Masoud Sadr - Why Defend Bahais?

by faryarm

Mr Maoud Sadr's impression of the Persian Culture Conference in Chicago 2010


Masoud Sadr - Baha'i Conference in Chicago (Part 1

Masoud Sadr - Baha'i Conference in Chicago (Part 2)


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Ali Jaan, It is heartening..

by faryarm on


Ali Jaan, 

Thank you. 

It is indeed a pleasing moment for Iranian Bahais to be the cause of unity amongst Iranians of all religions and background in the few days that shared the richness and diversity of Persian culture.

Amidst all the doom and gloom and "Sarkoob", its heartening to see the participation of so many celebrated non Bahai scholars, such as Professor Karimi Hakkak,  writers, journalists and broadcasters in this annual Chicago conference, such as Mr Maybodi and Mr Sadr, speaking out with unprecedented  praise for their past contribution as well as  the vision, Bahais have for the future of Iran, as exemplified by Dr Shapour Rassekh’s perspective in his  analysis as reported by both Mr Sadr and Maybodi.

Specially touching is the courageous and sincere sentiments of such outspoken people with a worldwide TV audience, especially in iran, where the beleaguered Bahais have NEVER been able to speak openly or publicly in their own defense. 

Hopefully this will appeal to the hearts of those who have never had the benefit of first hand knowledge of Bahais, to further breakdown the walls of ignorance and deep seated prejudice.




Ali P.

Faryar jaan

by Ali P. on

Thank you so much for the clip.

Best 20 mins I have spent here in a while :-)


Ali P.