IC members name their "Favorite Contributors". Revision of an earlier blog.


by minadadvar

The following list is the names of those who have been named as IC members' favorites.  This is not a contest.  There are no winners/losers..  However, a quick look at the names/catagories, reveals that patriotism, passion, creativity, humor and roamanticism (poetry/writing)  characterize a good majority of our favorites.  Transparency, objectivity, civility, compassion and patience are rare.

Most Valuable:  Ghormeh Sabzi, JJ

Most Transparent;  JJ, benross, 

Most Creative;  MPD, Omid Hast, Azadeh Azad, Noosh Afarin, Princess, Sima, Marjan, EH, Ari, Jeesh Daram, bahman9821, Darius Kadivar, minadadvar, Souri, Anahid Hojatti, divaneh, Red Wine, Shazde

Most Poetic (Romantic) :  Orang, Hadi Khjinian, JJ, Jeesh Daram, Red Wine, Anahid Hojatti, Souri, Shazde, bajenaghnahi, Anonymouse, Latina, Dr Saadat Noury, Manoucher, Mehman.

Most Patriotic (Passionate) :  VPK, Shifteh Ansari, AO, Sam, MM, Fair, Jeesh Daram, Setareh Sabety, JJ, Ari, Azadeh Azad, Hadi Khojinian, bahman9821, Khar, MPD, Darius Kadivar, Red Wine, Anahid Jojatti, Hovakhshatare, Ramin, Benjamin, Vildemose, Iranians, Faramarz Fateh, divaneh, Homan, All-Iranians, Cost of Progress.

Coolest;  Souri, Darius Kadivar, Ali P, Nazy Kaviani

Most Likable :  Anahid Hojatti, Latina, Nazy Kaviani, Goltermeh, divaneh, souri

Most Patient:  JJ, Niloufar parsi.

Most Objective:  Niloufar Parsi, Abarmard, Fair, Bavafa, Ari.

Most Civil :  Yolanda, Niloufar Parsi, Abarmard, VPK, Latina.

Best Writers;  Flying Solo, Raven, Laleh Gilani, Nicki, Temporary Bride. 

Funniest:  MPD, Shazde, Darius Kadivar, Tissa, Marge, Azadeh Azad, Marjan Kindersley, Akhtar Khanoom, minoo66, mitranorthcal, divaneh, Faramarz, Jeesh Daram, Ari, Khar, Anonymouse.    

Most Sensitive:  Azarin, Aanahid Hojatti, Monda, minadadvar.

Friendliest:  Yolanda, bajenaghnaghi, Red Wine, SamSam.

Most Compassionate;  Monda, AsteriodX. 

Most Original:  Marge, Red Wine, SamSam.

Most Real :  Mehraban, Niloufar Parsi, Ari, Abarmard, divaneh, Faramarz, Jeesh Daram, Sima, Noosh Afarin, Khar, Ebi Amirhosseini, RaminTork, Bahmani, msaabaye, princess.

Most Knowledgable:  Ari, Dr Saadat Noury, Fair, Shifteh Ansari, Nur-i-Azal.

I have added almost all the additional names and catagories.  

Once again,  Happy Norooz.


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Was Rosie

It's been bothering me for a while

by Was Rosie on

that I didn't nominate one person on the original awards blog. And so I'm going to do it now, in view of this person's excellent work on the May Day protests.

It's Shifteh Ansari to be tied as most valuable member along with Gormeh Sabzi, for tireless , outstanding efforts in the news section on iranian.com.


Souri Azziz

by minadadvar on

Beautiful metaphore.  I will use this for many years to come.



هیچکس به درخت بی‌ بر سنگ نمی‌‌اندازد...


مینای عزیز،

دوست بسیار ارجمند و گرامی‌، دوباره منو شرمنده کردید.

خواستم فقط گفته باشم که نه تنها بیدی نیستم که از این باد‌ها بلرزم،
بلکه به خاطر احترام بسیار زیادی که برای شما قائل هستم، حتّی اگر بد تر
ازین فحش‌ها هم نثارم میکردند، حاضر نمیشدم که این بلاگ زیبای شما رو با
حرف‌های بی‌ ارزش، خراب کنم.

شما هم مطمئن باشید که کسانی‌ که به شما یا من و امثال ما اهانت
میکنند، در مقابل ما احساس حقارت و حسادت میکنند و گرنه، هیچکس زحمت سنگ انداختن به درخت بی‌ بر رو به خودش نمیدهد

با تشکر و احترام فراوان برای شما خانم بسیار فهمیده و ارزشمند، سالی‌ پر شکوه، سرشار از سلامتی، زیبائی و عشق برایتان آرزو میکنم.


To All Participants

by minadadvar on

I, greatly, appreciate your input and comments. (excluding, a few who left, insulting comments).  

My special "Thanks" to Souri Jan, for remaining patient and civil, despite being the target of some ugly personal attacks.

Have a great "Sizdah Bedar". 



by benross on

I do not flag the comment by fake benross so that everyone can see the abuse and ill intentions of ill-wishers.

I guess I missed the action... and happy that I did!

Thanks for caring. 

Anahid Hojjati

Marhoum Kharmagas, now you have broken my heart

by Anahid Hojjati on


Marhoum Kharmagas "jaan", at first I read most intelligent and then you wrote, the only intelligent, you can only imagine how heartbroken you have made me LOL.

marhoum Kharmagas

good one, Anahid "jaan"

by marhoum Kharmagas on

That was your most intelligent, and your only intelligent comment for that matter, that I have ever seen!

Anahid Hojjati

MK,you remind me of Jack Nicholson in "As Good As it Gets"

by Anahid Hojjati on


 To Marhoum Kharmagas, regarding your last comment: Sometimes, you remind me of the character of "Jack Nicholson" in the movie "As good as it gets".  Please watch these two clips from the movie:



The one clip that I wanted to find is the one where "Helen Hunt" character talks about effect of Jack Nicholson's chacracter on her knees. Does anyone have that clip?




by Souri on

The only thing you need to do is to trust your own feeling and don't pay attention to the manipulators who want to fish in the muddy water.

You and me may have lots of differences of opinions, but one thing you should never forget and always be assured of is that I am a very honest and straight forward person. When I said once to you that I didn't do something, Honestly I don't like to see the need for repeating it for a second time to make anybody (you) believe it.

Please do respect people's integrity and give them a bit of credit.

We are not here for money or any other material interest, and I don't understand why we should be going through lies and other pretension.

I told you once in the past that I didn't flag your comment. So, I don't like when you bring back this accusation here every other  day.

We might not be friends, but I'm no one's enemy. Specially that I don't have any hard feeling against you.

You can always confront me and I always answer to you, but please stop accusing me of having done this and that to you.

When I do something, I always stand for it. Be assured I have more guts than most of the so called "MEN" in here!


P/S: I don't need your Jaan, so please save your time  and avoid the quots!

marhoum Kharmagas

Souri "jaan", Anahid "jaan"

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Souri "jaan", ....., I spent sometime thinking how to reply to you, I couldn't come up with anything that is totally in English! So I decided to say it part in Esfahani, and part in English. Here it is:

Shouma dou taa shaaer ba'zan (*) bad koftaai (**) hassind, but if you are not arround I'll be the first one to miss you both!

(*) sometimes
(**) god's gifts

Peter Pan

You should be forewarned; I'm a bit hairy!

by Peter Pan on

If you mean entrance fee, that's for the strip joints. Whenever you're ready, so am I.


ic should be about issues not people

by persian_rainbow on

it is really strange when i see people talking to one another, making it sound like they are all living in the same neighboorhood.

If that is so, I would like to charge an extrance fee.!


Hovakhshatare, Gavazan

by minadadvar on

Hovakhshatare Azziz.  Got it. 

Gavazan Jan, Done.


Dear minadadvar

by Gavazn on

Apologies, I see "AO" is there. Please if it not too much trouble can you add Cost of Progress as Patriotic and AsteroidX as Compassionate? Also Nur-i-Azal as Knowlegable.

cheers.   (great blog by the way)


This is a fake Benross, Hovakh

by divaneh on

Good to hear from you, but this is not Benross. Look at the dot at the end of the name "benross." . The real benross does not have a dot at the end and is "benross". You have proved your civility once more by your last comment even when you thought it was by one of your best compatriots.

I do not flag the comment by fake benross so that everyone can see the abuse and ill intentions of ill-wishers.


mina, this is the real HOVAK-H-SHATARE

by Hovakhshatare on

The person below who registered a day ago with same name as mine (without an H after K), same avatar picture and stole and reposted my last blog and got featured. I informed jj and he blocked the crook and removed the blog. Just wanted to use this thread to spread the warning about a new pattern of abuse. My views on jj and this site have little to do with garbage this crook spewed on this or other threads; and are reflected in my last formal comments on this site: jj's Tabreek va Tashakor thread.s

I was his first target perhaps for good reason, but this crook will move to another target so be on your toes because what stood out to me was that NO ONE NOTICED and IT IS TOO EASY.


PS: divaneh, appreciated your comments on Tabreek thread. benross's may not see this but same there as well. Will be by occasionally to check as I did today but hopefully without running into unpleasant surprises. Cheers 


Hi Gavazan

by minadadvar on

AO is on the list.  I asked people to name their favorite contributors on a blog, dated March 18th.  I wish, you had left your comment  earlier. 

Thanks for your input and Happy Norooz to you and your loved ones. 


marhoum Kharmagas

Vildee joon

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Vildee joon, saw you mentioned me in a comment right below. Maa "mokhlessi" shoumaim, aa, maali Esvanam hassim:



Mina jan: thank you for

by vildemose on

Mina jan: thank you for clarification. Noroozet shad va gerami bad.

Souri jan: Thank you. I think, you should also be in the category of courageous, if there is one.

Noroozetoon shad va Pirouz.



by capt_ayhab on


nuf said indeed



According to the American Psychological Association

by TellitLikeitis on

People with
narcissistic personality disorder display a chronic and pervasive pattern of grandiosity and
need for admiration. The Narcissist displays an operating style that involves extreme
self-involvement, and a grandiose sense of self- importance. They exaggerate their
achievements and talents, expecting others to recognize them as superior and often
appearing arrogant and extremely self absorbed.

What To Watch Out For

Most people with this disorder advertise themselves… They seek to be the center of attention. In search
of constant approval and praise to reinforce their false grandiose sense of self,
they’re “on- stage,” dominating the conversation, often exaggerating their

Criticism or disapproval takes
them back
to their difficult childhoods, sending them into a defensive fury, since any
flaw or mistake means they’re not perfect. Also, when things go wrong, they cannot
acknowledge the imperfections implicit in accepting responsibility.

Can you change them?
Reality check: No. Even constructive criticism is experienced by them as an affront and is
met with anger and a sense of betrayal. Placating only results in more demands, not a
return of thoughtfulness and consideration. In fact, if you always excuse or rationalize
self-absorption and give in to constant demands, you are actually supporting and
reinforcing their narcissistic needs and wants.

Nuff said.





by Gavazn on

Where is Anonymous Observer, Cost of Progress and more people? Some of these people are knowledgable and funny.


Vildemose Jan

by minadadvar on

I never, charaterize Jaleho, as courageous.  In fact, I, even, did want to have a "Most Courageous" catagory.  Because, courageous Iranians are the ones, protesting in Iran.

Norooz shoma mobark.  


I love Souri :)

by Souri on

Okay, this blog is becoming all about Souri !

Talk about yourself. Why do you bring other people's name here?

Is Kharmagas, any of your business?

FYI, I always liked Kharmagas. He is not like you (he is not vicious)

If he got himself in trouble with other people, just because of his irritating comments to those people, this is not my fault, not my problem, not my business. Neither it is yours, for that matter!






کی‌ بود که مدت‌ها بلاگ به بلاگ دنبال خر مگس میرفت و با اینکه ک م
براش تره هم خورد نمیکرد هی‌ مهر طلبی میکرد؟ کی‌ بود که اول تو همین بلاگ
اینجا بد گویی رو شروع کرد؟ کیه که تا یکی‌ به سازش نمیرقصه باهاش دشمن
میشه؟  کیه که به خودش اجازه میده تو کارو حرف همه دخالت کنه؟ بنازم این
`ریل` بودنو.


Thank you Viledmose jon

by Souri on

You are so nice with me. I am really humbled.

You too, are among the Most True people  :)

Happy New Year.


Souri jan: You are the

by vildemose on

Souri jan: You are the coolest, precisely because you can see through people like MK. You have the guts and that's what makes you cool.

I for one appreciate your flagging when no one else has the spine to do it...


Mina jan: Regarding Jaleho.

by vildemose on

Mina jan: Regarding Jaleho. Yes, she deserves and has the right to be heard. However, why is she courageous for supporting a demonic regime?? Where is the courage in endorsing those who allow sharp shooters on the roof tops to kill innocent peopele in broad day light or rape or rund over them with trucks?? Why is supporting such brutality considered courageous??


FYI, Marhoum

by Souri on

I never flagged one single of your comments. I mean "NEVER".

I only flag insulting comments (mostly toward other members) and if there's vulgarity and profanity in any comment, addressed to myself or any other person.

What is this with you, guys?

Does it really hurt to see the truth? Yes, people see me as a cool one, despite all your effort to show the contrary. LOL

marhoum Kharmagas

Indeed, she is the coolest, one more example!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

She has been the coolest, that is the coolest comment flag-er! She has flagged many comments based on the content (not usage of profanity or personal attack), including some of my comments that questioned her conduct here at IC and  Todeh's conduct during early years of IRI.