencing deterioration in my health and physical condition, thereofore, I am not able to function in daily life. Sometimes, I forget things that is very important. As a result, I am not able to perform the job as I used to do.  I humbly request to resign from my position (whatever the position is) and I hereby request termination of my holy duty to Islamic Republic of Iran. I enjoyed working with all muslim shia brothers for several years and sure I will miss you all.

Your prompt attention for immediate termination will be highly appreciated.

With warmest revolutionary greetings,


This way you will be on the side of your people. Iran's history will judge you as a "decent person" with "good moral".

   I am sure you can find a good job through Iranian businesses in Canada, especially if you explain for them that you wanted to live in a decent way or explain for them that you cut your ties with Islamic thugs in Tehran.

Best wishes,



Maryamjoon: Why all this burning hatred and anger?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I feel very sorry for you. I really mean it.  

Instead of hurling all this profanity, lies and distortion of the facts about Baha'is, why dont you go back to school, get a high school diploma and a Job? Maybe even a wife/husband...whatever. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


The hate-monger is getting even more desperate

by Reality-Bites on

MaryamJoon continues to spam his own drivel, some already posted on IC numerous times by himself and one (the last link) even bears one of his pervious usernames on IC, "Wahid Azal", and then laughably claims they are the result of a "quick google search". :)

Pathetic and sad don't even begin to describe this individual's obsessive hatred of the Bahai community and the desperate need for validation by anyone who gives his ramblings the slightest acknowledgement.

If he had even the tiniest amount of human decency he would get off this blog, which is about the wonton murder of a 16 year old girl alongside 14 Bahai fellow women by the Islamic Republic's murderers, and take his hateful rants elsewhere.

But it's long been clear that he doesn't and he won't.

Mardom Mazloom

.... پشت ِ وبلاگ همه او می جَست

Mardom Mazloom


Abuse of Bahai's in Egypt

by Onlyiran on

Something that will make Wahid jump for joy: 


Note that the same allegations that are thrown at Iranian Bahai's by this character is thrown at the Egyptian Baha'is, i.e., they are not "real" Egyptians and that they are a threat to Egypt's national security. 


Friends: profanity and personal insults by Demo aka مآمور


in this blog Should be ignored yet understood. These are tactics used to de rail the blog.

Both user ID's belong to a known cyber agent of Islamic regime of Iran with many other user ID's on this site. Islamist regime  was responsible for murder of brave Mona and 9 other baha'i ladies in Shiraz and thousands of other Murders, Rapes, and other crimes committed upon our baha'i compatriots. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


That's your evidence?

by Reality-Bites on

A clip of a disgruntled Bahai or ex-Bahai throwing around accusations, which you keep posting so often as if your life depends on it?  

So if I put together a brief video clip in which I claim alien lizards, under fake human form, are taking over the earth and post it online, you will automatically accept it as irrefutable evidence that this must be the case?

Boro jamesh kon dadash.


False narratives can't conceal the truth of what the video says

by MaryamJoon on

My dear Reality-Bites: Dare I say, reality does bite when you watch this video and realize that it is BAHAIS who accuse BAHAIS of working for Israel against Iran.  Is that me in the video?  No.   So, I'm not 'inferring' anything.  I'm listening to the man in the video, and so should every Iranian and then they can make up their own minds.  But you knew all of this.  

Cost-of-Progress hijacked

by Cost-of-Progress on

by the allianace of reesh-o-pashm and in the case of this "maryam" character (also called wahid, noor, etc., etc..), a hate monegring nutjob.

You people need to find something else to do as you got way too much time on your hand. I suggest or better yet, explore the listings on



by Jackson on

JJ himself once told him (after blocking a series of his then user id's) to take his hate against Baha'is somewhere else

jj should take his hate of iran and the iranian people, and his whoring for israel and bahais, somewhere else and quit calling this site

the whole world knows jj is an anti-iranian hate-monger in the pay of zionists and that the number of actual iranians posting on this site can be counted on one hand since the rest of you are israelis


Yet another blog poisoned by this individual's hate

by Reality-Bites on

Since his latest return to IC, pretending to be a woman no less, he has:

- inferred Bahais approve of child molestation,

- accused Bahais of working for the state of Israel against Iran,

- stated that the Islamic Republic's treatment of Bahais, if anything, has been "lenient'' (country wide and official discrimination, denial of education, confiscation and destruction of livelihood, intimidation, beatings, imprisonment, torture, murder and execution are now hallmarks of "leniency"),

- claimed that (those bastions of democracy and human rights) Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan have cracked down on the Bahais,

- claimed that India has cracked down on the Bahais too,

- claimed that Bahais are complicit in taking over Palestinian lands,

- continually keeps claiming that Bahai leader are millionaires (has not provided any evidence for this at all, but even if true, so what? Is being a millionaire crime now?),

- goes on about most Bahais being non-Iranians as if this is something shameful (most Muslims are non-Iranian too, but somehow this doesn't seem to bother MaraymJoon).

The above is just some of the anti-Bahai stuff he has written that I can recall off the top of my head. He has written, or more accurately made up, many more anti-Bahai drivel in his typically selective and edited manner to cast aspersions on Bahais. But here is the thing, he never provides any evidence to back up his offensive tripe.

For example, what evidence does he have to prove Bahais work for Israel against Iran? What's the evidence that India has cracked down on Bahais and for what exactly? What's his evidence that the Bahais leaders are millionaires or that they wear versace suits (yes, that's how ridiculous this pitiful person is getting....., friggin "versace suits, as if he knows their tailors)?

And when challenged on his comments, not only does he evade questions, but he plays the victim. The master slanderer complains that he is being insulted for only asking questions.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, our fellow IC member MaraymJoon, who's been on this website less than 3 weeks (under his latest username anyway) and yet has already racked up hundreds of comments/blogs, most of them anti-Bahai, is only "asking questions".

This individual is nothing but a straight forward hate-monger, who spends 24/7 of his time to spread his poison and win validation for his obsessive anti-Bahai bigotry.


عزیز شیر


شما متن نامه را تهیه کن من امضا میکنم!! اگر فقط راجعب ملایان چی و چیه باشد امضاء میکنم!! 
خلاصه اگر وقت داری لطف کن متن آن را بنویس!! اصلأ چرا بلاگش نمیکنی!!؟؟ شاید به یک توافق سیاسی رسیدیم!

I wear an Omega watch


Mr. Independent observer, did you write the letter I told you.

by Shirzadegan on

That was friendly advise to you to write a letter to stinky ruling mullahs in Tehran and tell them you're no longer willing to cooperate with them due to some medical reason. I haven't heard about the letter I suggested.

By reading the last comment, seems the none sense still going on on behalf of stinky mullahs. The none senses such as Mosaud, Zionist, jews, bahai etc.

I said previously and I repeat it again, let's Iran history judge you as a "Good person" with "good moral". There are so many Iranian businesses in Canada who can help you find a job. I am still thinking how possibly any decent person with clear conscious can enjoy the mullah's money. That is not clean money. it is "Blood money" of our dear Neda, our dear brother Sohrab, and Mona ..... How is possible to enjoy that money?

   Money doesn't make a living, decency makes a living. Look at this video so many times. It brings tears to the eyes. There are so many jobs in Canada you can work. Unlike what you were thinking,  there are so many Iranians who will scratch your back. If I can be any help in writing the letter,please let me know.




that is it, she knows it all

by مآمور on

Maryamjoon has obsession with top 9 Mosaud agents, not the whole bahai community!!

As an independent observer, Maryam is an ex-bahai!! I know another one . A man, a honorable man, he had to divorce his wife. That divorce made him change a 2 generations old faith of bahai and convert back into Islam

He is a friend of mine and I m going ask him if he lets me tell his story here.

His anger toward the people and the faith with which he was born was so immense that he did not want us (his friends) to talk about bahais whatsoever!!

I wear an Omega watch


This one brought tears to me, it's so sad the darkness

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

that has befallen Iranians, Bahaii's and also Muslims trying to stand up to the Satan Mullahs in Power.

The future that she could have looked forward to had the late shah not been killed, had the king not being betrayed.  Forgive Mullah supporters for not having a brain of their own.  They are tools in the hands of their dictator, who controls their views.  The same as other extremists, who only order and never listen like commies to fascists.  That mullahs fans call others liars and traitors is a refelction of themselves towards Iran, this is what most iranians see of the Mullahs not defenders of iran, but traitors and Liars.  As for Bahaii's they will enjoy far greater growth in the Iran of the Future than muslims as the conversions will be going away from muslims and towards agnosticism and the remainder towards the Bahaii faith.


Cry for attention

by Onlyiran on

that's what this guy is all about.  Reality-Bites put it very eloquently on another thread where she/he said that this character tries to validate his hate by seeking attention and comments on his blog.  Just see how he advertises his posts on every thread, and how he created multiple user id's to comment on his blogs, and how he even posts multiple comments on the blog just so that he can get them on the "most viewed" list.  

Again, the question is why he is allowed to turn IC into this mess every couple of months when JJ himself once told him (after blocking a series of his then user id's) to take his hate against Baha'is somewhere else? 



Do me a favor and write ...

by MaryamJoon on

... to the Admin, and ask whether I am aware of this, and see if they share any facts with you about that.  You may be surprised. Or maybe not.

You wrote your message to yourself, right?  Please tell me you did.   

Perhaps a point of interest for those who don't fear truth and seek to verify it where they can. 


A Word of Caution about Hate Speech

by Faramarz on



People who engage in hate speech, like the guy behind the recent Muhammad movie may not realize it, but their identities are known to the law enforcement agencies and their activities are monitored.

Federal Government’s CALEA service (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) mandates that ISP's and other communications service providers assist in wiretap and surveillance support to law enforcement agencies.

The law requires sufficient information about the suspect's activities to get a warrant from a judge and in some cases the law enforcement agency can conduct surveillance without a warrant as long as it follows up with a request to the Court within 72 hours.

Now, if the suspect is engaged in this type of activity from a location with a fixed IP address (like a home or an office), he can be discovered very quickly.  But if he is using a public network (like in an internet cafe), where his IP address is randomly generated from a short list, his location will be known quickly but his identity could be known when a law enforcement agent pays a visit there while he is on the internet. In either case, it is not difficult to identify the suspect.

The only relatively "safe" places for suspects are internet cafes in countries like Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia. But there you have to deal with physical surveillance and other types of police action .

In any case, hate speech is not a good thing and will get you in trouble faster than you think.