A Perspective on Rebuilding and Renewal of Iran

A Perspective on Rebuilding and Renewal of Iran
by faryarm
Perspective on Renewal of Iran is an address given by Dr Shapour Rassekh at the annual conference , Friends of Persian Culture in Chicago, to an audience of 3000, including Professor Ehsan Yarshater, Professor Amin Banani, Mehrangiz Kar, Professor Ahmad Karimi Hakkak and Dr. Nader Saeedi, amongst many other scholars, writers, artists, performers and journalists, including Broadcaster Alireza Meybodi and Roxana Saberi.  

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Sahameddin Ghiassi

Dr. Shapour Rasekh had right.

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

Dear Faryarm. I wish we could work all together regardless to the name of religions and races or nationalites. I hope one day our people will understand thay they should work for love and unity and act it.


I think the problem in our countries of Middle East is that we have no support. If you do good thinks and you have been persecuted, there is not people and on law to support you. The Judge system is useless and indifferent, the people are the same indifferent and useless, as Dr. Rasekh  said the people are more and less individual and think about their own benefits and if their benefit is find they do not care about the society.  That has happened to me, I helped one of my best friend who said he will die for me and will not see my problems.  I helped him, because he was in a very hard and bad situation. His children were hunger, his wife died and he lost his business and his house need badly repair.  He was very nice in the time I gave him help, but later he was my enemy and tried to destroy me. I went to the ministry of Judge.

 They were all indifferent and useless and the matter took seven years until they gave me right. In these seven years he destroyed my life. My mother was Bahai and he misused her religion to push me down and had a good excuse to damage me. My Bahai family was very nice to me, but they wanted to have my trust and as I trusted them, they did the same thing to me.  If I was cruel or indifferent I could stay safe. The system is corrupted and the people are indifferent. Any way I have been robbed one time as a Bahai and one time by Bahai family as a Moslem.  Sorrowfully the Bahai administration works also like the ministry of Judge.   May be there is one way to be save, just cruel or indifferent.  Even Khomeini told nice words and he wanted to give us Freedom and spiritual and material welfare?  I hope the people will listen and act.  Sorrowfully now we have more and less two type of people, cruel or indifferent. And that is what the world system wants. But I think we should not be indifferent, because the system wants, and we should try to teach the people be just and be against the unjust.  Push them to be not indifferent and be just.  And try to punish the bad people. Even if we lose a lot, like wealth, family, country and….  



Mr Ghiassi, You are correct..Actions Matter.

by faryarm on

Mr Ghiassi, You are correct..Actions Do Matter more.

Dr Rassekh's perpective and analysis, emphasizes the need for new thinking and action, in terms of a fundamental change in the way we Iranians , perceive each other and the world around us.

At The root of the solutions he proposes, is the emphasis on individual change of thinking and behavior;as opposed to short term band aid solutions, that starts and ends with good words  promises, which the politician thrives on and in that, Mr Ahmadinejad is no different. 

If people of faith everywhere acted as they believed, this world would be a different place, whether.

Sahameddin Ghiassi

Dear Faryarm

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

If you got time listen to the speech of Mr. Ahmadi Nejad, he says nice words also in the interview

...It is a lot of good words and I wish one time all these words come to action. Even Mr. Ahmadi Nejad said nice words in his speech in Holland or Nederland. He said also we should have Love and Unity, brotherhood and tolerance, Freedom and Respect.  I tried to be nice to Moslems and act good and not to be indifferent , I have been misused and persecuted and the Bahais did the same to me?  You see between nice words and good action is a huge gab.


Sahameddin Ghiassi

Very good

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

It is a very nice speech. Why the Iranian do not listen to him and listen to other people who say nothing?