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UNHCR (Geneva) 30th August 2010
Rue de Montbrillant 94
1202 Geneva

Dear Sirs,
An increasing number of Iranian writers, artists and political activists who took part in the nationwide protest movements against the suppressive regime of Islamic Republic in Iran, had to flee their country as their lives and personal safety had come under a serious threat from the security forces of the regime.

Currently in a state of bewilderment and under the worst living conditions, they are staying in their neighboring country of Turkey hoping to seek asylum in a Western country.

Another threat endangering the personal safety of our compatriots in Turkey is the active presence of the Islamic regime’s agents and with the operational freedom that these agents enjoy in Turkey. Additionally, with the close relations between the Turkish government and the inhumane Islamic regime, there is an incentive for the Turkish government to return the opponents of the regime back to Iran, as they have done so frequently in the past.

The expelling of the protesters by Turkey to Iran has ended in many occasions with executions of the expelled asylum seekers.

Our group and the co-signatories of this petition intently appeal to you to use all the facilities available to you and your organisation as well as your moral and legal influences to put an end to this prolonged and bewildering suffering of these protesters, wh... >>>

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