U.S. to remove Mojahedin from terror list

Reward for "renouncing violence and providing intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program"

Washington Post: The State Department is preparing to remove the Iranian opposition group Mujahedin-e Khalq from the U.S. government’s terrorist list, siding with advocates who say the controversial organization should be rewarded for renouncing violence and providing intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program, senior Obama administration officials said Friday.

The decision to begin the process of formally lifting the terrorist label is expected to be conveyed to Congress in documents as early as Friday, according to two senior officials briefed on the matter. The move comes two weeks before a court-ordered deadline and just six days after the dissident group vacated its former enclave in eastern Iraq, averting a feared confrontation with Iraqis who want the exiles out of the country.

Leaders of the group, commonly known by its abbreviation MEK, have been pressing U.S. officials for nearly a decade to rescind the terrorist designation, which they say has hampered their efforts to find homes outside of Iraq. About 3,000 members of the group have existed in a perpetual limbo in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, unwanted by their host country and fearing imprisonment or worse if forced to return to Iran >>>


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What do you mean "congratulations to the PMOI" ?

by MaryamJoon on

"by Masoud Kazemzadeh on Congratulations to the PMOI"  

  • How can you congratulate an organization that assisted Saddam in attempting to invade Iran?   
    • It's a rhetorical question.  I know someone like you cannot handle actually debating the point.  Think you can?  Set up a pure free speech blog and let me at you.  


Picture this, Rajavi, Khamenei, & Ahmadinejad naked in a cage!


And let them fight for their life! Who do you think would win?

Shlomo is for throwing MEK at the mullahs and let them destroy each other.



by jirandoust on

"The Mojahedin of Iran are the antithesis to the mullahs and the only answer to fundamentalism."

NO YOU ARE NOT! You just want to replace mullahs. Your ideology is a mixture of Islam and Marxism. You are Mohammad, Omar, Ali and Stalin combined. You will make blood bath in Iran like no other in history of mankind. 120,000 executions will be a drop in the bucket for you. You have proven your treason and back stabing of Iranins time and again. There is no love between you and Iran or Iranians. removing you from the list is just a reward for your treasonous acts against people of Iran. Do you really think Iranians will ever forget all that?  And you want to rule Iran? Give me a  beak!!!


"IRI is better than MEK by

by vildemose on

"IRI is better than MEK by a hair"??LOL


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


 to face the Music that

by vildemose on

 to face the Music that started playing in 1974, when the late shah/his personal doctor/ad former prime minister/ were first poisened with cancer

what was the name of his personal doctor? Is ther any way you can postumously prove that the Shah was poisoned??

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


even though

by shushtari on

I know these fools don't have a chance of ruling iran, I am very happy that the idiot trita parsi and the rest of his paid mullah lobbyists are squirming like worms is a massive defeat and embarrassment for parsi and his band of fools

now, back to the MEK- what is worse than a akhoond? a marxist akhoond!

iran needs a secular democracy- NOW! 

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Congratulations to the PMOI

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


This is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE defeat for the fundamentalist terrorist regime and the NIAC.




tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

What's the difference between IRI and MEK, they are practically the same But MEK due to their communist views will probably throw you out of your houses and give it to the Khagh!!! Islamic and communist !

No thank you !  


More Cleansing to do!

by Faramarz on



We have been working so hard to cleanse this site of Regimi, Basiji, Tudeh-ei, Marxist, Islamist, NIACi, Reformist, etc. and now we have a Mojahed on this site!

Please spare us the garbage! We have heard it all.

Soosan Khanoom

Majidbia please naroo and enlighten us more ..

by Soosan Khanoom on

So Ayatoallah Masud Rajavi is an answer to the fundamentalism.? Oh please forgive my ignorance but I had no idea!

Perhaps Camp Ashraf was an amusement park something like Disneyland. Can't wait to replace the VF with this Mickey Mouse !!




The beginning of the end for the Mullahs

by majidbia on

Finally the Iranian lobby and the appeasement policy was defeated by the Iranian resistance in pursuit of justice. The Mojahedin of Iran have been struggling against two dictatorships for over 47 years. The struggle against the mullahs tyranny was the hardest because of their inability to run the country which led to big profits by foriegn governments who saw no profit in changing the regime and having a democratic capable government in its place. These powers overlooked years of terrorists activities by the tyrannical regime of Iran abroad and closed their eyes on executions of 120000 political perisoners. Instead they fed the tyranny of the mullahs through their appeasement policies. The top of the appeasement games was keeping the main organized opposition on their terrorist list. This organization through legal means on their own turf, in their own courts beat the superpowers one by one and came out victourious. First Britain then France and Germany and now the United States. The Mojahedin of Iran are the antithesis to the mullahs and the only answer to fundamentalism. This is the beginning of the end to the mullahs tyranny in Iran.


On the B.S. Machine in Full Swing

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

U.S. Representative Dana Rohrbacher, a
California Republican who is one of the group's strongest supporters on
Capitol Hill, said Clinton's decision would send a signal to Iran's
religious leadership.

"The MEK are
Iranians who desire a secular, peaceful, and democratic government.
Nothing threatens the Mullah dictatorship more than openness and
transparency," he said in a statement.


Wooohooooo Well Done USA and West, how good of you, you fantastic humanitarians, seeking openness and transparency.  The People of Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and especially Iran are indebted to you for your sense of honesty and loyalty to ideals.

ki-bood, ki-bood, ma naboodim, khomeini is a ghandhi like figure and MeK are founding father material.  bah-bah chah chah.

Mardom Mazloom

حسین بااونا

Mardom Mazloom

با همست بجز با ملت ایران.


It is not Irony that this act will help extremism and undermine

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the aspirations of Iranians, secular & democratic.  It shows what the USA has loved for Iran all along.


When MeK does finally get off list a very good thing will happen

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

At a non-superficial, very deep level Iranians from America/Britain/France/israel will have to face the Music that started playing in 1974, when the late shah/his personal doctor/ad former prime minister/ were first poisened with cancer, that they need to work together not just against the IRI, but the USA, UK, France and Israel as well, who have no alliance with the aspirations of the people of Iran, but have been the source of thwarting them and deceiving them.  It will be good because Iranians will be careful to never participate in any coalitiion or political movement with the West, as they will finally be aware it will be even more harmful to Iranians.

Whn MeK gets delisted it will be the one failure of the IRI's Lobby in DC, the NIAC, that the consensus of anti-IRI iranians will be deeply sad about.  Especially those that have an understanding of how naked so many Iranians views will have been made regarding who they are up against all along.

Imam-e Zaman

Good News

by Imam-e Zaman on

On balance it's good news . More than 3000 of the bravest Iranians are stuck in a hellish environment. I hope this will allwo them to find a permant settlement in some other country. But I find it  very ironic.  What is most regretful is that this has come at a heavy price . Did they have to sell their souls to the zionists and western countries to achive this kind of salvation?


Down with MEK and NIAC

by seannewyork on

Both are hated organizations.  Iranians want a democracy void of IRI reformists and MEK who help Khoemenei get us into this mess.


ظهور مسعود (مهدی موعود)


نميدانم كجا مسعود گم شد
كجا درگير با آخوند قم شد


يقيناً اينكه حالا گشته مسعود
همان صاحب زمان، مهدى موعود


کامنت زیر را نیز بینید. Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


Benyamin and other Naive types

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

When the USA does this, it is not going to be a mistake.  It is Officlal US Policy and has been.

Benyamin, just because what USA policy has been and is and will be, was never declared to YOU, this doesn't make it a Mistake. Its exactly what the USA has been doing for 40 years now, not an inch off course.  However too many Iranians are totally clueless that the USA has even been on a course for the Middle east!!!!

The Only Mistake is Your Thinking, who remarkably, somehow believe the USA has a positive intention for the region, even after seeing what they just did to the people of Libya and Syria recently, after what was done to iraq and afghanistan and most despicably what was done to Iranians in 79.  When the USA went into Iraq and didn't kill the MeK for the Americans that were murdered by them and being an ally of Saddam, the writing was on the wall that the USA had already made a decision to embolden and support this group to further cause injury to the people of Iran.

Mardom Mazloom

The hate of IRI shouldn't blind us to the point

by Mardom Mazloom on

to stand along with a Red Khmer like group which betrayed Iran and Iranians for decades.

We'll never forget how Massoud, the dwarf, kissed the hands of an Iranian killer


USA is making another historic mistake!!!

by Benyamin on

In 1952 the USA master planned a millitary coup against a democraticaly elected Mossadegh to re-instal the Dictatorship of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. What many people don`t know is that the USA was persuaded aggressively by the Brits axcusing the resurgents of the communism in Iran!

Today the government of Israel is mounting pressure on the USA government to either topple the IRI(which is no Mossadegh by any means nor is a good governemt but between the MEK and IRI, the IRI is a bit better by a hair!!!).

The USA is de-listing the MEK to put pressure on IRI but what they don`t realize is that ordinary Iranians would be reminded of how evil the USA is and how far they would go to acheive whatever  their objections.

The MEK is nothing but an organization that has betrayed Iranians in the worst possible format and killed innocent Iranians in the nam,e of freedom!!!!

The millitant/political groups that would want to forward their political aims through any means has no place in Iran`s present(IRI) nor in her future(MEK).

I as an Iranian ask the USA government to re-think this Idea.


Hopefully the US Govt will do the exact same thing for Americans

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

So for example consider actions that MeK has committed and still commits and forgive Americans that have done the exact same thing, lets think of:

1) all the convicted child abusers in the USA

2) all the convicted of torturing in the USA

3) all the convicted murderers in the USA

4) all the convicted armed robbers in the USA

5) all the convicted extortionists in the USA

6) all the convicted terrorists in the USA

The US Government should side with those who say such individuals should be rewarded if they renounce violence and say they now support democracy! But Why not do this first for all US states, US Government?  Filthy, no? 

Look I have been saying for years, the USA wants extremism, poverty, corruption, dictatorship, regression, suppression for the people of Iran.  I have been saying that just because they deceived many Iranians that the late shah was a dictator, crook, torturor, despot, tyrant, that the opposite is true, these are all qualities of the US Govt, regardless of Democrat or Republican and that it is a blatant lie made up by spiteful & jealous individuals that these were qualities shared by the late shah.  Lets hope Iran has just 2% that get this, because if only 2% can be understading enough to grasp this, there will be a reason for genuine hope for the other 98%.  




بپاس این پیروزی بزرگ خواهران برای انقلاب ایدولوژیک صف کشیده اند


دوباره بساط طرب شد مهیا
دوباره رسیده شب شور و غوغا

شب می فروشی شب باده نوشی
شب لب نهادن به لب های صهبا

شب هو کشیدن گریبان دریدن
شب پرکشیدن پریدن به بالا

چه شب ها که مريم دعا کرده تا ما
همه صیغه گردیدم و بی تاب آقا

غلامی مسعود و مهدى موعود
مراد خدا بوده از خلقت ما


خدایا به روی درخشان مسعود
به زلف سیاه و پریشان مسعود


به جان داده های مسیر عبورش
به شهد شهود شهیدان مسعود

مرا دائم الاشتیاقش بگردان
مرا سینه چاک فراقش بگردان



 فهرست مطالب

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.

Dr. Mohandes

Next move for TP

by Dr. Mohandes on

Becoming a citizen of these United states and hopefully god willing, move on to launch his very own presidential campaign for the year 2016, powered by all the political capital he has ammassed (with the emphasis on assed).



ایرج چاخان!




Say hi to your new neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Mojahedian!

Just moved to the US from Camp Ashraf!


Bad for IRI, but Far worse for Iranians.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The only gift in doing this, is that it takes the mask off the faces of the USA, UK, France and Israel.  Iranians for Democracy, Secular Iranians, Freedom Lovers and Human Rights Activists will yet again be forced to acknowledge the truth regarding the West and its outlook for Iranians. 

Ki bood, ki bood, ma naboodim, bia khomeini, bia mek.



iraj khan


by iraj khan on

of one Messianic Cult (The cult of Zionism) Cheering the removal of another Messianic Cult (Mojahadin) from the terrorists' list.

In the long run it's OK, because they'll be out of Iraq and away from Iran's border.


 Dear AO: LOLWho would be

by vildemose on

 Dear AO: LOL

Who would be paying for NIAC's court ordered fees?

The Iranians who donated money to NIAC?? Where is he going to get the funds to pay Daie?


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Not a Good Week for Trita!

by Faramarz on



As they say, "Three Strikes and You're out!"

The Prince


by The Prince on

Obama grew some balls!! Good Job!