Growing Concern about War and Sanctions

NIAC members make their concerns clear


Growing Concern about War and Sanctions
by Nobar Elmi

Over the last decade, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) has been steadily growing in size, strength and political influence.  With approximately 4,000 dues-paying members and 43,000 supporters who subscribe to our emails and attend our events, NIAC is the largest Iranian-American grassroots organization. I'd like to emphasize the word "grassroots." Why? Well, because this word means a lot to me personally and to the organization as a whole.

To put it simply, NIAC could not exist without the support and guidance of our grassroots membership. Not only do they write and/or call in to regularly offer feedback and suggestions, but their financial support provides approximately 70% of our operating budget. 

Perhaps what is most valuable is our members' role in shaping our agenda on an annual basis. They do this by participating in our members-only survey.  The results help us determine how best to focus our efforts and resources as well as how to prioritize our policy positions.  And, the results of this year's survey are clear. 

Concern about war with Iran has only intensified since our last member survey, and our members overwhelmingly chose to keep preventing war as NIAC’s top priority.  Concern about sanctions aimed at the entire Iranian population has also grown, with the issue rising to the second priority.  NIAC members made supporting human rights in Iran, supporting the civil rights of Iranian Americans, and promoting Iranian cultural heritage the third, fourth, and fifth priorities, respectively. 

Here’s more on the issues:

Preventing War: NIAC members emphatically selected preventing war and promoting a peaceful solution to the US-Iran conflict NIAC’s top priority.  74% made it their top priority, and 15% made it their second highest priority. Asked to rank their priorities 1 through 5, preventing war averaged 1.4, with 1.0 being the highest possible number.

Opposing Broad Economic Sanctions: NIAC members made opposing broad economic sanctions that hurt the Iranian people their second priority, with an average rank of 2.5. 86% of NIAC members “oppose sanctions aimed at Iran’s entire economy,” while only 7% disagreed with this position.

Supporting Human Rights: Supporting human rights in Iran was ranked as the third highest priority with an average ranking of 2.9.  A strong majority further supported targeted sanctions against human rights abusers in the Iranian government, and NIAC will continue to support targeted human rights sanctions.

Supporting Civil Rights of Iranian Americans: Supporting the civil rights of Iranian Americans was selected as the fourth highest priority, just behind human rights in Iran, with an average ranking of 3.1. 

Protecting Heritage: NIAC members ranked protecting Iranian cultural heritage, such as the Persepolis Tablets, as NIAC’s fifth priority for the year ahead. The issue ranked 3.8.

437 dues-paying members participated in this year’s survey, making it larger than the sample sizes of other surveys done of our community at-large.  Although not a scientific survey of the entire community (as the survey measures the views of our active members), past NIAC member surveys have corresponded with the results of scientific community-wide surveys.

Based on the results below, the year ahead promises to be busy and, at times, difficult.  But, by unifying as a community to take action and be heard, no hurdle is too high. We all know there is power in numbers, so we look forward to working together to accomplish our goals and increase our community’s political influence.


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There is no there there!

by Faramarz on




As Gertrude Stein once said, "there is no there there!"

Your gathering of 100 people and managing to extend the earthquake relief to the Regime by a few weeks where Iranians get arrested for going to Azarbaijan and trying to help the victims is a sham.

Sooner than later this Regime will collapse and Iranians will be free, but if you want to show your face over there, you better start supporting the Iranian people and their human rights.


A question for Ms. Elmi

by nozarmahallati on

Dear Ms. Elmi, 

With respect to concerns and activities of NIAC regarding violation of human rights, has your organization done anything to improve the situation of Baha'i's in Iran?

Would you mind sharing a few links to printed info or site events at which this issue was brought up or discussions with or letters to those in power in IRI ?

Much obliged. 


NIAC groupies show up

by vildemose on

NIAC groupies show up wherever their boss tells them..What a pathetic sham...


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


So Iraj Khan -

by masoudA on

Let me make sure I understand - beyond the dog and pony show - Your claim to success is that NIAC was able to string 100 Iranians to go to US Congress asking them to stop the sanctions against IR?  

BTW - Whose idea was to have Tom Dine of AIPAC in there????? what about Colonel Wilkerson......could NIAC not do better y=than thge nut job, dismissed even by Powell? 

iraj khan

Two weeks ago,

by iraj khan on

hundreds of Iranian Americans came to our nation's capital for the second annual Leadership Conference Organized by the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). 

The agenda was diverse, but so was the speaker roster.  Attendees listened to top decision-makers and opinion leaders answer questions like "Are we going to war?" "How can we increase our community's political influence?" and "Are the Iran sanctions worse than Iraq?"

Perhaps one of the most important takeaways from this conference was the power of advocacy.  On Tuesday morning, our members met with over 30 Congressional offices and asked that the sanctions waiver, which was due to expire, be extended to provide humanitarian relief for the earthquake victims in Iran.  A week later, their request was granted. The sanctions waiver has now been extended until mid-November, allowing much needed assistance for those who need it most.

Click here to view video highlights from the event.

More information is forthcoming.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on


that or... i was thinking maybe Trita was not returning her phone calls and answering her emails...

I seriously think she should be allowed to climb up the ladder at NIAC and reach the Vice presidency.



Doctor Mohandes, about Soosan Khanoom!

by Faramarz on



She seems very unhappy lately!

I think that she is spending too much time in the lab dissecting frogs, hoping one will turn into a prince!

Dr. Mohandes

We've gotta hall of famer here!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Have you all gotten this one yet?

"this is to announce that We have elected Madam soosan khanoom to the hall -of-fame of our most ardent supporters. A reception will be held to officially share this exciting news with our clients!" No dates or locations were mentioned in the email.


Congratulations SK joon. So now that you have become a hall of famer where are you gonna go? Disneyland?:) 


NIAC has 3 of my email addresses from 2003 (sham organization)

by seannewyork on

I hate this organization and they count me as a supporter.  Also, what a bunch of lies NIAC does not stop or start an wars.  Give me a break.

What happened to our members top priority is to stop MKO?  What heppened to your members not wanting IRGC on the terrorist list?

I dont know any Iranian that has MKO as a priorty no matter how hated they are.  Iranians left Iran because they hate this regime and want it gone.




I was under impression

by MRX on

priority for every Iranain is Palestine. boy was I wrong!!!!


 Mehraban jon: That is

by vildemose on

 Mehraban jon: That is indeed very disturbing...who know what else was given to this dubious organization? Our IP's? Or passwords?

This is shameful.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


would or

by vildemose on

would or be a representative sample??

NIAC or or or

How to lie with statistics? Download the PDF file.




All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


NIAC doesn't address the core issue

by Shirzadegan on

How can we overthrown Islamic Criminal Gang who occupied Iran for last 33 years?

Please respond promptly.

Much appreciated.


43,000! Without their consent!

by Mehrban on

I am actually very disappointed at IC to have shared my email address without my consent to NIAC.    


Dear Nobar

by masoudA on

Thanx for being part of the new generation of Iranian American who wants to be politically active........Just beware not to become tools for people or organizations who do not care about Iran or Iranians....all they care about is to keep the oil flowing.   IR can kill half of the population in Iran and Trita and NIAC will still ask USA and the world not to attack Iran in the name of Peace!!!!

Mehrdad A


by Mehrdad A on

It's like the MEK's claim of 100,000 attending a demonstration, with the exception that MEK has sketchy photos and these guys blurred vision. Also, only 8% supporting human rights is a disgrace.

Anonymous Observer

"43,000 supporters who subscribe to our emails" - Hilarious!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

Of course, one of those "subscribers" is no other than yours truly, who by virtue of registering as a user on, had the pleasure of becoming an automatic--albeit involuntary--"subscriber" to Ms. Elmi's emails!  

FYI-I have been forwarding them to the spam folder.   

Soosan Khanoom

Thanks Nobar for the informative article ...

by Soosan Khanoom on

NIAC has my complete support... Although, it seems unlikely, but I hope NIAC wins over the shameless campaign of starvation and war that AIPAC has started against the innocent Iranian people.  The toughest economic sanctions ever bestowed upon any nation which  is nothing but an act of war. Iran is under attack. This time, they are in it to win it and to reach their evil intentions they will kill and they will ruin.  At least, NIAC is standing against this mischief .  As an Iranian-American I am proud to see that there is an organization out there that voices my concerns.  

Wish NIAC the best.  Thank You. 

Dr. Mohandes

Thank you NIAC

by Dr. Mohandes on

Thank you. thank you . thank you:))))))

Can someone explian the statistical scale they used to rank people's priorities to me?

something does not add up here.

An Anti-bullshit illiterate:) 

iraj khan

And the Survey says..

by iraj khan on

Preventing War:

"NIAC members emphatically selected preventing war and promoting a peaceful solution to the US-Iran conflict NIAC’s top priority.  74% made it their top priority, and 15% made it their second highest priority. Asked to rank their priorities 1 through 5, preventing war averaged 1.4, with 1.0 being the highest possible number."

Thank you NIAC for your understanding and hard work to represent us.



A Binder Full of Losers!

by Faramarz on



So the results are out and all the 437 members at Camp NIAC voted in lockstep and decided that the Regime should not be challenged or touched if it mined and closed the Strait of Hormuz or bombed Iranian cities to stay in power, like what Assad is doing in Syria.

The 437 members of the grouplet also reaffirmed their position that the business of NIAC is to do business with the Regime and it is America's responsibility to see that the Iranian people are fed and have a roof over their heads.

Finally, with their votes, the members of the "grassroot country club!" conveyed the message that the human rights condition in Iran is just fine and is nobody's business.

Way to go Swedish Meatball and a Binder Full of Losers!


NIAC Lobby, respond!

by Fred on

NIAC Lobby’s announced effort to “prevent war” has to be commended.

However, NIAC Lobby refuses to answer questions about its documented close relationship and dealings with various high officials of the warmongering Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic.

In light of the recent court case, which NIAC Lobby and its lifetime president had jointly brought against an Iranian critic, a case which they lost in the federal court, the need for the lobby to answer the outstanding questions backed by court documents have not gone away.

Lets start the list of questions with what the Lobby likes to emphasize, its grassroots nature.

The Lobby has a lifetime president, what is “grassroots” about it?

Why the lobby was against adding the terrorist Revolutionary Guard to the terrorist list?

What is the relationship between the lobby and Atieh Bahar, a Rafsanjani front company?

Why the Lobby never, ever condemns the Warmongering Islamist Rapists for their illegal nuke activity, warmongering and international terrorism?

There are many other questions, NIAC Lobby, respond!


On supporters & Sample sizes

by robertborden54 on

I think it's a bit disingenuous to cal whoever is on your mailing list a supporter.  I am on your mailing list but I'm not a supporter.  I suspect a lot of people are on your mailing list out of curiosity, just like they are on the mailing lists of many NGOs.  

Second, are there 4000 dues paying members people who have paid dues at some stage during the past say five years or do you have 4000 members who are up to date with the payment of their dues as of today?

Third, what you call a "sample" for your survey isn't really a representative sample of even your membership.  It is in fact 437 people out of your alleged membership of 4000 who volunteered to respond to your survey.  People who do this are those who usually hold stronger views on a given topic than the average person.  This makes the sample less representative not more.  Ask anyone with any expertise on polling and surveys and they'll confirm this.

Lastly in my humble opinion, NIAC or any similar organization would be far more effective defending Iranian-American civil rights than "preventing war".  While NIAC can use its resources to defend individuals or groups who are victims of discrimination, it is highly unlikely that the US government would base its decision to go to war (or not) on anything that NIAC says or does.  Don't kid yourselves thinking that going to meetings at the White House means anyone actually listens.  These meetings are meant to make you think they think you are important.