Love in Masquerade

Love in Masquerade
by Nasrin Sasanpour

Even though life is short,
painful with stories,
and forgotten in retort

Even though memories' glory,
like bright stars in a dark night,
seduce the lessons learnt in part

Even though punishment & crimes,
shame and guilt ridden times,
devour even the best of souls in part

Rest assured but make no mistake,
take this sigh, the friction of an awe,
Let it ride high, the truth is raw

Touch the depth of agony & go beyond,
through the facade, underneath the tide,
let Love, the burst of rising sun glide

Conquer the moment, the mastery of life,
where each breath takes one to rife,
transcendent rays are here to thrive.


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Nasrin Sasanpour

Thank you for . . .

by Nasrin Sasanpour on

voicing how this poem speaks to you.

I certainly appreciate your love & care apparent in your feelings tender with words coming from your hearts.

I am humbled by the true beauty in your perception.


Beautiful Poem

by minza86 on

I found your poem to be very enlightening. You have written it in a way in which the meaning can be interpreted very differently for each
reader based on their own life experiences, but at the same time your intent/feelings as the writer are expressed clearly.

Thank you for sharing this. 


Love in Masquerade

by Hulu on

Dear Nasrin Joon:

You continue to amaze us.  I cannot wait until your first poetry book comes out.  Your poem of thirty years ago about the plight of a butterfly was a sure sign that you are a born poet!  I love them all.


N F Probity

Profound, true and positively lovely...

by N F Probity on

Dear Nasrin,

In your beautiful poetry or otherwise, I admire your writing style.  Thank you for sharing this eloqent and deep poem.  You really touched my heart with your words.  I hope to see more of your pieces of literature.



mostafa ghanbari


by mostafa ghanbari on


The truth is  raw,

the night is conquered,

and all the lovers are wandered.

the moments are frozen;

the lovers are glazed.

No friction, no retortion,

the words are  muted,

the souls are withered;

but the night is pregnant,

the notions are growing,

someone is going to retouch the surface  of agony;

someone is going to go beyond throughthe facades.

My Dear your work is nice, as your soul is laden with the delicate  human concerns. God bless you.