Nefrin Nameh

Poem Damning Islam and its leaders

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Question for Jahanshah Javid

by Ali (not verified) on

Does have any policies regarding hate propaganda?

Why does give a forum to such racist and hateful messages? What does this video achieve beside hurting some people and exciting some ignorant hateful bigots?


This poet is so ignorant of

by Anonymous999999999999999999999 (not verified) on

This poet is so ignorant of Truth, it is simple as that...and she may make some ignorant people like him/her happy! but the truth is Iranians are 90% muslims and we love Muhammad and is just reality...and people like you can not erase the love we have for our religion Islam...and you will take your evil wishes, racism, and hate to your graves...there is so much hate in this poem that is disgusting...i hate her angry dirty voice...i want to do nothing with people that think like that...he even insults the iranians people by calling them sick and ignorant and then he/she says that Iran was the home of knowlege...there is so much contradictions in this poem...if Iran was so great, then all the sudden why would they accept some false religion based on force...are we really this low-life and stupid and week???? really??? if we are this low-life then we deserve what we have...but I don't think so...iranians are very smart people, and they saw the light in the teachings of Islam...thinking other wise is really not possible...because they you have to argue that we were such a trash nation and would convert all of our blieves and ideas just because some one trying to kill us...but the same nation fouight 44 nations after then revolution and no-enemy could touch us...was it because of the teaching is Imam Hussein then that we were so strong...every way you look at it...Islam has brought dignity and pride and knowledge and sprituality to Iran...the other side of the argument simply doesn't hold my fellow iranians...please don't be divided...i'm not supporting the current regime, but i think this is the best regime we can have at this point...we just have to be united and work hard to make iran a better place, an fair place, a beatiful place, for every one, for the next generations...


damning Islam

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

and kissing western ass. That's Iranians for you.



by Anonymousolah (not verified) on

ajab deklame o sheri..


Ohhh my god!

by CS on

I think I am state of chock after listening to this! This must truly be one of the best poems I have ever heard and it’s just amazing how strong the hate against Islam is among Iranians!

It truly warms my hart to see/hear that Iranians like me are aware of the True awful nature of ISLAM! This is the way to survive the evil forces that comes from Islam and the Koran!

The fact is that if Islam was a small “cult” today no one would accept it or have any tolerance for what it stands for and all the content of the Koran would be seen as real act of hate and terrorism!

I use to be Muslim until I read the Koran and listen to Islamic leaders! Then I realized that I was just apart of Al-Qaida! Reading Koran was one of the most chocking experiences of my life! I burnt my Koran after reading it!

But there is one thing that puzzles me;

- Do I have too western view of Islam?

- Would I feel the same way if I lived in Iran?