Growing Concern about War and Sanctions

NIAC members make their concerns clear


Growing Concern about War and Sanctions
by Nobar Elmi

Over the last decade, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) has been steadily growing in size, strength and political influence.  With approximately 4,000 dues-paying members and 43,000 supporters who subscribe to our emails and attend our events, NIAC is the largest Iranian-American grassroots organization. I'd like to emphasize the word "grassroots." Why? Well, because this word means a lot to me personally and to the organization as a whole.

To put it simply, NIAC could not exist without the support and guidance of our grassroots membership. Not only do they write and/or call in to regularly offer feedback and suggestions, but their financial support provides approximately 70% of our operating budget. 

Perhaps what is most valuable is our members' role in shaping our agenda on an annual basis. They do this by participating in our members-only survey.  The results help us determine how best to focus our efforts and resources as well as how to prioritize our policy positions.  And, the results of this year's survey are clear. 

Concern about war with Iran has only intensified since our last member survey, and our members overwhelmingly chose to keep preventing war as NIAC’s top priority.  Concern about sanctions aimed at the entire Iranian population has also grown, with the issue rising to the second priority.  NIAC members made supporting human rights in Iran, supporting the civil rights of Iranian Americans, and promoting Iranian cultural heritage the third, fourth, and fifth priorities, respectively. 

Here’s more on the issues:

Preventing War: NIAC members emphatically selected preventing war and promoting a peaceful solution to the US-Iran conflict NIAC’s top priority.  74% made it their top priority, and 15% made it their second highest priority. Asked to rank their priorities 1 through 5, preventing war averaged 1.4, with 1.0 being the highest possible number.

Opposing Broad Economic Sanctions: NIAC members made opposing broad economic sanctions that hurt the Iranian people their second priority, with an average rank of 2.5. 86% of NIAC members “oppose sanctions aimed at Iran’s entire economy,” while only 7% disagreed with this position.

Supporting Human Rights: Supporting human rights in Iran was ranked as the third highest priority with an average ranking of 2.9.  A strong majority further supported targeted sanctions against human rights abusers in the Iranian government, and NIAC will continue to support targeted human rights sanctions.

Supporting Civil Rights of Iranian Americans: Supporting the civil rights of Iranian Americans was selected as the fourth highest priority, just behind human rights in Iran, with an average ranking of 3.1. 

Protecting Heritage: NIAC members ranked protecting Iranian cultural heritage, such as the Persepolis Tablets, as NIAC’s fifth priority for the year ahead. The issue ranked 3.8.

437 dues-paying members participated in this year’s survey, making it larger than the sample sizes of other surveys done of our community at-large.  Although not a scientific survey of the entire community (as the survey measures the views of our active members), past NIAC member surveys have corresponded with the results of scientific community-wide surveys.

Based on the results below, the year ahead promises to be busy and, at times, difficult.  But, by unifying as a community to take action and be heard, no hurdle is too high. We all know there is power in numbers, so we look forward to working together to accomplish our goals and increase our community’s political influence.


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Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear kind Mehrban

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear kind Mehrban,

Thank YOU for your beautiful poem. I love it.

I do not feeling like fighting a lonely battle. Although for a brief moment there were 4 or 5 supporters of NIAC and vf regime that were attacking me, insulting me, and spreading LIES about me. But before their attacks and afterwards, many wonderful pro-democracy activists were supporting me.

I have a very think skin and the heart of a lion. For about 34 years, the supporters of vf regime and NIAC (more recently) have viciously attacked me and attempted to intimidate me. It has failed.. And it will fail.

My role models are Dr. Mossadegh, Dr. Fatemi, Parvaneh Eskandari-Forouhar, and Nelson Mandela.

I am confident that we will win and democracy will triumph over dictatorship.

Again, thank YOU so much for your kind support.

Best regards,





Dear Dr Kazemzadeh

by Mehrban on

This is for you

طوفان طعنه خنده ی ما را ز لب نشست
کوهیم و در میانهی دریا نشسته ایم

چون سینه جای گوهر یکتای راستیست
زین رو به موج حادثه تنها نشسته ایم

Be well. 

Above is an exerpt from the poem "paasokh" by Forough Farokhzaad 


Oh DK jaan, of course not you! :)

by Mehrban on

I will put a quotation mark around "Dariush" which was apparently the name of a poster who has had a reincarnation as KT.  Your reputation DK jaan, is beyond reproach.  Have a nice day in beautiful Paris.  I am going to bed now it is very late where I am.  

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Basic Info on JM and INF-OA

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

IZ: On another note there was a mention of JM, which I understand to mean "Jebheh Melli", by Mr. Kazemzadeh. All I know about JM is the proud legacy of Dr. Mosaddegh. But I had thought it was defunct now. Nevertheless, I have been left with a negative impression of this organization by Mr. Kazemzadeh’s association with it. After all if you are a high ranking official of a so-called political organization you do your utmost to build consensus and gather support, not the opposite. If any of you out there know more about JM, I appreciate it if you educate me about what they do and what they are up to.



MK: //





Darius Kadivar

Mehrban Jan am I being confused with someone else ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Thought I heard my name associated to KT I've never heard of ???


I hold on to my reputation !  

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Democrats (JM) vs. Tyrants (VF Regime)

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Koroush T: I thought highly of Jebhe Melli until I read some of your blogs and comment on this site. ....

The kind of disasters you are supporting and promoting in the name of Jebhe Melli. One does not need a whole a lot of searching to see who you are. You remarks and opinions in just one of your comments that you put in numbers, specifically # 6 through #9 clearly describes you and I hope those are not JM beliefs.



MK: It is the official policy of Jebhe Melli Iran (inside Iran) to establish democracy. JM is 100% against the ruling tyranny. Period. JM 100% opposed the vf constitution in August-December 1979. We called for public protests against the tyrannical vf constitution in December 1979. Since 1979, the JM has struggled against the velayat faghih dictatorship. Since 1979, the OFFICIAL policy of JM has been and remain the establishment of democracy. JM fully opposes the Nezam Velayat Faghih and struggles to sent it to the garbage can of history.

INF-OA pursues the same policy.

What wrote and you object to are the actual policy of JM (in Iran) and INF-OA.

Obviously, YOU oppose our policy of getting rid of the ruling dictatorship and establishing democracy, freedom, and human rights in Iran.  You oppose changing the regime.  We want to change the vf regime.   That is why you and the vf regime are one side and the opposition to the ruling dictatorship on the other.  We in JM and INF support replacing the ruling dictatorship with democracy. We support regime change. I am re-posting the parts of my statement that you objected to:


7. What is most significant and most revealing about the NIAC survey of its own members, is that NIAC officials did NOT even put on the survey the policy option of changing the terrorist regime to democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This shows that getting rid of the terrorist regime and helping establish democracy in Iran is NOT on the agenda of NIAC.

8. And this is precisely the DIFFERENCE between the rest of us and NIAC. We want to change the vf regime to democracy. We want to send the terrorist regime to the garbage can of history. And in this struggle between Iranian democrats and the terrorist regime, NIAC is NOT on our side.

9. The best way (and perhaps the only way) to prevent war is to get rid of the war mongers who rule Iran. As I have already argues, we have two real options: war or revolution. Those who have not helped the opposition to get rid of the vf regime, have increased the likelihood of war. Those who have helped the vf regime have increased the likelihood of war.





KT/"Dariush" you may not be sick but you certainly are a lazy

by Mehrban on

irresponsible reader and poster.  After you kept repeating that you had had an exchange with me, I searched for "with deadly plans call yourself mehrban" in the IC archives; here are the results, now I know you were lazy then as Dariush you are lazy now as KT;

before you accuse people of such savage statements you should check your facts at least once.  Decent people check their facts many times.  Here is what popped up for your enlightenment, I believe you hardly have convinced anyone here that those were my words for them to bother with the chain of comment.  But here they are .....

To start with Please note what I have written to you (Dariush at the time) at the bottom of my comment in 2009.

"You may have read Q's (sarcastic) comment pasted in my post as mine ."

Here is the story: 

A poster by the name "Q" posted a sacrcastic comment which I copied in my comment to him, here is the chain of exchanges

What have I missed?

by Mehrban on Sat May 09, 2009 07:00 AM PDT


Q you said,  "Hamed jan, don't you get it? We will have plenty of time to practice tolerance once we kill all the Mullahs, hang all the Pasdars and westernize all the Muslims".

A sarcastic remark implying that tolerance should apply to the mullahs and the pasdars as well.  Am I wrong?  

At the present what is pressing is the mullah and pasdars' lack of tolerance. It is they who are doing the killing and hanging now not hypothetically in the future.  I have not heard you talk about that. Not that you should, you should do what suits you.  But your protest against a lack of tolerance for mullahs in a post, relating to some hypothetical, far and unknown future seems odd next to your otherwise silence on this issue.  


by Dariush(not verified) on SatMay 09, 2009 09:06 AM PDT


With all the deadly plans that you have, you call yourself Mehrban?
Based on your plans, the number of people being hanged by you will bein hundreds of thousands, making you much worse than some criminals in IRI.This is not the kind of change we need in Iran. This is a change for worse notbetter. Frankly, when IRI reads this kind of comments, they panic and becomemore deadly. Since they can not get their hand on you, other political prisoners and public pays the price.
In a way, you are helping them by giving them reasons. 



by Mehrban on 

I have no deadly plans.  I do believe that there should be room for the clergy and the pasdars, etc in a democracy in Iran if they are committed to uphold the constitution of the country, what ever that maybe at the time.  

My point to Q is in her seemingly selective protest against intolerance, at this point in time the biggest intolerance is being excersised by the Islamic Republic. 

Let me say it a little differently, my problem with Islamists (?) is not that I do not want them included in the political process, it is that they have excluded everyone else. 

PS. You may have read Q's (sarcastic) comment pasted in my post as mine . (?) 


This is where the exchages end. 



Oh KT, have we met?

by Fesenjoon2 on

Cuz I actually look alot like your mother! (of course with the snout and mustache!)

bow wow. 


Kourush T

by Mehrban on

I pity you my sick friend.   You and your cohorts have done much worse to the children of Iran.  Sullying my name pales in comparison to what you and your type are capable of.   




by kouroshT on

Don't you remember? I was being sarcastic and asked you with all these deadly plans you still call yourself Mehrban?

You very well know I cannot find your comment on someone else's blog from a few years ago. But that is OK. If you have abandoned, don't remember or deny it, that is good enough for me. Because post-IRI Iran doesn't need such individuals to spread violence and mass murders.

Am I  to blame for war on Iran?  Those who support and promote war and sanctions are!!!  and  I cannot help a twisted mind. 




by Fesenjoon2 on

Sure! As long as the Islamic Republic is alive and well, there will never be any shortage of idiots and morons to make us laugh.

Check out the latest laugh from Iran:




I just saw this item by Kourosh T. in comments below

by Mehrban on

He accused me of writting a vile and disturbing comment 

I have not only never made such a preposterous comment nor anything that would remotely resemble this savage statement.  this manner of speech or thinking is completely alien to me. 

This poster Kooroush T is unscrupulous and a dangerous liar.  I guess my blog about the irrelevance of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to the Iranian national interest has let the mad dogs loose.  



I have no idea who you are kouroshT but the nonsense

by Mehrban on

you have written here puts you squarely in the troll category.  Keep endorsing IR's foreign policy, the blood of Iranian people in the case of war will be on the hands of the islamists, their supporters and their apparatchiks. 


It you have a iota of courage or self respect you would openly say what you mean by your coy false statements about me. 



by kouroshT on

It is So good to hear from you. I was getting worried. Do you still have your deadly plans or have you abandoned them?

It seems like you finally got a follower.  Congratulations.



by kouroshT on

I thought Fesenjoon2(Hapoo) and Faramarz are the funny ones here, but you can be funny too sometimes.

Where did we supported IRI. Who is terrorist? Can I say where is Israel? when did Iran rage war against her neighbours? who is warmongering in ME and around the world? why NIAC's statistics are bothering you? Who cares about their numbers? We have much bigger poblems. Correct me if I am wrong! Trita has number of times spoken against IRI and their human right abuses and crimes. You are not going to tell me IRI has ordered Trita to criticize them, are you? Trita even called me names long time ago. He seems to have a short temper and blows fuses quickly, just like Masoud kazemzadeh. But I forgave him, since he has tried to do some good for the country. I believe if IRI had respected human rights and gave basic freedoms, many in oppositions including MEK and some on this site wouldn't have slept with enemies.  IRI is guilty with respect to domestic policies, but I cannot blame them for most of  their foreign policies. In fact, some might argue they have been soft on their foreign policies.

I agree with Mammad and his remarks.



Voice of Reason

by jirandoust on

"In my opinion, NIAC must be looked at like any other organization.
Criticize it when it must be criticized. Defend it when its actions are
good, defendable, and useful to Iran's national interests - and it is
you who makes that decision - and reject those positions and course of
action that are against the national interests of Iran, regardless of
who hates it, who supports it, what anyone says about it, etc."

The best comment ever on the subject. Thanks, Mammad!

You were among the last few voices of reason here on IC. It's sad that you have decided not to blog here anymore, but I can understand why!


If there is a war on Iran, Islamists are the culprit

by Mehrban on

Callously at worst and stupidly at best they have involved Iran in a conflict irrelevant to it's national interest.  No one will be as responsible for this travesty as the Islamists.



cheh ajeeb

by Shepesh on

Some people come and personally attack people and then call IC most hatred-filled website anywhere.


Soosan Khaanoum and like-minded friends

by Mammad on

1. Arguing with MK is, in my opinion, useless. He bemoans "vicious personal attacks," but he uses this himself all the time. Just read his angry response to whomever that disagrees with him.

2. In my opinion, MK is pro-war, pro-sanction, and pro-destruction of Iran, all in the name of getting rid of the IRI. He has made that crystal clear. He is one of those people that, under the best and most optimistic assessment of his positions, is willing "beh khater-e dastmal, gheysarieh raa beh aatash bekesheh." I am not that optimistic about him though. I know leading members of the National Front in Los Angeles, with many of them my close friends, and do not want to say what they think of people like MK who, in the name of the NF, says things that are not good for the Front.

3. Likewise, arguing with people that cannot see 5 ft ahead of themselves, and hatred has blinded them is useless. One example is the one that utters meaningless statements all the time, never makes any meaningful contribution to anything - at least anything that I consider as such - but ends the comments with a quote, as if it would make the comment "intellegent," "thoughtful," and "deep."

4. 20 years ago MEK adopted the strategy that some members and ardent supporters were allowed to "denounce" it or leave it, so that they can do their propaganda for them without being labeled as MEK. There are at least a couple here on this site. There is one in Los Angeles that has been publishing articles under five different names - yes, 5 - in support of MEK, but when he appears on TV he presents himself as a "reasonable" man, and he is NOT Hassan Daei! Thus, if someone says that he/she is not MEK, but carries water for it, be suspicious.

5. IC is the most hatred-filled website anywhere. Some people who cannot get anything posted or published anywhere, come here and "blog," just to present themselves as "informed," "intelligent," "well-read," and a "blogger." It is a site in which most commentators - they are only a few, but post under a variety of names - come here to demonize Muslims, Islam, etc. If you and people like you leave this site, then it will become an echo chamber for pro-war, pro-sanction, pro-destruction crowd. In that case, people will leave and will not come back. How long can one hear the same nonsense, without an iota of constructive, practicable suggestion?

6. In my opinion, NIAC must be looked at like any other organization. Criticize it when it must be criticized. Defend it when its actions are good, defendable, and useful to Iran's national interests - and it is you who makes that decision - and reject those positions and course of action that are against the national interests of Iran, regardless of who hates it, who supports it, what anyone says about it, etc.


P.S.: For those who will immediately jump to respond: I will not come back to this thread. Feel free to say whatever you want.


Soosan khanoom

by MM on

Hang in there, lady.  

I just got a few minutes to view some of the comments and they are demeaning, condescending and surprisingly coming from a university professor!  Ouch.......  Dr. Mosaddegh would turn in his grave if he knew these folks are his legacy.

I, myself, have been called "an idiot", "sha'ban bemokh" by the same professor big-mouth, as well as Trita Parsi, as of late.  But, hang in there and stick to your opinion since the purpose of these cyber-gangs is to suppress other voices. 


Dear Vildmose

by masoudA on

I wish we had more Iranians like you - just for the record, you used to defend NIAC but with an open mind......I know, because we used to argue about it.   As I said before - NIAC and it's long term purpose has already been defeated in America......people like Iraj Khan, IZ, .....are just here to keep us busy with the irrelevant.......meanwhile what truely matters is the fact that the Iranian community once again shall stand with and vote against Iran's interest - read Obama.   I know you and sevreal other Iran loving members have in the past meda attempts to create the direly needed organization we need to be our voice....don't get discouraged - it is a tough task.......but in America at least - there is always some big money who steps up and supports these JUST causes.....We will get our chance too.   True - the Exxons of the world did use NIAC to keep a smooth flow of oil, also true - Obamas of the world do have $20/hr campaign money for MM and the likes of him -  but if nothing else the Daei court case against NIAC must have tought us and NIAC members a lesson!!  obviously some here are either too naiive or too desprtae to learn. 

Dear Mr.  Kazemzadeh - as you can see most of us are all on the sam e page about NIAC......with the exception of the usual suspects.   Just do what you do - don't get discouraged and don't ever let them make the subject about you - or any other individual.   This is not a popularity contest - it's about Iran. 

Dear Divaneh - I am fully with you - I am all against ANY war in which Iran is involved - any sane Iranian would be.    But I also will never take a military aggression against IR off any tables in case they ever pull an Assad in Iran.  


Rejecting NIAC lies does not make one pro-war

by divaneh on

Rejecting NIAC claims of popularity amongst Iranians (which as shown here is baseless) does not mean that we are supporting a war on Iran. Many of us are against the war on Iran and still do not buy into these made up statistics.

I would like to echo Vildemose that there is no bigger pro-war amongst us than those who support the war mongering IRI. Now let's see SK, IZ, KT and IK blame the IRI dictators for not reflecting the true voice of peaceful Iranian nation who does not want war with anyone including Israel.

iraj khan

با تشکر سوسن خانوم

iraj khan

ما از اون بید هایی‌ نیستیم که به این با د‌ها به لرزیم (:-)


Extra Extra read all about it....

by Fesenjoon2 on

جدیدترین شماره روزنامه کیهان برای تشنگان ولایت و عاشقان امامت منتشر شد. در این شماره میخوانید:

جاستین بیبر مسلمان شد. 

ساق پای نیکی کریمی قلب آقا امام زمان را به درد آورده است.

یوگی در مصاحبه با باشگاه خبرنگاران: از حسن عباسی شکایت میکنیم! 


Soosan Khanoom

Dear Imam Zaman , Kourush, and Iraj khan.

by Soosan Khanoom on

I really truly appreciate your understanding of this unfortunate situation.  I , myself, in the past felt the need to step in and stop MR. kazamzadeh of harassing yet another IC member.  This, so called high ranking official of God knows where, has the tendency to insult people in the worst possible manner rather than get to any logical argument.  So this is not his first time and i am not his first victim. He always feels the urge to unleash himself on his opponents.  Cause it is all about his ego. It is about his, either my way or highway mentality, with no room to even argue.  Unfortunately, as you are witnessing it here, the people who are supporting Mr. Kazemzadeh's behavior towards me are no better either.  Their egos are larger than life.   Democacy is the last thing in their mind. 

My dear IZ, KT, and IK; Words fail me when it comes to my appreciation of what you are standing for here.  As long as there are people like you who stand up for the rights of one's free speech without being harassed, then, there is also a hope for bringing democracy to our motherland.  People like you who are well aware that by doing so, they may themselves become the subject of harassment, but yet still, are brave enough to stand up and say enough is enough.  People like you are a gem. 

Thank you  

: ) 


One more point IZ

by Truthseeker9 on

Look at this thread and the comments by Iranfacebookcom and Logliveiran. MK is using his own name. Can you see how misrepresenting people can be potentially dangerous? You are included as one of these people allegedly as a Sympathise and Supporter.


What is most worrying is how NIAC has email address of IC members and may find their IP addresses. Some people on this thread have already pointed out.  



by Truthseeker9 on

I disagree with you. Someone who tries to manipulate public opinion against a person by misrepresenting them should be pulled up for it. It is political point scoring in a most unattractive way. Sorry, but I have seen enough of the other persons comments to know they are no angel themselves. Also, just because someone is female it doesn't mean they should be treated with kid gloves, if they want to enter Politics and debate, then they should be prepared to be treated as an equal. 

Imam-e Zaman

Kazemzadeh's outburst

by Imam-e Zaman on


I am proud of my position about defending the delisting of MKO. I have always believed that NIAC was wrong on that issue.  The issue is not about the content of what SK and Kazemzadeh were debating. Kazemzadeh has every right to challenge the statement of Soosan Khanom.  Although, I am convinced that Soosan Khanom’s assertions are absolutely true.  The issue was about the way Kazemzadeh talked to Soosan Khanom. It was demeaning and outrageous, and in any environment it called harassment. You don’t expect this kind of language from anyone, especially a university faculty. Would you be willing to vote for President Dr. Masoud Kazemzadeh in not distant future in a free Iran? These are the kinds of freedom fighters who want to bring democracy to Iran.


KT: I just read the rest

by vildemose on

KT: I just read the rest of your arcane jibberish...You don't know anything about me and you're assuming a whole lot. As I said before, I do not engage reformists or Islamists.  


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


 KT: Being pro-Iran

by vildemose on


Being pro-Iran means being anti-Israel?? Only an Islamsit would think that. Islamists don't consider anybody Iranian unless they are jihadist and radical muslims.

 Please read Mehraban's excellent blog and all the comments on that thread. If you were pro-Iran, you would stay the hell out of Palestine and Israeli conflict, period. I don't need to explain to you anything further than that.


Experience has shown me that engaging with those who spew Islamists talking points are just a waste of precious time.




All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir