Yazd University protest (3)

Civil disobedience

PART three: Interesting 2003 sit-in protest by Yazd University students.

>>> PARTS one and two


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Not enough Dicatorship

by dariushabadi on

What kind of a dictatorship is the Islamic Republic? They need some lessons from the US on how to be dictatorial.

If this was the US, riot police would have surrounded the campus (further antagonizing the students), and then they would throw tear gas and start pushing at the students and arresting them.

If they were black, a few beatings would be in place.

Let us not forget tasering if you actually criticize a politician:

The US needs to teach Iran some democracy. I find it disheartening that no police showed up to this protest for 10 hours that they sat there, and nothign happened in this so-called dictatorship (sarcasm).

I remember during Shah's time, at least he acted like a dictator and used tear gas and machine guns if necessary. The IRI has too much mercy on its people compared to US puppet regimes.