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The Pahlavis, from left: Noor (daughter), Farah (mother), Reza, Iman (daughter), Yasmine (wife) and little Farah (daughter). What would be a funny caption for this photo? Funniest wins!
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Pahlavi = Mujahedin = Mullahs = Dictatorship = Iran's Destructio

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

The Pahlavis are as much guilty as the rest of those thugs and criminals.

Iran has been robbed by them and they are actually the cause of the current situation in Iran.

Shah died like a coward as did Saddam in the rat hole. So will the Mullahs and Rajavis.

Karma works in strange ways.

Millions of mothers and fathers have been hurt by criminal activities by these dicators.

Iran needs and Iranian to rule and govern it. A man/women who would care for its people, understand the geographical, and social as well as its diverse cultures, ethnicity and religions.

Iran must be ruled by a nationalist who loves Iran and Iranian people.

A nationalist while is not afraid to built Iran and stand to outside forces to defend Iran's sovereignty.

PS. JJ, thank you very much for all your contribution to the Iranian community.

You have heard the phrase:

You got Milk

JJ, I can say you got Balls.


We the future king of Eyran

by Reza Khaneh Mir 6 (not verified) on

hereby grant all of those who protected the Royal Family (Us, we) will be decorated as heroes once we return to Iran. All of those who supported (us, we) will be given cash or cash equivalent for their valor. You proved, that no matter what, you just can't give up the habit of worshiping (us, we) the royal blood of Iran.

All of our efforts is now focused on having a male offspring to be able to carry the throne after (us, we), since according to our constipation (constitution) female are not qualified to rule. If God will we shall have a son in a very near future.

WE, the royal family


yes that IS funny

by Q on

unfortunately, this is an unusual occurrence in these "caption" contests. Thanks everyone for playing.
welcome to he club Anonymous8!


I am honored!

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

In recognition of JJ's good taste I will register for this site and be a bit less anonymous maybe more in time.

I'm so glad to find that not all Iroonis in West are a complete lost cause.

(By the way the 100afarin link doesn't work!)



by Majid on

Let's talk about TODAY please, shall we?

TODAY..... JJ is doing "this", putting together a forum that even YOU have a voice in!

Would you enlighten us as to what have YOU done in the past 30 years?  Other than an "E'laamieh az sar e shekam siri"! (whenever you had NOTHING else to do)?  Instructing us...Go to Iran, risk your lives, unroll the red carpet, then come to Potomac and pick me up on your shoulders AGAIN?

 That dream is "Panbeh Daaneh" my friend! 



by Poirot on

to celebrate 2537 years of Iranian monarchy the royal family did not have a $100million to spend this October.

Kaveh Nouraee

By The Way

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Jahanshah are you bringing any pot to the barbecue?

Remember, the rule is puff, puff, pass.  :-)

Jahanshah Javid

Thanks & more

by Jahanshah Javid on

Rez Joon. Was I ever a Pasadar revolutionary guard and didn't know it? Please remind me. I smoke so much pot I just can't be absolutely sure of what I did or didn't do in my own life. And if it turns out I actually was a pasdar, please let me know where I can turn myself in to pay for my "past wrong doings".

Thank you, thank you all for your comments on this page.

Will there be future photos of the Pahalavis that could be a subject for satire? Absolutely. Not only the Pahlavis, but any politician or celebrity in public life is fair game as far as satire and cartoon goes.

For those of you who are soooooooo concerned about the "children", I think you jumped the gun. No one was asked to make fun of the kids or be rude to them. And no one has. As you see in the winning caption, there are plenty of ways of trying to be humorous without specifically attacking or insulting minors.


Rez-- what are jj's "past wrongwdoings"??

by Golbaang (not verified) on

Can you please elaborate and share with us what you know! I think it's crucial that we all understand what you are talking about. After all he is actively shaping our views and feeding our minds.



by MR.TOTHEPOINT (not verified) on



‫آق رضا,

‫لوتی (not verified)

‫شما که باز به اصلیت فرهنگیمون برای حق به جانب خود کردن، دیگران رو میاری پائین... آقا جون فقط به طبع شما همه باید جکهای مستهجن برای این دارو دستهء آخوندا بسازنند. چون آخوندا شیطونند؟ تو این چند دفعهء آخیر که اینطور بود و ما حرفی از آق رضا نشنیدیم.
‫ فقط یک چیز دارم بت بگم : برو بزرگ شو، اینو به نهویه خودت نمیگم که من بزرگمو تو نه، بهت میگم که توام بیايی این راهو با هم بریم چون منم دنبال این راهم, نگران نباش.


Bemiram elahi!!! is not a mature answer!

by Rez (not verified) on

No Mr. Jahanshah Javid,
I didn't ask you to die for me!
I asked you what are you doing to pay back your past wrong doings!
See, give me credit to be sooooooo sensitive!By witnessing an ex-pasdar staring a web site in the comfort and security of the USA and making money by making fun of those who are jeopardizing their life, their family's life, their children's life to stop the madness that is happening in our home land!
Do you remember what happened to Shapoor Bakhtiyar and Fereydoon Farokhzad? Many mujaheds and communists were assassinated by IR agents too! They could have easily started a business, a carpet shop a restaurant or a web-site!!!! or could have practised their professions and could have had a peaceful comfortable life in the security of west but they didn't choose money and comfort!Instead they fought back. They risked their lives. No matter what ideology they had or have they have one thing in common....they are "brave"!
I am asking you to be brave enough to ask yourself this question... What did I do and what can I do to in order to pay back my past wrong doings?
I don't think making fun of people who are risking their lives to fight Evil is the answer!



by Kambiz.Se (not verified) on

yes, nothing is sacred, but the point is this is not moral. You can even make fun of the God but you cannot do this to children no matter whose childern they are. Morality is the backbone of every society.


Let them have caviar

by ghalam-doon on

We're so much caviar deprived that we can't even sit  straight any more and keep falling off the sofa. We're forced to shop at Ikea as you see from this coffee table that was specially designed by them.


The fat guy at the back is the future Shah of Iran. He has pledged to go on hunger strike and lose at least 20 lbs!



by A B (not verified) on

They need to be put back in charge.


Who cares!

by Begham (not verified) on

Why do we need to talk about this dysfunctional family so much anyway? They have never been relevant to the well being of the Iranian people and will never be. So, leave them alone. They are not interesting, funny, or of importance at all. They are a bunch of rich people who have made their fortune out of the interests (and misery) of the Iranian nation. I wish I could sue them (NOT THE INNOCENT CHILDREN) for what they have done to Iran. That would have been the funniest thing, but I know that I can't. So, I don't even think about them.


Calm down

by Hajminator on

It is incredible how after 30 years of pain and homelessness, our emotions still lead our acts! Why it’s so hard to keep our free will? It’s not because we all hate mullahs that every thing else including the royal family becomes sacred. I claim to not know everything from everything as Mash Ghahsm did, but I really believe that till we keep such childish reactions we’ll never be able to propose an alternative to this regime and our problem.

سايه جان رفتنی استيم بمانيم كه چه         زنده باشيم و همه روضه بخوانيم كه چه
درس اين زندگی از بهر ندانستن ماست        اين همه درس بخوانيم و ندانيم كه چه
خود رسيديم به جان نعش عزيزی هر روز       دوش گيريم و به خاكش برسانيم كه چه
آر‫ی اين زهر هلاهل به تشخص هر روز           بچشيم و به عزيزان بچشانيم كه چه
دور سر هلهله و هالهء شاهين اجل             ما به سرگيجه كبوتر بپرانيم كه چه
كشتی‌ای را كه پ‫ی غرق شدن ساخته‌اند     هی به جان كندن از اين ورطه برانيم كه چه
بدتر از خواستن اين لطمهء نتوانستن            هی بخواهيم و رسيدن نتوانيم كه چه
ما طلسمی كه قضا بسته ندانيم شكست    كاسه و كوزه سر هم بشكانيم كه چه
گر رهايی است برای همه خواهيد از غرق      ورنه تنها خودی از لجه رهانيم كه چه
ما كه در خانهء ايمان خدا ننشستيم             كفر ابليس به كرسی بنشانيم كه چه
مرگ يك بار مثل ديدم و شيون يك بار             اين قدر پای تعلل بكشانيم كه چه
شهريارا دگران فاتحه از ما خوانند                ما همه از دگران فاتحه خوانيم كه چه

Kaveh Nouraee

Party Girl

by Kaveh Nouraee on

To say that the group in the picture consider themselves to be the royal family of Iran is quite the bold assumption. I haven't heard them say so publicly.

If we were to all follow our parents' dreams and beliefs, well, in that case, I'm Iranian royalty too. After all, my mother called me a prince quite often. 

In reality, they're just another Iranian family living in Potomac, Maryland.

There is no monarchy in Iran anymore. And if a monarchy is ever restored, there's no guarantee that it will be the Pahlavi monarchy. In this respect, the cart is being placed far ahead of the horse.

If the return of the Pahlavi monarchy in Iran should ever come to pass, maybe then, the children can be "fair game" should it ever be merited.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

مرگ بر رزيم ضد بشري جمهوري اسلامي كه مصبب تمام گرفتاريهاي ما ايرانيان ميباشد.

ebi amirhosseini

Party Girl aziz !

by ebi amirhosseini on

With all due respect & Ali Jaan permission:

You said:

"Prince Charles and Princess Diana were never able to keep their private lives out of the press,"

Very true,but donot forget that they are ( Diana Was) a part of ACTING/ RULING royal family.These kids stiil are not involved in politics in public.As I said in my comment,if it is Farah,Reza & his wife,his brother or sister who are active in politcs & claim the throne , personally have no porblem at all with making fun of them .AS for Ahmadinejad,Khamenei,Rafsanjani kids,I feel the same as long as they are not publically involved ,But once they are ( like Rafsanjani,Khamenei kids),to me they are not off limits any more.

I apologize for my intrusion.

best wishes


ebi amirhosseini

JJ Aziz,with all due respect...

by ebi amirhosseini on

Read your own comment & my comment here please:


You & I, took it seriously there,here I still take it seriously,whether a Basiji or a Pahalvi.



1-Thanks for posting all the negative comments.especailly publishing Rez's comment.

2- I believe,as the God father & owner of the site using

"Bemiram elahi. ......" is too informal in your answer to serious comments.



Party Girl


by Party Girl on

Dear Ali P:

While I absolutely detest the cheap shots anonymous users take against each other and specially against known individuals on this site, attacking everything and anything they fancy about each other, I have to disagree a little with you on this particular subject.

Do you appreciate that whether they are in power or not, the group in the picture consider themselves the Royal Family of Iran?

Do you realize that following Queen Farah Pahlavi's and Prince Reza Pahlavi's beliefs, thoughts, efforts, and dreams, one of the the little girls in that photograph is perceived to be the future Queen of Iran someday?

There is no such thing as a "private" or "secret" Royal Family, Ali Jan.  So long as they continue to believe that they are the Royal Family of Iran, their photographs, their news, their ideas, and whatever is related to them matters and is fair game to anyone who wishes to pursue it.

I do appreciate that children are children; but isn't the whole idea of a Royal family one which manifests itself through children?  Even in power and even very popular, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were never able to keep their private lives out of the press, nor has the Buckingham Palace been successful in safeguarding the privacies and childhoods of Princes Harry and William.  Some argue that Princess Diana and her boyfriend's lives were taken while "reporters" were pursuing news of their liaisons.  Is that good or is that bad?  I think it's bad, but it is a fact of life for people in a similar situation.

Having said that, I just can't understand the venom and ugliness some people have about things and people they don't like!  Really, how desperate and sad is that when people try so hard to be bitter and mean?

I didn't like this Quiz question because it was not a funny question.  I didn't like the holier-than-thou attitudes displayed in the comments section even more.

Ali P.

Legality and Decency

by Ali P. on

JJ john:

 I solute you for publishing Rez's comment. You are putting your money where your mouth is.

  Having said that, the rule of thumb, at least in this democracy, is:

  Anyone who volunteerly, injects himself in the public eye, is doomed to expose himself or herself to all kinds of scrutiny. That's just how it works.  Your private life is fair game as well.

  Even the courts entertain the defamation claims accordingly: You can call the President or any elected official a "charlatan" in a public forum and get away with it, but try that with a private citizen and you'll get sued in a heartbeat.

 Farah Pahlavi, by the virture of marrying the late Shah, and Reza Pahlavi, by holding himself out as a political figure, should and are subject to the public cristisism, and even redicule. That comes with the territory( just like  Sarah Palin's photoshopped pictures all over the internet).

  I am not going to join a mob, and set on fire whatever institution that makes fun of my beliefs (be it monarchism, Islam, Christianity,IRI, Stalinism, Repulicanism, or Bahahi'), but I just find it tasteless, to take cheap shots at people and their private lives.

  How appropiate is making fun of Khamenei's handicap, or Ahmadinejad's height, or Khomeini's wife, or Reza Pahlavi's family ?

 Should it be legal? Absolutely!

 Should you, as decent person, respect people's private lives, and refrain from crossing the lines and dragging those -who did not choose to be in public eye, but they just happened to be there- and make them the subject of our funny comments?

That's your choice.



Ali P.


Kaveh Nouraee

Let's look at it this way

by Kaveh Nouraee on

OK, let's look at this objectively. (Yeah, like THAT'S possible)

Reza, or his mother, is one thing. That's part of the game. They've been in the direct line of fire for so long, they have bullseyes on them.

Kids are a different matter. Think about it. These three girls have done what? Nothing except have Pahlavi as thir last name. They've never met or known their paternal grandfather. They weren't born in Iran, they've never visited Iran.

It is absolutely 100% correct and cannot be argued: everyone in politics gets laughed at.

These kids aren't in politics. They're in 4th period algebra class.




I agree with the Mr. Ebi

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

Yes, children should be off limits.

I just wonder from looking at the Photo where the money Mohammad Reza Pahlavi stole in 1979 went?

It doesn't seem like they are spending much on clothes...

Yet, with inflation and over 30 years of doing nothing in America... one can conclude there is not much money left.

My heart goes out to the 70 million people who were robbed blind on that sad day in January 1979 when the Iranian treasury was robbed.


Mr. Javid There is a fine

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Mr. Javid
There is a fine line between politicians and innocent kids of the politician. No kid, regardless of who they are and what they do, should be made fun of, just for the hell of it!

So please do not compare criminals such as Ahmadinejad, etc... to these beautiful kids. You are welcome to post a photo of their dad and make fun of him but please be human and leave the kids out of these things.

I am sure you would hope the same for your daughter!


Jahanshah Javid

Bemiram elahi

by Jahanshah Javid on

Some people are soooooo sensitive! You know how many photos were offered here to make fun of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei and other IRI figures? Now there's one for the Pahlavis and some are offended and hurt?! Bemiram elahi. Lighten up baba. Chi shodeh hala? Everyone in politics gets laughed at -- some more, some less. Get used to it! And stop frowning and taking things so seriously.


Iran parast

by jaram (not verified) on

az in nevesheha 2ya3ta nazdik be kherad bood degaran chezi baray guftan nadarand man mikhaham bedanam dar hamin ruzgar chandin keshvar hay paish rafte daray padeshahy parlemani hastand va khob ast va iranian ham dar an keshvarh panahandeh vali baray iran ke khod paye gozre shahanshy hastand duroost nemibashad...man midanam ke chandi az shomaha az reshe va cheray padshahy Agahi nadarid bishtar bekhanid va khood az khood bandishid ba rad kardan va khandidan be in chezha kasi rooshan indeshe shenakhte Nemishavad.{payandeh Iran}



by Maziar 58 (not verified) on

ooh I get it anno 8 posted their income of 40mil. andjj found it NOT FUNNY.
o.k then FYI under mc cain they'll pay less taxes and under O (god forbid) they'll save more.
good for them;it's none of our Business.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Dear Reza the Great

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Stop promoting your kids if you don't want to be mocked. Whichever PR group you hired, they failed you. Ahmad Chalabi never pranced around with his kids and he got the USA to listen to him. Take a cue man. If you want to help us, you're not going to do it by showing off your daughters. Stick to the issues, if you're capable of that. Otherwise, promoting your kids and "Todd Palinness" ain't gon work.