Igniting hearts and minds

Igniting hearts and minds
by Nasrin Sasanpour

Oh my!  What an evening when the soft breeze of a near perfect San Francisco springtime collaborated with Kayhan Kalhor and the Brooklyn Rider's performance to ignite the minds & hearts of an audience captured by the rhythms & melodies of superb quality.

In "Flight", "the Beloved", and the gypsy finale, we learned & realized our dreams can come true and there, for real, is the perfect and beautiful harmony of East & West, as their union came together seamlessly as one.

Kayhan Kalhor, the Kamancheh Maestro, sensually played his instrument with all of his being as he has for decades; some things do get better with age! The four Brooklynite violin players reminiscing about their time spent in Tehran, talked about their incredible experiences while there, and how their lives and therefore their music has since forever changed.  The two Base players masterfully provided the major chords in smooth transition from the minors played by Kalhor. The drum player did so well in trying in for daf and while intricately playing the nuances, kept the intensity on.

Their "Silent City" CD is a gem to be had; don't miss it.


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by Music Lover (not verified) on

A beautiful night of music of the hearts in San Francisco. It was a memorable night. Thank you.