Growing Concern about War and Sanctions

NIAC members make their concerns clear


Growing Concern about War and Sanctions
by Nobar Elmi

Over the last decade, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) has been steadily growing in size, strength and political influence.  With approximately 4,000 dues-paying members and 43,000 supporters who subscribe to our emails and attend our events, NIAC is the largest Iranian-American grassroots organization. I'd like to emphasize the word "grassroots." Why? Well, because this word means a lot to me personally and to the organization as a whole.

To put it simply, NIAC could not exist without the support and guidance of our grassroots membership. Not only do they write and/or call in to regularly offer feedback and suggestions, but their financial support provides approximately 70% of our operating budget. 

Perhaps what is most valuable is our members' role in shaping our agenda on an annual basis. They do this by participating in our members-only survey.  The results help us determine how best to focus our efforts and resources as well as how to prioritize our policy positions.  And, the results of this year's survey are clear. 

Concern about war with Iran has only intensified since our last member survey, and our members overwhelmingly chose to keep preventing war as NIAC’s top priority.  Concern about sanctions aimed at the entire Iranian population has also grown, with the issue rising to the second priority.  NIAC members made supporting human rights in Iran, supporting the civil rights of Iranian Americans, and promoting Iranian cultural heritage the third, fourth, and fifth priorities, respectively. 

Here’s more on the issues:

Preventing War: NIAC members emphatically selected preventing war and promoting a peaceful solution to the US-Iran conflict NIAC’s top priority.  74% made it their top priority, and 15% made it their second highest priority. Asked to rank their priorities 1 through 5, preventing war averaged 1.4, with 1.0 being the highest possible number.

Opposing Broad Economic Sanctions: NIAC members made opposing broad economic sanctions that hurt the Iranian people their second priority, with an average rank of 2.5. 86% of NIAC members “oppose sanctions aimed at Iran’s entire economy,” while only 7% disagreed with this position.

Supporting Human Rights: Supporting human rights in Iran was ranked as the third highest priority with an average ranking of 2.9.  A strong majority further supported targeted sanctions against human rights abusers in the Iranian government, and NIAC will continue to support targeted human rights sanctions.

Supporting Civil Rights of Iranian Americans: Supporting the civil rights of Iranian Americans was selected as the fourth highest priority, just behind human rights in Iran, with an average ranking of 3.1. 

Protecting Heritage: NIAC members ranked protecting Iranian cultural heritage, such as the Persepolis Tablets, as NIAC’s fifth priority for the year ahead. The issue ranked 3.8.

437 dues-paying members participated in this year’s survey, making it larger than the sample sizes of other surveys done of our community at-large.  Although not a scientific survey of the entire community (as the survey measures the views of our active members), past NIAC member surveys have corresponded with the results of scientific community-wide surveys.

Based on the results below, the year ahead promises to be busy and, at times, difficult.  But, by unifying as a community to take action and be heard, no hurdle is too high. We all know there is power in numbers, so we look forward to working together to accomplish our goals and increase our community’s political influence.


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What would we do if NIAC

by vildemose on

What would we do if NIAC was not here to guide us to the polls?? We should thank "our leader" for proiding us with such "unknown" info about the election.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir



by Truthseeker9 on

You yourself were positive about delisting of MEK, so how would you like to be accused of being a "sympathiser" or "supporter" of MEK?



Good News

by Imam-e Zaman on 

On balance it's good news . More than 3000 of the bravest Iranians are stuck in a hellish environment. I hope this will allwo them to find a permant settlement in some other country. But I find it  very ironic.  What is most regretful is that this has come at a heavy price . Did they have to sell their souls to the zionists and western countries to achive this kind of salvation? 

iraj khan

In Case It Was Missed,

by iraj khan on

Campaign 2012, The National Iranian Americans Council: 

Our Voice.  Our Vote.

This November, we are looking at what could be one the closest elections in a decade.  States and districts with large Iranian-American populations could make the difference in deciding who will be our next President and whether Democrats or Republicans will control the next Congress.  It’s essential that our community's voice is represented at the ballot box on November 6.

Our challenge to you is to help us get the word out! By encouraging your friends and family to register to vote, you’re helping our community grow in influence. Use the Share Tool at the top of the page (provided by the link below) to spread the word via email, Facebook and more.

The following information is to help get you informed and prepared for Election Day.




by kouroshT on

Yes, they speak of freedom of speech, but they are the first to gang up to silence freedom of speech and if that doesn't work, they delete and block.



If you are pro Iran, why do you take it personally when people post anti Israel comments? Why destruction of Iran and starvation of Iranians sounds logical to you?  It is about risks and rewards. Is it logical to get many on all sides killed to get rid of VF when you can do that in much easier ways? Why aren't you in Iran helping or directing a movement?


If you are not pro oil

by vildemose on

If you are not pro oil mafia, pro rafsanjani and his boys then you are pro war?? is that the logic?

I propose the opposite. If you are pro oil mafia, pro-niac (pro rafsanjani and his boys) , pro-reformist (read pro IRI), you are not only anti-war, by virtue of supporting IRI's foreign policies you are  pro-war jihadists; You are in fact, anti-peace, anti-human rights, and anti-Iran in the larger scheme of your real agenda. NIAC's anti-war tantamounts to hiring an arsonist to become your city's Fire chief.



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Imam-e Zaman

Dear Kourosh

by Imam-e Zaman on

Thanks Kourosh for voicing your opinion. It is easy to get the impression that this site is taken over by a bunch of neocons that want nothing but destruction and disintegration for Iran and starvation for its people in the name of opposing its regime. I know for sure this is not majority opinion for the Iranian American community at large. Just look around and ask your friends. We need more of the silent majority to speak up.

Imam-e Zaman

To All

by Imam-e Zaman on

To all:

This is in regard to the exchange between Mr. Kazemzadeh and  Soosan Khanom. Mr. Kazemzadeh had to be reminded that he had far exceeded the established boundaries of civic discourse. I wish the exchanges had not been deleted so that everyone could see and judge for themselves.


On another note there was a mention of JM, which I understand to mean “Jebheh Melli”, by Mr. Kazemzadeh.  All I know about JM is the proud legacy of Dr. Mosaddegh. But I had thought it was defunct now. Nevertheless,   I have been left with a negative impression of this organization by Mr. Kazemzadeh’s association with it. After all if you are a high ranking official of a so-called political organization you do your utmost to build consensus and gather support, not the opposite. If any of you out there know more about JM, I appreciate it if you educate me about what they do and what they are up to.


Soosan khanoom

by kouroshT on

When they use insults to bring you down, they only prove you are higher than them.


Masoud Kazemzadeh

by kouroshT on

I thought highly of Jebhe Melli until I read some of your blogs and comment on this site. The best thing you can do for JM is not give your opinion!!! Specially, with you dragging a title as a high ranked member of INF-OA, an elected member of the INF-O (U.S. Branch) Executive Committee and INF-O (U.S. Branch) Central Committee. I further advise JM to throw you out of JM. If that doesn't happen, I consider the rest in line with you and I have found your opinions many things but Melli.

I think Soosan Khanoom is 100% correct about your quest for power and I add to that a typical jealous Iranian.

I am not a NIAC fan, but at least they have taken some positive steps to prevent war, possible starvation, etc. The kind of disasters you are supporting and promoting in the name of Jebhe Melli. One does not need a whole a lot of searching to see who you are. You remarks and opinions in just one of your comments that you put in numbers, specifically # 6 through #9 clearly describes you and I hope those are not JM beliefs.

You are self destructive.

Darius Kadivar

Soviet Union Collapsed because Reagan Increased Military Budget

by Darius Kadivar on

Notably with the ambitious 'Star Wars' which made the Soviets realize that they could never be able to win the race. That is what led the Soviets to launch their reforms known as the Perestroika which ultimately led to the dissolution of the Soviet Empire and all the Velvet Revolutions in Eastern Europe.


It was Reagan's Tough Retoric which avoided War ... where as Carter's Soft and weak policy of appeasement with the Russians only encouraged the latter to invade Afghanistan in 1980 a year after the Islamic Revolution in Iran.


Democrats are the last to offer any constructive policy when it comes to international relations. Not only they shoot themselves in the foot they work against their own long term interests by empowering the enemies of the United States but ultimately hurt the legitimate struggle for Freedom of those people who seek the same freedoms and opportunities and those living in the land of the Free !


Obama's Policy of appeasement is against the interest of the Iranian people on the long run and will only strengthen the Mullahs ...


Obama's administration can pretend that the NY Times Article is a Fake ...


US rejects Iranian talks report (bbc)



We Iranians opposing the IRI Know it's True ...


Obama's Catasrophic Foreign Policy Choices is to Middle East in it's ENTIRETY What Carter was to Iran ...


That in itself shows what a Disaster and dissappointment this administration has been to not only the IRanian People but the Middle East in general ...


The Syrian People can vouch on that ... So Can the Iranians 


Fool me once, Fool me twice ... No More ! 



Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear Admin

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Admin,

I would like to ask that you NOT to delete the vicious personal attacks and insults against me by "IZ." As a civil libertarian, I defend his/her RIGHT to make odious personal attacks. The readers of site are very intelligent persons, and are able to understand what constitutes unethical personal attacks and what does not. I would like to see that ALL the readers to read the odious insults that IZ has made and see what kind of unethical person he/she is.

Also I would like to ask that you not to accept the demand of some to censor my posts. Please let all the readers to read all the posts. They are thoughtful and can judge who is HONEST and ETHICAL, and who is DISHONEST and UNETHICAL.

Thank you,



Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

"Imam-e Zaman",

Instead of making vicious personal attacks and insults, may I request that you make arguments based on logic and evidence.

Thank you,




Anonymous Observer

Thanks for the news report Vildemose

by Anonymous Observer on

That is a HUGE development--if it actually takes place, of course.  I didn't get the chance to read the NYT this morning as I ususally do on Saturdays.  So, thanks for bringing it to our attention.  IC should post the report here.  

Imam-e Zaman

Dear Soosan Khanoom

by Imam-e Zaman on

I'm sorry that you have been the subject of abuse by some sick individuals. This is exactly a microcosm of what' wrong with our culture. Do not relent in pursuing your ideals.

iraj khan

Soosan Khanoom, Well Said Indeed

by iraj khan on

The pro 'Starving and bombing Iran' crowd are also committing Cyber Bullying against you and other peace loving individuals on this website.

As you know Cyber Bullying is defined as

"cyberbullying include communications that seek to intimidate, control, manipulate, put down, falsely discredit, or humiliate the recipient. The actions are deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior intended to harm another."

This is exactly what has been happening to you by a few individuals who know who they are. Their hatred has turned them into very violent and aggressive individuals.


Soosan Khanoom

Mr. Kazemzadeh, you are calling me a liar, a charletan

by Soosan Khanoom on

while it is your own writings in that blog that made me see you as a MEK supporter or sympathizer.  Now, if you want to change your earlier statement and/or explain it further to me in a way that I do not see that in you anymore, that is fine. You can start by saying that, you are sorry for not being clear in the earlier blog which clearly has caused reader's confusion. But to keep insulting me is not going to do you any good.  Don't you know that when you are in a deep hole you should not be digging further?  This is you who owe me an apology not me.  I was not rude to you.  I said you support them or you are a sympathizer. Is that an insult? if so then why are you congratulating their delisting?  You may forgive Rajavi but do you think a mother who had lost her child to their recruiting campaign can ever forgive them?  You should be ashamed of yourself for calling me a liar and a charlatan, this is not a way to win any argument.

I have been insulted on this site before and  much more severely than things you are calling me now but I only responded to you cause I had higher respect for you as a university professor.  Unfortunately, you have proven me wrong.    

I take your word as you are telling me straightly that you are not an MEK sympathizer or supporter.  Perhaps you should rewrite your own blog to make it more acceptable to your readers.  Furthermore, you call it a lost for VF, I see it a "win" for VF.   We can agree to disagree. 




Masoud Kazemzadeh

Agha Mehrdad A

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Mehrdad A,

I do not think it is the acronyms. Soosan Khanoom appears to be suffering from serious emotional problems in the past two months, probably caused by all the defeats suffered by NIAC and vf regime.


It looks like she is having an emotional meltdown.


My 2 cents,



maziar 58

Abe gel...

by maziar 58 on

Abbe gel alood va chand "sayyade" maher!!

Hope the current situation is not that gel allod cause we'll (Iranians) have to get hijacked another time by them "shayyads".


Mehrdad A

Aghaye Masoud

by Mehrdad A on

Thank you for making Soosan Khanom scream. I didn't know only an acronym (MEK) could bring that much joy to someone...

Soosan Khanoom

Mr. khazemzadeh , How low can you get?

by Soosan Khanoom on

I judge you by things you have said on this site alone.  As a reader, with no particular interest in any political group other than those that share my anti sanctions and antiwar stands, I have found you to be the only professional politician on this site who constantly contradicts himself. You have to win over the Iranian-American community who are actually living outside of this little corner of internet aka  Unfortunately, by your campaign of insults and cheap shots you certainly can not do that.  

I am going to refer you to your most recent blog concerning this subject among numerous other comments that you made in support of MEK. You could have simply proven me wrong and asked me to reconsider my understanding of your position. Made it more clear to me as why I am wrong.  Instead you insulted me by calling me a liar, a charlatan, etc.  

I understand that some here are having serious problem with NIAC but I have not found their arguments reasonable. The more I read hate comments towards NIAC and its active members such as Nobar and Beheshteh , the more I feel like to show up and support these bloggers.

Unfortunately, when it comes to you, Mr. Kazemzadeh, I only see your political existence as a quest for power followed by the recognition of a few online supporters of yours on this site.  You owe me an apology cause i have not been rude to you. 


" by Masoud Kazemzadeh


Winners: the PMOI.

Losers: VF regime, NIAC

I congratulate the PMOI for this great victory. I thank Secretary of State Clinton for making the correct decision."


Mr. kazemzadeh,

I am 100 percent sure that MEK delisting only has given VF more alibis to crack down the real democratic movement in Iran, the same way that threat of War is being used to feed VF's appetite towards the creation of even more dictatorial state. It is actually a victory for VF. 

Labels are what you and your followers on this site are constantly using against those who dare to disagree with your views. I, however, only judge you by your own writings.

Unlike you, I do not believe the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We did the same mistake in late 70s and gave our country to the Mullas. Let us hope not to repeat the same mistake and give it this time to the MEK.  People like you, Mr. Kazemzadeh, can fool us once but shame on us if we allow them to fool us again. 

At the end,  it is the will of the masses inside Iran that are going to be the 
determining factor rather than the political groups outside of Iran who can not wait to bomb their way to power.  





by vildemose on

 Breaking News:

 WASHINGTON — The United States and Iran have agreed for the first time to one-on-one negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, according to Obama administration officials, setting the stage for what could be a last-ditch diplomatic effort to avert a military strike on Iran.

From the NYT

News of the agreement — a result of intense, secret exchanges between American and Iranian officials that date almost to the beginning of President Obama’s term — comes at a critical moment in the presidential contest, just two weeks before Election Day and a day before the final debate, which is to focus on national security and foreign policy.

October Surprise?



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear Faramarz and Dear Mehrban

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Faramarz jaan,

Thank YOU for all your wonderful posts.  I have learned a lot from reading your posts.  I also enjoy your fantastic sense of humor.


Best regards,



Mehrban jaan,





Dr. Kazemzadeh

by Mehrban on

I caught the proverbial drift :).   Thank you.

iraj khan

In case you missed..

by iraj khan on

Washington, DC -

“The most recent sanctions were actually described by some of the advocates on the Hill as being the strongest, most comprehensive sanctions ever put in place on a country,” said NIAC Policy Director Jamal Abdi, opening a Capitol Hill panel discussion on the humanitarian impact of Iran sanctions.  “When you hear that and you think about the experience of the Iraq, where we had pretty stringent sanctions in place, in which conservative estimates say 375,000 children died as the result of the sanctions, we want to know--is this the pathway of the Iran sanctions or are these smarter sanctions? Have we learned from these mistakes?”



Thank you Masoud Khan

by Faramarz on



Thank you for your thorough analysis of NIAC.

We have exposed these people and they don't dare show their faces in public, at least not around Iranian-Americans.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear Vildemose, Thank you

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Vildemose,

Thank you for your kind words.







1. NIAC wants to spread the notion that the views of its members correspond to those of the Iranian Americans. Based on my observations, NIAC’s claim is false. I presented one quantitative example here. For numerous other qualitative examples and numerous testimonies of others who strongly oppose NIAC, see:



The views of NIACis are actually very very different than the views of the rest of the Iranian American population. One could easily observe these on this very site and on this very thread.

2. On my views on the PMOI, you may want to see:



3. My views on the Israeli Lobby:

The terrorist regime gives weapons and money to terrorist groups such as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Lebanese Hezbollah as well as to HAMAS. Therefore, the Israelis retaliate against the terrorist regime. That is why the Israelis help those who oppose the terrorist regime. The Israelis also help Reza Pahlavi and the monarchists. If the terrorist regime was not giving money and weapons to the terrorist groups killing Israelis, then the Israelis would not have been helping those who oppose the vf regime (e.g., Reza Pahlavi, monarchists, PMOI, Balochis, etc). It is called tit for tat.

4. We in JM are staying out of the fight between the terrorist regime and Israel. We in JM promote the national interests of Iran. We oppose the IRI’s jihadi foreign policy of making war against other countries in the world. We consider it against the national interests of Iran to pick fights with other countries in the world (e.g., the U.S., Israel, etc).

In the democratic system that we hope to establish in the post-fundamentalist Iran, we will NOT pick fights with other countries. We will have good relations with the U.S. The democratic Iran will NOT pursue a jihadi warmongering policy that has been the foreign policy of Khomeini and Khamenei.

I hope this is helpful.






I commend you Dr. Kazemzadeh

by Peril on

I commend you Dr. Kazemzadeh for your honesty, bravery and dedication to the idea of freedom and liberty.
Thanks for your straightforwardness, a rarity among politicians.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Condemning the LIES of the Pro-NIAC Charlatan Soosan Khanoom

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Condemning the LIES of the Pro-NIAC Charlatan Soosan Khanoom


SK: Mr. Kazemzadeh has never hidden his support for MEK or the fact that he is a sympathizer towards the group.


MK: This is 100% LIE. This LIE is used by the NIAC Internet Response Team, the supporters of the terrorist regime, and the pro-NIAC thugs on this site.

I have never ever been a sympathizer (or supporter or member) of the PMOI. Period.

I am a high ranked members of INF-OA. I have served as elected member of the INF-O (U.S. Branch) Executive Committee and INF-O (U.S. Branch) Central Committee.



Instead of responding to my arguments, the NIAC Internet Response Team, the supporters of IRI, and the supporters of NIAC have spread LIES about me. I strongly CONDEMN these LIES.

Shame on "Soosan Khanoom for LYING about me.




NIAC of IR Tyranny & Oil Corporations

by Maziari on

By now most people have recognized NIAC as an IR apologist organizarion, paid by entities with interests in IR tyranny.


Here is the math: NIAC = Support Reformists = Support IRI

by seannewyork on

People of Iran are fed up with reform and NIAC doesnt get it.  We went into the streets for our vote the first 5 days then we went out to get rid of the regime.

Reformists want to go back to the golden era of the Imam and so does NIAC.  We will use the reformists and exploit them to move our movement forward and when it is time to dump them we will dump them. 

Democracy in Iran.