Shiraz student protest (3)

University official booed, despite pledge to take student demands to higher officials

Shiraz University official (chancellor Mohammad Hadi Sadeghi?) reads student demands and says the university will follow them up at the government level. But protesters are not impressed >>> More videos [new] [previous]


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by Laboo (not verified) on

The Shiraz demonstrations is the perfect forum to break the chains and take off the Islamic dress code. Unfortunately, I think there will be a crackdown before it gets to that point.


Hassan: "Laws and Legal Way"

by Payam S (not verified) on

Dear Hassan,

I also give up commenting on your opinions. Until the day you wake up and realize the reasons you enjoy your freedom in the US and who earned you these liberties, you won't understand the situation in Iran.
Also remember that No government is benign, the power always lies with the people.



God bless them

by mrclass on

for keeping up the sprit of freedom and taking on the islamo facist regime.

For likes of you mr. Hassan, why are you here? why don't you go back there and help beat up the spolied and unruly students!


Watch the

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

Watch the Video


3,000 University Students Protest Regime in Iran

The Shiraz students are chanting, "Long live freedom!"

More than 3,000 students protested against the regime at Shiraz University in Iran.
The students have been protesting daily for the last 9 days.
Here is one of the many video clips that the students are loading on the internet:
he brave students at Shiraz University continued their protests against the regime yesterday- the 9th day of continuing protests. They continued their chants against the Iranian regime.Iran Focus and The Washington Times reported on the
Nine consecutive demonstrations at Shiraz University continued yesterday, with more than 3,000 students, Shahin Gobadi, a spokesman for the group, said in a telephone interview from Paris. " We are men and women of fighting, dare to fight and we will fight back, " students chanted at Shiraz University, according to the spokesman. "To the commander of garrison, this is the final warning: The student movement is ready for the uprising." In January, more than 2,000 students in Tehran University demonstrated against the government with chants of "Down with despotism." Security forces raided the rally, injured 60 students and arrested more than 40.
Ardeshir Arian at Pajamas Media reported earlier this week that central Iran has been paralyzed by the student protests.
The Turkish Weekly has just reported that at least 12 of the students were arrested today.


Students in Shiraz have broken Law & Order

by Hasan (not verified) on

Mr Payam & Mr Kiana

I did not intend to write on this issue any more, and this is my last comment.

You are wrong. You are confusing yourself with several completely different philosophies. This is called "SAFSATEH", and that is exactly what GWB uses to justify his illegal policies in oppressing humanity. Using your argument, anyone can break the law and claim that the law was unjust. The government of Iran is elected by the people of Iran, and the laws are made by those who have been given the mandates to run the country. And all such laws MUST be respected until legally challenged and changed. These students have broken the law, have caused harassments and anarchy. They MUST be punished if Iran wants to avoid becoming another IRAQ. Anyone causing Anarchy in any society or disturbing the peace MUST be punished with the full force of the law. Iranian government has the duty and mandates to remove any disturbing elements by the minorities for the sake of the greater majority who do not want the country to fall in the hand of Al Ghaedeh, or CIA, or KGB, or MI6.

Spoiled & Law breaking Students of Shiraz University Must be punished. Or the government has ignored the right of the majority of the Iranians who are working hard to have a minimum life in peace.



Haji " Sar-e jaddet ghasam"..........Please....

by Majid on

Could you please...." PLEASE "..... leave multiple comments on any subject here ? I'm officially begging you.


What would be without you?



Hassan: "Laws and Legal Way"

by Payam S (not verified) on

Dear Hassan,

I cannot help it. I tried to hold back but I just couldn't sit back and not say anything. You seem to be very fond of laws and regulations but allow me, as a brother, remind you that at one point in history, slavery was legal, the british exploitation of Iranian, Indian, and global resources was legal, public executions were legal, segregation was legal, rape and murder was legal, enslavement to capitalism and imperialism is still legal, stoning human beings to death is still legal, torture is still legal (even in the US), invasion of sovereign nations is legal, etc. But there is a major question that you seem to be leaving unchecked in your logic. Namely Just because it is legal, does it make it justified?
If none of the above are justified, what makes you think the laws that the Iranian students are subjected to are. As Gandhi said: there are unjust laws as there are unjust men.

Also, you gave the example of the young iranian brother who was tased at UCLA and how he was lucky to survive. I agree with you on that incident, but you need to also go back a few more years and notice what happended to the Iranian student uprising which was completely smashed by the government, and guess what? Many of them were not lucky enough to live. Even till today, some still remain in prisons with their mothers still sitting outside the prison building in which their sons are tortured. So please my brother, at least TRY to open your mind. It is very important for those of us living abroad to keep an open mind and respect every struggle and resistance for human freedom and self-determination. Not just in Iran, but around the world. Long live Shiraz, Tehran, Tabriz, Chiapas, Bagdad, Caracas, La Paz, Palestine, Jerusalem, New Orleans, Seattle, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Calcutta, and every little part of the world where there is still humanity and struggle for peace, justice, solidarity and life.

Also Mr JJ., please keep these videos comin. I am very interested in the situation.

Peace and Solidarity


shekametan baz ser shode joftak meandazeid

by hajiagha on


شما بیائید به خارج ما که اسیب دیدیم و کون مان پاره شده تا ما بر گردیم ایران باز شما شکمتان سیر شد امروز حقوق دریافتی من بیش از بیست درصد ان به جیب دولتی رفت که یک دلار ان همخرج خودمان نمی شود


Students of Shiraz University

by Hasan (not verified) on

Dear Kiana

I am not blind, that I know. As for my education, it remains to be worked out by others.

The content of your email is noting but empty emotional and anti-regime rhetoric. That is fine, you are entitled to it.

But let me tell you this: Last year one of our students here in US, At UCLA, while in the library was asked by one of the guards to present his ID card. He refused. He did noting else but refused to present his ID. He then was ordered to immediately leave the campus. He was slow in complying with the order which was given in a very hostile manner. He tried to reply to the guard. By this time he was treated with the strongest possible force and a weapon which could have killed him, and he was pushed out of the campus in the most humiliating manner. He is lucky to be alive today.

The Law must be respected, this applies to you in Iran too. It is about the time that Iranian students realized that they are noting special and they have no right to take the rest of the country hostage.

I sincerely hope that the Iranian government responds to this arrogant behavior in the most strongest possible legal way.

Thank you


zendeh Bad

by Parnian (not verified) on

I hope this continues and influences other people. Way to go the students of Shiraz!

Best wishes for them



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

Speech is cut and edited at time code 2:29 while the official is saying :

“…..inke arze hozoore shoma ke peygardhaye ghanooni alihe motehassenin (and cut to) in agar shoraye (and cut again) va enshalah ba nazare mosaed khahad bood peygiri in do nokteh ast……”

Exactly when he is starting to threaten action his words and image are edited.


Down with IRI

by Nikkhah (not verified) on

The time has come ... Down with IRI


Mr. Hasan....

by kiana (not verified) on

Spoiled? Are you just trying to get a reaction out of those who watch these clips or are you just that blind, uneducated and a regimi...As a Iranian student who was raised here and has always spoken up for what is happening to our people in Iran I have to say that first of all such comments as yours have no creditibility as people are much wiser today and see the Iranian regime for what it is, a brutal dictatorship who has silenced our people through the most vicious unimaginable acts that no human should have to endure. Secondly if you are just that blind and uneducated then I would suggest that you open your eyes and get educated.
Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.
If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.
If you have no sympathy for human pain,
The name of human you cannot retain.


Shiraz student protest

by Hasan (not verified) on

How Sad, How unfortunate and how ugly.

No where in the civilized world the students dare or are given the chance to behave like this. It appears that these spoiled children have a lot to learn.

The government has the responsibility to show them that they can not behave in such an arrogant manner. It appears that these children see this as noting but an exciting game. Surely this is not the way to address a problem.

If the Iranian government hesitates to push them back in the most strongest way and show them how to behave and respect the rules of law, then it is not the government Iranian need