For Mona

by Roozbeh_Gilani

I had no idea who Mona was, until I was out of Iran, in England , as a student in late 1980’s. I heard about her from a Baha'i classmate, whom I met only because I was offered to share a room with him at university dorms (or “halls of reseidence” as they call them over there). I was very reluctant to share a room with him once I learnt he was a Baha'i, but that is another story for another time perhaps.. Suffice to say, I only agreed to share the room with him because renting a room outside college dorms in Central London would have been a very expensive proposition, even during late 1980’s.

Well, I never became a Baha'i. In fact I became an athiest, but that's another story..... But my attitude towards baha'i folks changed forever.

For now, I’d just like to share this video clip Of Mona with you, which explains to some degree my later change of attitude towards our Baha'i compatriots.


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I remember similar

by vildemose on

I remember similar stories...we had a Bahia neighbor in our street. One day, they brought out some food in a bowl...My mother graciously accepted the food with all kinds of ghorbane shoma, lotf kardid...etc... I remmber I was about 7 or 8 years old and very shekamoo...As soon as I reached to taste the food, my mother screamed at me like there I had committed the biggest offense...I asked her why I am not allowed to eat the food and she explained  because they are bahai and their food was najes (filthy)...and proceeded to throw away the food in the trash can..I was shocked and puzzeled by her behvior to say the least because she often regarded the lady (our neighbor who cooked the food) as her best friend...

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