by Sophie

Once again I met one of those Iranian women who couldn’t stop talking about all the difficult times she had with her ex-husband and how she suffered being married to an Iranian pig! I know there are lots of flaws with our men (and women, sorry ladies ;-)) but these type of women who live in western countries and came all the way by their ex-husbands’ support (and still living off the money they provided to them), should shut up! Just compare the life of women in Iran who work hard, take much better care of their kids than these women, and live in that disastrous society with no chance of seeing anywhere else and still complain less than these spoiled women! What the hell do they whine about? Here is what she said: I lived in a cage for many years; I had difficult time when moved to Canada; I went through a difficult time for my divorce; and so on! Well, excuse me but do you know of anyone who didn’t have a difficult time as an immigrant? Also everybody knows living as a couple has its own challenges, and divorce is not fun for either party!!! When you see the same forty/fifty year old woman talks and jumps ups and down in a party like a 14 year old, you doubt what the poor ex-husband has gone through. I am just so sick of hearing these stories in sad voices from those who have used the best of facilities available to any Iranian woman. I would like to hear from their husbands and what they have to say! Were these women really that “MAZLOOM” they pretend? It doesn’t seem that way to me! I should give them a credit though: they definitely know the art of “MAZLOOM NAMAII” and how to get advantages from people around them especially new guysJ. They should pack up their expensive cars and head to Hollywood to become stars!


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NazaninTake it easy

by n.zanincanadai on


Take it easy there with the name calling..



by jigsaw on

May I ask you what was the age difference between the two of you? and what attracted her to you in the first place and made you want her to become your partner for the rest of your life?


Let see the other side of the coin

by moloud on


In some cases, it just serves the men right…When these gentlemen,
specially the educated ones were sending their moms to “Khustegari”, they were
thinking of beautiful faces and families’ wealth. When an engineer coming from
a socially respected family considers a girl lovely, just because she is a good
dancer, you can imagine how they classify women. Probably the next time these
guys look at a girl, they don’t see her just a sexy doll, they will think if she
can be a supportive wife, and a good mother.


Sophie, Good to see you

by alborz on


Good to see you write again!




by Parham on


Soheil Samouhi

Viva La Confession

by Soheil Samouhi on

Parham Jan,

I loved your comments and as you said, since these comments are coming from a women, I think there is some justice in the world.




Coming from a man!!

by Majid on

While I was working 2 different full shifts in 2 different companies!! she was going from "sofre hazrat-e roghieh to sofre hazrate abolfazl" in San Diego!!Too lazy to get her friggin driver's license to go shopping for the household, or to get the kids to the doctor or get her stupid nails done!!!And when it came to divorce? "Mazloom"!!!!!

Jomhoori-e eslaami was (JUST!!)!! for "some" women!!

Oh and by the way!!.................

"parham"????? I don't know about you!!


Coming from a woman, the

by Parham on

Coming from a woman, the comment was very delam khonak shod! So there is hope in the world after all. :-)