My favorite 1388, IC contributors

by minadadvar

The following list, are the names of those,  whom I have consistently, found impressive.  

I am sure, there are many others.  Unfortunately, my limited time/patience does not allow a more comprehensive and perhaps accurate list.

Please forgive me for spelling errors.  It has been a long day.

Most valuable:          Ghormeh Sabzi

Most transparent:      JJ

Most creative:           MPD and Omid Hast

Coolest:                   Souri and Darius Kadivar

Most likable:             Anahid Hojjati and Nazy Kaviany

Most civil:                 Yolanda, Niloufar Parsi and Abarmard

Most objective:          Ah... Ah....Well, Abarmard and Niloufar come close.  But, Iranians and objectivity?!!!

Most powerful writer:   Flying Solo and Raven

Funniest:                   MPD

Most passionate:        Shifteh Ansari, AO and Sam

Most original:             Marge

Most compassionate:  Monda

Most sensitive:           Azarin

Friendliest:                Yolanda

Most knowledgeable:  Ari    

Happy Norooz to everybody.  I wish you happiness, health and peace of mind.

If I have left your favorites out, please add them to the list.  Thanks


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Marjan Wait!

by Monda on

you meant the compassionate part?  Or the other thing that I just realized?


chi migi Marjan?! :o))

by Monda on

you're so Cute but I must admit I don't always get you woman :o) 

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Monda @@@ (Just seen this)

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Greatest Thank You!Truly!

Just remember that 


Great minds think alike




so do little ones


wink! ;)


Rad Lanjani, Ladan Farhangi, goltermeh, Monda and Homan.

by Souri on

Dear friends:

Sorry I havent been back to this blog lately and I just read your nice comments. I am very grateful and humbled. Thanks for having named me in your lists.

I wish you the best and happiest year ahead !


Attention: All IC members!!

by minadadvar on

I will post the revised version of this blog, to include the additional names/catagories.  If you want to add others, please do so, before tomorrow morning.



Red Wine Jan

by minadadvar on

Happy Norooz to you and all your loved ones.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

سرکار عالیه ، جناب خانم دادور، نوروزتان فرخنده و دلتان همیشه شاد باد.


Dear Rea, David ET

by minadadvar on

Thanks for your comments/additions.

Happy Norooz.

David ET

نوروزتان و هر روزتان پیروز

David ET

Best wishes for everyone on the new year  

Special thanks to Anahid, Mona and Rea for the kind words..

David ET

2550 years after declaration of human rights by Kouros-e-kabir



But the wisest of all

by Rea on

...... Veiled Prophet of Khorasan! :)


Happy Norooz :)

by Rea on

can I have a word, too ?

2 months now, a self invited Croatian guest, not contributing, mainly reading.

DK: great sense of monarchist 'Zizi' humour, love it.

SamSam: Kiaani passion, adorable.

AsteroidX: good old, yet, passionate British reasoning.

DavidET: secular republic, the way to go definitely.

Divaneh: adorable, tout court.

COP: doesn't beat around the bush, my kinda guy.

Nur-i-Azal: difficult, yet, special in his own way.

hamsade ghadimi: the voice of reason.

Marge: quite a character. Vive les femmes !


saal e no mobaarek!

by Latina on

 Anahid Hojjati

kheyli motashakeram


See all of you Next Year: 1389

by minadadvar on

Have a great "Saleh Tahvil" everyone.  I have to break my diet.  Here, I come "sabzi polo va mahi".  Yum, Yum!!!  

Anahid Hojjati

Mina jan, Happy Norooz to you and all my other IC friends

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear Mina, thanks for planning to revise the list to include more categories.  As Monda said, this has been a fun blog.


Mina joon, No worries :o)

by Monda on

I don't think anyone's holding You or Us accountable for our nominations... it's been fun though. 


Monda Jan

by minadadvar on

Thanks for your additional catagories and names.  As I said before, I will have a revised version soon.  I can see, that I have left out a number of great/creative contributors, like Azadeh Azad, Dr Sadaat Noury and Shazdeh. 

I wish you and your loved ones peace and happiness.


Much honored!

by Monda on

Mina jan, I wish You and your loved ones a wonderful Norouz va saale no.  

I'm also thinking: (JJ, GS, shifteh ansari, Noosh Afarin and Darius Kadivar be kenaar)

Most real and sane category: Mehrban, Niloufar Parsi, Ari, Abarmard, divaneh, faramarz, Jeesh Daram, sima, Noosh Afarin, Khar, Ebi Amirhosseini, ramintork, Abarmard, Bahmani, msabaye and of course Princess... (not in any order and I may add as I read them again)

Most romantic: Orang, Hadi Khojinian, JJ, Jeesh, Redwine, Anahid Hojjati, Souri, Shazdeh, bajenagh naghi, Anonymouse, Latina ... right off the bat but many more out there, I'm sure

Funny and brilliant women: Tissa, Marg, Azadeh Azad, Marjan Kindersley, Akhtar khanom, minoo66, mitranorthcal (again, right off the bat)

Funny and brilliant men: MPD, divaneh, faramarz, Jeesh Daram, Shazde asdolla mirza, Ari, Khar, ...  

Most visually artistic women: Azadeh Azad, Noosh Afarin, Princess, sima, Marjan, EH why can't I recall the rest?!

Most visually artistic men:  JJ, Omid, Ari, MPD, Jeesh, bahram9821, DK 

Most Passionate (my Most favorite category of all): Jeesh, Setareh Sabety, JJ, Ari, Azadeh Azad, Hadi Khojinian, Bahram9821, Khar, MPD, DK ...

Norooz e hamegi mobaarak!  



Anahid Aziz

by minadadvar on

Great idea.  I will have a revised version of this blog  in a few days. The new blog will include the new catagories and names of additional favorites.  Thanks for your suggestion.  And have a great Norooz. 

Anahid Hojjati

Mina jan, for slice of life stories:Latina, Nazy Kaviani & JJ

by Anahid Hojjati on


Mina jan, two other catgories that came to my mind are: writers who do great job writing slice of life stories and blogs and those who bring creativity in others.  For slice of life stories, I want to nominate Jahanshah, Latina and Nazy Kaviani. I don't think it gets any more slice of life than Jahanshah posting video of his exercises and writing about planning to lose weight.  Latina writes great blogs about her challenges in finding a good man.  Nazy in the past year wrote about her experience voting in Iranian elections, and about her interesting air travel story and other ones that one can read by going to each of these writers' blogs.

I also want to nominate Nazy Kaviani for bringing creativity in others.  In the past year, Nazy invited IC writers to write about issues such as Hope for Iran, love, freedom of expression in Iran, and few more.  I know that few of my poems may not have been written if I did not sit down and think that I was going to write about love or hope for Iran. 


Shifteh, Homan

by minadadvar on

Shifteh Jan,  I am amazed by your energy, passion and dedication.  Wish you and your family the best.  Norooz Mobarak.

Dear Homan,  thanks for your additions.  I greatly appreciate your kindness.  Happy Norooz. 


Niloufar, Mona

by minadadvar on

Niloufar Jan, My pleasure. You are a very special, young woman.  Always patient, civil and logical.  Happy Norooz. 

Mona,  Thanks a lot for the additions.  Norroz Mobarak

Homan Mohabadi Ebrahimi

My Favorites

by Homan Mohabadi Ebrahimi on

Most valuable & Most transparent: JJ

Most original & passionate: Red Wine & SamSam

Most powerful writer, poet, & knowledgeable: Ostaad Saadat Noury

Most creative: Mina Dadvar, Souri, Anahid, & MPD

Most likable: Goltermeh, & Divaneh


Mona 19

Happy Nawruz to all Iranian.comers :)

by Mona 19 on

Ms Dadvar, Happy New year

If I may, I'd also like to add to your list

Redwine, Ms.Peymaneh Amiri, Ms.Laleh Gilani, Mr.Jahanshah Rashidian, Mr.Reza Fani Yazdi, Ms.Azadeh Azad , Mr.David ET.

Wishing all Iranian.comers a peacful year with joy,love, health, happiness, success,prosperity.

May this new year brings freedom and democrocy for ham mihananam in my beloved Iran.

Warmest regards,

Mona ;)





Niloufar Parsi

mina jaan

by Niloufar Parsi on

kheili mamnoon az lotfet!

Noroozet mobarak :)


Shifteh Ansari

Thank you Mina Jan

by Shifteh Ansari on

Thank you for the honor Mina Jan.  I am humbled.  Happy Nowruz to you.


Dear Ladan, Maziar, goltermeh, bajenaghe

by minadadvar on

Thanks for your comments/additions.

goltermeh Jan:  I hope I can live up to your assessment of me.  Merci.  

bajenaghe naghi

goltermeh jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

shoma lotf darid. 

Norooze shoma mobarak. :-) 


Faramarz jaan thank you! I vote 4 U 2! Happy New Year to all!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Most mysterious: capt_ayhab

by capt_ayhab on


-YT <<<<<<<<<<<<< Blushing


Please do not forget

by goltermeh on

Most friendly: BajenaghNaghi

Most reasonable & knowledgeable: Dr Saadat Noury

Most creative: Souri

Most mysterious: capt_ayhab

Most lovable: Mina Dadvar