Our Priorities: Anal Sex and Orgasms

Our Priorities: Anal Sex and Orgasms
by Anonymous Observer

Recently, I posted an article about a report on sexual habits, which had the title of  Experimentation, orgasms, and the rise of anal sex.  It was posted in the News section of the site.  Now, as we all know, News items don’t have as many readers as blog or article entries.  To add to the dynamic, this post wasn’t even featured.  Nonetheless, since it was posted nine days ago, it has had an astonishing 1776 hits.  In comparison, on the same day, this news item was posted about the fate of Iranian refugees who have fled the country after the post election crackdown.  That post, as of today has had 169 hits.  I assume that we can all agree on which post really deserves more attention (hint: NOT the anal sex one).

So, the question is: where are our priorities?  Anal sex is more important that our fellow countrymen and women? Don’t get me wrong, I am al for a diversity of articles and reading material, but this site is ultimately a site about Iran and its affairs.  And in the current situation, with sanctions, threats of war and refugees, should a post about anal sex get that many more hits than one about refugees—or more hits than other articles, blogs and news items about Iran?  Is this an indication of where our priorities are? 


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"Nothing is sacred"

by Nahzi on

Dear Admin,

I wish you would NOT eliminate/hide the page view.  We have hundreds of entries in Iranian.com.  Why should we change our policy based on one (or a few) wrong doers?

"Nothing is sacred" including this, in my opinion.

Regards, Nahzi

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I just noticed that the blog was missing, and actually posted a question about it.  Can you locate the single source of the hits?  Someone actually wondered about it earlier in the blog.


Page view numbers are not accurate

by admin on

Yesterday morning (about 9AM California Time) I noticed a large number of hits from a single source to this page. At that time, there were about 5500 or so page views.

Of those 5500, about 5200 were from a single source. My guess is a single script by someone who thinks it's funny to give people a misleading impression. I blocked that source yesterday.

I didn't check again until just now when it has over 6600 page views. The rest of the hits appear to follow our normal traffic pattern.

I've asked JJ to think about hiding the page views from users to avoid things like this in the future. Very few sites show these stats to their users, and now I know why.

Anonymous Observer

What happened to this blog?

by Anonymous Observer on

It seems to have gone missing.



by Aryana-Vaeja on

You should get the book. It is a masterpiece. There's tons more stuff like it in there. Evola can be abrasive and even arrogant sometimes,  and some of his conclusions would leave some extreme feminists screaming bloody murder (after all Evola was a classic Italian aristocratic cognoscenti of the last century who once openly flirted with Fascism). But still I would make Julius Evola's Eros and the Mysteries of Love: The Metaphysics of Sex mandatory reading in every university sexology course. No one maps out the nexus between sexuality and deep spirituality as he has quoting and analyzing not only from the world's scriptures and religious texts but also from ancient and contemporary (up to the mid 20th century) philosophy and literature. Here is a map of the book and my favorite quote in it:

The divine symbol of the [Last] Supper is an enigma for earthly senses, but he who has once drawn the breath of life from an ardent beloved mouth and whose holy zeal has melted the heart in waves of shivering and whose eye is opened will eat of his own body and drink of his own blood forever - Novalis, Canto spirituali, VII, in Evola p.261n57.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9



by yolanda on

Thank you, Aryana-Vaeja, for the J. Ramsay Ullman/Evola quote.......it blew me away.......never read something like that in my life before.... OMG! This blog is super edgy and avant-garde! I am shaken from my foundation! :O)

Thank you for posting the quote!


I ignored this blog...

by Midwesty on

Because of its very title until now. Yes I admit I am a saint! Of course I am not but when I come to ic I'm looking for some specific articles. It is not sex that it sells, it is drama, details and depth of connection that makes a piece of writing irresistible to read. So why did I stop by then? I saw the number of comments!


How to make refugee blogs more sexy

by kazem0574 on

Some of you said blogs on sex get thousands of hits when the plight of the refugees gets 160 or there abouts.

Solution => Blog or news title:

refugees sleeping in the streets of Athens can not have sex.

Then write the main story, towards the end say, and some have complaint about the lack of privacy such as having sex.

Hey-presto you get your 1000's of hits and they all have to read it to the end before the sex bit is mentioned.


"By the way VPK that was funny"



Now that I got your attention!

by Majid on


Add sex, food, Israel and Palestine issues just on the title of the blog and you get attention!


وقتی مرغ میخواد تخم بذاره از یکساعت قبلش دنیا رو با قُدقُدش میذاره رو سرش، تا حالا شنیدین اردک اونجوری کولی بازی در بیاره؟

برای همینه که همه تخم «مرغ» میخرن! 



by Aryana-Vaeja on

Ditto! The orgasm is also our lense into direct experience of eternity and the Divine which is precisely why we are set apart from the animals, hence why Sex is Worship and the highest form thereof. 

There are two bodies, then only only one body; one body within the other, one life within the other life. There was only one need, one search, one penetration, down, down, always deeper, up, up, always higher, through the flesh, through the soft burning darkness, swelling and endless, without time - J. Ramsay Ullman, quoted by Evola, p.93.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9

Anonymous Observer

And for all you other anal enthusiasts who may not be well

by Anonymous Observer on

Anonymous Observer

Wahid & VPK

by Anonymous Observer on

VPK: I think the tree is actually from the courtyard of the Hozeyieh Elmiyeh - Qom.  Although I have to say that what goes on in that place is an insult to the natural and pure spirit of human sexuality.

Wahid: Thanks for the interesting quote.  As I am sure you are aware, orgasm is what sets us apart from other animals.  It's a uniquely human and, and therefore, conscience elevating experience. 


AO/quoting Evola

by Aryana-Vaeja on

JC we are well over five thousand hits and counting! Yes, I think there are cultural inhibitions involved here, definitely. But then again the real-life practicality of the matter seems to be that Iranians (whether back home or outside) are as active in the romp-fest department as any other people, but behind closed doors, and everything that you can imagine under the sun happens behind these closed doors and is fair game. But publicly most people play coy. Yet you are also finding more and more recent examples of Iranian subjects (women especially) featured in full blown porn clips on the internet. So I do think the sexual conservatism is being challenged from various angles and is slowly eroding. Maybe we're opening a necessary can of worms here needing to be opened at just the right time with this discussion.

Anyway, I want to offer this snippet from Julius Evola's EROS AND THE MYSTERIES OF LOVE: The Metaphysics of Sex, pp. 91-2, about orgasm:

...The Upanishads have mentioned ecstatic raptus, the ability to "suppress consciousness of both the outer and inner world" when "man is embraced by woman"; in a certain way this experience is analogous with what takes place at the manifestation of atman or the transcendental ego ("thus the soul, when embraced by the atman, which is knowledge itself, no longer sees inner and outer things"). When the hero of the novel The Sorrows of Young Werther says, "Thenceforward the sun, the moon and the stars can go forward on their path in peace, for I know not whether it be day or night, and the whole universe disappears before me," this may sound merely romantic, but in truth there is something more to it, because raptus is the reality of coitus confirmed in the Upanishads. At the beginning of orgasm, a change of state takes place -- further strengthening of the state that occured tendentially at the time time of falling in love -- and in an extreme case, during the spasm, the individual undergoes a traumatic experience of the power that "kills"...

...Interesting evidence is provided by a young woman who, during the sexual spasm, had the impression that she was "being transported, so to speak, into a higher realm...as at the beginning of narcosis brought on by chloroform." Imagination has only an accessory role in descriptions such as the following which can be used as direct evidence: "He and she were now one single person...He was no longer himself. He was the half of a new body; because of this, everything was so queer, up, up, up. A sudden blinding light flashed with a deafening noise which was not a noise at all; they were in a whirlpool of hues and shapes, cast into eternity, then there was a sudden shock and they fell down, down, down. He closed his eyes with fright, down, down, they would have gone falling forever, down, down, down" (L. Langley)...



May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

This blog

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is becoming a real pain in the ass :-) By the way are those trees in Gazvin!!

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

the blog is now featured.

Anonymous Observer

Shirin & Rea - I believe that the key to mankind's

by Anonymous Observer on

happiness and the key to less aggression on this planet is more sex...which includes anal sex.  


Anal sex is the best

by Sirius on

Anal sex is the best invention/advancement of Mankind/Womankind ever.

The number of hits of this article should be proof enough!!!

Now, I don't deny that all the other things, like the aggression of the Zionists and the Neocons to the IRI, may have some relevance in current history... 

Greetings from Mexico.



OK, to add something to discussion

by Rea on

Anal sex is good. And that's why my husband supports homosexuals. ;o) 


I keep adding to the hits

by Rea on

In the meantime, nothing new.  ;o) 

Anonymous Observer

Something for JJ to ponder

by Anonymous Observer on

this un-featured blog has generated almost 6000 hits in less than 24 hours, and is currently is number 1 on the "most viewed" list.  I know that JJ has said that changes will be coming to IC.  Perhaps he should contemplate adding a tab for sex-related matters.  Not porn, but articles like the one that I had featured in the News section.

PS- I will, of course, be accepting royalties for this unscientific study and the results. :-))  


This blog has its own mass of visitors

by divaneh on

But I can't understand why it is not featured. It seems to tick all boxes for that.

Anonymous Observer

Deep Throat?!1 You're old school :-)

by Anonymous Observer on

You should try our own Aylar Dianati's (Aylar's Lei's) films...she makes us Iranians proud. :-)

Dirty Angel

Deep Throat

by Dirty Angel on

Sporry, can't reali coment righ now coz busiii wachin Deep Throart.

"Why do you want to be happy when you could just be normal?"

Btw sex with love? You lot are a bunch of perverts mixing things up as if they are  ingredients for a cocktail in a washing machine! YUCK!

Anonymous Observer

Mr. Ghiassi - you are correct

by Anonymous Observer on

the best type of sex is the one that is accompanied by love.

Anonymous Observer

Thannks Shazdeh - BTW, Where's Sargord Mark

by Anonymous Observer on

I guess that's as "robust" as it gets.  I wonder where's Sargord Mark.  He's usually on every blog of mine, to the point that I have to kick him off.  

I was waiting for him to jump in and claim that his great, great grandfather invented anal sex in China or something. :-) 

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

The problem is real

by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on

Neutural sex with love combined is nice and everybody should enjoy is. Sex alone is like a mechanic action, and with love is a piritual loving action. The best is that our children, girls and boys should be together and go to school together, so a lot of problems will be solved. The children should learn, sex with love and respect ... not for just fun and running away.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Ok - let's give some "robustness" to the issue

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Mouth and Anus are the first two centers of attention for the child, for very obvious reasons! Vagina and Penis don't come into the play till many years later, during puberty.

Sorry, but any more than this, and I may be accused of being a Ghazvini ;-)

Anonymous Observer

Shazde Jaan - No...honestly no

by Anonymous Observer on

I am amazed at the hit count.   I check it every half hour or so, and the numbers are going up exponentially.   Last night at about midnight it was at about 1300 hits.  I woke up this morning, it was 3700!  Again, I guess it proves the  point of the blog.  Or, in the alternative, it proves the old adage: "sex sells." 

But, like I mentioned below, I would really have liked to see a robust  discussion on the issue.  But, so far, no luck. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

4711 hits? One honest question ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Have you guys put it on an auto-refresh webpage, to get this many hits?

Anonymous Observer

4171 hits and counting! Comments anyone? Also Divaneh & Wahid

by Anonymous Observer on

Divaneh:  You bring up a good point about the subject matter being different.  Interesting way to look at it.

Wahid: Do you think cultural and religious taboos are reasons for lack of comments?  In other words, is our community too conservative to talk about sex in public, even in cyberspace and even anonymously?

I really would like to see a discussion of the subject matter.  Pity that there are so few comments after so many hits.  The last blog that I wrote with so many hits had 294 comments until the publishers shut down the comment box.