هر کسی‌ به ائمه اطهار اهانت کند اعدام میشود

by Tapesh

لاریجانی در همایشی در تهران ... هر کسی‌ به ائمه اطهار اهانت کند اعدام میشود. 



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Confused or impure

by maghshoosh on


Regarding your challenge to my adopted pseudonym, the online Persian-English dictionary run from a Columbia U. website indicates the same meaning for "maghshoosh" as the one I'd understood, namely "flummoxed, confused or unsettled."   However, the online Loghatnaameh Dehkhoda Persian-Persian dictionary provides several meanings, including the ones you and I had in mind, but seems to emphasize the "impure" meaning that you suggested over the others.  So, you're evidently more lexically knowledgeable than an online dictionary.  And I'm more maghshoosh than ever.


اما در عوض موشک میفرستیم فضا


یک صلوات محمدی ختم کنین!



ائمه جمع عمه است بی سوادها


ای بی سوادها ائمه جمع عمه است. اطهار هم جمع طاهره است. ائمه اطهار جمع عمه طاهره است. یعنی با قوانین ایران هر کس به عمه طاهره فحش بدهد پخ پخ می شود. مثلاَ اگر به برادرزاده عمه طاهره بگویید ... عمت، کارتان تمام است. به فرزند خود طاهره هم نمی توانید بگویید ... ننت، چون که ننۀ او را برخی به نام عمه طاهره می شناسند. و همچنین است اگر به هر صورت و از هر طریقی به عمه طاهره اهانت شود. پس اگر هنوز خیال دارید که نفس بکشید خوب است که اگر با کسی دعوایتان شد اول بپرسید که آیا در فامیل آنها طاهره هم وجود دارد یا نه؟ اگر گفت آری بگویید ... عمه من و بروید دنبال کارتان.


Not so maghshoosh! :-)

by Disenchanted on


       Good points. I agree that denial of Holocaust along with the denial that man landed on the moon or the fact that AlQaeda was behind 9/11 or the fact that Israel is behind the terror of Iranian scientists all belong to INSANITY category!

      Technically it is possible that two hypocrites call each other out on their hypocrisy!

     I think we both agree that there can not be such thing as "my sacred is sacred but yours is not!" That is not going to get anyone anywhere.

   By the way I am not sure you know the exact meaning of "Maghshoosh" or not. The way it is used in everyday language s a bit different from its true meaning I suppose (Disclaimer: I am not  a linguist!). Anyhow, I think the exact meaning of the word is impure! So perhaps you wanna change that :-)


Larijani's cynical comparison

by maghshoosh on

Disenchanted @ 07:06 pm,

Larijani's reference to the "ban on Holocaust denial" is along the lines of Ahmadinejad's Holocaust-denial circus and is meant differently than yours, even if he doesn't elaborate in the clip.  There's no universal ban on questioning the Holocaust in the West, as he, Ahmadi. & Co. claim.  The ban is mostly in certain European countries that were occupied by Nazi Germany and is more or less part of the broader ban on hate speech that these countries have.  For example, denying the Armenian genocide of early 20th century is also illegal in France.  In Poland denying Stalin-era Soviet atrocities is also illegal. 

The Ahmadi. & Co. line is that banning denial of the fictitious Holocaust is a Zionist conspiracy.  But Holocaust denial is perfectly legal in the US, where hate speech is constitutionally protected speech and where, according to Ahmadinejad, Zionists are the most dominant.  Even attempts by private parties at suing Holocaust deniers in the US have failed.  Personally, I agree with the US freedom-of-speech view of such matters, as do you, but that's a very different viewpoint than what Larijani, who enforces IRI's far worse restrictions on freedom of speech, really means.  The reason IRI officials keep bringing up (in a very exaggerated manner) the limited ban on Holocaust denial in certain Western countries is really to mock and ridicule Jewish suffering as a way of combating their Zionist enemy.  They could just as well choose other examples of such bans in some Western countries, or lead by example and, at least, bring their own laws up to par with the deficient European ones, not to mention the superior American ones.


Demo, Abarmard was explaining what Larijani had in mind

by Disenchanted on


       and he is correct! The meaning of Imam that you have in mind is not the same that Larijani talks about as you realized yourself!

So Abarmard is uber man at least in this case!



by Demo on

در قرآن هم از ابراهیم (٢:١٢٤) و هم از کتاب موسی یعنی تورات (١١:١٧ و ٤٦:١٢) بعنوان امام ذکر شده و ربطی به امامان شیعه و سنی و این دری وری ها ندارد. امام به معنی رهبر و پیشوا است که همچنین در قرآن برای محل ضبط اعمال و کردار هر بشری(٣٦:١٢) هم بکار رفته است. اَبرمردان ما هم بهتر است که قرآن را اول بخوانند تا اظهاراتی چون آخوند لاریجانی ننمایند.


Price of everything is going up in Iran except human life!

by Disenchanted on


         .... that is getting cheaper by day!

        Sheikh is correct on Holocaust issue though! Holocaust came of a malignancy in western culture and some of what they have done since to soothe that pain & compensate for that disaster has been just shy of another disaster! 

      The ban on investigation/discussion of Holocaust is absurd at best and a hypocrisy and mockery of freedom of speech at worst! They have to learn from Iranian.com, either "nothing is sacred" or anything can be sacred if some powerful people decide that it is so!



Abarmard ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Why do you get upset? Just go take your "Blue Capsule" and don't worry about this or the "Matrix"

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


ائمه جمع امام است (امامان)


ائمه جمع امام است (امامان)
اطهار از طاهر می آید.

مگه سنی امامان را قبول داره؟ منظورش امامان شیعه است. عجب دنیایی شده، می آی جواب سوال بدی جای ممنون طلبکار بر می گرده.


Great...another grounds for execution in Iran

by Onlyiran on

as if we didn't have enough.


In arabic it means pious

by vildemose on

In arabic it means pious Imams. Nothing to do with Shiite Imam. 

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


What is ائمه


امامان شیعه


آخوند زمان ما چنین ست







آخوند زمانِ ما لعین ست

با حقه و زور و َزر قرینست

هم توبره ی ظالم ست و پُر زور

گوید که دوچشم مردمان کور

مال تو خورد به یک اشارت

خواهد ز تو صبر و زهد و طاعت

وعظی کند و عمل ندارد

از بهر کسی ثمر ندارد

خوبی طلبد، خودش لعین ست

آخوند زمان ما چنین ست

چون بی خردست و بی پژوهش

جشن تو و ما کند نکوهش

چون مفتخورست و بی خجالت

فکرش همه حول و حوش آلت

باشد نگران شورت و تنبان

تنبان شده اصل و فرع انسان

وارونه ی دلقک زمانست

از اشک و غم تو شادمانست

گریان کندت به وقت روضه

این حیله بخوانده توی حوزه

باقوم عرب ببسته پیمان                                                                                                                                                ضد گشته به راه و رسم ایران

باخدعه و مکر و قتل و غارت

ایران بگرفته در اسارت

این زاهد حقه باز و شیاد

ایران عزیز داده بر باد

فرزند رشید و خوب بابک

برخیز که صبر ماست اندک

مگذار که شیخ پر َبلاهت

بر ملک کیان کند اِمارت

لینکهایزیررامشاهده فرمایید:






 What is  ائمه


 What is

 ائمه اطهار ?

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Sadegh ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Your mother will be a very sad woman in 2-3 years time, when you and Ali and Javad are all executed for commiting atrocities in Iran.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland

Arash Kamangir

no more fear of sodomist mullahs

by Arash Kamangir on

Th Hell with Islam and its sodomist mullahs. Peolpe have no more fear from these bunch of sodomist retards.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

have you ever wondered what you will get when you break the last name down?

once we do that then all our questions and everything we have ever been wondering about will be satisfactorily answered!!! 


بگیر، ببند، بکش... گور خود کنی به دست خود...


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Judiciary Ayatollah Khar

by jmyt17 on

Man az chizi ke to midooni nemitarsam Ayatollah Khar

Man az chizi ke to nemidani mitarsam Ayatollah Khar

Befham ke dari raje be chii soohbat mikoni Ayatollah Khar


Akhoond Kar

by jmyt17 on

Tou jababhe khodhat ra enja dari midahi, va aslan nemifhami ke dari ra jebe chii soohbat mikoni.

Akar tou cheghard be shour hasthi.


Ali P.


by Ali P. on

The man lives in the 6th Century and runs Iran's judiciary.Mind boggling!

Maryam Hojjat

Obviously, It is common Practice I IRAN to

by Maryam Hojjat on

Insult these Arab SoBs.