Yazd University protest (1)

Civil disobedience

PART one: Interesting 2003 sit-in protest by Yazd University students.

>>> PARTS two and three


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Haji, Learn some FARSI!

by nekbat (not verified) on

engelisi pishkesh learn some farsi baba!


The Iraqi News

by Anonymous½ (not verified) on

The Iraqi News Agency.
Thanks to BG here is the rough translation:

Iranians are showing their discontent to the government in Iran with more than 240 protests in one month.

According to the figures recorded that Iran witnessed during the past Iranian month more than 240 protests organized by various groups and segments of Iranian society against the policies of the Iranian government. The Mujahideen Khalq announced that the various Iranian cities witnessed during the month and despite the increasing pace of executions and police raids more than 240 cases of strikes, picketing and protest demonstrations gathering in adverse to the regime and government policies.

Students scored more than 60 demonstrations. The most prominent demonstration was held during which students chanted "Death to the dictator", "Freedom our unwavering," and "We are women and men of fighting."

The workers have continued protesting against government policies which have registered about 40 cases of strikes and picketing.


Iranians have held over 240

by Anonymous½ (not verified) on

Iranians have held over 240 protests against the regime this month



Dariush, listen body: you are on our ignore list

by ((|)) OUT (not verified) on

No offense but pun indented. To us, Iranians, you are a total ass hole. Your likes are followers of stupid mullahs with turban on their heads making you dim-witted garbage to kneel five times a day towards a concrete box covered by black piece of cloth. To be a democrat, I despise black for praying any god. I am lenient to your master of faith.

Dariush, listen body: you are on our ignore list. You figure what kind of garbage are you?


don't forget

by Abbas Shiraz Bacheh Baazeh Tajrish (not verified) on

you could also have similar civil disobediences at the time of the Shah as long as if they were targeted towards the prime minister and below. Recall teachers' strike? Bus drivers' strike?

These so called riots are to relieve the pressure from teh angry under-sexed students so that they feel they are spoken. Same shit happens in any and all countries.

Don't ever expect a change inititated by students.

If you want to fuck up the British and the Mullahs talk to the Bazaree tugs who throw Shah out and can do the same to Mullahs when the time comes....


answer here

by hajiagha on

شما ها احمق گویا بدنیا آمده ائید و احسا سا تی فکر و حرکت می کنید...سرنگونی دکتر محمد مصدق....حمله عراق به ایران.....فراوانی فساد و مواد مخدردرزمان شاه و حکومت ملا زده کنونی....تو طعه آمریکا و انگلیسی های پست فطرت را با خاموشی و حرکت های اعترا ضی صلح آمیز....نرفتن به حوزه های رای گیری.....نه با خون ریزی و وحشی گری و از بین بردن ایران....پس کی ما هم صبر و زرنگی انگلیسی ها روخوا هیم داشت....تمام این وحشی گریها و تشویق به از بین بردن ایران و حمله بوش کثیف به ایران زیر دست سلطنت طلب هاست....چون دنبال پول و قدرت هستند...و فساد....آیا واقعا مردم ایران مشگلی دارند و یا اینها شستشوی مغزی و تو طعه برای ویرانی ایران....چرا در کانادا و آمریکا و انگلیس مردم اینقدر بازیچه نیستند با این همه مشگلات...این را از خودتا ن بپرسید از ویرانی ایران چه کسانی سود میبرند.......اعتراض کردن حق مسلم انسان هاست آتش زدن و خرابکاری کار دشمنان ایران آنهای که با آبادنی ایران مخا لفت می کنند و ایران وابسته را می خواهند..خانه ای را آباد کن نه ویرانه را بر حای بگذار....خراب کردن و ز بین بردن آسان تر از ساختن است ....انگلیس کثیف و .....ما فریب نخواهیم خورد.....دانشحو یان باید آگاه تر عمل کنند...


Not enough dictatorship

by dariushabadi on

What kind of a dictatorship is the Islamic Republic? They need some lessons from the US on how to be dictatorial.

If this was the US, riot police would have surrounded the campus (further antagonizing the students), and then they would throw tear gas and start pushing at the students and arresting them.

If they were black, a few beatings would be in place.

Let us not forget tasering if you actually criticize a politician:

The US needs to teach Iran some democracy. I find it disheartening that no police showed up to this protest for 10 hours that they sat there, and nothign happened in this so-called dictatorship (sarcasm).

I remember during Shah's time, at least he acted like a dictator and used tear gas and machine guns if necessary. The IRI has too much mercy on its people compared to US puppet regimes.