For Mona

by Roozbeh_Gilani

I had no idea who Mona was, until I was out of Iran, in England , as a student in late 1980’s. I heard about her from a Baha'i classmate, whom I met only because I was offered to share a room with him at university dorms (or “halls of reseidence” as they call them over there). I was very reluctant to share a room with him once I learnt he was a Baha'i, but that is another story for another time perhaps.. Suffice to say, I only agreed to share the room with him because renting a room outside college dorms in Central London would have been a very expensive proposition, even during late 1980’s.

Well, I never became a Baha'i. In fact I became an athiest, but that's another story..... But my attitude towards baha'i folks changed forever.

For now, I’d just like to share this video clip Of Mona with you, which explains to some degree my later change of attitude towards our Baha'i compatriots.


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Mona 19

Demo, treat others as you want to be treated !

by Mona 19 on

No matther how much you read & recite Holy Quran, you won't learn to  practice compassion, tolerance , kindness, respect ,...

At the end of the day you're just an angry & bitter person

You've visited this blog just to insult the blogger !!! Because he wrote about a 17 yrs old Baha'i girl who was executed by IRI. He has my respect because when most Iranian are not even comfortable to say the word Baha'i every time they're talking to me instead they're saying hamkeeshan e shoma.

Mr. Gilani & other bloggers in this tread have my utmost respect for  sharing their experiences & left their thoughtful comments. It doesnt really matter if they agree with my religious belief or not. I do appreciate their thoughtfulness.

And as far as you, I hope you find peace in your heart & mind 




Minority rights are non negotiable.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Dear Friends, Thanks for such warm comments.

So why this support for Baha'i folks from a godless person like me you might ask?

In my view, post Fascist islamist regime, we should set our minimum  expectations for a system of government which respects and actively protects minority rights for all iranian. regardless of Race, gender, religion or political persuation.

Why you might ask. The answer, in my opinion is, based on past experience, any ideology or system of government which is prepared to trample upon the rights of a minority group, will for sure, in due course crush and suppress the Majority. This has happened over and over again. from Nazi Germany, to Islamist republic of Iran, to the nightmare of the Khmre rouge of Cambodia.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


The Mean Kitty Cat

by Demo on

Thanks for the posted song, Kitty! Here is in exchange:


Read the blogger's hateful comment below & then figure out who the real 'Demon' is around here! Please, let him know that 'Demo' has only one & only one ID on IC. But the Demons have no brains to realize such!

Keep on meowing! 


"فروش حیثیت و شرف"!!!


تا سه‌ نشه بازی نشه!

مزدور سازمان اطلاعات جمهوری اسلامی: با دو اسم قلابیت آمدی، دهان دریدگی کردی،  جوابت ندادم. با اسم سوم قلابیت آمدی، که نشون میده لازم به جوابی‌!

ای مزدور وطن فروش فراری سازمان وزارت اطلاعات که از افشای جنایات اربابانت پوزه دروغگو و ننگینت از عصبانیت کف کرده! تو اگر حتا معنی‌ لغات "شرف" و "حیثیت" را میدانستی، ناموس خود را نمیفروختی برای یک ساعت قلابی برای پوز دادن به این و آن!


You've got to change your evil ways, Demon!

by Faramarz on



This can't go on, Lord knows you got to change, Demon!



  But Dont you folks

by vildemose on


But Dont you folks think that this site should be now re named ""?

Almost 90% of blogs are dedicated to attacking bahais or jews and praising the scums of IRI.

What does this site is trying to prove to its readership??

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


cha-ching ... The cash register of God

by MaryamJoon on

This quoted from the video: 

MONA: "Mom, if I knew that for every year I stayed in prison, 1 person would become Bahai, I would spend 100,000 years in prison."  

Oh that's rich: It sounds like an advertisement for hamburgers.  

I'm sure the 9-Bahai-Millionaire-Leaders are praying for a few more 'Monas'  

 God Business is big business: Bahai Leaders confirm not caring about Followers


مرسی از می سی



مرسی از کمپانی سرخ ستاره آمریکایی می سی از جهت فروش حیثیت و شرف گیلانیهای شریف و آزاده ایران در ازای دریافت تعدادی ناچیز از بَه بَه و چَه چَه از بهاییان و رضا پرستان و غرب پرستان بی وطن و بی سر و سامان. 


The CaspianTiger is officially an extinct species

by MaryamJoon on


touching story

by minadadvar on

Very painful, yet touching; thanks. 


روزبه عزیز و دوستان ارزشمند


Your honesty and compassion for your fellow human-beings mean more to me than your belief in God or a religion. I hope that someday people such as yourselves will be able to create a just government in Iran where people of all religions and political persuasions will be free from persecution.


RG jaan, nice blog

by Reality-Bites on

When I grew up in Iran I was friends with a boy from a Bahai family neighbours of ours for some years. I was aware of the snide remarks he and his family used to endure for their faith from time to time. But my friend wouldn't talk much about his family's faith at all and we kind of pretended there were no issues in that regard. It was only when I grew older that I found out his family and relatives suffered serious persecution under the IR. I lost touch after I left Iran and have no idea what happened to him and his family.

Over the past 33 years under the rule of the IR, despite their sustained persecution by the regime, Bahais have not murdered anyone, they have not committed violence against anyone, they haven't planted bombs anywhere, they have not attacked anyone and they have not collaborated with any terrorist groups against the state. Yet all I hear from some people is what a dangerous cult the Bahais supposedly are.

Now, maybe Bahais are a foreign created cult, and as a non-religious person (I still can't make up my mind if there is even God up there, never mind believe in any religion), I don't know and I don't much care either way. But if they are, the Bahais must surely be disappointed that their foreign creators/backers haven't lifted a finger to stop their persecution in Iran.

Bahais are not the only people that have been persecuted by the IR. Millions of other Iranians have too. However, the difference that I perceive is that, while we, rightly, have deep concern and empathy for the welfare of our fellow Iranians, we (or at least some of us) think Bahais had it coming and deserve every mistreatment inflicted on them. I find that deplorable.


No, thank you

by مآمور on

I wear an Omega watch


Thanks all the friends for commenting.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Dear friends, Shahrvand2, Ruhi, Mehrban, Mona19, Stavakoli, Faramarz, Shazdeh, Zendanian. Your comments are most appreciated.

Special thanks to First Ammendment for commenting twice, on behalf of Hojjatieh Society. Unfortunately neither of your comments made the slightest sense! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


با بهایها رفته بودیم فوتبال بازی کنیم


گیلانی جان ببخشید دیر شد! میدونم منتظر من بودی! حالا که دیر کردم جبران میکنم!!
جای دوستان خالی،  فوتبال سر نوشابه زدیم! همه بودن از یهودی تا بهائی از اورپا شرقی تا آفریقا !! بر بچه​ها همه جمع بودنند!! دوستان ایرانی هم بودنند!! گویا چند نفری هم بهای هستند!!
نمیدانم این روزها چرا وقتی فوتبال بازی میکنم یاد مرحوم سیروس قایقران میافتم!! یک بار ازش پرسیدم این شعار تیم ملوان ' قوی سپید انزلی   ملوان بندر انزلی ' قوی ضمیر ملکی است یا صفت قوی؟؟
جواب داد، آه ه ه برار، ما هم قو هستیم هم قوی!!
خدا بیامرزدش

I wear an Omega watch


Significance and Importance of Defending Bahai's Rights in Iran

by Zendanian on

RG, thanks for a timely reminder. 

When anti-Bahai Rats start to come around, you know you must have done a good job, cheers


An injury to one is an injury to all.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Hojatieh.Com? not at all ... not at all

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Dear Roozbeh,

Don't despair at all. I started visiting this site in 2007, and if anything, Iranian.Com can now be proud to have the most active Iranian-American liberal group of writers.

To understand IC, you should go back to its roots, which were deeply imbedded in the Anti US years of George W (the idiot). Back then, the US stupid policy in the Middle East had alienated most liberal writers. So the tone of voice here was staunchly anti-American and even accommodating towards IRI.

Many things have changed since 2007. The US has made a nice liberal turn and the IRI has shown its truely ugly face. Now the desperation that you see (among the anti-Iranian, anti-Bahai and anti-Semitic crowd) is a telling reminder of how potent this site has become in rallying behind the cause of human rights in Iran.


Thank you Roozbeh

by Faramarz on


Thanks for reminding us of the faith of the Baha'i Iranians. They have been prosecuted from the day that Khomeini set foot in Iran and the tragedy continues.

Like many Iranians, I grew up in an environment where we didn't care about other people's religious beliefs. It was only in the 7th or 8th grade and when the Religious Studies (Ta'limaat Dini) teacher would let the Jews or the Armenians in the class to leave that the issue of religion surfaced. And I for one was always jealous that a few of my classmates get to go outside and play while I had to sit there and learn that in Islam a son gets twice as much inheritance than a daughter!

Years later in the US, I was dating a girl who kept insisting that I should meet her parents. After much resistance, I finally gave in and went to her place to meet the parents. After some small talk, her father offered me some good Scotch that he kept in a locked cabinet. But I just didn't want to socialize with him so quickly, so I said, "No, thank you."

At that moment the father turned serious and gave me a stern look and asked, "Are you Baha'i?" That really pissed me off. This ignorant idiot was so quick to put a label on me and then based on his stupid values he wanted to decide if I am worthy of going out with his daughter or not.

That little conversation with the father gave me a good excuse to bail out of that relationship. Although I wish that I had drunk his good Scotch before I dumped his daughter!



by stavackoli on

Curious how there are no comments from Ma'moor, Demo, etc. on this blog.  Hmmm, I wonder how they would "explain" this away.  Was the young lady a spy? how about the little kids and infants that have been beheaded in Iran in the name of "defending Isalm".  As a side note to these folks, Islam does NOT need defense, it is a religion that has survived nearly 1400 years without the help of you guys, maybe you should try to save yourselves!

Mona 19

Thank You Mr. Gilani ...

by Mona 19 on

for remebrering Mona Mahmoudnejad. I never heard about the Baha'i Faith when I was in Iran & the only Baha'i I knew was my highschool classmate Nava (My Friend,Nava).  I also didn't know much about the faith since I grew up in a Muslim househould.  Before leaving Iran, I promised myself to investigate & find out who these people are and what they really belive. That's how I got involved in the Baha'i community & later on I became a Baha'i . 

I wrote about this beautiful & couragous girl about 4 yrs ago on the 25th anniversary of her execusion. (A Tribute to Mona ~ Angel of Shiraz )

Most regards, Mona 



Another true story

by Mehrban on

One of my relatives had made friends with a lady of Bahai faith outside IR's prison as both their husbands were incarcerated.  The lady had said that her husband, a physician was in jail for being a Bahai and they wanted him to renounce his faith to be freed.  My relative, a Moslem, said well tell him to renounce and the Bahai lady said no there is no Taghieh in our faith.  He never renounced his faith and he was executed.  

A principled medical doctor was executed! 


Thank you for your support,

by Ruhi on

Dear Mr. Roozbeh Gilani thank you for your thoughtful support. very uplifting indeed!


Thank You

by shahrvand2 on

Thank you, Roozbeh_Gilani, for posting this blog.


by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Thanks dear friends for commenting. Yes, the mozdoor of islamist regime did not show up with any of his dozen or so user IF's  on this blog to spread his poisen and hate about bahai folks.

But Dont you folks think that this site should be now re named ""?

Almost 90% of blogs are dedicated to attacking bahais or jews and praising the scums of IRI. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Where are....

by shahrvand2 on

The omnipresent fountains of wisdom are conspicously missing from this conversation!  I reckon the Information Ministry folks had nothing to say about this awful act of their paymasters.



by yolanda on

Ronald Reagan made a plea for clemency, but IRI hanged the 10 ladies anyway! Very sad!

IRI is very brutal and not ashamed of it!



by yolanda on

IRI has not changed! Not long ago, IRI sentenced Yusuf Naderkhani to die and forces him to renounce his Christian beliefs! The guy is stubborn to the end/never recants and got out of jail alive! Iranians are so brave!

IRI has the tendency to force its "ideology" on people!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Thanks Roozbeh dear: Bahai are 10 times more tormented by IRI

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

There is no shortage of pain and suffering in Iran, but the Bahai have been bearing 10 times more than the average Iranian.

Iran Paidar 1st

What an unforgiveable shame for Iran and Iranians

by Iran Paidar 1st on

Honestly, a few Bahai friends that I had in Iran and out of Iran were the most decent human beings I ever knew. This period of Iranian history will remain as one of darkest periods of our country.

Marg bar Jomhoori eslami va all its supporters.