The Bright Sunlight
31-Aug-2007 (2 comments)
When I looked outside to see the bright sunlight, I knew right away that life was just too good to be true. That even though the sky was blue, I wasn't. I could see the clouds moving, as I concentrated, staring at the sky. In my mind, my life was going great and I had nothing to worry about. At that moment, enjoying the bright sunlight, I felt right, I felt complete.>>>


طالبان های اروپائی

روزنامه سوئدی مظهر سانسور با ادعای دروغین آزادی بیان

30-Aug-2007 (one comment)
هفته گذشته روزنامه نرکیس آله هاندا که در شهر اوره برو سوئد و در تیراژ حدود 100000 نسخه چاپ میشود عکس های مستهجنی از محمد پیامبر مسلمانان چاپ کرد که دقیقا نشانگر اهدافی خاص میباشد از آنجائیکه به افکار طرفداران عقیدتی با این مسئله برخورد و این نکته را میشکافند؛ در اینجا بدان پرداخته نمیشود . بلکه لازم است در رابطه با ادعای دروغین آزادی بیان برای چاپ چنین چیزهائی در سوئد و مخصوصا این نشریه که خود من با آن تجربه ای دارم پرداخته شود.>>>



I have recipes for Char-Broiled Squirrel to Moroccan Pigeon Pie

27-Aug-2007 (4 comments)
I spend a crazy amount of time watching cookery channels, reading food & culinary magazines, catching up on restaurant reviews and reading cookery books. And when I mean ‘Reading’ cookery books, I mean cover-to-cover… like normal people read novels. My friends and family know me so well that the safest bet for a Christmas/Birthday gift for me is a cookery book. Their only dilemma lies in how to find one that I don’t already own. I always tell them to look for the most random, weird & unique titles possible and avoid the more popular ‘Usual suspects’. As a result of this, I now own more than 220 carefully chosen food related books (or my bibles as I like to refer to them). >>>


Sheiky baby, I love you

Howard Stern interview with the Iron Shikh, the "Shah's bodyguard"

Iranian.com Launches New Site
Today, Iranian.com launched an enhanced website with substantially upgraded design, technologies and features. It was the first major makeover in the site in 4 years.>>>