Shiraz student protest

Students demand university head to resign

For the past 8 days students have been demanding the resignation of Shiraz University head Mohammad Hadi Sadeghi of imposing tight security measure on campus. They also want detained students to be allowed to continue their studies >>> News


Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

I never went to Borazjan but had a few classmates from there. Iran is so Big, I wish I had seen more of the country than just the major cities like Isfahan, Shiraz and the capital Tehran where we had families. Fortunately my father used to take us on Great picnics in different areas in Fars. I got to visit Kaaftarak which used to be run I think by the Razmara Family ( who became Mayor of  Shiraz). It was a kind of experimental villiage that was combining modern rural technology and traditional agriculture. The villiagers could live both as nomads but also have housing and all the medical care and social benefits in the city. I was still quite small but my father shot a film with his color 8 mm movie Camera. I remember my brother and I going to a marriage in the Villiage. It was SO COLORFUL. And the girls were so pretty. It had a kind of feeling you were visiting an Indian Reserve. I loved the exotic feeling. I also enjoyed our visits to the Persian Gulf and particularly to Bouchehr. My father even fished a baby shark and then had to send it back in the sea.

My brother wrote about it a few years ago:





The Student protesters are New Wave Hizbollahis

by Real Iranian (not verified) on

These are the children and grandchildren of the Iranian revolution.

These students 100% support a Republic.

What they want is reform.

What kind of reform?

Rafsanjani and Khatami reform.

I disagree with them.

They are the majority.

Neither the Mujahedin nor the pro-pahlavis have any popularity in Iran

As a matter of fact, Reza Pahlavi and Maryam Rajavi together don't even have 1% support in Iran amongst the 70 million population.


Lets not get fooled again

by markux (not verified) on

Although I support the legitimate protest by the student and all other Iranian people, given the present activities of the "International Community" read USA, I tend to be very cautious in supporting all manners of protest in Iran.

I am absolutely oppose to the present government in Iran. however when I see how the "International Community" itching to get into Iran and knowing the majority of Iranian, specially the ones outside of the country have no clue in the form of government they wish to take the place of this bad one, I have to be very cautious. I remember the same International community created this kind of upraising in Chile but through economic protest and walkout and finally end up killing very many people. Lets not get fooled by every action that is coming out of Iran. We need to oppose the government, yet question everything. Let not get fooled again.


Marg Bar Estebdaadeh Akhoondi!

by Pissed Off (not verified) on

These young men and women will bring the mullahs regime down.

They should be supported 100% by Iranians who want to get their country back from the mullahs and their goons!



by Abarmard on

My grand parens lived in Ghadam-gah", they also had a nice home in ghasro dasht, we called baagh. We are originally borazjani (Borazguni) ;)

Great memories.

Darius Kadivar

Baleh Kakoo Abarmand ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Well I am must be one of those Cheezy Shirazi's you know. We lived outside Town in Gasre ol' Dasht aka Desert Castle. Where in the World do you call a Street "Desert Castle"  except in Shiraz ?


There is even one called after my late father: Khibaneh Dr. Kadivar. Hope it still exists ..

Before that we lived in Ferdowsi Street. That may explain the Rostam in me that wakes up from time to time ;0))





Eh DK kako to ham shirazi hasti?

by Abarmard on

I have to say that this is probably the first time that I see Shirazi people stand up for something. They are the most relaxed culture there is. Although political, no one really ever cares to stand up.

I mean that in the most loving way possible. I love Shiraz and Shirazi, valo bekkhoda :)


so many chicken here ?برای می ترسید خود تا معرفی کنید


من علت همه این گرفتاری ها رو می دونم یک مشت اخوند مفت خور و خرج حوزه های علمیه این احمق ها می خواهند دانشگاه ها را تبدیل به حوزه کنند و همه بروند ملا شوند نه دکتر و مهندس و این وسط این دانشجو ها و جواان با سواد بلا تکلیف سرنگون باد حکومت نحس اسلامی اخوند زده

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Good to see this from the brave youth of my hometown !

More Power to you !




by Majid on

Khoshaa dar chang-e shab mordan,

Valee az marg-e "SHAB" goftan !  (from Daariush song)

I agree with Kiana.....domino effect indeed.


True Heroes

by Fair (not verified) on

Dametoon Garm indeed, this shows Iranian spirit can never be put down. These kids face certain death and disappearance by doing this, they will never be silenced. We must support them in any way we can.

We will be free one day. Who wants to be a participant, and who wants to be a spectator? These kids have clearly made their choice.



Better than....

by Kiana (not verified) on

Better than sitting on your behind outside of Iran and not giving a hoot about what happens to your a javoon to all those in Iran I say dametoon has to start somewhere and it will have a domino is not a waste of time and the iranian people will prevail...zende bad azadi


Worthless efforts...waste of

by reader (not verified) on

Worthless efforts...waste of time.