Growing Concern about War and Sanctions

NIAC members make their concerns clear


Growing Concern about War and Sanctions
by Nobar Elmi

Over the last decade, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) has been steadily growing in size, strength and political influence.  With approximately 4,000 dues-paying members and 43,000 supporters who subscribe to our emails and attend our events, NIAC is the largest Iranian-American grassroots organization. I'd like to emphasize the word "grassroots." Why? Well, because this word means a lot to me personally and to the organization as a whole.

To put it simply, NIAC could not exist without the support and guidance of our grassroots membership. Not only do they write and/or call in to regularly offer feedback and suggestions, but their financial support provides approximately 70% of our operating budget. 

Perhaps what is most valuable is our members' role in shaping our agenda on an annual basis. They do this by participating in our members-only survey.  The results help us determine how best to focus our efforts and resources as well as how to prioritize our policy positions.  And, the results of this year's survey are clear. 

Concern about war with Iran has only intensified since our last member survey, and our members overwhelmingly chose to keep preventing war as NIAC’s top priority.  Concern about sanctions aimed at the entire Iranian population has also grown, with the issue rising to the second priority.  NIAC members made supporting human rights in Iran, supporting the civil rights of Iranian Americans, and promoting Iranian cultural heritage the third, fourth, and fifth priorities, respectively. 

Here’s more on the issues:

Preventing War: NIAC members emphatically selected preventing war and promoting a peaceful solution to the US-Iran conflict NIAC’s top priority.  74% made it their top priority, and 15% made it their second highest priority. Asked to rank their priorities 1 through 5, preventing war averaged 1.4, with 1.0 being the highest possible number.

Opposing Broad Economic Sanctions: NIAC members made opposing broad economic sanctions that hurt the Iranian people their second priority, with an average rank of 2.5. 86% of NIAC members “oppose sanctions aimed at Iran’s entire economy,” while only 7% disagreed with this position.

Supporting Human Rights: Supporting human rights in Iran was ranked as the third highest priority with an average ranking of 2.9.  A strong majority further supported targeted sanctions against human rights abusers in the Iranian government, and NIAC will continue to support targeted human rights sanctions.

Supporting Civil Rights of Iranian Americans: Supporting the civil rights of Iranian Americans was selected as the fourth highest priority, just behind human rights in Iran, with an average ranking of 3.1. 

Protecting Heritage: NIAC members ranked protecting Iranian cultural heritage, such as the Persepolis Tablets, as NIAC’s fifth priority for the year ahead. The issue ranked 3.8.

437 dues-paying members participated in this year’s survey, making it larger than the sample sizes of other surveys done of our community at-large.  Although not a scientific survey of the entire community (as the survey measures the views of our active members), past NIAC member surveys have corresponded with the results of scientific community-wide surveys.

Based on the results below, the year ahead promises to be busy and, at times, difficult.  But, by unifying as a community to take action and be heard, no hurdle is too high. We all know there is power in numbers, so we look forward to working together to accomplish our goals and increase our community’s political influence.


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Well Said

by Khoshkeledoc on

Well said Walt.

Why is it that NIAC insist on using pseudonyms anyway?

Why is it that NIAC never advocate for human rights apart from spouting hot air every once in a blue moon?

Why is it that NIAC members deny the holocaust?

Why is is that NIAC members make personal attacks on Twitter, Facebook, etc on REAL human rights supporters and their familes, who are neither MEK/MKO/PMOI nor 'Zionists'?

Could it be because, as recently exposed in a well-publicized court case, as the Judge said, they are actually supporting a regime which rapes, tortures and executes its own people?

And if the answer could possibly be 'yes', it is between everyone and their conscience whether or not they give any member of NIAC one single second of their attention.

That's also why many Iranians are out there now exposing Obama's proxy support of the regime.

Signed, a non-Mujahideen, non-Netanyahu, human rights supporter.

Bravo Walt, one of the most honest, insightful and RESPECTED members of the international human rights community.

Can't say the same for NIAC.



Peaceful Solution

by Walt on


First of all, this would be a much more meaningful and transparent conversation if you identified yourself, however, I will answer some of your inappropriate questions.

In order to arrive at a peaceful solution a number of common sense prerequisites need to be established.

1. The IRI must cease and desist from training Pakistan Taliban and terrorist in Iran and sending them into battle against US forces in Afghanistan, from Peshawar, Pakistan .

2. Iran must cease supplying high explosives, IED's and arms to the same in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, Africa and Afghanistan.

3. IRI must allow UN inspections of nuclear facilities and prisons and release all political prisoners.  They must also halt executions and establish open and public courts in Iran.  All lawyers, civil and human rights advocates must be released from prisons that were imprisoned for merely doing their jobs and defending innocent victims of the regime.

These are just a few starters if the IRI wants peace, which they don't or they wouldn't have been attacking US property and civilian government workers for the last 30 years directly and through proxies.

I despise NIAC because it has been a tentacle of the IRI since its inception in Cyprus and because it propagates for IRI, a brutal and murderous regime, not only to its own citizens but, to its neighbors.  The leadership of NIAC has misused public funds in both the USA and Europe.  It has tried every way possible to sidestep sanctions which are now beginning to have an affect on the IRI and its proxies.  Most of all, I dislike NIAC for its attacks on reputable and honorable Iranians and Americans who oppose NIAC's myopic views and the IRI's oppressive agenda, both inside and outside of Iran. 

What is in it for me?  Human rights, equal rights and justice for Iranians.  A complete end to hostilities against the US, Israel and anyone else who opposes sharia, a brutal and misguided idea.  I say 'Idea' because there is no just religion that propagates the murder, rape, torture and imprisonment of innocent people who do not agree or wish to practice such an oppressive ideology.  Saving one innocent life is enough incentive for me and the people I work with, although I do believe we have surpassed that number by at least 40 or 50 at this time.  How many people has Parsi and NIAC saved from the regime?

Why am I concerned?  Because I have Iranian friends both inside and outside of Iran and because I abhor the IRI attacks on my friends and fellow countrymen and other peaceful citizens around the world. e.g. suicide bombings of nightclubs, government buildings, Christian churches, schools, hospitals etc etc.

I do not agree with everything Netanyahu does, nor do I agree with Palestinians launching missiles on the civilian population and children of Israel since 1967!!  I do not support Maryam Rajavi but I have acquaintances and some friends in Artesh, Sepah Pasdaran, Royal Iranian Air Force, Iran Police Departments and even in or associated with the mujahideen who oppose Khamenei and the IRI system of persecution, oppression and murder as confirmed in the recent decision against the IRI in the Hague.  I will add that these people also despise Parsi, NIAC and what they stand for and their ludicrous idea of negotiating with a terrorist regime in Iran.

If you read my two previous post you will see some other suggestions for Terita and the NIAC crew such as, try assisting some of the tens of thousands of Iranian refugees who are currently in distress around the globe or dieing on sinking smuggler's ships.

You asked, they are my answers.


Walt Martin



iraj khan

Peaceful Solution to What?

by iraj khan on

Peaceful solution to Iran/U.S conflict.

Peaceful solution in place of a devastating war that will result in death and destruction.

Why do you hate NIAC?

What's in it for you?

Why are you so concerned?

Are you a supporter of Netanyahu? Or Mojahedin?

Just asking,



iraj khan Peaceful Solution to What?

by Walt on

 Mr. Iraj,

Ask those in Evin, Sanandaj and Ahvaz prisons if they want to negotiate with this terrorist regime.  Ask the 20 thousand Iranian refugees in Iraq or the 10 thousand in Turkey if they want to negotiate.

Secondly; If Parsi and NIAC are so concerned about human rights of Iranians, why arent they fighting to have refugee cases aproved more expeditiously than the current 3.5 years in Turkey and longer in other countries?

Ask NIAC why we don't see them actively protesting every execution of innocent prisoners in Iran.

Then ask them why, after being sanctioned by a US Court Judge they would continue to post fictitious membership numbers on public websites. is well aware of the court case and numbers yet, they continue to allow NIAC to post inaccurate information on their website with full knowledge that it is false information.

If Parsi is so good, let us see how many Innocent Iranian refugees he can rescue from Iraqi prisons.  Let us see if his Queen Clinton will tell the Refugee Admissions • Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration • U.S. Department of State and CIS to get their butts in gear and start processing these cases.  Start remitting some of the mis-used NED and EuroPar funding you received.

Walton K. Martin III - Director, USA
Iranian Refugees Action Network
UK Registered Charity No. XT26879

iraj khan

What do Iranian Americans need and say:

by iraj khan on

Support Peaceful Solutions to the U.S.-Iran Conflict 

NIAC seeks a world in which the United States and a democratic Iran enjoy peaceful, cooperative relations.

 To this end, NIAC supports a policy of patient, strategic engagement that includes human rights as a core issue and addresses American and regional security concerns. Such an approach is the most effective way to protect U.S. national security while creating space for the Iranian people’s century long struggle for democracy.

To be successful, America’s Iran strategy must learn from the mistakes made with Iraq. In Iraq, the absence of serious diplomacy put the United States on a path to an unnecessary and avoidable war. The international community imposed indiscriminate sanctions that failed to advance key interests but devastated the civilian population, weakened civil society, and cemented the country’s dictatorial rule. Three decades of Iran policy have put the US on a similar path, and it is one that the United States can ill-afford to continue following.

NIAC seeks a new way forward because a military conflict with Iran would undermine U.S. national security, strengthen Iranian hardliners, and severely undercut Iran’s pro-democracy movement. NIAC rejects the notion that advancing US security interests and promoting the rights of the Iranian people are mutually exclusive, and instead believes that patient, forward-thinking diplomacy can achieve these two vital objectives simultaneously.




'NIAC Member Survey', Questionable Content and Number Claims

by Walt on

Today I began to read Elmi's NIAC propaganda newsletter titled 'NIAC Member Survey Shows Growing Concern about War and Sanctions' and noticed that NIAC is again claiming to have 4000 dues paying members and 43,000 supporters. So my question is, did you submit false discovery information to the court, which is perjury, or are you in fact lying again in this article?

In the recent Washington, DC court case Parsi and NIAC vs Diaoleslam, Parsi failed to prove that National Iranian American Council has any more than 500 members and admitted under oath that not all of them pay dues.

Your second claim of having 43,000 supporters is also a farce. During Parsi's depositions he was specifically asked for this information and his answer was that he counts his email list as active supporters and in fact still counted many people as supporters who had specifically writen to NIAC and asked to be removed from that same list. So, not long after a US Judge sanctions Parsi and NIAC, you are right back to your same old games. I am on your mailing list three times and I am NOT a supporter. I am on your list to keep an eye on your illicit behavior and propaganda machine as are most of the 43,000 so called supporters you claim to have which was never verified by the court because you refused to submit that information to the court and thus sanctioned for non-compliance.
                                                                                             What was learned is that you have no more than 1000 and maybe as few as 500 members and that only about one quarter of them actually pay dues.  It was also learned that you maintain a mailing list and still classify persons who have asked to have their names removed from all NIAC materials including your mailing list as supporters. Isn't this correct? Do I need to open the depositions and prove it to you?

Now, as far as your 'Members Only' survey goes; why is it that you claim to represent Iranian Americans yet they are not allowed to take part in your surveys? They can only partake if they kiss your arse and allow you to propagate them as members. Members of what, Velayat-e Faqih?

Trita Parsi or the rest of the NIAC crew doesn't have the guts to put out an open survey to Iranian Americans because you know your organization would be admonished, just as it was in court against Hassan Daioleslam and by Dr. Arash Irandoost poll which was publically distributed and truly showed what the Iranian Americans diaspora thought of Trita Parsi and NIAC, which was not very flattering.

Why was it that you had to keep your membership list hidden from the court? Is it because half of your members have ties to the Iranian regime in Tehran? That is our guess Trita my boy. Your days are numbered as in less than two weeks, Obama will be out and Romney will be in and he already has your number. The house cleaning will begin and you and your ilk are on the list to receive your walking papers.

The next big lie is this statement. 'To put it simply, NIAC could not exist without the support and guidance of our grassroots membership. Not only do they write and/or call in to regularly offer feedback and suggestions, but their financial support provides approximately 70% of our operating budget.'

Trita doesn't accept guidance and that was proven in Plano, Texas when the Iranian American community was not even allowed to ask questions or voice their opinions. Your budget was swindled from NED and European grant makers that will never give your organization another cent after learning of your true nature and active support for Khamenei and his thugs in Iran. Your last big grant came from regime money launderers and when the heat started to come down on them they quickly closed their doors and scattered.

Lastly, your survey is a joke. Post it online at Huffpo, LA Times, your website and out in the open where a million Iranians will have access to it. Then we will check the numbers. We don't want a Zogby poll either as they refuse to release their methodology or answer questions about who they polled in the last two Iranian American surveys they produced at the request of PAAIA and NIAC. It is easy to fix a poll when NIAC provides the list of pre-arranged participants to be polled.

PS: For Terita - Once a green card is obtained, there are a few green card laws regarding how to keep it. Here's a short list.
•Be completely honest on all of your paperwork. Dishonesty equates to fraud which can lead to a revocation of permanent resident status.
•File a U.S. resident tax return every year. Do not file a non-resident tax return.
•Men between the ages of 19-25 must register for selective service. This allows the U.S., in times of war, to re-enact the draft and require this demographic to join the armed forces.
•Renew your green card every ten years. It is required that one's green card is current.
•Do not break any laws.
•Do not vote in elections reserved for U.S. citizens only.
•Do not move out of the country without obtaining the proper paperwork

Anonymous Observer

NIAC's founder running for IR president

by Anonymous Observer on

//     Enough said!!! 


Dear Shepesh

by masoudA on

This is what NIAC has been doing here for years.......hit and run!!

Divest from War pledge campaign

Please sign the pledge to BOYCOTT ISRAEL IF IT BOMBS IRAN

by Divest from War pledge ca... on

Yes, this is the primary concern of many Iranians. And here is something we can do about it:


 By (nonviolently) increasing the cost to Israel of starting another large-scale war in the region, we may be able to stop it.

So please sign the pledge and spread the word about it.


Questions asked by posters on this blog

by Shepesh on

There have been many questions asked by people on this blog. Is there any possibility of the author answering them point by point? Thank you.

iraj khan

Soosan Khanoom,

by iraj khan on

She is still on the ballots as of this morning.

Sorry for the delay.


wrong - gunga din

by MM on

I do not need to compete for the presidency, since according to the "informed IC-sources", I am already Trita the President!


Let's Watch NIAC Debate Together!

by Faramarz on



Democracy is a great thing, one man, one vote, openness, full disclosure, people competing with each other to be the president and the presidents answering questions.

One of these days, NIAC will have open balloting for the presidency where Soosan Khanoom can compete with Nobar or MM can compete against Ari! 

Yes one of these days, Beheshteh will be allowed to reply to own her blogs on Someday soon, I am sure!

But until then, Tooraj Khan will win secret election by 63% of the vote, just like Ahmadi does!


Dear Vildmose

by masoudA on

Do you not see a problem here......never mind Putin, Castro, Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad,.......have all directly or indirectly endorsing does it feel to be on the same sides with Iran Khan, Soosan Khanoom, NIAC,.....on the US presidential election????  do you see anything wrong in that picture?   Yes - I do understand Bush this...and Bush that.....but when it comes to Iran - the worst thing that can happen is a Sunni Islamists takeover of the middle east - a plan which Obama handlers have been successfuly implementing in the last 4 years....  

Soosan Khanoom

Thanks Iraj khan , Jill Stein from Green Party is

by Soosan Khanoom on

Whom I have high respect for. Unfortunately, she was banned from the last week's presidential debate. she was arrested after she demonstrated against her unfair treatment.   Do you know if her name is still on the ballots?  She sure will have my vote. 


iraj khan

Debate Watching Party Schedule:

by iraj khan on

Join fellow Iranian Americans to watch Presidential debate together.

Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the Undecided are all welcome. Why sit at home when we can watch the debate(s) together and hold our own mini-debates over a few drinks and appetizers!?



"Because maintaining the

by vildemose on

"Because maintaining the excellent foreign policy leadership of Obama and his team and avoiding a return of the worst foreign policy team in the history of the nation, the George W. Bush team, is so important, please sign up to help get Democratic voters to the polls in swing states with our partners at Workers’ Voice, the largest independent Democratic voter turnout operation in the country. You can participate no matter where you live."




All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


 Israeli Mossad "Romneyby

by vildemose on

 Israeli Mossad "Romneyby vildemose on

Israeli Mossad "Romney is Mortally Destroying any chance of a resolution without war


The Almonitor Middle East Newspaper interviewed Efraim Halevy who was chief of the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.

The paper reports that Halevy is very respected man who served under 3 Israeli Prime Ministers and led the secret negotiations with Jordan’s King Hussein that made way for Israel’s historic 1994 peace treaty with that country.

Vote for Romney is a vote for war with Iran.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Any organization that

by vildemose on

Any organization that claims the email list that it has purchased as its "subscribers" is a sham and a fraudulent one 

Dear OnlyIran: What do you expect when their dear "Leader" shamelssly lies  under oath, claiming that his laptop was stolen or has been involved with unsavory characters such as Bob Ney?? 

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Question for NIAC's next

by vildemose on

Question for NIAC's next survey?

Do you support Mousavi, Rafsanjani?

Do you want Iran to go back to "golden Years" of Khomeini and Khatami?

Do you support Keeping the Islamic Theocracy intact while reformers in charge of oil revnues not VF?

Do you support IRI's terrorist foreign policies (anti-semitism and anti-West)  in the greater ME?

Do you like to see Iran involved in a devastating war to save Palestine for the sake of being altruistic?

Do you like to see a "world without America"?



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


I was gone for a few hours

by vildemose on

I was gone for a few hours and all hell breaks loose..Who is issuing death threats against MK?? How is this allowed by the IC admin?

NIAC members issuing death threats should be investigated to truly expose the natuer of this organization. Shouldn't "the dear leader" rein in their rogue members and issue an apology?

Dear MK: I would take this threat seriously as they know your real name and are in contact with the IRI thugs like Zarif.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Misery Loves Company!

by Faramarz on



The coalition of the pro-Regime NIACis are in complete denial of the war that is being waged on Iranians today (daily executions, detention and torture) and instead are seeking comfort in blaming others for the crimes of the Regime.



A New Survey

by masoudA on

1- Do you think it's OK for IR to develop nuclear arms?

2- Would you be for military actions against IR - if the regime commits mass genoceide against the population?

3- Would you be for military strikes targeted on IR resulting in fall of the regime? 

 Conducting a survey or taking a poll has become a decietful science these days......for once I wish NIAC or others would ask the above questions.    my answers (and I think majority of sane Iranians):


Darius Kadivar

Mehrban jan Of course I do

by Darius Kadivar on

no worries 




We know full well who has led Iran down the war path

by Mehrban on

No amount of pretentious civilty will let us forget who has led us down this dangerous path of war.  Islamists with their misguided policies fit only for an imagined universe are responsible for the war on Iran should we be so unfortunate to see it happen.  

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Mammad and MM I am so grateful for your presence on this

by Soosan Khanoom on

Site.  As I mentioned in my comments to Imam Zaman and others, people like you guys are a gem. Thank you so much for your support .

I also hope Nobar as well as Beheshteh will continue with their informative articles.  For undecided people such as me these articles have been very helpful.   I wish these young Iranian Americans as well as the organization that they present the best.  I hope they also find this site to be open to discussions rather than just daily hateful comments towards them.  

Thank you  


DK my last comment to you was genuinely friendly.

by Mehrban on

I hope you realize that.  

Darius Kadivar

Mehrban Aziz ... Oh OK ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I thought something was Strange at the Casino table today ... ;0)


 My First Line



What a sham!

by Onlyiran on

Any organization that claims the email list that it has purchased as its "subscribers" is a sham and a fraudulent one.  But I'm very glad that they have written this article and have given us the true mindset of its members, many of whom have graced us on IC with their presence for years now.  The "survey" tells us exactly what we already knew about NIAC supporters and members, which is something that they themselves have somehwat denied all throughout: that human rights in Iran is the lowest priority for NIAC, its members and its supporters.   I'm really glad (and somewhat surprised to be honest) that they have come out and admitted it so blatently.  

The conclusion reached from this "survey" is that NIAC and its supporters / members are nothing but a lobby group that advocates business as usual (i.e., hard currency) for the IRI so that the IRI can survive for a few more years at the expense of human rights in Iran. 

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Death Threat Against Me by IRI Terrorists :-)

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Trutseeker 9,

Thank you for the link. They have made a death threat against me on the site:



 "by Masoud Kazemzadeh on Fri Sep 21, 2012 04:49 PM PDT - Congratulations to the PMOI"

  • Iran should eliminate any traces of the MEK and Bahais from its soil.

    These stuf should be passed on to Iranian intelligence agencies, they know what to do with these guys