Nefrin Nameh

Poem Damning Islam and its leaders

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Hate against Islam and God

by Iranian- on

The Hatred against God and Islam is nothing new. It started with the greedy idol worshippers at Mecca at the time of the Prophet Mohammad and has been going on since by similar people.

They have ridiculed and killed many Muslims since that time and that has continued to present day. After all, you cannot have a religion that stands for God and justice and have it without enemies. If Islam had no enemies, that meant that even the Unjust would like it and of course that would make it a bad religion.

The effect of hate poems and hate videos and literature against Muslims and Islam can turn the majority of Muslims to the corner of the Islamic extremists and strengthen their hands even further. The more casual Muslims (majority of Iranians) see these hate material against their religion, whether they are practicing Muslims or secular, and the more they see people who are supporting the hate material against their religion, the more they would want to get together to create a block against anyone anti-Islamic.


To Ali

by Behruz (not verified) on

I don't care on Israel or the USA or any other hells in the world as I am IRANIAN and My priority is MY OWN HOMELAND not any other places and as far as MY own nation is suppressed I don't care about the rest.

You can keep using your pointless logic.


This poem is for love of Iran and culture of Iran

by Ahanin (not verified) on

The drive for this poem and video is for love of Iranian people who have been tortured, killed, and depressed for last 1400 years.

For those against airing of love of Iran and culture of Iran: Expression of love is only understood by those who can offer love and wish to be loved.

Iranian culture is full of love and our wish is to be free Iranian so we can freely express our love.

Savagary and darkness of Islam does not allow us to be free loving Iranian.


JJJ you cannot blame a peon

by n.zanincanadai on

JJJ you cannot blame a peon for the bigger picture. What's keeping him in business? Anyway you know more than I do and I will not change my mind about hate material. So...have a nice rest of the day :) Irandokht: Nothing is sacred is not sacred if it's applied haphazardly. But JJJ rules. Ta ta


Nothing is Sacred

by IRANdokht on

that's what's motto is and that is how the site seems to be functioning.

This is a poem expressing an emotional state like many other poems. The emotion is hate and disgust, and it's recited with passion... the way a poem should be recited.

I think people who are extra sensitive should realize that they are responsible for their own state and should avoid reading articles or watching video clips that they cannot tolerate.

this one was clearly titled.


JJ I liked reading your comments here.



To Jahanshah Javid

by Ali (not verified) on

The question is; towards whom the "rage" in this poem is directed? If it was directed towards the crimes committed by the I.R in the name of Islam or whatever, I doubt that anyone in this forum would feel targeted and hurt by it and protest it. Why do you think some readers are protesting the publication of this poem? Are they all "I.R" sympathizer?

Being "outraged" or "enraged" by the actions of a government does not justify the kind of stereotyping, blunt generalizations and hate mongering displayed in this clip against the members of a particular religion and ethnic group. Just as the crimes of the "Zionists" (as you yourself carefully made the distinction between them and the "Jews" in your last reply) does not justify hate propaganda against Judaism and its followers.

The truth dear Jahanshah, is that we are not just passive observants of history, we are also it co-creators. As a journalist, by giving forum to this kind of bigotry, you are not just "objectively "reporting the existing hatred of some for the others but also feeding it, promoting a new trend and tracing new lines of division among people. Rage might not be rational but we are and we have a responsibility about what we chose to promote.



by bikar (not verified) on

I see lot of people are mad and saying the poem is hateful, what is hateful about it, she and many others like her and I know the real Islam please go do a little reading and research, and do not be afraid of being turned into a sosk or going to jahanam, see what is the origin of Islam , how Mohammed became a leader for about 100 orphans, and because ghoriash tribe did not want to share the taxes which they were charging caravans, and his uncle refused to allow him to marry his daughter made Mohammed so angry and bitter and so on... please go and find out what else made him so bitter, that is why so called religion of Islam is still angry.

Jahanshah Javid

Blaming everyone but ourselves

by Jahanshah Javid on

Nazanin, yes everything that happens on the planet affects everyone in one way or the other. But when an ayatollah in Tehran orders the execution of an innocent, or if a prisoner is tortured in Evin, or newspapers are shut down for criticizing the government, or women are forced to be second-class citizens, I don't blame anyone but the Iranian government. Deflecting blame to foreign powers absolves the true criminals. Just like the Americans who blame Iran for everything that goes wrong in Iraq. If the neighbor's wife is beat up by her husband, I don't think I should be blamed.


Stop Genocide of Iranians and Iranian culture

by Iran and Iranian (not verified) on

We are becoming united, for Iran and Iranian culture. Within this movement, democracy, freedom, law, human rights, and international respect and participation are inherent.



by Alborzi (not verified) on

During WWII there was an organized campaign against
Jews. Some of the ridiculous forgeries are shown in holocaust museum in Washington D.C. This has nothing to do with IRI or Islam, its just the neocons are successfully making insulting a segment of population acceptable. Essentially its the process of killing, you need to dehumanize them then your average Johny will throw the switch. And the Shahi's will yell I told you so.


JJJ, Your think global act

by n.zanincanadai on

JJJ, Your think global act local thinking doesn't do Iran any good and is very dangerous. Israel is closely associated to the US. Beyond that, we live in a world of globalism. If you want to deal with our oppression you must look at it in the context of the international community and their business and political dealings with each other. Hate is hate. If it belongs here, then plenty of other hate material should belong here too. Now if I find an antisemetic peiece and relate it to Iran, would you publish it? Ghorbunet miram man khodet miduni but please, keep your justifications bit more convincing for idiots like me. I'm anti religion you know? And i'm no prude. And I certainly have NOOOO problems with being full of rage and expressing it. But let's not change it to something it isn't. My judegemental self is telling me this vid is aashghaal being made into a political statement. It isn't. It's just aashghaal.

Bahram the Iranian

indeed hateful

by Bahram the Iranian on

she sounds pretty harsh , hateful wouldnt describe it, overwhelming number of iranians are muslims. here in the west some try to assimilate and some few actualy work with goverments who dont like to see iran getting powerful. dont forget you can rant, but you cannt change, Iran will remain the most important muslim nation in this world.

Jahanshah Javid

To Ali

by Jahanshah Javid on

So you think this poem has appeared just out of the blue, just to hurt you an "millions of Iranian citizens" for no reason? If our Islamic leaders had been kind and compassionate and democratic since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, you think anyone would go this far in ridiculing religion? If someone wrote a poem with the names of thousands killed for their beliefs, would you then consider that legitimate and acceptable? I highly doubt it. Rage does not need to be logical, reasonable or historically accurate. Rage is rage.

As for crimes committed by Zionists or the Americans or the Chinese or whoever... I utterly condemn them too. But this site is not EXPOSEEVERYCRIME.COM, it's IRANIAN.COM. It deals with issues concerning Iran and Iranians. If Israel fires one bullet at Iran, there will be plenty of rage expressed against it on this and every other Iranian site. I guarantee it.

Let's keep focus on the cruel and closed-minded rulers of OUR OWN country before we try to save other oppressed nations.


To Jahanshah Javid

by Ali (not verified) on

Your justification for publishing this hateful poem is in no way convincing. This person is not denouncing nor directing his/her anger towards the crimes of the I.R but propagating hatred towards millions of Iranian citizens (and others) who consider themselves Muslims, including your own friend Ahmad Borghani.

Not any form of expression that comes out of anger and outrage, is legitimate. You are referring to "history" to legitimize and give forum to hate propaganda against a particular groups of people, which is exactly what all the racist groups do.

I would bet my life that you'd NEVER publish a similar video clip about how the "Jews" and their "barbaric leaders" have destroyed and harmed humanity and "civilization". That would be "antisemitism", "Fascism", "Nazism"...but it seems like in George Bush's world, there are no such moral restrictions to bash Muslims!


You said it sister! Even

by skatermom (not verified) on

You said it sister! Even though my mom had to translate most of it. It was beautiful. I cried.


right on sis

by rz (not verified) on

Religion must go..............


Velemoon Kon Baba - New dokkoon

by n.zanincanadai on

Our main problem is that we are emotional. So emotional. We will never get any where until we become more logical. I didn't listen to this thing all the way. But I think hate is emotional. Even when there is a reason behind it. It doesn't belong in politics. Instead of hating a religion, we should look at politics. Imagine if we had a secular government that killed us too? Would we blame religion? It's time to open our eyes and see that hatred for religion is being used to keep us busy just as religion is. Put the emotions aside people, stop having oghdeh about what happened to us the past 30 years. It won't give you back your houses, your loved one or the years that are lost. It doesn't raise anyone from the dead and it won't keep anyone from dying. Let's be logical. Let's have political lobbies. Let's unite. Let's take business to Iran and have the integrity to watch over the money. Hoselatun sar narafteh?


No more internal power struggle;

We come together to overcome the little trouble.

Soon we'll find out who is the real revolutionary,

'Cause I don't want my people to be contrary.

To divide and rule could only tear us apart;

In everyman chest, mm - there beats a heart.

So soon we'll find out who is the real revolutionaries;

And I don't want my people to be tricked by mercenaries.


well said

by MRX1 (not verified) on

we are a nation under occupation for over 1400 years now. Untill we start purging this cult from our psychee we will always be a backward nation.

Jahanshah Javid

Artistic rage

by Jahanshah Javid on

The poet, whoever she or he is, has created a work of art out of genuine anger. This would not have been written in 1978. If it had, no one would care or take it seriously. It has real weight and value today only because of the horrific crimes committed and justified in the name of Islam since 1979. When leaders of the Islamic Republic maintain complete control of every aspect of the country and people's personal lives, they are in turn completely responsible for their actions, including taking away the life, freedom and dignity of multitudes of men and women. So there's nothing surprising or unfair about an Iranian writing a poem in anger. Rage does not surface without a reason.

Bang Man

I like this . "Lanet bar har kasi ka frookht kshvar khood. "

by Bang Man on

This is the right way to criticize Islam and (Masahi and Yahodi as well). Just do not make it all one sided . But remember USA is not Iran's friend. And most of you sold IRAN ... Are you willing to stand up for Iran ? I do not think so ... You have to be JEGAR KHOR! wali shoma hama ... Lash-khor hasteed



nefrin nameh

by bikar (not verified) on

go ahead sister, nothing but the truth, those who disagree never will know the truth, so blindly follow.


@Azad1234 Iranians have

by Sarzamin (not verified) on


Iranians have never been Muslims, they have always been against it, even now. You simply do not know the history of Iranian, what some people believe in Iran (which you call them "Muslim") actually are not Muslim, if you have read the Islam history, you should know that our belief is totally against Islam and prophet Mohammad. What we assume that we believe is some religion that our kingdom has established in order to distinguish Iranian from Arabs., what ever it is, for sure IT IS NOT Islam.


yes 90% with the use of shamshir va khonrizy, please show me anywhere in Iranian history that Iranian have willingly accepted such a retarded backward religion ?? It is shame for Iranian to believe on people such as Ali who just in one instance of the history killed 900 people in a day, the most notorious person in the history or Hossein who basically robbed all our resources and called all Iranian being "nokarane Arabha", so please speak of yourself and do not speak in behalf of Iranians, it is shameful enough that you don't know Iranian history. Arabhaye Parsi zaban.

moshkele ma rozy hal khahad shod ke ostekhonhaye posideye in dozdane arabro sare marze Iran beyandazim.

Ba sepas


Nefrin Nameh

by Me (not verified) on

Why you alow this sort of hatrate items on your site?We are Iranians and do not want see items that promote hate and discomfort .religins are for unions of people and one has to have a respect for an other


To Ali..

by zzTop (not verified) on is a free forum and its motto is "Nothing is sacred" which I agree and like very much. But from time to time you'll read/see/hear something here that might irritate you a bit. But don’t worry Irandokht will jump in to save the day and set you straight.


to Anonymous999999999

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

It’s true that this poem is not fully representing the reality and dividend us even more however you talk about staying united which I advocate it myself; but how is that possible when your arguments is disrespectful to other faith and minorities by bringing up Shiisem Ali and Hussein as the mainstream who many of us Iranians (Kurds, Baluch and Khuzestani) don’t believe in. You also seem very passive that you are happy with current regime which it’s only survival is to suppress and kill its own people. Then I guess I’d say ignorance is among many of us.


One can see how inhumane

by ssss (not verified) on

One can see how inhumane Islam bashers are;
Imagine if these low lifes are in pwer. What will they not do?

Islam is PEACE;


I feel sorry for these lost

by Eblistar (not verified) on

I feel sorry for these lost fools who corrupt their souls so bad. The hatred is a very strong force that the first thing it burns and annhilitaes is his carrier.

These lost souls plan against God and God plans against them...Verily, God is the strongest and most powerfull planner!



by Ardesheer (not verified) on

Bravo to the brave and insightful soul who created this. As usual Arab o Arab zadeh o Agha zadeh are quick to criticize the naked truth. But, It’s too late for hiding the truth, it has been fully revealed by your masterpiece: Islamic mullah regime. True Iranians hate Islam and don’t want this disease anymore. They are tired of this foreign Arab religion and culture being shoved down their throats and are searching for ways to cleanse themselves of all evil and returning to true themselves. this is gaining great momentum as it’s obvious by work like this and others everywhere.

This does NOT mean they are pro-western or accepting western dogma, quite the contrary, this means they are going back to be true Iranians and patriots. Iran before Islam was a superpower in the east for 1000’s of years having its own identity and unique culture rivaling western powers. Iran without Islam will once again belong to Iranians, not Arabs, not westerners, not anybody else. Iranians looking after their own interests and Iran’s interest. That day will come again.

Zendeh bad Iran.


The problem with our country

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I am def not a religious person but I don't think our issue is Islam, in order to save our country. It is when we mix it with politics that becomes a problem. Religion is a personal matter and should stay at home. Once this happens it won't be another Islamic republic but a secular constitution. I think this video divide us rather than unite us.


Who said that being

by Azad1234 (not verified) on

Who said that being anti-Islam is more "nationalistic" than being an Muslim?!!!! Who gave these racist fools the right to speak for the Iranian identity?!!!

As a matter of fact, Islam is a major element of the Iranian culture. Anyone who claims otherwise does simply not know the Iranian culture.

Plus, Muslim Iranians have proven to be more nationalist and have served Iran far more than the non-Muslims. The 8 bloody years of war between Iran and Iraq was not fought by the "I-ranians" living in L.A and wearing "Farvahar" neck-lesses!!

So, you hateful bigots who keep bashing Iran in the name of Iranian nationalism, stop high-jacking the Iranian identity that you have never fought for!

Being louder does not make you more Iranian.