Intelligent Chords

A conversation with Abjee Melody Safavi

15-Nov-2010 (3 comments)
The Abjeez Band will be coming to the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday, December 4, 2010, to perform at the Great American Music Hall. I had a chance to chat with Melody (a.k.a. AbjeeZooloo!) of Abjeez Band this week. The fabulous band is kicking off their American tour in the San Francisco in a short few weeks, and I wanted to find out what to expect so that I could come and tell you!>>>


Run Out From Here and Left Out of There!

It is amazing how little compassion the Iranian Muslims receive

12-Nov-2010 (4 comments)
I recently heard a talk by an Iranian-American writer, Angella Nazarian, who like many other immigrants has a sad story to tell. In her book, Life As A Visitor, she describes her emigration from Iran at age eleven. While I found her to be a skilled speaker in command of her audience, I saw a much bigger picture and a nagging question prevented me from enjoying the event. “What about all the others?” Too many Iranians have suffered the aftermath of the last four decades’ political and social changes>>>


Healthy Smoker

I’m a smoker who hasn’t touched a cigarette in more than seven years

03-Nov-2010 (16 comments)
I grew up in an era when smoking was cool. Movie stars looked so much better holding a cigarette between their fingers, not to mention James Dean, placing one loosely in the corner of his mouth. Office employees smoked at their desks and even stores didn’t mind smoking customers. At parties and pubs, the air was so thick with smoke that it was hard to see who was there. Etiquette dictated that a gentleman first offer you a cigarette and light it for you. Which would explain the array of lighters -not just the cheap Bic, but Dunhill and later gold DuPont that cost a fortune>>>


I believe in Dog

Let's hear it for the atheists

22-Oct-2010 (45 comments)
Most of us have been taught to stay away from discussing politics and religion, so as not to disturb the dinner guests. Well, as most of you know, I've been covering politics for so long I can barely discuss anything else. And the freedom Time Goes By gives me in writing these little essays compels me to confess that I do not recall when it was that I came out of the closet. That's when I acknowledged that I'm an atheist, that I do not believe there is a God. In fact I don't know why I capitalized the "G." Although it may be blasphemous, I have had a bumper sticker that says, "I believe in Dog...">>>


پنبه های فشرده از زمان

تویی که زمان را برایم از فشردگی در می آوری

19-Oct-2010 (2 comments)
کف دستم را باز می کنم در لابه لای شیارهای دستم آب جمع می شود به داخل قطار می آورم. به آرامی آب کف دستم را می نوشم. طعمش زبانم را بی حس می کند و روحم را نوازش! دفتر کاغدی ام را باز می کنم. مداد قهوه ای رنگ را از جیب کتم بیرون می آورم. دست چپم را سایه بان چشمانم می کنم تا آفتاب سفیدی کاغذ را نورانی نکند چون می خواهم از تو بنویسم. چون می خواهم از نوشته ام نور تو بتابد نه نور خورشید>>>


Christian becomes Muslim

Christian becomes Muslim

Photo essay: Billiards coach converts to Islam

by Hamed Malekpour
18-Oct-2010 (29 comments)



Life Through the Lenz

Life Through the Lenz


by Toktam Tayefeh
18-Oct-2010 (5 comments)



Camera, Country, Color

Camera, Country, Color

Painter Nozar Azadi’s debut exhibition in Los Angeles

by Nazy Kaviani
21-Sep-2010 (21 comments)



Story through body

Sahar, the Persian Dancer

20-Sep-2010 (26 comments)


ناموس پسر دائی

اگر فحش ناموسی به مامانش بدی، انگار که به زن دایی خودت فحش دادی

19-Sep-2010 (5 comments)
وقتی که بچّه بودیم، ظهرهای تابستون بزرگترها بعد از خوردن نهار پرده های نی ای اطاق رو پایین میاوردن و پنکه رو روشن میکردن و متکّا ها رو روی کف اطاق میانداختن و قبل از اینکه زیر شَمَدهای سفید و نازک به خواب خوشمزه فرو برن دستور میدادن که بچّه ها هم باید یکی دو ساعتی بخوابن. ولی من و پسر داییم، که هر کدوم بیشتر از هفت هشت سا ل نداشتیم، چند دقیقه ای ادای خواب بودن رو در میاوردیم>>>


The Evolution of God

Is God a figment of human imagination?

08-Sep-2010 (4 comments)
There once was a TV commercial which showed an elegant young lady, Sandy Duncan, in the middle of a corn field. She suddenly asked in an inquiring voice “What is a little girl like me doing in the middle of a big field like this?” She then answered her own question. To prove a point, likewise, you may ask what is an economist doing writing an article about the unbounded topic of God? The answer is to remind ourselves of a very important mission that we, especially those in academia, should embark upon particularly in this country in which freedom of expression is safeguarded and allows for genuine inquiry about crucial topics without apprehension and disconcertion>>>


Master Builder

Master Builder

Photo essay in honor of architect Houshang Seyhoun

by Iraj Yamin Esfandiary
06-Sep-2010 (2 comments)



Good Looking

Good Looking

Photo essay

by Abbas Rahbar Horizon
21-Aug-2010 (7 comments)



Kayhan Bacheha Cover Girl

Kayhan Bacheha Cover Girl

On the cover of my favorite magazine

by Monda
12-Aug-2010 (32 comments)



Ali is Free!

Ali Mahin Torabi's death row nightmare is finally over

02-Aug-2010 (22 comments)
Many of you might not know about him, but for me it’s hard to talk about him without getting emotional, even though I have never met him in person. The first time I heard his name was 3 years ago when he was condemned to death. His case became widely visible, but he still remained in prison, until a few weeks ago! A week ago, I received an email that Ali was going to be freed. A few days later, my cell-phone rang and there was this warm shaking voice who said, “Hi, I am Ali!” >>>