What do you do?!

What do you do?!
by Nasrin Sasanpour

What do you do when the tally of sunshine

is burning your skin with the heat of the moment;

piercing through your most inner parts?!

What do you do when the shadow of death

has befallen your best & closest of friends;

taking you along on a ride to neverland?!

What do you do when memories & the taste of that wine,

is haunting you day & night, sleep or awake;

lasting longer, lingering further?!

What do you do when the mesmerizing scents of autumn, the purity of

rain, the free whirling wind, the glory of colors, and the essence of life are begetting you,

once again, to gather the pieces of your heart in true splendor of being?!


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What do you do?  Or as

by Gomnam on

What do you do?  Or as Socrates said so long ago: What aught the man do?

 Do you abandon your soul to oblivion and the apparent futility of being, or do you listen to that inner voice which sometimes cries out loud and sometimes whispers from behind a wall of thoughts and asks you to join in the dance of life?

 My dear friend, what would you say one should do? Are you a friend, or what Khayyam termed "Harif"?  Are you in search of meaning like me?  Will we find a way to truly be? Or are we doomed to fade into oblivion?

Walk with me

Perhaps together we can learn how to feel

Perhaps we can learn to be