Film critical of the Koran

(BBC) -- Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders has posted a controversial film critical of Islam's holy book, the Koran, on the internet. The opening scenes show a copy of the Koran, followed by footage of the attacks on the US on 11 September 2001. The 17-minute film was posted on video-sharing website LiveLeak. Its planned release had sparked angry protests in Muslim countries. Dutch PM Jan Peter Balkenende said the film wrongly equated Islam with violence>>>FULL TEXT


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by urstruly (not verified) on

You said it...

"...But I don't see the Koran as the problem, rather those who interpret it for their own selfish aims."


I agree with Jahanshah Javid Jaan.

by asefati on

Jahanshah jaan is fully right here. It is beyond religion it is and always has been about more power and more control. Religion is only a tool that can be easily manipulated to make people.





by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

I apologize to keep posting comments here.

However, I am very frustrated. I am frustrated for the fact that the media, the politicians and certain groups try to humiliate and belittle us.

The media is using these opportunity to create an environment where if you hear the name "Allah" which by the way is the Arabic word for God , who Jewish and Christian followers believe in as well as create an environment that will isolate Muslims.

The government around the so called western civilization is on a campaign of hate and fear.

I do agree that Middle East especially Iran is ruled by tyrants and animals. The mullahs in Iran kill their own people and treat them like dogs. However, it has nothing to do with religion. Of course they use religion as a way to justify their act, but that has been done for thousands of years.

The European learned that not mix religion and government now we must learn as well.

But to create an environment of hate for us who are members and contributors of these society is very wrong.

It is becoming more apparent and open in the work place talks about religion and politics and Muslim bashing.

People of Middle Eastern heritage will have much harder time to succeed in their community.

As a parent I am more worried about my son's future than myself, because I know where this is going. I have lived during the hostage taking era and during the Iran-Iraq war in Europe and America, I remember the hate and racism that was practiced against me and my fellow country men.

The reason that we couldn’t fight the hate practiced against us then was we were not united and we can not fight it now is because we are not united.


Amir Nasiri

Jahanshah Javid

Power & politics

by Jahanshah Javid on

The root of the conflict goes to power and politics -- not religion.

Blaming Islam itself for violence committed by Muslims is not going to get you anywhere. It's like blaming freedom and democracy for what the U.S. and others do to justify their atrocities.

Should we blame Judaism for never-ending bloodshed against Palestinians? I don't. Just as I don't blame Islam when Hamas kills Israelis.

If the majority of the prison population in the U.S. is made of blacks, does that mean they are inherently prone to breaking the law? (I heard you say yes! And you're very wrong).

Which religion was at fault when Catholics and Protestants murdered thousands for a century or two in northern Ireland? The issue was politics and they finally made peace, despite all the odds and bad blood between them.

Every religion -- or every major religion: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hindusim... -- has been exploited in the name of god. Why not blame god for all this?

WE ... people ... individuals of every creed ... are responsible for every action we take.

I'm not a believer or follower of any religion. But to say Islam and the Koran are causing Muslims to commit violence is unfair and simplistic. There are a billion or more Muslims who are living normal and peaceful lives just as followers of any other religion.

Are you mad as hell because a Muslim killed a Dutch film maker for his anti-Islam film? Are you repulsed by the death threats against Salman Rushdie for writing The Satanic Verses -- and more recently the Danish cartoonist for making fun of Mohammad? Are you enraged by the long list of crimes committed by the Islamic Republic since the day it was established? Me too. But I don't see the Koran as the problem, rather those who interpret it for their own selfish aims.


I'm glad this was released.........

by Lucifercus (not verified) on

Please sing: YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE!
1,5 Billins Moslems are not.
The following table is effectively endless:
+Jordan's MPs want Dutch ties cut
+Indonesia condemns anti-Islam Film
+Protestors in Amsterdam denounce Wilders' anti-Islamic film]
+Australia: Wilders' film highly offensive
++EU FMs condemn Dutch anti-Islam film
+UK-based site withdraws anti-Islam film
+++[Anti-Islam film 'Fitna' has sparked angry protests worldwide.]
++UNSG slams Wilders' anti-Islam film
+Dutch envoy to Pakistan summoned
+Bangladesh joins Dutch film protests
.And the Islamic Republic of Iran: javabe ablahan dadan Khamushist. The minimi of rushdi is not worth to be noticed
.God may make all the beings on theworld free of hate. The times as the politician could make olus by defaming other nations is over. The Dutchs are not such debil. They do not like to freeze in winter! They will themselves give the "Hero" what he has earned.


that is the biggest inslut

by Anonymous9999999999999999 (not verified) on

that is the biggest inslut that you can throw at iranians, by saying that they converted islam because of force or fear of death or fear of loosing their that the kind of people we my friend...i don't believe that we such a nation that could quit in the face of enemy...let me tell you something...iranians chose the "truth", "islam" not because of fear but because they saw the "light" of "god".


Islam surpasses Roman Catholicism as world's largest religion

by Muslim Iranian (not verified) on

It seems that no matter how much they try, Islam just gets bigger and bigger!


It is just matter of time for Prophet Ibrahim's prayer to come true. That one day children of his beloved son Ismael to overtake the world and worship to other God but Allah.


More Comments

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

It is intersteing they only show some occasion of an idiot who is talking and misreprseing Koran. They have misrpresneted the tru Koran.

9/11 3000 innocent people died. It was a horrible act practiced by terrorits but what did Americans do, killed over million innocents.

Those who commited those acts were animals and non-muslims. They don't represent the 2 billion muslims.

I urge the muslim community to do a class action law suit for thos who try to make our life realy hard in the communities were we live peacefully.

As an Iranian I urge you to unite and don't let these hateful propaganda made by a Nazi, white supremist organization who are responsible for killing 6 million jews to make our life hard as already is.

They are working on campaign of fear and hate, it is psychological warfare that they use against us.

The only way to fight is through legal entities and legal actions againts them.

Thank you



by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

When you look at the meaning of xenophobia in dictionary you will be amazed how strong the meaning relates to the current situation in the world.

The fear of unknown that is how dictionaries define "Xenophobia". And we as Muslims have not played a role to define that unknown. We actually fed the fear and played a major role to creating that fear.

One can argue that is the whole Middle East structure and system. I will also agree on this; however when one looks deeper in the history of middle east and the foreign hands that shaped today’s middle east I wonder how many variables define today middle east.

On one hand you have the corrupt regimes, uneducated population and on the other hand you have the foreign elements whose main goal is to flow the cash to their banks and their countries.

My recommendation is just ignore and let them make any movies they want. However, fight it legally with the legal system they created. If you feel offended or it is causing you harm sues them.

I think the Muslim community instead of going on the street like animals should have peaceful protest as well as mass class action law suites against newspapers, parties or any other elements that try to create a "Xenophobic" environment.

The thing is we as Iranian are not creative and not community driven. We don't think that this whole xenophobia affects us or our children. I tell you if we let this go on as it is your children have to pretend they are of Jewish faith or Christian before they can get a job or promoted.

I have two master degrees and I know I am the most talented person, but my managers are with high school education, why? The reason is very simple I am from Iran and I am a Muslim. The sad part is I don't even believe in religion but I am a victim of Xenophobia.

iraj khan

Hiroshima, WW1 & WW2 among Christians contribution to the world

by iraj khan on


This film is  propaganda.

No reason to get excited about it.

All monotheist religious books threaten "non-believers" with death and destruction (ie: Bible, Tourat, etc) 

Right wing crazies like the maker of this movie have no moral authority to lecture moslems or any other religion.

Europeans have killed and robbed the people of the world for centuries and they know it.

Christians under the guise of "salvation" annihilated millions of native people in the new world.

Racism is alive and well every where in the world.



start with yourself!

by anonAnon (not verified) on

u know, this is all about people and attitudes. these global religious problems have nothing to do with your chosen religion and Just like military, you can put on a uniform and shoot the hell out of any living creatures on earth; and u know, killing people does not require a uniform or a religion. it's your damn mentality and your low life attitudes toward life that causing it. yes, you can always do your fitly and disgusting ideas in the name of a religion and it's your damn choice. if you were chosen to live on earth that means you are a low life creature and need to expand your soul despite what ever religion you believe on. you can burn any or all the religious books, create movies against a religion, kill people in the name of spreading freedom (like Iraq), threaten a nation after nation (like iran) or what ever the hell u got in your little brain...but you do not get any where. yap train people as the special forces/navy seals or drop 10,000 ponds bomb on people who have never heard of you, but you do not change anything except you strengthen the hate against yourself.
did anyone show you videos of how people are dying with turtures (that you never hear of it) in the recent war zones? would you like to see the same and even much more brutal killings in iran by so called coallisions forces? find a hubby and learn about life.


Islam=Terror, genocide, and no respect for other cultures

by Truth must be told (not verified) on

Our Iran is the best example. Islam rules Iran with dictatorship of many Islamic mafias (chalifeh) and with order of savagery.

Just see savagery of Islam to our Iranian women and students:




by tasliyat, tabrik (not verified) on

i see the timing of this "film" in line of:


Islam is more JUST, than other religions

by AnonymousNN (not verified) on

At least moslems condemn 911 attacks and Al-Qaida, but are the US, Europians and Jews condemning murders and evils of Israel? No, they are actually supporting it! They don't even show videos of the Israeli killings of innocent people. So when morons say Islam is a bloodshed religion, they are definitly part of the evil group that we all know about.


Islam = Bloodshed

by AnonymousMM (not verified) on

Even though everything said in this movie is true, but it still classifies as propaganda. And the Muslims deserve this because they have not done enough to stop the "terror".

Scenes of bloody swords, arms and legs and heads cut off, is what all of us have grown up with. Blood is what Islam is about.


This documentary is an

by Ali (not verified) on

This documentary is an insult to all of us Iranians. Not just the Muslims among us but everyone. Not only it insults our religion, it also insults our intelligence. The people who made these documentary have their own dirty agendas and they think they are fooling us by their "humanitarian" slogans. The same people who claim to be offended by the Quran for "humanitarian" reasons, have no problem killing millions of Iraqis!

Where would these racist propagandists be had the events of September 11th 2001 not happened?!


We all seem to forgot what religion is all about????!!!!!

by ADEL (not verified) on

Any religion is to keep us connected with supreme being, nature and other fellow human beings. Name what you want but it is about sprituality and self control and kindness.
Peeple who hurt others in the name of God, Allah or whatever else you name it, only doing this for "POWER". A spritual or religious person if understat the meaning of thier practice, they would not even boder to get involve with this POWER STRUGGLE.


from Koran are we good people ?

by hajiagha on

به نام خداوند بخشنده بخشايشگر

حم (1)

سوگند به اين كتاب روشنگر، (2)

كه ما آن را در شبى پر بركت نازل كرديم; ما همواره انذاركننده بوده‏ايم! (3)

در آن شب هر امرى بر اساس حكمت (الهى) تدبير و جدا مى‏گردد. (4)

(آرى، نزول قرآن) فرمانى بود از سوى ما; ما (محمد (ص) را) فرستاديم! (5)

اينها همه بخاطر رحمتى است از سوى پروردگارت، كه شنونده و داناست! (6)

(همان) پروردگار آسمانها و زمين و آنچه در ميان آنهاست، اگر اهل يقين هستيد! (7)

هيچ معبودى جز او نيست; زنده مى‏كند و مى‏ميراند; او پروردگار شما و پروردگار پدران نخستين شماست! (8)

ولى آنها در شكند و (با حقايق) بازى مى‏كنند. (9)

پس منتظر روزى باش كه آسمان دود آشكارى پديد آورد... (10)

كه همه مردم را فرامى‏گيرد; اين عذاب دردناكى است! (11)

and what we do after all, war, capitalism and porn, drugs, and damages environment, breaking  are law and God law, man sleep with man and women sleep with women, child get abused by parent,,,,I had e-mail from canadian women to day she write me she was abused when she I am working on if she want speack on camera...children do not care about own parent dirty life every where...


Majid khan

by Milan (not verified) on

Regarding the German expression you stated in your post, I figured out every word except "abvarten." What does it mean in English?


To Anonymous9999999999999999

by Saman (not verified) on

Do you know how the Iranians became Muslim? Read the history in order to understand that Islam was not choosen by Iranians in a free manner. They were coerced into Islalm by genocied and atrocities committed by Arabs. This video clip shows the truth about Islam.



by Majid on

That's what "shah" was saying when he was talking about his "rastaakheez" party! and where is he now?


And you're so eligible to talk in behalf of "majority" ?

As Germans say: "tee trinken und abvarten" !



A little town

by Majid on

There's this little town half way between Nurnberg and Munich in Germany

The entire little town is like a ...."museum".

It shows all the torture tools and equipments used be the "CHURCH" when church ruled, (17th....18th century)...

Go there and you'll admire mullahs today!  "sang saar" ? you ain't seen nothing yet!

Bottom line? when idiology rules, it sucks! no matter who's at the top!

Been there, saw it .



for those of you anti-islam

by Anonymous999999999999999 (not verified) on

for those of you anti-islam iranians, i have to say, accept that the majority of your population is muslim, and you can not do anything about it. as long as you insult islam you have no place in your country. we will make you flee iran or not let you back, we are muslims, if you don't like it, go to hell.


Islam is bad, Christianity is worse and

by Mobarez (not verified) on

you can forget about the Jewish religion. Islam is a backward religion and Christianity is based on racism, Crime, genocide(I refer to Dark Ages, World war I and II, Salvery in America and Europe and...). The Jewish religion is based on conspiracy and weaving plots against People of other faiths, being destructive to humanity and civilization. Now you can look for other faiths that are based on humanity.


Muslims should be on the Alert

by Iranian- on

 Whether you are a practicing Muslim or just a casual Muslim, be on your guard. This is the how evil people in this world create hate against the masses. They just don't say attack the Al-Qaida terrorists, they hate the entire religion of Islam, good or bad don't matter to them.

When the Bosnian Muslims were massacred, no Serb cared whether they were religious or not. They just killed them. There will be a time when the Europeans and Americans are brainwashed enough by these agents of evil to start committing genocide against innocent people who are Muslims.

 This is a wakeup call to all Muslims, gather together, and build strength, protest and object to this injustice in order to defend yourself against the hordes of merciless and evil people who are getting ready to destroy you.

 Some might think that this is just being paranoid to think like this, but remember, that the Jews could not believe the Nazi idea of genocide at first until it became too late. Bosnian Muslims were also caught by surprise when hordes of murderous Serbs came at them and it was too late then.

 Today the evil is very powerful in this world. Just look at the money and power worshipping radical Christians in the US and the Vatican, the merciless Zionists, the Al-Qaida terrorists and other individual evils like some of the people on this site who leave hateful comments. The hate is flowing in the world. Just be prepared, it won't hurt.




by Anonyed (not verified) on



Shame on you Abbas

by Mammad (not verified) on

Abbas agha:

You being an ex-muslim is your business and private matter. But, apparently, you are also an ex-Iranian, because you want your native land to be bombed so that you feel good about it. For that, shame on you.

During the same 1400 years that you claim Iran has been suffering from Islam, the world has been suffering due to all sorts of crimes perpetrated under the name of Judaism and Christianity. Christian missionaries murdered hundreds of thousands of people in South America in order to convert the rest of the native people to Christianity. Same thing in Africa. The same Christianity burnt scientists alive in Europe because they deviated from the doctrine of Christianity that said that Earth was the center of Universe. 1 Million Algerians were killed by France before Algeria became independent. Two million Vietnamese were killed in their wars against France and the US. In the name of Judaism, Palestinians were either murdered or forced to flee. And for the 3000 innocent Americans that were killed on 9/11/01, 1 million Iraqi have been murdered because George "God spoke to me" Bush, the Christian fundamentalist, ordered the illegal invasion of Iraq. Bush claims that God told him to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. How different is that from what the mullahs say in Iran?

Once again, shame on you.


Actually Stoning

by Bahman Bahman (not verified) on

Stoning is actually only found in the Bible, it is a pre-Islamic practice which has continued.

Search for yourself, there is no verse in the Quran regarding stoning, only in the Bible


We Iranians can not escape this truth:

by Iran_Novin (not verified) on

We Iranians could not read Arabic.

First - Our fore-fathers and mothers were forced to accept this religion (Let's be real: Islam was not offered to us with love and handing us flowers).

Second - Many generations before us tried very hard to reform this mad religion culturally and it was in vain. Our poets and their works are good examples.

Third - We Iranians failed miserably by placing our own head below guillotine in 1979 and became hostage to this mad religion.

Fourth - We have two choices: 1) Die by huge number under bombs just like Japanese, Germans, and Russians or 2) to take control of our destiny and reviving our Iranian culture and by kicking hard this mad religion out of our lives.

Iranians are clever. Now, we need to be intelligent.


Just provocation

by Alborzi (not verified) on

You can find ridiculous interpretation of any religion all the time. As an example, there was this young child with treatable diabetes who died last week
whose parents decided instead of medicine, to pray for her. Any ancient text should be subject to interpretation. Stoning was sanctioned in Judaism, but its not practiced for centuries. In fact Jesus challenged the practice when he said let the innocent among you cast the first stone. Any way this movie was made by a racist whose sole intention was to incite the immigrants. People who support it are NAZIs.