Elaboration on Tame the Lion.

by minadadvar

This is in response to westender's and bitter/divorced man's comments about my earlier blog (Tame the Lion).

Dear westender, You got the point of my story.  I do not feel the need to elaborate.  Symbolism is often very beneficial to those who seek treatment. Thanks for your comment.

Bitter/Divorced man.  I believe you need to work through your anger and hatred, so you can move on.  I do appreciate the time you spent to post your comments about my blogs. I also understand that attacking my articles might bring you some temporary relief.  However it will not help you in the long run.

I hope that responding through a blog is not too inappropriate.  I am new at this and did not know a better way.


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Dear Doctor Dadvar,

by bitter divorced man (not verified) on

So, your story was symbolism?! Wow!!! All that time I thought it was for real; no but really, I understand symbolism, that’s why I analyzed the story to show how irrational the symbolism was. If you want to help people, you need to feed them a dose of reality, not meaningless symbolism.

I see that you’ve already diagnosed me to be hateful and angry without even seeing me, and are disseminating professional advice on how to move on; how much money do I owe you for the none existing visit?

Alright, I’ll go lame a symbolic lion to see how it works out, but I’ll come back on my terms, if things don’t work out.