Nefrin Nameh

Poem Damning Islam and its leaders

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Islam is Iran

by Proud Moslem (not verified) on

Islam saved Iran and Iranians during Sasanian
and Pahlavi.
We judge you by your walk not by your talk!
Iran loves Islam, even the enemy of moslem
and Islam,Mohammad reza shah at the end couln't
Those Few unhappy, unvalid Iranians(zionist and their ass kissers) should butt out.
As we say "maale bad bikhe rishe saaheb."


iranians became moslem like incas became catholic

by realist (not verified) on

throughout human history different tribes have invaded other tribes and forced the conquered to convert to the foreigner's religion. black people from africa were forced to become christians. native americans in south america were forced to become catholics. Iranians were forced to become moslems.

the problem is that human nature is such that they can become brain washed. they develop a "malleable self", and lose their own self identity. it is very natural that iranians get offended when islam is attacked. not because they truly think that islam is true, but only because it has become part of their identity. it was forced upon them at first, but now that many generations have passed, the forced nature of it has been forgotten, and only the historical brainwashing and manufactured self identity has remained.

it is a very complex question worthy of scholarly research to figure out how conquered people become brainwashed into accepting their victimizers' religion, and if it is at all possible to reverse that process.

Bahram the Iranian

good to see

by Bahram the Iranian on

This posting has created heavy trafic, so many comments. what has been pleasent to see, the sheer number of fellow iranians who opposed it for whatever reason they may in the west isnt cool to be muslim, it is much easier if you dont care and appreciated if a person from muslim backgroud bashs islam. too much negative propaganda.I must thank all those who put their faith ahead of their comfort. gives me warm feeling


To Iva

by Ali (not verified) on

Yes, there is such a thing as committing an act "in the name" of an ideology while other members of the same ideology oppose it! What kind of question is that? Should we first go through the most basic rules of rationality and logic before starting to discuss more complex issues?!!

Bush kills "in the name of" democracy, Hitler killed "in the name of" nationalism, Stalin and Pol pot killed "in the name of" communism, and Bin Laden kills "in the name" of Islam! Why is this such a difficult concept to gasp? Or do you mean that everyone who believe in democracy or is a nationalism or in communism is a killer?!



by zeba (not verified) on

I truly enjoyed this beautiful and truthful poem. I was born muslim but not by choice.


Re: Iva

by LostIdentity (not verified) on

My dear Iva,
Don't go too fast saying:
"islam is and its rule book qoran specifically dictate that everybody and everything must conform to its teachings or be destroyed. Fools who are too afraid to question islam's doctorin simply follow the teachings of islam/qoran."

Coward are those who are those who pamper themselves in the comfort of their home and abuse freedom behind the security of internet veil to attack the people they have very little knowledge about.
Cowards are usually dumb as well. They do not know that God is watching every move and every thought they make.
Our soul is more valuable than trashing it for what we don't know.

My advice to you is: Do not accept any religion (or doctrin as you say) that says it is THE only way to God. Quran gives you full freedom to choose your destiny freely. If you go astray, you will distance yourself from God...and.... that separation is PAINFULL!



To Zion

by Azad1234 (not verified) on

The reason why people bring up the Jews in such conversations is that there is a huge double-standard in the way society deals with Jews vs Muslims.

Right now, in Europe where simultaneously there is a movie "fitna" circulating around bashing the Quran, another film (by Ehsan Jami) bashing the Prophet of Islam, numerous provocative cartoons published in newspapers and magazines, a bill in the Parliament to ban the Quran, and all kinds of other constant Muslim bashings, a French comedian was fined 5000 Euros then later another 4,500 Euros, was boycotted by every channel and his entire career was ruined because he made a single comment about the Jews in an interview!

And I am not even mentioning the U.S.

Now, if the Muslims complain about the constant bashings (and I am not talking about the stupid riots in Pakistan) while hundreds of thousands of them are being butchered and deprived of their basic human rights in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine...etc they are accused of being against freedom of speech, democracy, civilization...etc

So, spare us the lectures about "tolerance" towards criticism! It is just as funny as a Zionist giving lectures about human rights.


LOVE is the Answer...

by LOVE (not verified) on

My fellow Iranians..why should be call each other names and hate each other...let's not do that...let's love…even when it is impossible to love...let's laugh…even when it is impossible to laugh...we as a nation have proven our power so many times during our history...arabs came to iran...but we accepted islam not because they put a sword on our throat...if you believe otherwise...then i must say...our ancestors were bunch of cowered that i am ashamed to be their son...if we were such a cowered and weak nation...then how did we sacrifice our lives and everything we had during the iran-iraq fact during the iran-iraq war we answered the question to ourselves...the answer is we accepted islam because we saw God's light in its teachings...we are not a nation that would throw away our ideas and believe because of force!!!! how can you insult the iranian nation like this??? i hate you for insulting my nation and my ancestors by implying that they were bunch of cowered and did everything just to live a miserable life under arab rule.



by Healed (not verified) on

No I am not Shae'r, but I do admire his work. I personally believe that his work is 'Transcendent', and very much in a positive sense.

If you feel that you have overcome your 'hatred', then that's fine. However, I must say that at times when I read your comments or blogs, I find them very highly 'charged'.

I am fully aware of the 'therapeutic' nature of writing. Or for that matter, any other 'Art'. However, that should be utilized in conjunction with other 'healing' practices.

Finally, I want to leave you with this thought: In your writing, you indicated that you could be called an atheist. I believe that every one needs to experience 'Transcendence'. The concept of God is secondary to the experience of 'Transcendence'.

The image that we have of God could restrict our experience of 'Transcendence'. Without the experience of 'Transcendence', you are limiting your vision and potential.

Since you brought up Shae'r's name, I must say that his blog on this site fully explores that subject. I have personally benefitted very much from it.

I have exchanged a number of e-mails with him, and he has helped me understand what I have just described. I even asked him to call me, and I had a couple of phone conversations with him.

In any event, I want to wish you the best again. I hope that you find these ideas that I have presented useful.

Good luck again :)


to Zion

by Hossein (not verified) on

from what you have written, you have Israel’s interests in your heart, not Irans. Look, no one can separate us true iranians. Iranians are from every religion, muslim, christian, and yes jews too. muslims happen to be in majority, alham du lellah...this is a gift from God to are right...muslims are not like jews and christians...they don't tolerate people to piss on their got it my friend...that is why we are muslims...and people from other religions look at us like wow..these people really believe in what is written in their we really don't...we just read it on guys take every single word in their book and put it into action and they try to follow every single we do it just to pretend that we are religious...yes my are right..muslims are special people...we really do believe in Allah and it's prophet...more than we believe in 1+1=2...yes...indeed we are willing to put our lives for what we believe...but we are Iranians...don't accuse us of being arabs...we are more iranian than even Zoroastrian, which i truely admire...haven't we proven it to you...didn't we sacrifice our lives and what ever we had for iran, during the war...didn't we fight and kill the arab enemies? how can you accuse us of being arab...not that there is anything wrong with being an arab...indeed there are so many arab iranians too that live in south of iran...but that is the beauty of being an iranian and muslim...we don't care from what race or ethenic group or ever religion we are...muslim, christian, jewish, kurdish, azari, persian, lor, arab...we are all iranians...that shows how much God loves and trusts the iranian can you not appreciate this beauty and spread this hateful anti-islam anti-iran anti-iranian iranian brothers and many people (arabic gulf countries, british, americans, russians) they are simply jealous that iran is one piece with all it's ethnic groups and religions...for example..look at our southern neighbors...arabian peninsula...they are all arabs, muslim, and sunni..and they are all separated into all these smaller countries...ghatar, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi...why???? ask yourself...because of their ignorance and british trickery to be able to control them and take their oil look at iran...Azarbaijan, Kurd, Persian, Lor, Arab...they are have their distinct language and culture...BUT we are one country...have one flag...this really bothers our, what they do? they try to propagate things like this ignorant poem, in the name of fighting the Islamic Republic...let me tell you one thing my friends...Only true iranians have the right to fight their Government...any one else that would try to hurt our Government, we will break their back...only we have the right to correct our system of one else...and we will do it in time...little by little...battle by battle. till the system is reformed and representative of true aspirations of all iranians...


Separation of religion and State is the answer!

by gol-dust on

Before we all jump on attacking Islam and making our enemies happy, let’s have an unemotional and civilized conversation. First of all if you want to attack Islam, then you should attack Christianity, Judaism Hinduism, Buddhism, bahii, and so on. When you have only hatred for a religion due to the rulers who are tyrants, then your reasoning and anger is directed to a wrong direction. Granted, Islam was brought to Persia by the Arabs, but Persians are the ones who really spread it to Asia. Persians wrote all four main Sunni books and three of four main shiet books. They made isalm their own after accepting it by sword! They mixed it with their own culture, so this is Persian version in a way. Monghols did far more damage to iran!

Islam was revealed for the Arabs who were very backwards and engaged in constant tribal ware fares. So Islam came via Mohammad to be somehow compatible with the Arab culture, as judism was with jewish culture, which was marrying many women, marrying them young; and they were used as a tool to bring different tribes together. In fact, it was only after Islam that the Arabs for the first were united! They replaced the place of statues that they were praying to by the house of god (Mecca) and so on.

Iran at the time didn’t need Islam since they were a civilized culture with different traditions. However, after converting Persia by sword, Persia accepted it easily for different reason but one important one was the rotten treatment they were receiving from the government and the religious leaders under the caste system. Most of our anger against Islam is against the atrocities that have been done under the name of Islam by the government of Iran. However, this shouldn’t be surprising since that’s what the MOBEDs, Zoroastrian priests, did during the Sasanian. In fact, at the time no law could passed without the MOBED’s approvals, and they became very authoritarians as the mullahs are today. So, it is not so much Islam, it is the religion in general. Number one reason that a great nation like ours has not moved forward for the last few centuries is the mixing of religion and government! This started with Safavi to sustain their own power and ever since the religion became partly political and that’s where all the resentment started. However, we really shouldn’t insult the religion, but we should insult those religious leaders who are abusing the religion. After all, Islam was one of the reasons that the country was reunited till today. Separation of state and religion is the way to go! May Iranian government go to hell for bringing hell to my beloved country! It is all about power and money and the victim is the religion!  Zendeh Baad Iran! Zoroaster was good!


To: Mousa

by aaj sr (not verified) on

30 years ago they did not stone people, they did not cut arms and legs, they did not forced women to wear chador, they did not hange under 18 years old boys or girls, they did not rape virgin girls in prisons before they killed them, (because this is against Sunnah/Sharia!!), they did not give our money to other countries while 30% of our nation living under poverty line. We did not need entry visa to most countries in the world, we had respect among all nations, we were not called terorrist, we were given nuclear technology by western countries, we did not have 3 million immigrants/ refugees, we did not have brain drain, girls were allowed to go to stadiums, our girls/women were not forced for prostitution because of poverty, 9 years old was still a kid, women were judges in court of laws, women were flying airplane and fighter jet, women were not beaten on street and men looking on/passing by as if nothing is happening, you could walk on any street at any time of day and night, the prisoners were not as much as they are today, wr were the king in our region, no one dared to call Persian Gulf any other names, we had control of 50% of Caspian sea, we had control of Hirmand and Karoun river, our airforce was among the best 5 in the world, our Iran Air was among the best 25 airlines in the world, we were importing helpers from all over the world, there was no unemployment, our Rial was among the strongest currencies in the world and could exchange your Rials in Paris and London, ......
The sad story goes on and on....

for more info, read "CHALLENGE" further down here.


In name of Islam

by Iva (not verified) on

I read over and over again that some folks commit atrocities "in name of islam" (i.e. JJ's post). What does "in name of islam" mean? Does it mean that there are moslems who do horrible things on their own and then contribute it to islam and islam is not really dictating brute force upon those who do not conform to its rules?!!
No, No ... there is no such thing as "in name of islam" ... cult of islam is and its rule book qoran specifically dictate that everybody and everything must conform to its teachings or be destroyed. Fools who are too afraid to question islam's doctorin simply follow the teachings of islam/qoran.

Azarin Sadegh

Are you Shaer?

by Azarin Sadegh on

Your style reminds me of Shaer! is it you?

I am way over my own hatred...finally. But it doesn't mean that I wouldn't understand others who feel the same. And it desn't mean that I have changed the side.

Now, i only think that you can't fight the cruelty with cruelty or the hatred with hatred.

Since my anger could turn into a blind hatred (if it isn't expressed freely,) so through my writing, and through the expression of my outrage, I wouldn't be consumed by hatred anymore. It is the power of writing. Writing about whatever hurts me the most, without being afraid of my own limitations.

But, your comment about my fascination with the dark side, reminded me of a quote I read recently in Orhan Pamuk's the Black Book:

"Though I look back on those days in search of solace, I am left only with the vague impression of a crwod moving through darkness."




anti-semitism anti-semitism...

by Zion on

I really didn`t want to comment here for the topic does not concern me (though I follow it by personal interest.) However as usual there are those (usually islamist apologists) with this obsession about Jews who desperately want to drag anti-semitism and jews into every single damn topic that comes up here, as their wild card. So I`m afraid I do have something to contribute to this debate after all .

No Jew, rabbi, ADL official or else that I know has ever whined against material attacking the religious aspects and doctrines of Judaism. There is no anti-semitism in directly attacking the tenets of Jewish belief, Biblical religious doctrines or the Mosaic law and the consequences of its practice. It is done all the time in the free world, and it is very good that this is done. That is what freedom of speech is. Just pick up Christopher Hitchen`s book `God is not great`. He has chapers devoted o the inhumanity of the Biblical religious demands and practices. No one has called him an anti-semite for this. It is only Islamists today that behave that way about their religion and dogmas. No one else.

Anti-semitism exists when you demonize an ethnic group, the Jews, as subhuman. When you single out a family of human beings, irrespective of their individuality and personal beliefs, and denigrate them as inhuman. (Including when you rave on such conspiracy theories or bring it up to hint on such conspiracies as you do here.) Jews are not a religious minority. They are an ethnic minority with a national religion of their own.

Ok? So discuss your issues freely among yourselves but stop dragging Jews in like this whenever you have nothing else to say and desperately need to make your apologist points.
Just get over it.


Still wrong...

by Setiz (not verified) on

Dariush: you are still so wrong. You still use the same tactics to divert attention from the real problem, by pointing and blaming it all on others. Others act for their own interests, that is given and no point in using it as an excuse; I wish iranian regime did act for the interest of iranians as much. The biggest enemy of iran, today at this very minute, is the irresponsible incompetent murderous islamic republic leaders as they have been for the past 30 years. It is a fact that they killed the largest number of innocent iranians outside the battle field than any iranian king, and they did it in the name of their religion islam and their islamic ideology. You still have problem with numbers and twist facts to justify murder based on islamic ideology. What we have had in the past 30 years is pure and simple islam as ayatollah after ayatollah have testified to it and practiced it for 30 years. No iranian king ever killed as many iranians. If you do not know about iranian history, ask someone who knows to clarify it for you; bashing kings, good or bad, does not help to change the ugliest face of IRI. The enemy is within; it is pure and simple.


کودک نه ساله

Math Teacher (not verified)

In this poem it is said

در عقد تو شد
کودک نه ساله

"nine-year old child was married to you"

It needs to be said that "year" in this regard was according to lunar calender, which is stightly shorter than solar calender. IRI is using solar calender for determination of when a female child can be married off. So, if IRI is truely an Islamic government it should reduce the age slightley to solar calender of eight years and so many month and so many days

Bahram the Iranian

zerzeru taz you are the only one

by Bahram the Iranian on

I guess you are the only one who appreciate my bc sice you spent few minutes to answer me did i hurt u? no problem that makes us even, not to worry I have no mean to murder, u r quiet funny, murder an unknown entity over internet!!!!!. brave you gooooo 


Khoda az sar-e naadani

by kerman (not verified) on

Khoda az sar-e naadani besyar-e shoma bi kheradan bogzareh.
Amin. (in every language)


Did you hate islam and

by mousa (not verified) on

Did you hate islam and moslems as you do today 30 years ago???

Do you hate your mother/father or grand mother/father who was a moslem in his/her own way back then??

Do you hate all the people(the moslems) who came to Sidah Bedar a few adays ago in the park??

Why was it ok back then and it is so hateful now?
Is it Islam or the 30 years since??


To Darusih or whoever you are

by zarthoshty (not verified) on

I already sense hostility in your voice...calm down. You may answer my questions here on the website so we can all benefit from it.
I also want to remind you that there are no enemies. In God's eye we are all the same.We need to look at each other as part of us because we all come from God, the one and only. Let's be more spiritual in life than religious.It makes you closer to God. I did not quote arabs as enemies when they took over our country. So please lets be repecful and tolerant to other people's idea and feelings.
Persian Kings specially darius the great was the first one that established human rights in the world and women who worked in his palace were given twice salary than men. the women even had maternity leave. All based on zoroasterain beliefs.
So tell me my muslim brother why is it right to have a nine year old girl to be married at this tender age!!!



Another perspective....

by Face the Fact (not verified) on

Nobody really knows what islam means as was intended by the prophet. That is why we have so many flavors: shia, sunni, esmaili, etc. But it really does not matter since prophet is dead and cannot tell us what he had in mind. Even if we fully acknowledge his prophecy, there is a fundamental problem with islam, and that is the way it is practiced and represented by example by those who claim to be leaders of the religion and claim to know most about it.

Just review those religious leaders of the past 30 years. You will have fundamental difficulty finding a single decent person amonst them. Once in full power they proved to be a bunch of self-serving crooks, criminals, murderers, thieves, liars, deceitful, hypocrites, and cowards. I do not know a single religious leader in the past 30 years, who had the opportunity to fall into one of these categories and did not.

Another fundamental issue is that islam is a political religion and is organized in such a way that can be easily twisted and turned into a religion of legalized murder and oppression. The case in pint: iran, afghanistan, saudi arabia, ...

Now people always attempt to overwhelm the ugly bride with lots of makeup and present the case that this is not islam! Well then what is? Show me a real practiced version for me to follow. Obviously the religious leaders of islam, from emam khomeini to hojatol-eslam khatami, who spent a life time studying islam, consider it a religion of murder and deceit as they practiced on daily basis when they were in power.

And then the question is: if we cannot practice if it was intended to be religion of compassion and social justice... then why do we need it.

Is god really so crazy and immature to burn us in hell forever because we failed to pray him on daily basis, or is he so coward and incapable to demand us to punish others on his behalf? This kind of deceitful coward murderous god does not deserve any recognition to begin with.


To Jahanshah

by Ali (not verified) on

Thank you for your response, but I didn't protest this poem because I thought it posed a threat to the ideology of Islam. Sure, the leaders of I.R, Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban bring more damage to Islam than this video clip. But I am not worried about Islam, I am worried about the consequences of this type of stereotyping and blind hatred against millions of Muslims who have absolutely nothing to do with the crimes committed in the name of their religion. We are at each other's throat at a time when we need to unite the most.

I am sure I don't need to elaborate on how wrong it is to make generalizations and promote blind hatred against a particular group of people. And I am surprised that a liberal minded individual like you, would suddenly promote right-wing hate propaganda when it comes to Muslims.



by Dariush (not verified) on

As tragic as it is for us what happened to Iran. The truth is that Iranian kings have attaked other nations and killed many to concur and expand the persion kingdom. just as Greeks, Romans, Turks, Arabs and etc has. Just like many other things, if we do it, it is ok, but if others do it, it is not ok. What happened is passed. Instead of crying over what happened 2000 years ago, learn from it and stop another attack that can be even more devastating to Iranians. So years from now you don't cry again. Persion kings become Great because they stood strong when they were bullied. They didn't runaway to take side with the enemy against their own people!!!
Our enemies today are much smarter than 2000 years ago, so should we. They have many faces and friendly voices. Muslims in Iran are not Iran's enemy as this propaganda is trying to portrate. Hasan is just as Iranian as Dariush or Jamshid. Those who live n Iran are even more Iranian because they fought and died to save Iran. If Iranians today were all zarosterians not muslims, we would have faced same threats, unless we had agree to do as west wishes. This is not poetry. This is propaganda to get your mind ready for Iran and Iranians destruction!!! To make your brothers and sister look evil. Clearly this is not coming from Iranians minorities. If it did, the minority that is full of such hate would be worse than the worst! This is the zionists propaganda!!! VERY VERY DANGEROUS !!!


To Zarthoshty

by dariushabadi on

Contact me through and i'll answer your questions that you have about Islam.


The questions you asked have problems in the question in itself, because they are false statements.


nafrin nameh

by Zarthoshty (not verified) on

I'm zoroasterian by birth and by choice. I don't hate muslisms or islam and have many muslim friends. But I must admit when I look back in time and read history of our beautiful culture and country before arabs took over I get sad.
Please answer me my muslim friends: why is it that muslims felt they had a right to take over us and rape our women and kill everyone and convert people to become muslisms. Where is the freedom of choice in Koran and why people were killed in the name of GOD. Isn't it racism to kill one race if they don't believe in the same as you do.
My muslim brothers and sisters please answer me why a 9 year old girl is recognized as an adult and can be married to an older man without her consent. Isn't this a rape? why ar epeople hanged for wrong doing...where is forgiveness?
If a prophet is holly and pure why should he teach his followers to take and kill in the name of GOD. Where are the teachings of peace, love and fairness between man and women.
My muslim conutryman/woman please tell why you feel it is ok for you to cover yourself in european counrty and demand the freedom of speech and dress code but if a european women visits your country you demand they have to follow the islamic dress code. Where is the freedom of choice.
I'm proud of my heritage but I don't hate Islam. To all my muslim friends/countryman and woman be kind to other people and remembember tolerance and respect of other people is the key to inner peace


There will come a day when

by Adam (not verified) on

There will come a day when borders will disappear, "country" will no longer exist and religions will be obsolete...
But there will always be God... or whatever you may want to name this phenomenon!

Hate begets hate.

Humankind cannot live on hate alone!

This poem is full of hate...
so full of venom, and abomination that it becomes confounding.


Re: Yetanoth...muslim

by Ye Irani digar (not verified) on

Muslims are proud of what they stand for as well as many other people on earth who believe in something and they say it, UNLIKE some lost souls that are floating in the ocean of ignorace and deception. For those people, I ask to sit in front of a mirror and look into your eyes and ask yourself who you are. Get in touch with essence and live free.
All this hatred is gradually melting souls like yours away.

Try to understand why gentle and kind souls like ones in following links embrace Islam:



You guys are the best propaganda machine for Islam with all this hatred and irrogance.

Truly, God has created his enemies out of fools.

Bahram the Iranian

anti-semitie material no no no wayyyyy

by Bahram the Iranian on

some body had a great idea here, if 'nothing is sacred'then let us have some of those materials getting posted!!!! nobody would dare to do including myself , the best that can happen to you is 'shuting down the website' if not you end up in guantanamo. No I would be missing this site


Red Wine

by Anonym (not verified) on

Takleefe man roshane. Man midanam ke che dar zendeghi mikhahm. Iran rah doost daram, vali baad az Khoda. Shoma chee?