Ali Reza Meybodi Reports on Chicago Conference : "Friends of Persian Culture".

by faryarm
 Ali Reza Meybodi Reports on Chicago Conference : "Friends of Persian Culture". Dr Shapour Rassekh's Address about The Vision and future rebuilding of Iran



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Thanks Faryar jon

by Souri on

Very kind of you.

You are right, this speech is really unique in its kind. I will send it to all my friends.



Direct link to Dr Rassekh's Address

by faryarm on

Souri jaan

Here is the link.. I had a chance to listen to it again on a long drive today. It is indeed expansive in it's scope and content ; quite unique in it's analysis ,direction and clarity with regard to much needed fundamental renewal in just about every area of Iranian life; from social, economic to political life.

This is not to be missed by anyone who passionately follows the events and ponders on the future of happiness and prosperity of this Holy land and its people.

Ideally it would be better to divide his address according to Dr Rassekh's own breakdown. Hopefully it can bs done as soon as time permits.

There is certainly a sobering wealth of food for thought from an honest non partisan.

Here is the direct link on Vimeo



Very great report

by Souri on

Dear Faryar

Thank you so much for this great information about the conference.

I truly enjoyed listening to both Maybodi and especially Dr Rasekh.

Would you please give me the exact link for Dr Rasekh's speech ?

I need to send it to the friends, but unfortunately couldn't find the link on the web.

Again, hundred of thanks for sharing this great information. Dr Rasekh's speech is indeed very important and so beautiful!