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The Pahlavis, from left: Noor (daughter), Farah (mother), Reza, Iman (daughter), Yasmine (wife) and little Farah (daughter). What would be a funny caption for this photo? Funniest wins!
100 Afarin Anonymous8!

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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Bravo to you.

Bringing children into this is indeed low.


The sanctity

by Ajam (not verified) on

What is it with us Iranians and the fixation on reverence and infalibility?! Why do we have to try to shut everyone up before we even know what they have to say? The presumed captions for this photo could even be funny without being offensive. Are we willing to give that a chance? I think not! Don't we have enough emams and emamzadehs? Don't we have onough taboos and red-lines as it is? We, as a nation, have had a love affair with the notion of infallibility of our leaders for too long. Even when we took Islam as religion we extended this notion to the offsprings of its leader, something that even Arabs didn't approve of!
We see the leaders all around the world being spoofed at and their families being the subjects of political sattire (as were Obama's little girls made fun of a few weeks back) without hell breaking loose! So why do we have to be an exception? Even our secular monarchists want to make an emamzadeh out a pro-secular leadership contender. All that said, the question that comes to mind is wether we are ready or even have the mentality for a true democracy?!



by Parthian on

I love Voltaire, and I am as close to absolutist as one gets on Free Speech. I don't have a problem with people making fun of anything, or even just making deragatory comments about anything. Speech does not hurt but feelings. Now, in a democracy, I might personally have an issue with people going after a politician's child(ren), but if it is a dictator, it is all fair game to me. If your dad is absurd enough to claim Kingship in 21st century, and his supporters talk about "royal" families, than it is all fair game to be made fun of.

My problem with JJ is lack of consistency in enforcing his censorship rules. What if I make fun of Q who I think is a degenerate, hezbollahi punk (all this was said as fun, I am being funny in my own way), than someone is going to come in, and delete this post. If you love freedom of speech, and see nothing as sacred, let's live by that motto.  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

If kids are off limits, then monarchy is ridiculous

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

The point of monarchy and its continuation is kids and family line. If the kids are off-limits, then don't pose with them. Shahsh did this himself all the time to show off his kids as the next to the throne. Get over it guys. If he was so protective he wouldn't have a web site with pics of his kids all over it. No one here is asking to kill the kids or making fun of them. This is a joke about monarchy! Lighten up. Just like you guys and JJ make fun of religious governing, this is funny too. I get it and if you don't you have to remove the long painful sticks stuck next to the prostate glands in your bodies. Funding a family to be stylish and attractive because they govern your country is the worst thing I can think of, especially in a country with as many poor as there are in Iran. 

Darius Kadivar

I thought we had a short TRUCE ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Khomeiny said he felt like he was drinking Poison when he signed the peace treaty with Saddam.

Then you complain of being a victim of War Mongerers on LA TV ? ...


Ghablan Goftam halah ham meegham: Jomhuryeh Islami Bah Khodesh dar Jangeh !



food for thought...

by Golbaang (not verified) on

If you guys are objecting to this post, then how are you different from muslim extremists??
"Freedom of expression is not just an important liberty; it is the very foundation of liberty, for without such freedom we cannot define what those liberties are."
Voltaire's: "I may not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death ...

As George Orwell once put it, "If liberty means anything, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."




by Iranian Reader (not verified) on

"See, no shaakh-o-dom. Sorry to disappoint you."


what if ?

by Maziar 58 (not verified) on

jj khan you could step in and say things like: oops, I did not ment what you guys think...
NONE members of this photo has anything to do with our mishaps.
glad some Iranians still are followers of good taughts,good deeds,........


Ali P.

Nothing is sacred, but...

by Ali P. on

It was this past Norouz, I believe.

On Iranian.com, there were two pictures of two families, celebrating the Iranian new year: The Pahlavis, and the Ahmadinejads, each in their own way.

It asked for a commentary. I wrote what I saw:

 "Two Iranian families, celebrating the ancient holiday and happy occasion of Norouz".


There is a time and place for everything.


Jahanshah, have you ever asked yourself...

by Rez (not verified) on

Mr. Jahanshah Javid,
Have you ever asked yourself what mess you and your pals created 30 years ago? We all know about your past, your involvement with the Islamic Republic specially during the darkest decade as far as human right is concerned! The 80s! but we somehow wanted to believe that you have changed!
How can you have any sense of humour about it? It really hasn't sunk for you yet, has it? Do you have just a little sense of guilt about what you did? I really wonder because if you did you would be supportive of whoever that is trying to free Iran from such a barbaric regime, being communists, republicans, monarchists, mujaheddin, nationalists....the list goes on! what joy do you take of making fun of them...really??? Is this the way you are repenting from your past! For being part of a system that sent 12 years old to mine fields during a war which they called was a blessing! Executing 12 years olds after the war ( child executions)! Raping teenage girls before their executions because they didn't want them to go to heaven for being virgins!!!! they were as beautiful, as intelligent and innocent as your daughter Mahdiyeh!!! No remorse at all???? If such a horrific crime had happened to Mahdiyeh in Evin prison would you still make fun of those who want to put an stop to this evil system?
You might publish my respond depending on what "Nothing Sacred" motto means to you! Is it only for pornography or for bleeding hearts of your compatriots!
It is easy to be comfy in your ex-Great Satan and make money out of jokes and porno once in a while!
It is difficult to come to terms with consequence of your and your ex-friends naive and irresponsible actions that destroyed, is destroying and is going to destroy the lives of generations of innocent people!



The answer is........

by Imperial Lion (not verified) on

Didn't Shahanshah tell you so!


I agree with Ebi on this

by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on

I agree with Ebi on this one as well. Leave these beautiful girls out. Payandeh bud IRAN
Jahanshah go and have a safe trip to El Mexico!



Hey people ...

by Mokhlesse (not verified) on

Why making fun of something is equivalent to be vulgar for you? In most part of the world it isn’t. I’m sure that if Mahmood were been chosen with his family you people would have made crude things out of the image. True no?
I now reached the conviction that JJ is broadminded. You can learn about it and also how to see the world not in a binary fashion: good or bad. Release yourself from anchors which sometimes make it difficult to think freely. Yeah break the chains.


Quiz answer

by Thomas Dolder (not verified) on

Happy families want to live outside Iran.....


Mr Sheibany, Just to say

by Anonymous7 (not verified) on

Mr Sheibany,
Just to say 'Doroud'. Jaana sokhan az zabaneh ma migooee.


What do you expect?

by Parthian on

Supposedly nothing is sacred here;  it is ok to make fun of little kids, or mental patients in Tehran who run around the streets naked, but god forbid, someone uses a 4 letter word against one of the dozens resident hezbollahi pseudo-intellectuals, all the censor dictators come out of the woodwork. You can take a boy out of basij/hezbollah, but you can never take the hezbollah out of him. His definition of "nothing sacred" and freedom of speech has always puzzled me....


Quiz answer

by ThePope on


Not funny

What would be a funny caption for this photo? Funniest wins!
100 Afarin Nader Vanaki!


nemah, nicely said.

by ThePope on



"Royal family has been part of Iranian cultures for centuries, not
mullahs or ayatollahs and their tugs, please be more considerate"




Thank you Ebi, and well said.

by Amir khosrow Sheibany (not verified) on


Please post your family photo, the one taken in 1980 with wife and roosari and daughter in hand, next to this one. Then the caption would be "Picture is worth a thousand words".

Better still, leave their kids and yours out of this jaundiced quiz and just make fun of political figures only.


Ebi is right. Anyone

by Ellie. (not verified) on

Ebi is right.

Anyone including kids not directly involved is off limits.


This is not funny

by nemah (not verified) on

This is not funny, but fait compare to the royal snooze you posed a few days ago. Royal family has been part of Iranian cultures for centuries, not mullahs or ayatollahs and their tugs, please be more considerate.

The best caption is “this is a picture of Pahlavi family"

Do I win the 100 afarin Mr. Jahanshah Javid now


I agree with Ebi as well

by Majid on



‫محمود فُر اِوِر

Hajiloo (not verified)

‫بچه ها چرا یکهو خوشمزگیتون فرو ریخت‫؟ ناتینگ ایز ساکرد... خلاصه .من چون محمود یک منشأ الهام گرفتنه برام این بنظرم اومد:
‫این عکس موقعه نطق محمود در سازمان ملل.

‫فرح کوچولو: مامان بزرگ این بوزینه از نوع آفریقایه که دیروز به من نشون میدادی؟
‫فرح: وایسا خوب ببینم عزیزم



by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

NOW something is sacred?

are you closet monarchists saying if the picture was of Ahmadinejad's family or Rafsanjani's family, you would also say "there is a limit" ? Ya right!

I have a caption:

"This Christmas think of the needy and the indigent. You can sponsor a whole needy family for just $40Million a year, please call!"

Ali P.

Ebi said it for me.

by Ali P. on



پیغام ملوکانه

امیر کبیر در سر راه جشن هالووین (not verified)

Pahlavis: This year for Halloween we decided on a new costume -to dress up as average citizen. Scary?

Nader Vanaki


by Nader Vanaki on

Tofeh Sar Bala - that is what this Quiz is.

Party Girl

Dear JJ

by Party Girl on

All of us here wanted to wish you a safe trip to Mexico!  We also wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed seeing your "Royal-pose-at-the-haramsara" picture on the site the other day.  Next time we meet up, you should remind us to let you look at some of the historical haramsara pictures which strikingly resemble that pose, well minus the leather jacket!  Honestly, in that picture you look like any moment you might clap your hands and say:

Navazandeh-gan benavazand! 

All our love,

Farah, Reza, Yasmin, Iman, Noor, and Little Farah


You stupid Iranian people

by Naderrrrrrrr (not verified) on

You stupid Iranian people didn’t like us, fine we are doing fine and smiling without you.
( my best wishes to them )


i will echo ebi's comment.

by not funny (not verified) on

i will echo ebi's comment. i think it's childish to ask for a funny caption on any family photo. 5 out of 6 people in this photo are normal civilians like the rest of us, 3 of whom are children. i just think it is silly and childish to make funny captions on other's family portraits. i would feel terrible if someone put my family portrait on the web and asked for funny captions, specially when i was a kid.

to the comment that pahlavis have screwed our country i simply ask (and this is not a rhetorical question, i really mean it) please identify the government in the contemporary history of iran which has benefited its people most.